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WWL>Topics>>12-2 11:20pm Hokie Gajan

12-2 11:20pm Hokie Gajan

Dec 2, 2013|

Hokie Gajan reacts to the Saints big loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I deacons to -- post game injury report is Rocky about two lane institute of sports medicine for the athlete in Oliver Sacks street went out of the game in the fourth quarter. With a lower left leg injury don't know the extent that limped off the field they took him into the locker room. He did not return and then on the saints' final defense to play Brodrick Bunkley. Limped off the field obviously he did not come back in the the game but don't know the extent of that injury either. And that's the saint post game injury report brought you by the -- institute of sports medicine for the athlete in all of. There's a lot of things -- to say about this -- on -- network how things we can't say because you know got to be politically correct but. Employing layman terms overlook this happens in sports it it happens a lot and it was a good ol' fashioned walk out to the woods cheated. -- ball in the too picky suites -- you know what else have a format that's -- him to the black and gold in the. That they would geeky just about 22 words out of my mouth I mean it was a it was a butt kicking from the get go and -- day. If if Odom in a game where the Saints had four turnovers something like that accidents and they had one turnover that was. You know they picked it up the ticket in. For a touchdown. And but other anatomy it was just a thorough beat down of the Saints. And I think you've seen that team would good secondaries. Can take away a lot of the things that the -- wanna do. Don't football could they match up there their cover guys against. You know Jimmy Graham then -- to me is saint didn't really have a ball thrown down the field that day. Really had an opportunity to catch there was a defender I mean drew went to the right guy went to the gala to one on one coverage but. They were just running stride for stride with the Robert Meachem. Jimmy Graham didn't make any difference in saint couldn't get that big jump playing in the end. But they went -- Seattle defense does everything that. That they've been built up to the and it wasn't. To me at least what I saw this wasn't a fluke 3479. I really think that Seattle is definitely the cream of the crop. In the NFC it doesn't make it different for that we had to come here and play them again. Obviously they would not have to come to superdome playoffs and if they would just fall flat on their face from here on out there I really think that. The Seattle Seahawks are about as complete team. It is in the NFC and anybody that's gonna face him cut -- here and look these fans are terrific. I mean it's a -- who dat nation north so. If he's got to take your lumps and go -- it but it -- what did note Dunn really think about that because. Do you fix in the coming in. Here in two out the next three games to two players don't be against the Carolina. One of the hottest team if not the hottest team in football bring in the number one defense into the superdome. But he could very clear off gloat and here over the next couple weeks -- -- -- saint being down on the bottom rung. Looking up to drag it into the playoffs say if they don't. He'll just make some things happen. I guess the Saints defense got a little bit exposed a tonight for whatever reasons. Some teams that had scrambling quarterbacks early season just -- not to run them that much Seattle did tonight -- Russell Wilson and -- what really killed the Saints defense. Because he kept their allowed a lot of those third down plays went with -- -- -- arm than his legs in it they don't get any easier with the Cam Newton come and in. Next week in and -- faced him a couple weeks after that so. -- to really get along way to go before it is making him NC enemy you do you might be the wild card team for this thing. Is all over with then. God forbid that you you -- don't play all that well on the road in golden Saint Louis and win eight or something like that so and in the main thing is like -- players and go to cities got to get this you man flush it down the promoted today. It's time start a new season because they need to put together another three now they look and it -- do needy thing playoff wise.

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