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WWL>Topics>>11-21 10:45pm Curtis Lofton

11-21 10:45pm Curtis Lofton

Nov 21, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Curtis in the second half it looked like you guys really stepped up the -- -- up five sacks throughout the night you just talk about the changes in the first half of the second half. Com -- really has doubled to presser I think that. You know we we came out we stopped their run and so we got immense you know manageable third down also or do you want to rush. And I we got some quarterback with Foreman rushed most time and you know pat goes -- to those guys those guys played a great game and then back -- servers are planned man sent him down. And you guys didn't talk about it much during the week on a short week and how much was that a factor this week come off that physical game time this coming in tonight. I mean as you know it's a short week but at same time you know. That's my excuse you know we we we have to come dealers come play on the road and traveled to -- we did today in. You know we had to do a lot causes a great job take care providers and then as you rested its a complete game and felt good today. For a long time in the world wants this has been thought of as an offensive teams -- one games with the offense. And hasn't -- now if only start turnover and we begins with defense. You know I think this is still in office team but. Not only have a great office which is sore and have a great defense and you know makes -- a great defense we get a -- improvement every single region. And you know we we we match so we will just about anybody in you know if it was good to have that kind of defense now Curtis thanks appreciate -- congratulations thank you.

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