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WWL>Topics>>11-21 10:35pm Sean Payton

11-21 10:35pm Sean Payton

Nov 21, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton talks to the media after the 17-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just briefly. Thought. -- it was a real. Real good part of what we thought both teams played hard. No we tip our hat to Atlanta they came out -- great energy and certainly in the first quarter. You'll be able to stop us and taking the football down that first drive. You know we felt going into this game we knew it was going to be a challenge. It is every time we play him when you really look at. The two teams the history. -- regardless of the record it's always been. It's always been close game tonight was no exception. I thought all three -- we do a lot of things well. You know ball security was going to be important and thinking about. Either team turned the ball over. In typically that. Statistic is. This -- very telling on the series but. Anyway it's good win for us. And you'll -- from now when they get ready. For the little bit of extended time here and get ready for the next few questions. -- you play. Then again you -- Guys know how tough. I think look at it I mean I think it just said I think that. The history. Of our time playing Atlanta. There's always been challenging him and they've been so many close games American. They all run together when you this morning. But I thought his -- completely game. And then being able to control the clock there at the end. You know we have some big plays they had three timeouts left the two minute warning so that's that's a long time. -- -- Right the end group was. Then you guys out. Yeah I mean you. He's he's an important player or defense so. -- -- -- -- I thought. People a lot of guys. Played well and doing what you see. -- -- -- He's. He's quarterback that can get rid of it quickly he's got a very quick stroke. That's just half that but he also knows where to go with it you know -- To get rid of the ball when you gotta have an idea where you wanna throw it in he can see the coverage. You can attack your weaknesses -- he does so much at the line of scrimmage you know with cadence to kind of get an idea -- -- violent. Single I look to pressure and it's always very good at recognizing. You know what you're -- Is being in the -- get rid of the football. I don't know if they've truly mean that. Listen I think when we get to play coverage we were able to hold up. Then you know there's some times in single safety looks were you know you you did make some big plays. I just thought our scoring defense very good game. You know when that first half -- kind of went back and forth. But I thought the second half. Wore on I thought the that last drive as soon as we got them behind the change I thought that was a pretty significant and we we pressure Ramon. I think second or third down an -- you elected to kick field goals don't. Good win. Good win on the road here -- tough place to play in. We're excited about. But. Well it meant a lot a -- runs on third down but he. Usually those players that there's a lot of things well -- he's personable. It's these big screen passes you know. Run after the catch I don't know what is conversions were on those third -- after referencing I would agrees. Got good balance. You're not have been there and you don't change some things. The horse -- that was able to get some snaps. You know him and Toledo out of chances to start again with with George. Ankle I thought. You know we. We gave -- gave Malta Tim. You basically have one day you walk through. On Tuesday. And had a very late either raced him on Wednesday but back in Michigan in. You know it for him to command and it's not going to be a perfect film look for him decline and after the funeral. Watch some extra tape last night in and play like he did tonight. Rios is pretty strong and pretty emotional sure this week for him.

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