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12-2 6:30pm Countdown to Kickoff

Dec 2, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert get ready for the upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome them. Did above I count down to kick it out but my official beer of the Saints. As tonight it's a big would -- Monday Night Football the black and gold taking the ball on the the Seattle Seahawks we have morning calling at city park much more than -- gays against -- but I red beans the -- on B two B two dollars. The long -- come on out on us but -- but like countdown to kickoff on the Saints radio network about we will get them hoping he would just the moment. But a big big game at night Monday Night Football used to kind of get some some bad -- but they got all aces on this well because this is what -- theory. They want towards and it that this season. The show you how relevant the Saints are would make for prime time. Without only -- in prime time they wanted to prime time because we are very entertaining. We score a lot of points. I mean look the flex schedule is supposed to play Carolina at twelve noon they gave that a twelve noon it's a prime time. So you realize how good this state star. We would have played three straight games -- prime time Brian -- Falcons Thursday night football. Saints Seahawks Monday Night Football. State Panthers Sunday Night Football a lot of last week we hitting every night. In -- the Saints are that relevant and hopefully. We take care of business. His game lifted. It's so important because I think we need the road to just Ruble to go through New Orleans. You get that you are we gotta win the NFC south -- I mean even you know it's like you know you celebrate whatever it is say like 24 hours that you ought to the next opponent here. Coach Sabin. Say that Alabama. Whenever they won a championship okay we get enjoyed it's a while but that we ought to the next year. Would say the same thing if we win it tonight. We have a short week -- come Sunday night. We gotta get ready for Carolina could just not gonna get any easier but I they would have the right leadership them -- mature football team. That we can handle those expectations. Some very optimistic aware -- right now. And out aviators to defeat we all appreciate their personable bowl. But -- be nothing. Better -- to repeat that to that. To win another lead and we have an opportunity. We Drew Brees has felt all right let's get the pregame live report we'll go to saint planners -- -- guys out. I speak thanks in saint pregame -- Florida brought you back do -- instituted sports medicine for the athlete and all of us the end active for the Seattle Seahawks -- Percy -- and Christine Michael Brandon Browner Browner. Michael Boley -- Hoffman mentioned my yeah Allah and Jordan Hill they enacted for the for the Saints tonight Brian Griffin Gary Roberts and driven Weinke and the Dolphins. They're on armed dead -- June and bland roster and at the saint pregame injury report brought you back to -- institute of sport medicine for an athlete in all of us. He you know look at I look at that significant because everyone looked at play makers. We realize how important Darren Sproles is. Whether you look at him. A match a mismatch every time whoever is guarding him. Are we even utilize Pierre Thomas that way but I'm tonight that's why they signs Percy Hartman in the offseason from the Vikings. Because they needed that guy yes the beat that guy and it could be better. The passing game as far as a receiver you wanna talk about impact. The first game he comes back. He's explosive as a 58 yard kickoff return against the Vikings. Now would you think about that. That being yardage whether you look at you know field position whatever. A personal Harvard -- that kind of guys so that that there's no excuses. We've both the cumulative all right where are you look at theirs -- pitches now birthday Harvard not available. That that we got Darren Sproles. Pierre Thomas so right now I'll look at that we have all hands on deck. And we have to belted take advantage of the situation. Would not have been. -- our recruits who knows them well time he's probably back in the fold and it's a different the end. -- Bobby not to me another thing you know I was watching some of the replay this morning Michael Crabtree being back -- for the 49ers right yeah and he can't he get to the deep ball down the sideline did he start to pull away from the defense to back then all of a sudden. These guys seem run out of gas in -- Maine yep and he got tackled from behind and look we had got development he became -- gave up for the Jets game. Played at one game went back on IR so it's not those guys when they come back -- in the middle of the season like that they're not quite as dynamic because they just. I guess had been -- through the rigors. Of playing football day in day out so I think you saw that a little bit with -- -- Harvick even though we made a big impact. When he came back -- -- Crabtree did yesterday. It was kind of short -- and it and I think it did that put her arm went they went through that pounding it banging of a real ball game -- you know what maybe is -- eight as well as I thought it was. All right that sense Diana's -- guys now we will continue with a -- -- countdown to kickoff on the saints' radio network. They welcome back to the but I can't dedicate all of its not gonna take a look at today's opponent to anyone's Seattle Seahawks leaders of the NFC west and the NFC overall. To get on on -- on Saints and what better way to break down the Seahawks at him to play for them. Color analyst and hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon Jones is now want to thank you so much for joining us -- handed out. The hype is a big deal about this big game two -- team trip that lies. In the national football conference about his -- vote minded and it seems like the winner of this game will have a leg got just from -- standpoint if you have the same record be in. You hold it also important to operate. Did you would have bet there's a lot of football left to play for all its football team that the coach Roland as the complicated love. Against the Carolina and went really well they're division that we have a couple of division game you have all three division games left against Arizona also Saint Louis and their disposal. A lot of big games to -- what was your football question this game. If it comes down to what I would would prevent tiebreaker so you've got two of the best teams in the NFC planet to each -- right now it should be a great matchup tonight. Now we are you know you always put -- to attack the weakest link. Mike myself -- yourself get ready by game okay you look at match ups and and I know considering Corey Whiting got exploited against the Falcons. We did you -- you look at the flip side. To what you'd expect the same thing that Drew Brees may do we go after Byron Maxwell. In Jeremy laid Jerry and -- went demise has cooled -- -- state university. In Louisiana he's been outstanding offensive teams. Well when you're in the regular defense. You know both these quarterbacks -- game plans that you always trying to attack that we can play. You know. Both of these guys that played a lot here you know journey started but two games last year sort of fire department played a lot this year because the injuries to to Roosevelt -- are also right now be. Well I suspect that for a while and edited -- so. These guys have experience what you you're a veteran quarterback you're gonna go -- of these young guys just to see what they have. Well -- who's gonna get away from what he's supposed to do as far as his reads are concerned. If his -- take you a certain way that that's where it's gonna go based on the defense and if he -- one -- what match -- that he likes of the outside yup sure -- try to take a shot out of but. That happens. With everybody we play off outside the field because Richard -- on the other side. Most people just don't throw his way a lot so leveraged player that right correspondence you've got to get -- that. Now. -- look at his pass happy league the way the rules are structured now but one thing with Seattle. And I can't see them not getting away from this -- because. When you have events are in the conversation. One of the best when you have Marshawn Lynch. That both team rushing yards since week nine of 2011. And that at the Seattle Seahawks averaging four and a half yards to carry. It that you put on their both were at a yard gain since 2011. It more and -- Peterson of the Vikings Marshawn Lynch at nineteen. So to be let that even though Russell and has success. Passing the football what would be the best defense against Drew Brees. He -- on the sideline. And run mortality just utilize that running game. I think he also thought Russell Wilson how we also makes plays to his feet -- at feeding can run the football. Well you said it right we're gonna try to run the football that's our community regardless who were playing against around what quarterback plan here. We wanted to set the table with our running game it got to control the line of scrimmage that -- crossing things you can do off play action made it strikes down football field. And it is effective as far as style -- keep up our office like things off the sidelines so. Who accomplished a few different things that you're able to run the football which you have to score. When you have a football really can't touch -- you know -- o'clock give the ball back to you. You -- pictures or points somehow someway you have professional football and you don't want to over do it's like short field they'll be -- They'll be that we do because your plant run at their hands right now so take care of the football going to be key and being able to run the football scores going to be key. Now large and now look at out the season progressed and obviously got to have a lot -- injuries. And health wise but to me. You look at all hands on deck then look at the Seahawks offense. That they obviously have our -- that would -- -- Pro Bowl left tackle. -- Russell gone and then right tackle Reno ideal money -- out there right. A couple of we've got a got him back from injuries because I'll look at a few gains in I think ominously the Rams game -- -- Russell Wilson and a lot of pressure. But today it was at their normal starters so that has to be a big plus the Seattle having their all of it to -- back intact. -- the brutal -- the storm during that five or six weeks old guys weren't there. Are all pros that are a maximum without through but not repeat -- coaches and I you have -- locally also. Rostock beat -- out for a couple of weeks we'll have those guys back there rule rusty the last time about their first time about. But I think they've had a cup title with a bye week at that to get themselves back up to speed. It's great to have a full complement of offensive line but down the young guys played if they're absence. Or or definitely there -- played pretty well it is as the rock wrestle. You've got a lot of depth of the office of mark right now that's that you're gonna leave that out strips the football season as the weather gets colder as guys get beat up. Now large you look now evenly matched it in a number of categories but offensively and defense to look at scoring offense. Scoring defense. Are just total defense and and a total offense when you got you know a top five unit of both sides of the ball. To me that it did at the turn -- Martin. To -- out there because they're the telltale sign of what's gonna happen this field they're plus eleven states plus four that that if the Saints. Are not on the plus side -- -- even if there on the minus side that they -- have sent Seattle on the road. Well you know turtles always -- -- -- football game because they give team short fields that changeable metal. That's which won't be able to protect the football away the -- always preaches -- -- all the -- that's the reason why otherworldly. Total team is probably as they're gonna continue to try to do that that might -- -- the -- take care of the football but they don't turtle rollout so. Whoever takes best care of the football. It is a chance of winning if anybody because eternal values so. With the. -- Hall of -- of the great one point thank you so much as always have a great call and see. All right guys thanks a lot of -- all right. We will continue with a but I can't and a kick off on -- Saints radio network. And it is about like out at a camp but I have disappeared the Saints recovered the elapse from the C apart at the morning call him well I think you a look at some -- big -- -- fresh on the way with some of it. -- -- how to -- also crawfish eighteenth may -- what Monday would be complete without red beans and rice. -- Alec gave a -- about it much of all that being gays and overlooking beautiful city if he had the inactives NEA's on the -- a little alligator sausage you got released New Orleans food and ready to rise -- proper shape to pay jambalaya. How it -- -- that and you look. This is old school Mordechai all of us -- -- -- and eighteenth seven A located on the corner of Decatur saint Philip in the French Mark Martin in the water. We do it right here. In morning call on the Colts open and all casino building here at city park in November of 2012. But it looks like it's been here since the beginning. The settlement of New Orleans and and if you look at it the it's been owned by the same family ever sense that he could see their commitment very can you all attend if you come here to Dallas. -- long next -- Saints games have come on over. And have a witness live music go to beautiful Moran brand. Most days a great steady beautiful weather to come out to beautiful city park. Right here at the casino morning call him and enjoyed a festive atmosphere that we enjoy. Having the pregame show here -- morning call. At a casino hour ride whale Malcolm Jenkins back in the fold and Saints have a poor Christie -- caught up what I defense to bet he'd get his take on tonight's. The match up against the Seattle Seahawks. I'm imagining guys are pretty much resigned in fact you guys who get a steady dose of Marshawn Lynch is coming on service game. Yeah -- does come out off his closest is through them and if he is going to be a long day for ourselves. No different. -- up -- run first and foremost and then. See who can -- after it. How much are you press would Russell Wilson's play bill would do it not as flashy but. Continuing looks like he's building off of an impressive rookie year. Yeah I think the biggest thing is he's very very patient and Smart. And notably young quarterback and I guess that's what don't let alone they usually that is patience and intelligence comes -- Men's and a game. Making decisions behind us come out things strong point of his game and he does a lot outside of the pocket and buying time. Doesn't force those doesn't take unnecessary hits he wounds. Bonds -- -- keep yourself healthy he's been able to keep. On the cell -- turned the ball over and give this team -- yourself. Until we got to definitely. In any does the Loge haven't Marshawn Lynch run the ball so this takes a lot of their first album to loves you gotta stop the run and then you know. It is hard to say let him let him energized cities and regions -- I don't know what is long and he's got all that won't get rid itself liberal. Hit some -- you know people will -- this came from the outside in. Might says is similar to the 49ers match up it is a similar mean they're both physical teams with different. Yeah I think the forward aren't as well -- you know big bruising teams. I think being around sea dogs are very physical team but their moral. Many years you know so little guys longer how to do Clippers -- brought because so we'll -- -- -- -- not as good. -- heavy dose of Marshall -- us owns up to see how were more physical backs in the on a defense will create turnovers and forced Holmes. So very got to do a good player. What is Percy -- and bring. That offense sees today is injured for Wally on how much tape on how difficult is prepare for. -- you know he's one of those guys got mowers out on the -- through -- move Maroney quarterback drew even. They get emotion and -- on the ball off his roster slot receiver reconstruction vertical this week's B. He can drive the cost of -- season comes just catch and run. You know so we got no worries at all -- -- victory in -- return -- as well. I'm sort of not have a much film on on this year's national you know how to and using. So we're sure you'll be all over the place on who's gonna do later just -- -- finishing. Our adjustments car adjustments even more Paramount maybe in this game than any other leafs played a real excited to teams that are gonna have to adjust quickly because of so many different matchups yeah I think the biggest thing has been settled and I don't business themselves -- emotions. Probably a little bit and -- Lopes. On a good team and get settled in Belfast this is what should make those adjustments. All I have time. And -- other games and he usually I don't think from time to look. I've -- Saints defensive back Malcolm to speak get them out -- it is really up -- like animal ones -- draft pick on the Rob Ryan. If you look at it two and a half sacks on the season interception. The two forced fumbles five passes defended. He might be actually out best option. And then looks like now we got all I'll say he's healthy now we utilize it -- training camp. That being Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins McKinney the Carroll. So when you look at okay -- you actually. Are gonna play. You know that slot receiver I cutesy like Keenan Lewis and a Cory wine haven't Malcolm Jenkins. You know come down on the slide that we need him to come up big. And -- on the flip side of the interest in his seat. That and you look at the Seahawks and how good they've been. It's like how they get a trying to stop Jimmy Graham. Because that is something. That's easier said than done. But when you look at what to what they called the legion of boom in there are some extol. Nobody does not there -- -- -- yes -- a bit but I'm saying UK double team everyone. So up high you can utilize of that talent. They called collegiate level the secondary. You see Agassi at times because the key to leave that success against Jimmy Graham having. Ricky charmer won a one -- him I don't know they'll do that. All the time but if you look at. Jimmy Graham the not only has been the best an event that died in. We just have receiver leads all tight end the ride and a thousand yards. I guess 65 catches eleven touchdowns. Now I think Jimmy Graham learned. -- what happened to him to get to keep to leave in the Patriots. So big got to decide to go at Richard Sherman. All time against the Jimmy Graham I think he's learned. From the past the he's getting better and better battles you reduce German study shutting them down. But it if you look at. What they did do with tickets Tony in Dallas about things the best time in NFL history that Richard Sherman against them. And because only three passes the bottom line is -- be trying to stop. And solely focused on Jimmy Graham Marcus Colston. Lance Ball or Darren Sproles Pierre Thomas. Used got to win. You've got to win not only would be reception but Wimbley yards after the -- That's the case you can about BA bad be motivated says the but like countdown to kickoff for the Saints radio network lets -- ten seconds the station identification. All right it was about like countdown to kick off inching closer to kick off Oklahoma dude is old -- times. Forty minutes forty minutes to kick up between the Saints and the Seahawks took down the sound of that set and -- -- -- New Orleans Saints radio network. So what's been made this -- about -- similarities between Russell Wilson and Drew Brees managed from a coaching perspective as a quarterback guys had the -- a scoreless can you see the -- comparisons. Whether they're easy to make when you start with their backgrounds a little bit one from Wisconsin the other from Purdue. Obviously -- Played a lot longer. I think dead. In Russell you find someone who's very competitive -- good leader knows how to win. I think people that initial comparison is made because of their hype. But I would say both players are exceptional foot athletes. There are accurate when they throw the football. And they're very driven detail oriented guys in there and I think that I know just from -- exposure Russell. That the Pro Bowl and what we see on tape. You know these are players that. -- leave their. Their teams each week in a very consistent way and yet. By example as well also. You know they've got all those intangibles that you look fourteen position and I think the comparison would would simply be just. Kite comparison. From both to move. And you know in the both understand how to win. I just Thursday night against Atlanta I guess almost had a a bit of -- many byes in the -- Maybe classified that -- -- a different schedule because when you look at every team now plays Thursday night so when you play that game. -- very short challenging week leading up into it. And then you have a chance to. The players rested a little bit the uniqueness of this past week's schedule has been that Thursday night game and then Thanksgiving on this Thursday yesterday and and then a Monday night game so it's really creating an itinerary that you feel like -- Gets the players the rest they need. And then also get -- prepared and mentally and physically ready to play. A hard fought game Monday night can talk about Marshawn Lynch and what he -- table offense was assuming that yards after contact is a big thing -- he leads the league in that statistic he's very physical. Please -- very good pad level he knows how to leverage tacklers. And you know he he he does a great job with you hidden yardage yards after contact. Very confident players well then. So it takes it you know entire group. To be ready for back to like him transitions onto a -- thank you Christian preacher appreciate. Our if they get closer to kick off between the Saints and the CO dumping it after the game with a locker room so far -- -- point out the with a cajun cannon to my behavior about it what's it gonna take to make and I have -- for the Saints I hop over the top. The arm -- -- -- well they just continue to plated defense that you've been playing. I mean -- -- look realistically. And -- we get a bad -- that we can't win on the road I think this BS. I -- considering where our defense is that you know obviously people focus on the playoffs. But I look at the 2010 wild card playoff game. We had a ten point lead and we never -- a game party won the 36 but we didn't have the Davis that we have now. Involvement in clay and they'll turn over the ball. And I'm not saying I happened to score thirty some points because we've done that. We scored 36 to 2010. It that you look against the 49ers did 2011 divisional playoffs. We scored 32 point that we lost. And we look at it that's why -- say less. A -- more. Because you look against the Seahawks. He threw the ball sixty times. It was a playoff bracket 39 passes -- completely. Now you look at. The Dallas direct hit but they -- 2011. -- three -- our passes. 53 passes we completed forty at Duke playoff bracket. That's like good you can win those kind of gave -- that's not necessarily good outlook Drew Brees throw the ball by 35 the forty times and be efficient. He's been I believe on Monday Night Football but just be efficient and we even are plus one I'm telling you -- we beat Seattle Seahawks. In Seattle it's gonna take. I kind of effort and the reason awhile like cut chances. And when I'm optimistic. It doesn't do with offense is because of rob -- -- defense Rob Ryan did he bit his gotten it done. We need him to get it done Monday night at Seattle. If they do that out okay averaged close scoring what -- seventeen point 3218. It will -- eternal battle the Saints win because where batter. There we work come playoff time at Seattle at San Francisco Gregg Williams on a better inside feast or famine. They are better in his stance where they're more experienced. But it's still Marshawn Lynch. We got more experience Drew Brees vs Russell Wilson. And if there at the it is not that much better teams have run on the Seahawks write this the dogs are not as good against the run. As you would say the 49ers. And we had a hundred yards -- -- Carolina Panthers or even the jet. So we don't turn over the ball I'm telling you had to -- we've played in Garland are at Seattle we -- right there and I think we'll win out they will win. Wanted to read it bloody I'll bet that -- About reality Roy went back a morning call you think that it coffee kick green or I don't think Steve Cox. Couple of them didn't lose flavor. But tonight we hit I'll already beaten right -- that I'm not -- saint. -- I know you don't know -- that is some of the best eight to pay I asked the asked him to bring you some -- about like solve everything. -- but not have known him none of this well yeah it is. Perfectly season but then that's evident as well to fan out at Vikings saying you look at it but it -- believed to -- really New Orleans food -- yeah I mean here I -- -- you know I'm feeling good critic cannot -- good about from mark Graham on every one. So okay red need to arrives on Monday I don't know a -- it much but they're right now Monday night -- -- these red beans and rice a -- as good as it gets. And he got the crawfish shape through faith and it jump a liar and we have leaders in other words as noted morning call the bank -- But they got a real food here and alligator sausage all of us that it's not that I'm I'm not even -- ground Izzy got the taste so good makes -- Great folks out here in the morning. And all excited to deal could commander but it sits on game day food -- out. -- again -- hope you guys out of the voices and I hit it does it make you do want to vs Seattle right now on the New Orleans Saints radio network.

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