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WWL>Topics>>5-06 5:35pm Lance Moore

5-06 5:35pm Lance Moore

May 6, 2013|

Saints WR Lance Moore drops by to talk about his charity basketball event plus the outlook for the Black & Gold in 2013

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome announcing drive receiver Lance -- if you're on holds the title give back to your phone calls. Lance Moore joining us now finalized -- a charity basketball event coming up they -- with tells about it. Yes sir that the ethnic an annual black and gold who challenged on the thick plate that's Wednesday over at -- the -- school 730 and odd that you know bunch of guys from our black and gold taken on the local police officers firefighters and military guys -- That proceeds go to the benefit. Our whole community I mean it is it's going to be involved in archer in Atlanta or Kennedy shares foundation. Under Garrett served for Kids Foundation to get check to check out foundations. You know our ideas as to try to build a better answer for Portland and obviously great way to get everybody out at that time but in doing so. -- -- -- -- But you -- are -- -- handle in Iraq a little more on their. -- -- I can't and that grew up playing basketball also you know it's come -- first -- Lance how's the offseason workouts -- for you guys. Well because they were great and I mean just when we first got back -- -- ever but it was a vote I'd be back in and you know being able to put -- behind it and wore out in this season. You know it's pretty exciting in -- -- on -- were trying to get ready. Saints -- receiver Lance Moore here on WWL and let's over the lysine Sean Payton for the first time in over a year when you got back. What I thought a couple on that Super Bowl events this year and you know you talk to you have. That -- just that beat him back at work in and how excited if you look at how happy -- to be around people. That he had been away from personal law mean it is definitely. What an inspiring refreshing in. You know he's got a new outlook on things and -- you can tell that he would -- and get back to work guys you know kind of feed off that energy. Is this long as it's been a long off season Lanston and some sense because of the way things turned out last chairman is it. Kind of dragging you guys -- maybe anxious to get on the field and and start no real practices etc. I would say it's been a long year. I mean -- from going where. You know the suspension thing cam came out flat out these men have been going at the last these then I'm trying to do everything we could that the you know maintain -- in and try to still win games in. Obviously -- haven't had to -- and we can't. You know I couldn't wait to get back to work the -- you know put that behind it and and move forward on the that -- -- But you know it's that would be good Deepak network I'd -- that would. Saints wide receiver Lance Moore here on a WWL and the world ones adding another wide receiver and a mix in April in the draft plans and Kenny stills -- and we had a chance to talk to him are what are -- what are your impressions of Kenny stills. Probably have a better chance at the end of the rookies yet think that the mini camp this weekend. On the that a bunch of the guys will join in our work out starting next week. But you're not seeing him play out very very talented player young guy I could definitely help us out and I'm excited get a chance to work with them. Glance before you run tell us about the charity event yet on the basketball and out. Yet that -- -- about the same players. Mark though. Cam Jordan Joseph Morgan on the more -- rock music in these Courtney Roby Keenan Lewis would be -- former -- They're sharper Michael Lewis. My brother. Late in the -- and actually be here Nick -- as well and got to talk about have a great time we've got to put that they're going along we've got a -- about about half court. -- Will benefit three point contest we have to do a megaphone shake videos of fans are encouraged to bring -- -- cup in doubt in. You know if you need indians' only executed at least it has won that award. -- Toronto there'd be able to get tickets at the door so it should be great on Wednesday night. Lets you -- and turn over a little bit on the offensive side of the football during the offseason with. -- bush tried leaving in course doesn't look like Devery Henderson is going to be back at least you know before. You guys get into. On the field activities here and a couple weeks what's it like you -- guys that you're close with Devery Henderson and in -- bush try seeing them go on me and that's gotta be difficult -- Well I mean it's it's one of the of the part. Into the profession. You get to be around guys wore a number of different years and you know -- I'll grow a relationship with them in every and I played together for eight years here so. I'm just about happen around here even if it's just the -- work out like right now mean it just seems weird. I'm and to lose a guy like survive. You know that that's just the part of the business you know got that do what's right for them then and families in. You know -- do not them but -- in Tibet and you know except who we play imports but. Say -- zero Lance Moore before -- Lance is there a different would you say different. Energy level and -- building this offseason. Yeah I would I mean I would say guys that are. It's just more excited about the network committed it's. You know we can't dwell on what happened in 2012. While looking forward to what's gonna happen -- point thirteen. You know that that's too excited. Thanks stop violence appreciate the best luck to -- in year out charity basketball event numb. How -- people before you run quickly get more information they wanna learn about it. Deprivation at that WWW that we stand as one. About court. Thanks a -- little -- a couple weeks for organized team activities. Are out there.

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