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WWL>Topics>>12-2 5:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

12-2 5:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 2, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome did it but like -- -- -- kick off but -- official beer of the New Orleans Saints as we recovered the -- from the morning call in -- parking is set for the biggest game this season thus far. And any either conference the NFC and AFC as it is they want to beat Seattle Seahawks -- then now. Well you talk about the best of the best and speaking that of the best. Between -- a great location in city park beautiful weather here at the morning call and you look a little bit of history was established in 1878. Located on the corner of Decatur saint Philip and and the French market in the water but this morning call but an all concede casino building their city part. On November of 2012. But it looks like it's been here since the beginning. The founding of the great city of new all of but disagreed atmosphere here glad to be here. And this day and age I don't know if you can get this. To -- two -- Dixie long next during Saints games so come on over. And have let us some live musical and a beautiful veranda on both days and you come out here all the 24 hours coffee and then gave it a whole lot more -- A lot of New Orleans food we'll look to touch on that. But tonight but its eighth game to acknowledge they too long necks so glad to be here that morning call in the oaks here at city park. -- look at that big game we don't get any better in this you know when they kind of look a bit of future not talk about the TV people gave who's relevant whom is the best in advance it couldn't be any better. I think this is the most meaningful game regular season game the prime time it's a history. Considering the expectations so we expect. From the mood detonation in fact it getting easier cook -- because come next Sunday night in prime time we got to beat Carolina. This failed top but NFC south it's unbelievable. The challenging schedule that we have. The New Orleans saint. But you know what if you wanna be the best what you have to do beat the best so we stepped in the challenge if you look our New Orleans Saints at night to. Travel -- to speculate field to face. The Seattle Seahawks who -- to anyone in their second consecutive. Prime time contest with the lead in the NFC south. It NFC playoff greatness -- they on the line on Monday Night Football. The Saints are riding a three game winning streak followed a seventeen to thirteen win in Atlanta. While the soaring seagulls. Have six straight victories and two weeks to prepare for yards putter what do you would it to week 125. Seattle holed a 988 record -- good for the all time winningest percentage on Monday Night Football. And head coach Pete Carroll is 81 prime time games but. Quarterback Drew Brees and the Saints have won nine. Consecutive games on Monday Night Football. In those games he's completed 70% of his passes. Almost 3000 yards that 340 yards per game with 28 touchdowns and only five interceptions. And their quarterback rating of one point three point six target -- what are Drew Brees says that. Not over -- haven't against his defense but he does that will be the sea dogs by a double digits I can tell you that he's been that good in primetime on Monday Night Football. In the regular season series the -- Seahawks have met eleven times which yards leading the series six to five. Seattle's one of eighteenth at the Saints have a winning record against all time. In regular season games played in Seattle. This series is tied 33 with yards having a one. It -- reckoning games played at six really feel when he played tonight a one of the main key hit tonight battled. It's who's gonna win the turnover ratio. The Seahawks lead the NFL -- 26 takeaways and tie for the league lead in interceptions with sixteen. They are very opportunistic at plus eleven in the turnover differential which is second best in the league. And but the Saints still staying on the plus side. I left or yard and he's going to be even. Yard needs to be even par win the turnover battle and I believe that there's gonna take jobs at Seattle on the role. Like the -- short 183. And all on the coach -- when they commit zero turnover thing about this high rent apartment -- But it we can -- -- -- we don't turn over the ball to say never lose that -- one time. There -- 23 and no and the Seahawks are 244 and three under coach Carroll when they win the turnover battle. So you'll look at that -- -- is. Don't turn over the ball and we that we that we get a win to gain another key is going to be Kansas State's run defense it gave the Seahawks third way ranked rushing attack. And prevent Marshawn Lynch from going beatable. More Charlotte has 19100. Yard games since 2011 at the -- the National Football League. And leads all running backs in missed tackles with 55 I'll tell you right now. If we get position and rob ride but to be at that position you've got to make the tackle. That it's easier said than done that's going to be key. -- exactly pick out well a bit tackling this year will we don't know how well we lost the Jets in the rolled missed tackles. Rob Ryan's gonna put in position to succeed so you've got to make the tackle but like I said marsh outlet is number one running back to sports forcing. Missed tackles and then you throw a quarterback Russell Wilson. I think about this if you think he's -- like Drew Brees does cake in Louisiana -- -- -- -- Russell king is it is gained and are blessed Seattle. Russell Wilson has never lost a whole game. He has never lost at Seattle he has won thirteen straight game does that -- field. You could see why this -- -- -- I have to six point underdog because Seattle has been that dominant big chief. These two teams are almost a mirror image of one another something has to give. On offense Seattle is averaging 27 point eight point put per game. The safe averaging 27 point three on defense they're given up sixteen point three this say they're given up sixteen point five. Know they can look at them they're there to save private team scoring offense scoring defense that's why I'm telling you that even. -- over negative -- that you win aloof and speak it looked like. Game tied tipped her will be so where are around -- and now does anything in the thirties as -- and if you from Louisiana to south went out to look like it's going to be might have a shower now and then. But the Saints have not played -- freezing temperatures in three years but the food that they shouldn't. Need to -- -- -- -- so we don't have to go back to the northwest in the post season and have the road to New York Super Bowl go to big TV. That that's the case again if I get a bad big -- -- come on out it's a red bean Bryant Gumbel crawfish eight to faint Jumbo alligator sausage and a cause hot frisbee games with a morning -- in city park counted out the Saints and the Seahawks here. On the saints' radio network. And welcome back to the but like countdown to pick out what today's game has been eleven and its satellites of the official transmission provider to the Saints radio network called the satellites that are final 4466. -- -- rocket fuel sport. You know what we aren't morning call in city park come -- out Jonas -- -- this -- -- he's a -- they always conferees. B yea they got some gumbo red beans and rice on this beautiful Monday -- allowed alligator sausage is one of the many. Great you should they had here. Well Saints out Arab or a Christian deer caught up with Saints offensive lineman Jahri Evans -- -- take on tonight's game against the Seattle field. -- you just talk about this. Favre first Seattle -- -- Jackson -- out miceli too complex and just do everything. Really well he -- You know I agree with that they've got a -- guys are big guys have earned him some of the guys that can rush the -- is. You know as a reason why they got two wins and then put that defense with the crowd noise and out of this successfully. When you face a team like this and I -- two best teams in the NFC right now in terms of records. Well he hasn't been here before so you mean like ten guys who approaches it looks like you guys are loose but in a good way good oh yeah you know. -- -- definitely you know finish our nose or the hardcourt game to say you know every week. I don't know we understand you know we're we're going in a hostile territories will be loud and stuff like that and actually also. Talking about their -- accomplish that too few and far too much. Yeah -- made -- -- dome teams going outside playing in inclement weather could offer I mean. So I guess there's a low point in buses and you know records. You know record price show you know it's just simply more to lose with the win loss -- yeah. You know somebody good arguing then your career you've you've got to play outside so I don't think is that big a deal it. You have guys here have. Played in cold weather you know before he got two minutes to assume I don't know -- There's something to look at -- and eventually I can play tomorrow I indoors. Has a -- ten playoff team embroiled in all. None are not you know we know we haven't talked about it. Alone I don't know for sure by a nose would yeah. He can maybe go on your face on this team so. You know going -- Cameron. You know since the -- into his game just try to go out there when the ball and execute them petty you with a twelve men in their known from may -- louder than the superdome are just as loud etc. You know you just you just gotta be doubt you know and seeing you know. Question QB's that you lives isn't great you know we're gonna call in Colorado just out of our prospects and they should. The division the daughter to that you can do well. While their success is almost like -- green there and Ronald I mean Regis did you shut it used to use whatever you can you know I mean it. You know he can see. There's an opportunity. Exactly exactly so. But other measures are gonna play football until until we have different -- and there were one -- and you know see autism go to. Darn things pressure from all right it is good to game with Saints offense that I mean Gary and Bob. Yet they get it if you look at it is going to be critical. That I think we do have some sense of balance that -- all said and done. You know we have I don't know in the twenties never in the -- as far as rushing attempts. 2425. Maybe 20/20 ninth somewhere in that range and you look as of late like I was saying we've been able the run the ball. And -- and that's what we needed to that we don't need to like his cash. You know the Seahawks we just need to have an average of -- four yards. To keep them off balance and and if you look at it. They being given up and you talked as of lately given up even more. But the -- given up a four point two yards to carry so be -- to see -- -- would have it's now. One thing they have and you got to contain navy's defense advance. I mean I'm not -- Russell Wilson John -- -- would you be bits of Maine and you can't worry about knock it out Russell Wilson you have to contain him. Not this instance that you look Russell with the ability to run the football. The Seahawks quarterback has rushed for 409 yards and a touchdown. Pierre Thomas to the Saints leading rusher it by only 77 rushing yards on the season more than Russell Wilson. So you could see -- Russell Wilson a big part. Of their running game is not just Marchand -- he's averaging almost six yards to carry. You wanna contain him but Marshawn Lynch is right. At four and a half yards now with everything and Rob Ryan. I mean rob Bryant talks back in and he's excited about the players he's coaching. But he realizes. -- always blame it Marshawn Lynch in the -- that he has. And he said you know you don't wanna get to be say do whatever but he kind of said they've got hired killer Baghdad are running the ball this is what you get. I guess this time of the year in this will be a hell of a challenge. So I think it's -- David to look at at eight I guess that you want to be the best you gotta be the best. And if you it felt like it came -- elected they'll let him dictate dammit for the game and you're not turning it over. I mean both defense is only given up points and a team that's why they it might be 18 through to twentieth of -- that that's why. Don't -- your opponent and start field at the -- telling you this as. That's your -- as Alitalia look at this that that that's unbelievable. It is that you look at the saint. And -- whether Iraq they have not had. Did all NFL team that I have a defense that touchdown. Our a return in this special teams that's something that is needed different whether you win or lose. So maybe this might be the game we have a break -- we could we all know the everyone -- -- we had seven. The bits of touchdowns and that's that it might take in this kind of game. It's about like countdown to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio network. And welcome back to that but like I -- -- go but my official beer. Of the Saints both sound now the Hokies car for that we bring in former saint saint bananas will be guys who is in the press box eccentric make field. Out of Seattle believed it helped. Think we heard united -- started the beginning of last week. You know what the weather was supposed to be like here at Seattle's you know you just -- a gorgeous day -- son's been out. All day long the temperature right now about 42 degrees is a little bit a win. Not a whole lot and I think -- game snapped -- -- Both to sink down -- about. 38 degrees with who wins five miles an hour so that's really nothing -- it's 550 chance of precipitation so. If all is right with the weather forecast. You know I don't think you can look for a better night -- -- it yet to limit goes probably the coldest game to thank the plate -- here. But it certainly not as bad it's some game that we played in the past -- That the weather outside the united certainly not the fact that they about the volcano had an argument talked about. Over the week in the course of today you know that we get out here. We got out here Saturday afternoon and who are -- in how they EST we kind of lounge around him most of the day today -- so. There might have found that the two best teams in the NFC going against one another. I it just was. I you know I'm here when the when it. The schedule makers made up this schedule and saw the Saints then. And Seahawks on this matchup tonight if they intend to be sloppy at the mouth and you want to. Terrific matchup it is if it's going to be everything had been built debate I really believe that. You know I think it does Seattle want kind pound -- Marshawn Lynch to -- that success they get to thank Ralph Wilson does a great job with the short passing game. This thanks I mean I almost look for beat Caroline it's the pitching staff to put Richard -- -- Jimmy Graham a lot. Just exactly the same way that the New England he would. When they put a keeper league owning so. I don't know I am I guess it's just I think it's going to be a tremendous football game. You know I heard a pregame interview I think it would Daria and I'm not exactly sure but. He did nobody really talked about that game a couple of years though in the playoff. -- I think gets a little bit far -- because it is if they did talk about a month detailed team. Trust me a fan and media have talked about it enough to satisfy everybody that night that. All right it is Hokies call bowl with the Saints currently is OK guys -- by the fans' questions -- former teammate the first let's Boston seconds the station identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network. It is about like countdown to kick off and eighties Hokies -- by the okay that I didn't realize this to you know you'd be researching I'm reading and stuff in why it was such a special season the year we won this -- who have very opportunistic. And it's doable run we had seven. Return touchdown. And what I mean by that you know whether it be on the defense that picks they say excess movement score. A punt return or some kick return. I didn't realize this but -- only team in the NFL this season without a return touchdown a defense or special teams I think we do. It would better if not -- tonight at least David happen next Sunday night against Carolina it just seems like we do to have. A big return the way of Rob Ryan has the defense. And one reason why I'm -- and also just to throughout there. Sean Payton as the -- The Saints have won fourteen of their past fifteen games when they've had boarded six days to prepare. We all know what you have that extended period though when -- dot the I's cross into keeping it pitch it does that detail. There's nobody is better and -- Sean Payton at Pete Carroll's -- them. But I think Sean Payton attack in the weakest link and not going to be interested to see it why I bring this up. Two guys. I know if you Seahawks fans. And at -- -- a mutually follow this thing while listening to Korea light according what is saving faith fans. Look at Byron Maxwell. Who is Byron Maxwell on and -- -- Drew Brees and his game if they go after him because he's trying to -- the ball right. Brandon Browner their safety tobacco Walter Thurmond being out so Byron Maxwell kind of like. They're Korean YE and so I think it's a washed Jabari river is awesome for us. But don't look at it has been with the Seahawks that's why is no excuses we've both had. You know players have gotten hurt that we counting on so bidders and if he was gonna have a Corey white and Byron Maxwell. And -- him in that statement wouldn't let you know the questionnaires. About what do you think about. Being exploited as far as individuals. I mean you blatantly. -- -- I mean that quite yet that's what day out -- yeah that's what they gonna do it in that case beyond statement. Probably think would have the upper hand a little bit corn -- and you had a couple of games to it that underneath his Bill Bradley and snapping it more time in practice. Think my -- it must feel he had been in a lot on them in nickel and dime back he did so against Atlanta I mean it was just dead. I don't mind I think he was a little bit afraid to take it can't he do -- -- plan. Comment and then you know all the well it is not break on the programs. Up on me not like that they can we get to Lucas image. In his golf game but he can't put it -- again you know that now. Andy you're talking about -- mean the only team lead with now a return for a touchdown in. You think you do. If it was me I'd rather have at night because -- -- a lot glory in this ballgame next week will at least at Carolina at home in the -- meant it was removed due. Sunday night but you have the fan backing it -- -- things rarely lose though if it's gonna happen we need to -- good for you now hoping happened here tonight. And out okay how important you think when you got the best of the best that who's your top people at the players. It and it look the Seahawks -- had a depleted offensive line. But now they have all hands on deck. That there are all healthy -- both their tackles back. But to have Cameron Jordan Hakeem -- To have the kind of game they have a sick at the Falcons would do that against the Seahawks. Good to me that that back to be critical we need all great players to play great. And a lot of people don't realize that big old Seattle gets after the quarterback. Who we have 37 sacks which leads the NFL and the Seahawks have 33 so I don't think -- Rob Ryan I'll pass rush -- get as much respect. Considering that we lead the NFL right now in sacks. Happening you one thing I used to. Yet not yet to speak to the line week in week out like we -- and -- it's kind of stuff than that. I think we got to put a target on those guys way back when training camp started that. You know Iraq Brian companies -- which you know -- a new defense let seeking he'd get these guys to buy in. You know it takes him out there playing I am just saying hi my name basis that we had last year but it's taken Rob -- just gives them. I don't know that little extra you know -- love it you will just just a little -- enough to get them motivated it would whatever else. And I just don't think it because the rest of the country doesn't see him. All the time I think it just think statement of mine is very underrated. A you can look at the numbers and -- -- -- -- really realize that they were you know that they were lateness of the Lincoln's it's actually a 37. Mean that's pretty darn good and I just don't think it ever -- -- you realize that you know they say -- -- Rob Ryan you know he'd bring in front of blitzes and -- accustomed. Went back to -- -- you get the job done for the most part with that front seven and the front four in particular yet. That's okay guys on we rookie debut with a club like count down to kick off on the New Orleans Saints radio and it. What I do is Sonics time is one out of one hour and -- 47 minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Seahawks to an Amazon at saint of the New Orleans Saints. Radio network if the -- like countdown to kickoff the on the saints' radio network lets go down to the fielding get a bird that you. But what's taking place -- Santana reported Christie Garrett is with us now with the big. Bobby see it both beat Seattle -- new -- now won't it. You know he's. I -- what there's not been outstanding not as bad as to be protected at first with you know snow and rain potentially it's it's absolutely or does the fact. I addressed nothing is going to be authorities is not even heckled. My agent somebody wearing a jacket right now and it's it's that walk down here so really good weather conditions the Saints very fired up this week. Kind of eludes me I would describe elusive a good way in the sense that -- they've been a big stages before is nothing that's going to be two. Overwhelming form. Now Chris and let me tell you right now. Which could be critical also we have two great teams that are very similar in a number of categories. And you their coach Payton Drew Brees talked about this all the time. They hit in yardage. Yardage and fuel position. We got the best that a basket more instead every it'd be more instead to be an all pro even -- Pro Bowl look at you look at Golden Tate. He ranks fifth in punt return average. Twelve point nine yards apart return that's at a Pro Bowl level -- up more instead directional putting whatever you wanna call it you know be interested to see. If -- Harvick now -- not going to be active. He -- came back at the Vikings he thinks both will be at a 58 yard kick off return against Minnesota. But I'm never even seen -- you look at -- our return game I got talk about the eight yard if you position. The Seahawks have allowed opponents a total of fifteen yards on punt return. That's a one point four average I pick up everything it seemed that so to me that basically telling me that every game -- par etiquette Seattle where they've hoopla. That you -- catching the ball. That is unbelievable to look at that as the game progresses. They -- yardage infield position and how we contain. Golden Tate. And maybe if we can do something in their return game because Seattle has been outstanding in that area. Bobby Seattle with the other starters on an specialty kick off return. To kick off coverages that -- right now I mean that's there one of the league's best it it is but every phase and it is far -- arm goes. Of course if he's battle that hip injury that -- upon on the I have not seen about here yet here we all went about an hour and a half. Our tournaments still ticked off that I haven't seen him out here right now. All right it is -- sound and reporter Chris again I thought a Christian and Kristian garic warm Christmas to fourth he reported. All of my -- we will continue with the but I can't then it kicked off Altidore sing through -- Thought I take a look at the rest of the National Football League throughout the man now my 58 AM Mike. Coaches usually say what we call coach speak but it went coaches say what this game with the most important because it's the next game. And the -- team is even bigger than this one that's exactly the case -- it comes to the New -- -- is big -- this game as I got the one next week. As far greater when you think about the immediate goals in what you have to do. Because if you don't win your division. They get rid of Matta you pick -- B are you going to be flat that's -- not that the high as a non division team can be. His spot atop pole winners the division winners are seed one through four in a while call it's. And the -- out of practice all right is setting up another huge showdown next week at big like might -- it if you win your division at least you get to play one goal game. You know we all would deploy him get a bit early to get the play want that I apply it as support the game is tonight that I get any easier become a less than a week next Sunday night. Yeah you know god I thought to blow a track of mine who's putting great and these days like -- the ball well where you don't really. In -- tonight. You'd use or the right. You you'd starting. With the -- ball. They get involved and that got him. You've got game on the line twice against Carolina. And certainly -- that thing yeah well. Off with a great. It. The -- of the well where you know really. And it might not look at it you know teams always look at the mismatch is and I brought this up earlier. An -- to comment on we all know what happened with Corey white. He definitely got exploit against the Falcons and let's do we need him. You know to step up big time if you look at they gave. He surrendered 65 yards and nine catches but he was targeted nine times nineteen times. So you know they gonna collapse and Seattle with that being said. -- just give the fans a little background may be like double Corey white a bar at Maxwell now who's going to be at that position. To fill that all white you know look Brandon Browner a wall that the army beat out. Vocal would Rickey used to tell the fans maybe about Maxwell compared to Corey white. What it similar athlete people about 61. Bolt long lean athletes. That would -- -- -- look for the guys who got that he did it and want to put all that smallish corners can't. A lot of playing ball. And guess what. We've got it played did it well it certainly. Not the last that yeah put up weapons hey you know and -- the -- in this week in -- guys that -- Like the robotic god and then on Indiana you get your New England great need but a lot of it. But they've all -- it that way. About things like that happens one all of bottom. Ninety pound. And Jeremy don't mean to read they'll come out that something wrong in the game. And then I'm that we can point image when they got -- and you know random broke out but you know again chairman -- Obama came -- -- why we picked on young -- is that your back back court like that but I think you know as well as anyone. We've your quarterback your -- and after -- -- I think it is it in increments they meant to break him down. And I think well wanna -- go back we'll ultimately. In court like immediately. Activate a beautiful thing and -- -- -- -- in game. But I think it means you're in this football game. Have to be tackling. Because we knew it would. What if -- -- runner out -- contact yardage wise yeah both take. -- -- thought it got through that -- any of that ingredient now. Don't try and Ian -- had more annoyed that the kid that Jimmy Graham and -- -- actually. And a guy like yep I'm that old beat you had -- good -- Mean that. All of our -- Because that you'll -- that. It matters to you or -- or. And you know Mike the that that's the key it would -- have a team. And that's been out Boras gave out defensively like we did against Chris I've in the -- Where you miss tackles because Marshawn Lynch. Like you said he's leading the NFL and miss tackles he's -- 55 missed tackles but so for this year that that's double wanted to NFL. Who would you look at it like I truly believe what you got to evenly matched teams. What do you play home our way is the turnover differential they're plus eleven. Second best in the league we're plus four would fill that plus side it was amazing. That we beat the 49 to show -- how good we -- David overall minus two but I think it -- game we have to be at least either on the plus side. Because when I looked at this number Seattle's record. Under Pete Carroll when winning the turnover battle -- they just -- it there to 443. So Seattle's plus one out of there's no way to meet this -- to -- so I think we'd be even an article on the plus side. Developed upset Seahawks on the road. -- I believe nobody's good enough and it landed today. I agree with that Chernobyl -- but -- also -- the NFL you gotta stick on look at -- that was playing quarterback forward. I think they'll be back here. Struggled with you would take away ratio and quarterback. It's no political in every game. And the thing we would run away. With a Little Rock -- -- now and it's -- every dropped ball. I think the big difference tonight you can win a lot that way. Think that really in Seattle got -- will you've been going -- prospect. You don't we can do it if you win the total. Game that rain mainly right lot and at least. Because you look at it might right now Drew Brees is considered great a franchise within a franchise. Russell Wilson is good trying to be great. I mean at that that is truly -- because you look at if he can do is do look at these around anywhere around this. If you look at night get second -- wins by Drew -- so -- -- -- football. He's completing 72%. He's almost 3000 yards average it to make it twenty yards to gain 28 touchdowns five intercepted. A quarterback rating of 123 point six listed. If he has those kind of numbers I don't care where you play in the that this -- winning. That would go to a ticket in the that you're Q did they -- -- that yet yep we're at quarterback. You -- giveaway that weight ratio that day but you can look back at that game they were moved it'll happen -- it. -- there and I think that the quarterback if you -- could it -- In that particular spot but would you think about it in this week today right right what it would take away -- one. The right alive that way because they're winning well I. And now you've got it you did Beckett back -- that quarterback I'm my quickly -- -- a predicts. I'll let it go with the right point report I think -- great this -- that night all right that's -- to do you look at that you would above I -- -- to -- the -- radio network.