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WWL>Topics>>12-2 11:15pm Roman Harper

12-2 11:15pm Roman Harper

Dec 2, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rodriguez said I can't come in and you wanna stop Marshawn Lynch yet we will do that for the most part of Russell Wilson kind of got to go was that came plan are charges execution and about omens or six rookies on their parts -- in the day you know you've been credited. They they kind of dictate us what they want to do with him a complete that and today and whenever you don't -- -- -- a great team. Turnover early you know he's gonna do it and they real pleased. It is you know going to -- the -- it's got to be physically tough master intensity we've been. How many guys are three and three on the road unbeaten at home is there a reason why you guys are such a different team -- moment -- American today we just. Other times that we have lost on the road I think we've Ralph physical and that's that's really all that. There's no excuse better team so today. And I think David is recruit ticket take a loss take out. What's right square on the -- and right on the nose in the group and get ready for the next as the losses teaming him. You mean you know if we do we do you know sometimes you can't control that -- to understand with their great scheme and you know we knew we -- team to. We have a best of fourth gave it you know mix if we see you see him if not him. Finally a -- on the Sunday at home and primetime against a divisional opponent Carolina Panthers team that's won eight straight amend can be tough bats have tough. -- division opponent we know we these guys they know us got a bit about him it's like -- this one whatever it takes and we're going to be very hungry scratching on time continue to -- this isn't an island -- we just went into the game. We after a tough loss like this you definitely get back on the those fastballs Saints safety Roman Harper thanks Christian thank you -- of.

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