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WWL>Topics>>12-2 5:10pm Fans First Take

12-2 5:10pm Fans First Take

Dec 2, 2013|

Todd Menesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the a bonus round plants per state Iran WWL. Policy court I'm -- -- 260187866. And 890 awaits them. And Steve just watching some of the preview for tonight's. Monday night contest. The reporting in Seattle that quarterback Richard Sherman was asked. How are you guys game planning Ford Jimmy Graham who you know leads the NF is tied for the touchdowns in a balance can have a -- season he said. Basically quote when I'd given him that much respect we don't think we need to game plan for him. We just gonna play our game which is tough man to man. Coverage and rough him up. And hit Drew Brees as many times this weekend. While till the refs tell us the stuff. Now do you believe then you think they -- game plan for somebody else. -- the -- received -- -- -- and I don't know are they that confident that no look I am sure illicitly. They've got to be confident and you know secondary guys if I -- -- You know real on the borderline of being out here you know just because the position they play a bit. Look. Look and they'll be -- yourself there's no way they know exactly what disguise what you can do. You know and they're gonna have they got to know -- There's no way that they're not game planning for him -- the same time there's a certain style that this defense plays. And that's what he described so -- you know they will do a lot of that you know if they can. If they can't you know if Jimmy can't get off line of scrimmage because they're knocking him around. -- that it's it's gonna play in their favor is gonna look like he said they do exactly say that you know we'll see. Ellis go to Tony he'd down on their hate Tony. House to go on. -- -- -- -- This actually will be cool it would be true. Old self. Six point will do both points and -- was. Then the game. Of it completely again. You already get a look at it like. -- AA. Data had the bad is -- -- -- So a little -- actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- England can do it takes ground. Who. And I hope so yeah me too. Woody Woody excellent yes of The Who -- army as a strong. And they seem like they're jacked up down in the down under. All right internationally I got -- I we got Utley and -- what time as the game in Australia. Also. Learned that in real time. They kind of got my -- -- and who to believe. And so you have your lunch basically then once -- gamer. Yeah I -- On going straight -- -- -- in the pac. Natalie and good. Couldn't take it you take the day off from work on the game I don't toward overtime only go -- them. Take it. That that has. If it next and that's something that is signed. It will be on Monday -- Because disappointment like. Well you -- change that it blog regularly now that he's under -- yeah that's good so it's going to be. It's going to be Sunday morning for you there yet you going to be. I don't know. Now that blonde -- it was a marked. Alka so so right now it's going to be Tuesday. Tonight yeah on Monday. Are you know you know next week's games on Sunday night. -- And the can argue and I either and -- so it's a oh I gotcha that makes sense. And got a world. The ball. Lines that degrees by the -- him. I sure hope so I Tony hey thanks man thanks for checking in with a from a down Monday and today Tony from down under. And -- I was trying to figure it's obviously tonight's game it's Tuesday the day that's with. Not so. -- international. Time change thing. The things you learn in the bonus round. Of fans there are definitely the case yes very unique. Then you are -- setting us out for little men at work. And Tony's on there will be right back it is a fans first take here on WWL will take yellow at 530. And then it's -- like countdown to kick off their location that morning call. In city park will be right back 6018786. Exit 890 -- seven along with Steve scored on top and message you -- Texas and 87870 some detectives in Sydney is seventeen hours ahead who you know we. Can -- -- that. I think I think Tony was confused when I was asking him about is -- Tuesday there are now. You know think he heard me give him so I am talking about Sunday's game and it's and it'll be Monday. -- -- that it is not going to be right lunchtime when he watches it's going to be your rhythm yet you know because reflects the game. 325 or later and later than that Rams game was that has all right and moved to 325 that's what I mean. Yeah some Panthers game is is Sunday next Sunday night. And and they also move the Rams game back to three to be all right so. I'll just move in the saints' all over the place but you know what. They'll deal with the let's get on TV. It's good to us Stephen Birmingham they Steve. Phone system to shut down on me here. We hit the button and everything went away right so Steve give us called back and go into the servers doubt we'll see what we in the Thad -- and technology somebody bricks and the mystery. And and we'll go from there. Some more -- coming in -- the more someone else about. The cliches of the game. If we score more points -- told them on defense don't give up big plays on special teams we should be able to win classic coach speech. Which you always the moon all the time. You know looking at this game as far as the running game the Saints obviously have to get the run game. Offensive line yeah has been playing better the last couple weeks as you noticed what do you think is is either -- And what can they do to keep clicking tonight against that yeah well. Look it's a combination of a couple things take it one of those things as them not listening to me OK but my point being tell you they are you know. There's ladies I've always -- yeah he -- -- to throw darts at it but I think what it is is the fact that they know. For us to possess the ball as long as we need to. And as the games get more critical as they are they did they know we have to run the football more effectively to to release a report often. And obviously your play action stuff is not gonna work if in fact they don't respect. The play part of it that your trying to do obviously mimic -- You know it's so critical because like -- period as an offensive lineman you. You get sick and tired of being in this sort of passive aggressive type when your past look at all the time you know you really wanna begin to sort of a -- will win in order to do that. That's when you become a physical. And you can sort of take it to home so. When guys get to do that different five days to do that they get excited and they feel like they can go on you know twenty play drive -- team played -- -- -- -- mix in a couple of short passes -- Donnelly. You know you're slammed it down your throat. That is the best of the -- can get so I know those guys hunger for that and one that. So -- look at. He's gonna do nothing but keep guys from -- on number nine. Because right now if they don't then and you know he's gonna hit more often so yeah that run game is critical so that yet hugely important. Say its average in about 98 yards a game Seahawks give up about 112. And I think we could break the hundred yard mark. -- -- -- Yeah I look I think we'll definitely richt ordered our mark. You I think that obviously did you know -- Here I think that entities June he's doing so well that affect you get Sproles -- went back held. On the last ten days and got him you know hopefully focused on what's going on there and then. -- look don't be betting on Ingram you know look you guys are runner he's not going to be he's not going to be a flash guy. But the same time he's gonna get some hard yards but it look. Our game is vertically. There's no question about it so. That tower made -- we're built the same time for that to work. You get the ball. Advice to Mark Ingram. Ago beast mode. Roth okay here's a little secret. Everybody on Seattle's defense is from Auburn solid pass -- a go ahead and think -- motivated exact your revenge and take it out a that's all you gotta. That should work -- flopped and -- -- -- he's listening right now -- -- that are -- really thinks that. Topics via a different thing to know the record at -- second. The pros it was college area college team play for and it didn't carry over now. You know still -- actually cost us. Know the topic he's still big because he was on the sideline when they play for the well option -- and then things changed maybe news I don't know but. If that helps you motivate that's just me. -- all over the I know peers are watching shots of Jimmy Graham in the -- so walking in to the stadium there in Seattle. And getting ready to play for tonight's game contest -- as they are billing it it is the battle. For a first place in the NFC or at least the best inside track to continue to get the first well first home field advantage throughout the playoffs and Portland gets. Jameel lots O. -- your -- well yet and absolutely. If this team has a record in it's it's pretty much untouchable at home. You know. And right now I think most of the people and most of the you know analysts feel that Seattle's a better football team you know they're they're more complete. And I'll probably feel that way and you're getting a little bit of Villa manager going in Columbia -- -- -- three point you know as I think you know some things are changing now but. Look I think the Saints are hitting on all cylinders you know that they're coming back health -- we got a lot of guys hurt but it -- committee using and the -- their defense is playing so well. That that makes you feel good but I think a lot of times you don't made this one of those kind of games come -- and a you know special teams you know turn over special teams they play. But the same time it's always -- sort journalist. You know I I don't feel good about it -- I feel like it's gonna be a close game but I think Seattle on wins by you know by a point. On accidentally close game too hard -- hard fought game but I think the Saints pull it out I'll give it. Saints 23 Seattle Portland. That's a 4728. Weeks ago and and and and our final text on the cliches. Rate 7870 somebody says. Look up football cliches in the encyclopedia and it says see the Dallas Cowboys. That's a lot of -- analysis to Dallas cowgirls but their ego that that is the that are not represented football. For Steve -- on top announces its fans first day coming up next it's the Bud Light countdown to kick off of Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Live for morning call in city park. And then of course the game tonight 740 kick off with Jim -- -- guys on and Christie Garrett will see you guys next week at 3 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- --

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