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  1. WWL First News Early Edition with Dave Cohen

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    8-29 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen


    Dave talks about preseason being over! Skulls at Goodwill, and 9 years after Katrina

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  2. WWL First News with Tommy Tucker

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    9-2 9:10am Tommy, what's the right temp. in your house?


    Tommy talks to Paul Lagrange, the co-host of The Home Improvement Show & owner of Lagrange Consulting, about thermostats and keeping your home cool

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  3. The Think Tank with Garland Robinette

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    9-2-14 12pm, Garland, Republican Party and Women's Vote


    Can the Republican party take back the Senate and the oval office without WOMEN? A new poll says women find the Republican Party to be stuck in the past, intolerant, and lacking in compassion. The poll was commissioned by two major Republican groups. Without women, blacks and Latinos, can Republicans win Congress & the White House?

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  4. Angela Hill

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    9-2-14 2pm, Angela, Sleep Disorders


    Do you or someone you love have a sleep disorder? Have you ever had a bad reaction to Ambien? Medical experts warn sleep meds like Ambien can make you do weird things like sleep walk, sleep drive, sleep eat, etc? Ever happen to you? Plus, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to snoring and other sleep disorders? Get your questions ready for neurologist and sleep expert, Dr. Caroline Barton.

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  5. Scoot

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    8-29 Scoot Show 11pm, Katrina Recovery


    It is now believed that up to 3,000 Westerners are fighting with the militant terror group ISIS and they pose the biggest threat to possible terror attacks on America. ISIS has successfully used social media to recruit new members from the West. One online ad promotes “We (ISIS) have safety here for your family and children.” Are you concerned that American-born ISIS soldiers will attack America? another in-flight disruption over a reclining seat that led to another plane being diverted – the second such incident this week! Who do you side with – the passenger who wants to recline their seat or the passenger who is cramped in the seat behind? AND: Today is the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The tragedy caused by Katrina led to a new spirit in New Orleans. What good have you seen result from Katrina 9 years ago?

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  6. SportsTalk with Bobby and Deke

    Latest Audio Clip

    8-29-14 7:10pm Hokie & Kristian: on college football


    Hokie & Kristian preview tomorrow night's LSU-Wisconsin and talk about last night's Tulane loss in double-overtime to Tulsa with Guerry Smith of WaveReport.com.

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  1. Saints

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    9-1 Second Guess Show 7pm, Saints & LSU


    Bobby and Deke are LIVE from the Silver Slipper talking all things Saints and LSU.

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  2. LSU Sports Zone

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    08-30 5:35pm - LSU Tiger Tailgating: Bryan Lazare (LSU)


    Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and T-Bob Hebert talk with Bryan Lazare of TigerBait.com about LSU Fighting Tiger football.

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  3. The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

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    08-23 2:10pm - The Food Show withTom Fitzmorris


    Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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  4. The Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc

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    8-30 8am More Outdoors with Don Dubuc


    Today on Talkin' Guns with Don Dubuc and Michael Myers, we talk the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, an arms instruct who dies due to the lack of discretion, and joined by our good friend Dave Newman to talk prevention of these types of mistakes.

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  5. The Plant Doctor - Dan Gill

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    8-9 The Garden Show, Dan Gill 8am


    Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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    T-Bob: Stats leading into LSU-Wisconsin game are awesome

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