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WWL>Topics>>12-20 12:10pm Garland speaks to Dr. David Beriss about Christmas

12-20 12:10pm Garland speaks to Dr. David Beriss about Christmas

Dec 20, 2012|

Garland speaks to Dr. David Beriss, Professor of Anthropology at the University of New Orleans about Christmas traditions and gifts.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- List so you know sort Google -- and usual traditions and usual Christmas is wow. There's some -- is Laura brings out there. When it comes during the holidays. We'll talk about some of them. -- -- doctor David Burris Rubens who's a professor of anthropology. -- -- Doctor appreciate that you call and then. My girls thanks for -- let me be on your show and and please call me David. -- I'll do it to London Merry Christmas happy holidays to you and you. Talked to me about traditions not. We have got better and certainly interest in the shrink influence but I'm curious about how -- some of the traditions. That we have came about it. Well that's a good question I'm not that I'm not actually. Necessarily that good on origins but I -- that I I guess specifically on the on the tradition. Jerusalem could review -- that you should just because there is just a minute but. But it is and one of -- interest rates intermediate and one of the reasons so personal -- me just play the motto all its apologists is that if you can imagine that somebody out there's probably doing it. Now is so there that goes for everything from -- -- your strange gift to your street traditions two straight championship practices. If you can if you pay attention it's somebody's probably invented it's somewhere and but in terms of -- They don't like rituals and symbols of good that are on the holidays political really trying to do in almost any culture is distinguish. The holy period if you will or whatever whatever you wanna call it from ordinary life so you have different kinds of foods different kinds of music to -- closing. If you need do you work or you don't work you've had a part to period and some particular way. So you know whether it's Christmas sort of full status or Monaco or. -- want so whatever probably can think of they all have characteristics. Of that sort where you know you put on different clothes. You behave differently in that particular day you eat different food or you don't need it all organized it to faster or something like that. And I think on the -- in a lot of respects that's why those things come about the question of course when he be -- particular one. Depends on I guess where you live with the. What are some of the more than usual traditions that that you -- Come across. Well you know I'm not exactly sure what than usual but -- me just tell you I grew up in Minnesota surrounded by people Scandinavian origin. And they make.