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  6. SportsTalk with Bobby and DekeSportsTalk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia, Weekdays 4-8PM on WWLstxwwltrue7-22 5:10pm Sports Talk: Best NFL CoachesTodd Menesses and Bobby Hebert talk to NFL Network Analyst Elliot Harrison about the best coaches in the NFL.PubDate2014-07-22T19:01:00-04:00Tue, 22 Jul 2014Created2014-07-22T19:01:21-04:00Tue, 22 Jul 2014Updated2014-07-22T19:20:24-04:00Tue, 22 Jul 2014audio/mpegSTXandtheydidapowerrankingforNFLcoaches.SaintsheadcoachSeanPaytonisnumbertwoonthislist.WherewouldyouranktheSaintsheadcoach1234.OrfivecoursenumberoneisBillJasonGarrettintheCowboystherealways500.AndifyouputSeanPaytonisacoachthatcanbeadifferent.I'mgoingTennessee'seleventofivethere--certaincoachesthatbringthebest.--Butit'sbecauseofhisworkearlyinhiscareerwhenSeanPaytonwasworkinghelpeddevelopthemhelpdevelopthatoncePaytonleft.Youconceiveromo'snumbers.Godownandthewinningpercentagedrops.Sothere--samethingwithaMikeMcCarthyanotherexampleheworkedwithAaronBrooksAaronBrookswasgreatheleftwenttoGreen--theheadcoach.AaronBrooksdidn'tlooksohotanymore.IsthathissystemyetyougottasaybecauseMattFlynnlookedgreat.WithMikeaCarlycoachingforthewantedtogamesheplayedthathegoessomewhereelsenotsomuch.MattFlynn.It'samazinglookatitthegreatestgameinPackershistoryelsehardasyardsand------sixhoursoflivingisagainstthelinesElshadagoodgameagainst.--pagessoMikeMcCarthyheld--playingatabouttenmilliondollarsguaranteedKoreayetit'snotupsetsarewhatyouhookedupwaytoknowTomlinmightneedtobealittlebithigherthannumbernine.JeffFisheristheonethat'skindofconfusingImeanhehehewasagreatcoachfortheTitanshe'stakenoverany.NowElliottlookat--obviouslySaintsfanshowweappreciateSeanPaytonin.Ithinkyoutrulybeingobjective.CoachBillBelichickbeingnumberone.SeanPaytonevenrecognizecoachBelichick.AkindoflikealmostwhattheSpursthecometsintheNBAtheconsistencyofthepagesAndit'slike--------They'resynonymouswiththeorganization.SeanPaytononthe--rank.They'llthereyouwantto----whichis.There.YoushouldgaingreatSoldierFieldbutagainthinkShawnPayneistheclosesttothatbutalsotomeetMikeMcCarthy.AsSaintsfansarerememberinghimIneedto--topof--ofmindIthinkMikeMcCarthy'srightoftheiroriginalandPeyton.It'scrippledupaboutcan'tbecoachingandplay--hewould----notcontrolWWwellassportstalkwe'vebeentalkingaboutNFLnetworkhavingSeanPaytonranked.SecondbestcoachintheleaguewejusttalktoElliotHarrison.Whohelpedputthatthingtogetherraceandit'ssports_football94802879http://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/995609/94802879/sports-talk-5pm-94802879.mp37-22 5:10pm Sports Talk: Best NFL CoachesMike McCarthy#Sean Payton#Aaron Brooks#Jeff Fisher#Carson Palmer#Bill Parcells#Jon Gruden#Marvin Lewis#Drew Brees#Aaron Rodgers995609 PZSID_0000995609ec784db652339c44d716d7a1f2c15a8a424#874#1837#2052/Audio#/EZNavType/Audiohttp://audio.wwl.com/hosting/media/wwl/995609/94802879/sports-talk-5pm-94802879.mp37-22 5:10pm Sports Talk: Best NFL CoachesTodd Menesses and Bobby Hebert talk to NFL Network Analyst Elliot Harrison about the best coaches in the NFL.2014-07-22T19:01:00Z2014-07-22T19:21:13Z94802879And good evening and welcome to sports talk along with the cajun cannon about a ban on not the big chief DL somebody Texas and I did it disturb the shipment an is. In for a for big chief Andy he's traveling and all these guys were going to be at the training camp courses Saints. Ahead to training camp this week they reports on Thursday. And we're sending our entire sports team up there recovered for terrorism pros Bobby Hebert hokey guy John going to be there. While the voice of the Saints Jim Henderson was big chief Deke Bellavia saints' sideline reporter Kristian about a Bears Jersey Steve Geller. They're all going to be there. Some of minorities started there you you met your trip. About tomorrow morning Steve Geller and are bringing the river in the could Booth yeah. To get to camp and besides the Saints who probably Atlanta because that yeah you're you're wall to wall coverage you know that's when you start training camp you put in. Basically thirteen of fourteen hour days. You know you basically is now. Sports locally is 48 will be five to nine there. It's about a time you rap club is kind of like it's a 8 no morning. Until ten that night which of that lovely cool weather yes and that does make it different. When you're not sweating You're not you know dealing with heat index doesn't beat down on it on you as much as dealing with the heat index I think Crist senator Chris that he Bob planning. You know a team Bob's wife a slam is from a You watch those two planned out yesterday they were. Lengthening we do have some time off and usually. On a seven days you may be again have to bail. The you know they got the black Eagles Trojan thing. August the second I don't know they gonna call that and you had a scrimmage I don't know and gonna plan in the morning and in two pretty much have that afternoon in Nidal but. That's who are joking Wellesley Kristin again you gonna come Whitewater rafting let us say yeah you know you put her life preserver and Helmand. And and any you think he's gonna come say they won't even apply. I said. I said Deke I'd ever go Whitewater rafting. Is going around a resort on the lazy river yeah you know. Goad him into it yes of course I really don't have a bench are well Nolan. There's you why I think it's going to be OK we adds insurance on you in an offense but I I'll hopefully be you weren't that you know in the mounds and. Pitcher that makes it and I'm sure that makes him feel good and whoever we got church let get rid of it okay. Yeah you know so but I don't know we have have to wait and see how the schedule fools. Famous last words but gather those start that coming up. On Thursday in fact tomorrow. Steve court and I will be sitting in what you guys and a traveling in. And Steve sorry you texting me about the stuff were talking about Murton said he's of them do an issue with you like empty and on with his best friend so yeah as far as is that you and young got a kick off Sunday morning the Saints So I guess obviously albeit again at Oceana this year down for the home games yeah there's definitely tradition so you know. We'll get everything started with the with the pre season games but before we get there we got to get to training camp which starts this week. And what we've been talking about last in this hour and it coming up after the break. Will be joined by Elliot Harrison analyst for the NFL network. He's got to put together this list of the coaches. In the NFL ranking the coach is now they do this every year. Before training camp like they do with the teams before the season starts the power rankings. Of the teams and they did a power ranking for NFL coaches. Saints head coach Sean Payton is number two on this list. Where would you rank the Saints head coach 1234. Or five course number one is Bill Belichick that is are pretty jaguar opinion poll that you can vote on online at WW well dot com. And right now. Most folks voting. On this poll of Bobby say that well. He should be number 148%. And those kind of 5055 and at 38% say second is is where he should be. You know and a lot of his reasoning for that a marker. Is because of you can't deny the effects of when he was here went when he wasn't here and when he's here. Went thirteen to three in 2011. 2012 he's suspended right seven and nine he comes back eleven and five. So obviously I think the coach there means a lot to this team and he's doing a lot to do it's it's not so much it's not. Well you can always say well it's it's you got Drew Brees that's ways women or you get a Tom Brady that's it went Bill Belichick won games without it without Tom for. I cast that it without them evident now and in the wells that. Kind of like the Cardinals that may utilize your tendency to miss the playoffs last night but you know it and I got a perception is also you look at Jason Garrett in the Cowboys there always 500. And if you put Sean Payton is a coach that can be a different. I'm going Tennessee's eleven to five there certain coaches that bring the best. Out of certain players and a lot of people arguing on the Texan a seven Yates and he's if coach Payton didn't have Drew Brees he would have all those wins that he wouldn't be there. I don't know about that because Tony Romo you forget this. The reason Tony Romo is still spoken. Is one of the and I might abuse the lead labor evidently one of the top quarterly got 32 starters he's definitely in the top sixteen and I'll put them like top around eleven to But it's because of his work early in his career when Sean Payton was working helped develop them help develop that once Payton left. You conceive romo's numbers. Go down and the winning percentage drops. So there same thing with a Mike McCarthy another example he worked with Aaron Brooks Aaron Brooks was great he left went to Green the head coach. Aaron Brooks didn't look so hot anymore. Is that his system yet you gotta say because Matt Flynn looked great. With Mike a Carly coaching for the wanted to games he played that he goes somewhere else not so much. Matt Flynn. It's amazing look at it the greatest game in Packers history else hard as yards and six hours of living is against the lines Els had a good game against. pages so Mike McCarthy held playing at about ten million dollars guaranteed Korea yet it's not upsets are what you hooked up way to know who develop he had Devlin does make a difference in. That's why it's hard to argue mutually objective. consistency and you know Bill Belichick. Love him or hate him. You know cut off sleeves in. He's you know in the fashion police Tatum and you know dresses just wears Kind of thing but you look as a big people look at it still an easy choice if you gonna be objective. Around the nation as the topic coach because when you look at it. Belichick has had his pages of the playoffs. Last season for the eleventh time in fourteen years. Kind of like you look at him the Spurs. Kind of almost like the NFL version of the Spurs and you look at with the Patriots also advancing all the way to AFC championship game. For the eighth time in that You know now. And I feel what is suitable lately I mean people I mean come on the changes mean hater. If if you look at it because you would do is still one puts it rubles but if you look. He led to pay justifies some winning three government. That hasn't happened as of late but. Let's not forget though he earned. The two more all sold as Bill Parcells defensive coordinator. In New York so when you do that when you look at. Collateral respects Bill Parcells arrived and tries Bill Parcells had in hammering the defense. Those rings count. You know Rob talks about winning Super Bowl ring with the Ravens. And doesn't know it when the head coach are closure a big part. Scheme of what you're doing a Super Bowl rings bull ring a lot of times whether you know head coach or coordinator and and your contribution. Got a Texan 87870. Says is there anyone what's the lowest number coach. On the list that you don't agree with that should actually be higher. In in your opinion. I would say probably just looking at the list I think having Mike Tomlin might need to be a little bit higher than number nine. Jeff Fisher is the one that's kind of confusing I mean he he he was a great coach for the Titans he's taken over the Rams right they've struggled however they've. Been able to beat our butts there I thought that he could have coached so that's his Bagram. So he's at number twelve right below Mike Smith put that with the Falcons so I'd say probably Tomlin. And may be. Maybe Tom Coughlin just because he's got the two rings too just like Tom. You don't an awesome job and he's just coming the becoming a head coach and and going from the Colts and Cardinals as Bruce Eric yeah. They have him at thirteen. Now of Carson Palmer don't get it done Carson Palmer got a great supporting cast he's done a great team the and that could be a dark cars I mean not great team that's it's a great defense. That it you know Larry FitzGerald still at a high level that wide receiver put it is you put Drew Brees. On the Cardinals. That they can maybe win the NFC west yeah and now who knows if Carson Palmer can. step up. That could be a dark ourselves and there was talk about and a Seahawks you have to remember at the end of last season. They won at Seattle yeah well like thirteen to tenders. Those close game with a pulled it out so Bruce areas so far as a coach how he motivates the players is that an outstanding job. a Bobby Hebert top Manassas what we come back we'll talk to Elliot Harrison analysts for the NFL network. Who helped put together this coach power ranking when we return here on sports talk on W a well. And welcome back to sports talk along the cajun cannon Bobby top Manassas we're joined now by Elliot Harrison. Analyst for the NFL network Elliott thanks for take some time with us here to. No problem and it's Derek Bobby when it day. Not to make it bigger be in a world. Yeah I daily never whenever you nerve endings I guess this and I don't care how bad you are hot tub PR. You too vague. No you're not you're Willis. It's. And raising your elbow across the table hurt more than any. Now Elliott look at obviously Saints fans how we appreciate Sean Payton in. I think you truly being objective. Coach Bill Belichick being number one. Sean Payton even recognize coach Belichick. A kind of like almost what the Spurs the comets in the NBA the consistency of the pages even said. We're trying to establish. Here and you all Owens would have done on the coach Belichick where you in the hunt. And and make in the playoffs year in year out and unalterably try to get to the Super Bowl. Yeah you know it being It sure Peyton Ers and Bill Belichick or even your eyes on on or you are at it. I mean you don't. there aren't start running. We are the league right now I think I think he's done a heck of a job. In. Like. You it is. To work for that organization. And it's like They're synonymous with the organization. Sean Payton on the rank. They'll there you want to which is. There. You should gain great Soldier Field but again incredible being and all three years later. Play out to twenty candidate. Breaker game. Forty niners won that game in recent memory here pretty point last. Year. aren't Seattle guy who built there. Yeah and when you look at it and you know. And tied in my we're talking about as explain some of fans are asking how can you have maybe Jim Harbaugh had a John Harbaugh particularly. When they went head to head to head and John won the Super Bowl and then I kind of view them as almost like demanding of coaching most of the pitches self. If you have John mom and dad knows that. The coaching profession but. When you look good has done unbelievable when you look at John and Jim Harbaugh and I don't know we took this in consideration go been impressed with. Even before because I just like football in general would Jim was able to do it Stanford teammates then heard a tough team would you view them as the best. But they beat USC like at the wrong game. Yet you Q. you on. We're a lot harder than there were huge game will alternate shot four K let me tell it. You know. It. LB Colin and Super Bowl and all rhetoric and Tom Landry and we really. At all. And departure mean or Stanford ball. Actually. Coach or three years. And it. Title game or burger ball every year I mean look at what that. Can't reach. That aren't there. Yet. beat the 49ers and it very well Super Bowl. Out the last year I. The end. The it's gone cheer each game every single year and we're here that yeah what about the other but it's mine. This year. Obviously when you look at the ranking the Super Bowl wins really didn't go into because a lot of people are saying you know how can Coughlin be lower he's got two rings he got Tomlin with two rings he's lower than some of these other guys like. Our doesn't levering you look at the whole body body of where they've done it in. I guess like a Marvin Lewis being in there the longest tenured coach that in some ways kind of hurts him when you look at the big body of work right. Well you know mark Lou could work it helped or really. I I give a lot back to back. Came in an industry. Where there. And also the Eagles. Yeah everyone there per round and it. But you know at our church old coach you know Jamar yeah. You know. I'm likely. I think you more. Accurate a little under rate because people don't consider it a huge ball and. Our victories Sampson is willing to go to. Week. Ago. On. Playoff or you can't ignore that and I could not put higher. Because that long doctor still giving. It up you will gain. And you know LA right quick let you go thanks to come and on. I don't know if you agreement this but you noted term genius gets tossed around a government Bill Walsh the 49ers. And that I think Shawn Payne is the closest to that but also to meet Mike McCarthy. As Saints fans are remembering him I need to top of of mind I think Mike McCarthy's right of their original and Peyton. It's crippled up about can't be coaching and play he would not control it to. Life. And it might caught the ball. And you're outstanding terrible year I think he's proven he can do it the respect in the world. And it's partly coming. It require for coming on radio in that 1985. Oakland and bigger that your. And I feel like it's cool. I got to that they gave them. A real throwback Elliot Harrison folks volley on Twitter meant. Hairston and a belt very complicated. Topic to be where occasional torture It Elliot Harrison of NFL network excellent for joining us today. They are right they gave over their dutrow we're Jim had those standing by there WB well new civilized him. And welcome back up minutes is along with the cajun cannon Bobby a bear here on WW well as sports talk we've been talking about NFL network having Sean Payton ranked. Second best coach in the league we just talk to Elliot Harrison. Who helped put that thing together race and it's you know it's that's a little harder than you think. When you sit down and try to Raiders a lot of qualities. Coaches there there's enough there's like solid. You look at the top twelve and all that remained I mean and they and one assume we'll be be the on this who global. I mean it is time as any slap the eighth and they have coaches who will come his big thing. Well there's another ranking up there right now that's got some some fans and some players. A little upset the way things are ranked and I'm talking about a course. The Madden NFL fifteen rankings as they come out these guys look at all the statistics and rank players should be and now. How they if you perform and everything and they give Obama a rating. Well it comes to quarterback. Peyton Manning is at the top with a ninety his ranking. Followed by Aaron Rodgers. And nine which I find it was out of right. Drew Brees is the third highest ranked quarterback at 96. Russell Wilson. Is ranked fourth. With a 93 and Tom Brady bite behind him. With a 93 as well. So people so that a prisoner of the moment because he's a Super Bowl winning quarterback well they say it would it would brings Russell Wilson into it is they also he's. Against who receive the whole package it's the run that he does well like running and stretching of play I think that's why Aaron Rodgers is ahead and Drew Brees probably extending plays with his feet probably so yeah that that's when I was can't deny the year that Peyton Manning yes. Coming Kamal we all know the great year drew had a McCain. The new greatest show on turf and then. Yeah when you surprised that again because how can you not. Now. If he'd had a better Super Bowl and didn't even maybe poses Reagan 98. Yeah they have been a suitable to my 99. If you wanted an acknowledgment. Some of the other. Quarterback rating so only man sell. Oh. Was rated. Now Iranian he's never. They're just speculating at speculating here what's interesting is they. Matt men rank him below Blake portals. While out it is that how how the will determine how do you transfer now transfer value dot adapt and NFL game and a and to in my county. Is not rated very high as wells for as far as the rookies BO. Not yet we were kind of talking about that at the break now economy it's amazing how the proceed view. As fours. The power ranking. Maybe as a true the elusive and are an outside man back to have him rated as 83 but if you if you move him in the game from David outs and outs from outside linebacker to decent decent that. Defensive around he jumps up to 92. So easy out the way the unit 34 point three things how to utilize the question is the Texans play. Maddon definitely Elvis yeah. the about ever to evidences we'll go ahead take a break right here when we come back coming up next are gonna talk to a Kristian garic. The result on his way. West Virginia should be arriving there soon and Mike the chilly day. RW WL NFL analyst as well and also. As we get ready for training camp as we continue to gear up. Which players do you think are entering a make or break year for the Saints this year will get with a cannon thinks we want who you think as well 260187866889087. in Texas at 87870. And welcome back to WWL sports talk Saints training camps about to start LSU football seasons around the corner in the pelicans are making some off season moves. You the personnel all the breaking news about the Saints no issue. And the pelicans you can sign up now for dubbed W just text the word sports. 287870. Message and data rates may apply from your carrier not from office so. Just that he has an official that's the official disclaimer that message and data rates may apply. While with Bobby Vickers cut and four went to the break talking about as we get ready for training camp like we said. Which players you think are entering a make or break year for the Saints got some texted an 87870. Jeff and says nick Joseph Morgan and Patrick Robinson. Are all made it. That has to do their bodies the I'm looking and then you know and get paid or not that always comes in the play Mark Ingram you. Joseph Morgan nick toon and Piero Patrick Robinson. And I put a Robert Meachem on movement. Robert Meachem because you are you ready guys in San Diego the You know what you Robert Meachem the side of these young guys develop. You know to someone as someone able to surpass him now. You'll get a top two receivers and and that's not gonna change and marked his goals of this season number one. You before he does anything Brandon cooks on the team in these details right so who's gonna be there for the fifth guy. So. You look at jewels of Morgan you look at Robert Meachem and and you look you need to. They probably gonna keep two out of three in one of those you know could in the make another team in BO fourth or fifth guy. But the winning what I About Joseph Morgan and and hopefully keep come back from that knee injury which is I think last year and a black and gold scrimmage during training camp. It's a stretched defense is the speed. He had two of the most exciting plays as far as bombs. Touchdowns in Saints history now. That one play against Green Bay and candidate who to place now where as it turned it is 6070 yard touchdown where. After he caught the ball actually made two or three defenders miss and very athletic plays to get an investment attempt that Tampa play worried that took him off his feet year old over there's street and get routed via cell. That would. Obviously help us along with the speed of branding you have someone that can get vertical Like branding coaching you have that in Angels of Morgan. I think he was the player that everyone was looking for. Last season and go one in the of training camp last year was talking about June Joseph Morgan and how is he gonna do and how well was chosen Morgan gonna do it. And the speedy outside guy. This year I think. We were talking about this before we came back. Mark Ingram. Obviously is got the I don't know if you wanna say it's the added chip on the shoulder wide but for the Saints to say we're not gonna. Pick up the extra part of your contract just yet. Is that an incentive for him to go out and do what he has to do and the question is. If he has a great year this year. Let's say Mark Ingram goes out and it's the surprise of the season and he's a thousand yard rusher and he's leading in rushing in the in the NFL this season okay. Do you signed him based on the what he did for the one year. Okay that by doubling what he did last year. Because they always do it by committee is that and that Adrian Peterson right syndrome. That Pierre Thomas said a 147 carries the leading. A tenth. Ingram had Sammy Solis is say eighty CC a 160. and again Ingram. A hundred. Sixty attempts will he averaged four point nine yard average especially close out the season which is outstanding. So he's right under 400 yards. So let's say. He had a 160 attempts. For 800 some yards he's averaged four point nine he did his job. Right he is not. You know in thousand an old 800 I think I'd be outstanding in and there you have a market. For Mark Ingram is an interest from other teams but the Saints have a number I know in their hand ride what they'd be willing. To pay Mark Ingram now if you remember and coach speaking down. The hitting knowledge this. Jon Gruden and mentioned is I think it was a Monday Night Football the Bill Parcells. Yeah had talked to. Round yet and said man or by you know I've played Kerry more that that's like Curtis Martin the So I mean they have a number the united overpaid being and even if he has success. And who knows. I don't know a curry era and got a Robinson at the Ford camps. Ingram had 78 Pierre had a 147. Now do you come back. Maybe this Pierre become the third guy and cars around with the New England get more than carries prize that obvious easy to bottom line is you just have to have. The production Dallas and he said was all set in W season. We only averaged three point eight yards an attempt on the 15100 yards rushing. We need to do more and how what our opponents that even woods is ranked. We our opponents averaged four point six yards and was right on 18100 yards that's who we need to do have been I think our running the game is doing the job. Well it look like they've both turned it on roms and Ingram in the playoffs. In the playoffs and Alaska to a regular his last four games so hopefully they can carry that into this woman and we'll see what happens. Who do you think is the players entering a make or break year for the Saints this year is we get ready for training camp. The start here on Thursday. On WWL will be right back. I coming up for the next hour we'll talk to Kristian garic up in West Virginia and Mike to tell you day WWL NFL analyst. And get his thoughts on the biggest position battles and who is in a make or break year for the Saints who do you think this year is make it or break it as the Saints head in the training camp. Here on WWL will be right back.Todd Menesses and Bobby Hebert talk to NFL Network Analyst Elliot Harrison about the best coaches in the NFL.
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