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Kimberly Mason & Robert Ellis-Smith

Aug 30, 2011|

Internet Providers could keep your search history for over eighteen months and turn it over to the Feds without a warrant, all in the name of protecting children. Is this a necessary evil or a further erosion of your rights? Tommy talks to Professor of Counselor Education at the University of New Orleans and Bullying Expert Kimberly Mason and the Publisher of the Privacy Journal Robert Ellis-Smith.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He. Did deporting beans scans that they keep money in are they out of the phony wall outlets and earnings -- out our -- -- things away and little pockets. You know little little secret places here -- there well tell -- -- might be listening wanted to find your -- unknown on measure exactly and a well -- gun Australians thought it would be and a good idea and who knows what could go wrong here. Armed to take his wife's jewelry 50000 dollars worth tell our kids are -- -- no burglar could find it OK so He put it. And this is where the old Green kicks in an idea. He put it in trash bags. Think NA they're gonna think its garbage more sure nobody even bother to look in our time. Now. Let's -- -- thinking caps are your trash burn your time what did go wrong with that somebody could pick him up and throw them in the trash. You nailed it David Ball only went -- Orion get a prize -- an album and -- 50000. Dollars garbage -- 2000 -- or jury gone and thrown out with the garbage. They said -- you didn't tell us where it is out there and I'd I'd yeah out mightily on my way to the -- And it's like well okay you you see that five miles a garbage. So there's our Larry I can see you and then if you like remembered. And in the dump them alone time or Merriman did He dig me out did they it was somewhere in Algiers with. With attracted dumb stuff you can think about how nasty delay and call are -- in the summer. I don't engine a summary out Australia I guess is not really the summertime now but. Imagine that a day like today. What would it take four years. To go in and start digging in rummaging in look at the first fifty grand I'd get real -- and would you know where it is not Iran. Do a lot of homework you know like against the number of the truck and how long would you last. Until I drops it and somebody takes it and says sounds like fraud to me. It is. Depends on whether they had -- jewelry -- or not well all I'll say one I know that excuse wouldn't fly in my house -- -- will be in trouble for work ideally you'd be in trouble forever I think a lesser about a day and a half surging in Encino when you have natural. Beauty you don't need all of that is -- Texan right 1000090 grand in the freezer. William Jefferson go out and yes it never goes away thank you David looked around and all your love with talking about Internet privacy. New bill that would require Internet. Providers. To keep you heard the history. For up to eighteen months and then turn it over to the -- without a warrant at a moment's notice and feel you get carried away looking up one thing here -- another thing their -- got to think about this would you be able to explain your Internet search history. Eighteen months later. Andy think there's a huge invasion of privacy or are you okay -- to protect kids. And both Republicans and Democrats are on board -- this. Because. Well maybe they're gonna for the right reasons or maybe it's because. You know line. My opponent could easily portrayed me as somebody who doesn't want to protect kids when this comes out. We'll talk about it when we return take your phone calls as well as T 601878. Toll free 8668890878. Tommy Tucker in for Bob those journalists Tuesday morning big 870 -- to -- well. The only radio station that listens to you. The news talk in sports leader of the big 871053. WWL half and WWL. Dot com. 817 hours talking about Internet privacy and if in fact -- does existed might Begin to disappear rather quickly bipartisan bills have been introduced into the congress I got a story from. Gambit as a matter of fact Alex Woodward eroded one of the sources quoted -- and Kimberly mason joins us right now professor. -- -- counselor in Lincoln professor and welding Kimberly NTELOS would you do to a butcher and a sub good morning to you Dillon. Am -- you could tell everybody who yarn would you do. Well I'm glad you Kimberly but -- I'm doctor Kimberly made them an assistant professor at the University of New Orleans in the count for education program. I my alma mater UN on all solo Robert Ellis Smith publisher. Other privacy journal sir Robert Ray go get started with you tell us about this Bill -- has bipartisan support that. I guess would what requiring Internet providers to his story Europe it does -- searches and and so forth for eighteen months. And couldn't quite go -- four it's bill -- you're right has because sponsorship of the chair of the Democratic Party no less who's a member of congress from Florida. And the shorthand term port of data retention. It would require Internet service providers to keep identifying information. Not the content of email and not the content searches and yet they might add that later. But they would require I had these two -- keep identifying information like name address. Credit card information perhaps Social Security numbers on. All of their customers for eighteen months now. You can imagine the most them do this already and it's it's those. Temporary customers could drop off that they're not required to do right now but any Internet service provider. That is providing service is gonna wanna get pavement and on another locality identity other customers a lot of this -- show boating. Really hit but it it is a danger because that would set the president or. Denying anonymity to people. On the Internet many of whom use it to. Very value believed to information about medical condition and emotional problems and family problems a lot of other things and up. If this were. Required and made available to law enforcement of most likely would be made available to attorneys in civil cases divorce cases -- -- so. Kicking around for about five years now and congressman Lamar Smith from Texas system I think the term to try to get it through before there -- elections in 2012. Doctor mason when your big problems with a. That's the biggest problem that I see is that law enforcement does neither requires them on under any investigation and -- any child pornography charges in order for them pick out the identity and history. Detained suspected of any crime is just enough for them to gain access -- someone's information and and then of course that does infringe on ones right. Can have this information. -- -- that the biggest danger is yes we wanna protect our children from Internet pornographer but at this meantime need to print. Protect their rights says individual citizens. And I'm having any probable cause is -- the danger because then. Had them access to any one -- information. Without any reason. And Robert Ellis Smith and I know politically that you know both Democrats and Republicans are concerned because when it comes reelection time. Nobody's gonna get credit for protecting privacy instead they're going to be land they sued for you know under. Joseph or Mary voted against. Protecting child. Children against pornography presents a way it's going to be spun. But but would -- the big legislation actually didn't take any steps toward protecting children from predators are not. Conceivably if somebody downloads porn and investigators couldn't find the identity of -- her I guess they could go to the Internet service provider and find out the identity of a customer. Of course that can be done now anyway and to the extent that a pornographer. Download this stuff by -- email the person you you can investigate the old fashioned way by. Finding out those people who are distributing pornography and they're even analysts and find out. To -- they spent all this stuff. You -- it's no accident that this was enrolled in some kind of video child pornography act. If you give law enforcement the authority to get this information. For eighteen months it's been kind of relevance beyond child pornography is going to put it in a separate bill. Instead of trying to piggyback on people's concerns about child pornography. I get an interesting tanks and I'll wrap it up with this -- you both theories opinions on this and says do you think we have privacy -- With four question marks after doctor mason you know first. Still I don't especially not on the Internet unfortunately the Internet is a public domain. And so one of the dangers ahead. Lies within that public domain name is anonymity and unfortunately we did not know who exactly is on Mac computer. Definitely going to be a registered sex offender which does alongside the new release the and a lot that was just passed -- October -- I -- get the fifteen. Sorry sex offenders from eating or any social networking sites can -- the -- networks. -- -- the payments could be someone else they need someone else's name Soledad they are required to register. Does that then there anything at night if they're out names so let them then are we really truly catching those who are. Another person or detained during our children when they're using a -- name. And -- those Smith do you think we have any privacy now or not. We've got diminished privacy but it no it's from the facility could give it up to say we have no longer have that there are search -- you can use anonymously. There are social media that you can use privately and anonymously. There are privacy settings on all of the social media that you can. Fuse if you will to spend half a -- find them and go through the complexity go to put luckily the Internet remains commercially competitive. And so we can shop around and use those services that provide the maximum amount of confidentiality. And anonymity if that's something that it is important to -- Do you think this bill passes or not. I think with a good chance when you get that chair of the Democratic Party in the chair of the I was Judiciary Committee in favor of it. Hey thank you both for your time and I hope we'll opens some people's eyes this morning. I can thank you vote at 823 time to take a look at Traficant an elegant about. Because you can afford to wait and no you can't afford not to listen. The news talk and sports leader the big 871053. WW LF and WWL dot com. -- 28 down Freddie jaguar opinion polls concerns. The marsh fire and not a huge. Agassi irritant to people -- -- Winds have changed but they could change again need to be is smoking in his hazing it was a weirdest thing is. Again need I didn't get out of here until about 130 yesterday and then I drove out to Metairie. And it was it looked as though you're eyes and in dilated. And then I went into a place and came out of 45 minutes later in the wins it changed and it had cleared up. So when He comes to officials saying well -- we do his way forward terrain or let it burn itself found. -- new operating jaguar opinion poll should they be doing more. And as it stands now. Reviewing the results it's been run and about 5050 half He is saying they should have He is saying they shouldn't. And I again I would hazard to guess that if the smoke could be a lot worse today -- numbers for yes would be a lot higher but. 53% of you say -- yes some tanks that have come in the marsh fires making it hard for me to breathe but. -- -- handling it properly cutting canals of marsh buggies leads saltwater intrusion. And coastal erosion the problem is state has no control burning planned. For marsh too much fuel out there. So. When when it comes so this is it is simply enough for them to say well what Iranians who go out. Or when it runs out of fuel it'll stop. We had nick felt and present new loans firefighters association on -- earlier saying milk as far as the fire department goes. They can get to it there's nothing they can do that was a direct quote from him so it's not a matter of safety. It's a matter of logistics and they cannot get to it. He said barges wouldn't be efficient because and as -- as -- -- water onto it because it's too being. But when it comes in helicopters He said there wouldn't be enough helicopters available we're trying to get in touch with the National Guard union you would believe that. Who when He comes -- the resources of the state but there would be some way. To get enough helicopters involved to put the thing out. And when it comes to government is that would government still that they put out fires. What do you think phone lines are open -- 601870. Toll free 8668890878. I was ambivalent about it so we know what it's a nuisance and you just gonna have to put up with the smell in the irritation at this until I pick my daughter up from school yesterday. And she had been hit BA inhaler as often as she could and she had a tough day yesterday when a man. It's starting -- love and angry so do you have relatives CM health problems -- -- -- smoked. You wanna see more done or not phone lines are open we'll talk about it. When we come back. Big 870. It is 839. Abdel hero is on vacation I'm in for him. And we're talking about the marsh fire new -- these -- pretty jaguar opinion polls should officials be doing more to put it out. 54% of you saying no attack -- in smoke on the West Bank is bad. Another one comes in it's no different than burning sugar -- thousands of acres. Armed what do you think. Should should they just even read bring forward all of the resource is helicopter wives. From the National Guard and just dump however make however many trips -- like when then when the big get. I chinook helicopters were flying and and after Katrina and just drop as much water on this thing to put it out does money matter at this point. People -- on any emergency room I think eleven yesterday a lot of other people's suffering you saw it on the news. I did did mattered media -- Olympic my daughter up and and I saw a bid that she was pale. Still machine and hit the inhaler is softening she could yesterday to yet a hard time -- that. Is -- just a nuisance or is this a legitimate public health. Hazard that the officials need to take a little more seriously when you think and in terms -- government is this what government does they put out fires. -- Marrero hi you're on WL. Yeah I I think that the public health around. It's people like an emergency room well you know I'm sure people are -- and don't go to the emergency room well like He daughter. I wonder why they did they aggressively address the fire when it first started. Which didn't want you know when it was much smaller and could have been addressed. It happened just feel it it has everything into -- -- That the -- thing being in qinghai put out such a buyer and civic -- not -- I didn't. I mean they've put out fires well what are. Massive fires we're using helicopters then I just I don't under. -- And you know -- in terms of -- and so I was talking about in terms of big government small government and and functions of government to me. This -- what governments do. That's that's what they do is they they put out hires and they build highways and eight. They do things like that and then maybe I'm wrong there I don't know Suzanne in -- hide your under evident you only think. Hey good morning and good morning -- Tommy. And I you know I -- -- now okay and I do a lot of business. And New Orleans and track. Every Sunday I volunteered and parallel. I had a courts -- there's two on Thursday and Friday and parents. Coming across the bridge back to Brett and I could look at overnight to in the final true home actually look at my parents who what is that well when I came back across. Saturday they've gotten here trying to think too much that spending morning I don't volunteered downtown. I opened my front door I can hardly Bree. Yet there's no napping on the news of collective put so worried about the people on. Our own area should they not only knew about it I stopped at the water department and ask another big -- I don't worry that. Why don't -- the time I get across the river there's nothing Amtrak. It's beautiful everything beautiful you look back on the West Bank currently count. I think it's helped aren't there. And I think -- and I hate to show you this because I do a lot of country Laura and I -- ignore when I live of course -- African parents. I'm saying it's. You know if it -- affecting normal. And all the politicians. And -- -- and near out and they would breathing Etsy and we have a lot more Caspian and. Well as affect us Suzanne it was affecting nine is affecting new loans yesterday believe me. -- -- Very little in important and I all the sudden the wind shifted and we don't. But I just don't understand it toward doing shame being in in the New Orleans area. And -- I'm looking at this realistically. And I just don't think you know because the effect in the West Bank more more people are being attracted at an air. Where you're not getting out even as a health cat that we better accompaniment. And I really do believe they should be happier due introduction into how this thing with a helicopter that we don't have -- -- can't do much to propel a crap about it. Do you want from. Yeah I you know those are my hours about a causing too much maybe be it would be a cause concern -- it's the availability or -- but it just seems. It seems terribly impotence and just say that there's nothing we can do that you just have to sit there and wait for it to rain or. Wait for it to burn itself out in and then when you look at. The did first -- nobody give -- an estimate of how long it's in the take -- to burn itself out their say in. Two or three days but that's not exactly would chief parents only yesterday. And you look at the rain probabilities -- -- percent tomorrow 30% on Thursday 50% on Friday even if it doesn't rain. And ABC hurry in and helicopters at that point I'm wondering why blading you do it. The and I'll enabling get -- -- on the talk about will try to reconnect with him. -- why wasn't that it wasn't addressed earlier when it first started thanks a lot I appreciate it thank you thank you Suzanne a 45 taken a break. I coming back to take more recalls about the marsh fire -- Season do you think politicians are the officials could -- -- should be doing more is there anything. They can do. Seems sixth. Genentech -- and we all want to cut spending but we always on spending here when it directly benefits she can't have it both ways. This is something that has been determined to be too expensive to put out. Again in terms of cutting spending if in fact that is the rationale and that's just a text that came in it seems like. That would. They'll be something that isn't even get basic function of government. Helicopters -- miles another one says the fight fires out west the -- here is surrounded by water. But yet another take say she can't put a marsh fire out a chopper would be their four year trying to put it out -- -- but why would you get a couple of them doing this. We'll see when we come back more calls Tommy Tucker in for Bob PH certainly Devin have you. If it's happening here you hear here. -- news talk in sports leader dubbed big 871053. WWL have and WWL dot com. And Robert -- earlier doctor political science about the narrative and controlling the narrative in politics. And it -- email from Chris who says Sami do you wanna pay more taxes so that we can fight the fire. I doubt it. And seems like -- narrative in politics is if you expect any services from government -- it's almost like a menu. Ordering an offense to address struggling need to pay for it. Well what about the taxes and paying now you would think there would be some government services. Then you could expect. From the tax is your paying now and I would think. Am a basic government service would be. Putting out fires. So I Chris I would disagree with the of that pay more taxes we can fight the fire I would think. I'm paying taxes now so that should going to be part of it when you think. Agendas that in Metairie hi you're on -- WL. I -- good sounding. Grade but -- -- -- inching you know I I actually went out to to -- -- recreational flight out of wait Lakefront airport. You know they they do you oracle relational flights they will go up somewhere. Just gone out much quality. But smoke that they'll -- -- was going on the Vernon white chose her pretty cream he's very well sometimes they. -- -- -- our server and studios and sure enough. And it kind of an isolated area we go there on Friday. We realize to a march fire. Competent sort of got its you know twelve of the throughout their little hero we could put it out you know it this year an economic thing. You know our current bucket of water on it because it was so small at that time but it is big and up to CEO or from the airport -- -- to -- city. And I think the question and -- like. Why can't they put it out now could you get a lot of back and fortune ever put its dangers and then countless other stuff but my question why why I was not able to -- indictment sit. On a recreational flight on Friday. We you -- not a pilot to fly around the city where these guys. -- able to recognize that it that I consider if you don't pay any attention. But but if you could see it from all over the city you couldn't put it out with a hose and payroll could yeah. Well I'm saying if you went over there and so would a lot of and then took a -- they're probably gonna have. I don't know labeling get Nancy Johnson but you know that's the thing has come up a couple of different times about why didn't they catch literally pay above the good bits than philosophical issue about. Well if you want the fire put Audi and a half took. Pay more taxes. Is that part of the narrative now if you want government to do anything you gotta pay forty do you think that there should be a basic assumption that you're already paying taxes and in. And crazy if you demand some basic services. Kwame would have you know would have fires burning in the at the local courthouse I -- do we have to go. Practical what you -- around them to do whatever the fire department put out. It seems like the narrative has been gonna become that where it's like well -- you know you gotta pay for everything and and what gets lost in that is well we're we're already paying so I think there should be a reasonable expectation of some guesses. And -- Clearly clearly the government has as has act itself and so all everything now cost a million dollars or maybe you billion dollars. But more to the federal government could not or so. They're gonna use any I think opportunities and to stay low looks like another neutral it's more money. And I wasn't just defense thank you Jonathan but the caller was the government -- somebody that email did. 854 run in a little bit late time to take a look at track. As New Orleans is -- on the labor front the big day 71053. Of them -- WWL dot com. ID 850 now -- next hour we will continue to talk about this march fired to go in the West Bank says. That's the first time in -- deal -- it. Running for Madison -- once -- -- -- large fires everybody else hang on to 601878. Toll free. 866889087. Via text comes in our firefighting tax dollars. We're transferred to the free cell phone program. -- somebody else says. The lady that called in from -- that was wrong I live in no -- -- home health no love. And was sick all day long medalist -- problem only. So we're gonna talk about this next hour Freddie jaguar opinion -- He would think the officials should be doing more about the swamp fire in.

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