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12-2 11pm Sean Payton

Dec 2, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton addresses the media after a disappointing loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look obviously. It was difficult loss. There we didn't do a lot of things well -- game. You'll have to come back on a short week now get ready player another real good football team. At home on Sunday. We're gonna do better job as coaches starting with me but just finished telling players you know. There were too many things in that game we didn't do. Or didn't do well enough to give ourselves an opportunity to win credit Seattle because they made the plays they needed to and a certainly with a better team than any questions and he is starting right there. As best you can you know it's. It takes will be a time but I think the key is just short the short schedule. And coming off a game like this. -- -- will make sure gets corrections made there's a lot to look at obviously a lot of things we didn't do well so. And then we need to move -- -- It's. Just you know hypothetical. Obviously that those are. Those are plays that swing games but look we had opportunities but. There we felt like we had some opportunities there -- -- quarter second quarter. -- got the score in. You know we just didn't do enough offensively we certainly didn't do enough. You know converting third downs and staying on the field defensively we're you know -- trouble stop him in that first half in the kicking game thought. We were blown coverages well. -- I don't. Didn't hear it now. I'm. Well look the first play well the first play. Of the game. It was kind of run that went the other direction and not everyone. Obviously got media. The re direct. It impacts. Certain plays I don't know. I don't know that that was. You know that is the difference tonight in. That can be the difference on third down it's certainly can be the difference when it comes to. -- protection but. You know I don't I don't know that I would point to that tonight. Or Norwood you know you point to the weather ruling. You know with everything we prepared and heard about it have been pretty yeah pretty clear that. What are they. Yeah well okay. Yeah. Okay out of the norm -- our. Listen the we'll look at the tape but you know we had trouble rushing the football had trouble protecting the passer. Getting guys open I mean you know we didn't do era. We've been doing things and any one area so that we didn't do good match up coaching in. And certainly given our guys chance -- best chance that. To make plays and now. You know we got -- we got to be good tonight so it's tough. How it's. But yeah I thought he made it you know a number of plays obviously. Off play action. Then is tough -- he's got bird bird quickly so he played well. You guys. Worry at all that. Yeah look I think that one of the things we discussed was just that quick turnaround. You know it's it's it's setback. And now your -- short week but. You we've got to make the corrections can't just say it didn't happen. But that being said. Quickly we got to get. Focused on Carolina and the play is good footballs through in the league right now so. Will do that.

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