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12-2 11:30pm Point After Show

Dec 2, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints big loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the point out to hear on the saints' radio network final score tonight Kasey Kahne and he was. These Seattle Seahawks defeating the New Orleans Saints by a score. Of 3234. To seventh and Bobby really truly when you look at -- game. He really wasn't even close to night you know the the Seahawks -- dominated New Orleans Saints and -- the United States could have been plus one is still a loss of thought they had to win. The turnover battle. Obviously the finish minus one and the Seahawks it was the argument that touchdown. But the game was not close I mean Seattle. If you look coming into the game. They had the most takeaways. In the -- so -- was -- -- the league in interceptions. A very style of the events obviously it was twelve this season. We drove down -- -- plus three. But no no we've looked like. A team that didn't belong on the field with Seattle tonight. Obviously. If -- like that we've been negated focus when you look at in the first quarter. The score was seventeen is you know you gotta go way back. To look at when the things have gotten. A blow will open like this in a long time and has happened before in the Sean Payton. Illiteracy. If you look. The original one apart and remember. Worst losses forty wanted him. So you put in this area 41 at the end of the Colts in week one. -- 2007 as we brought Jason David on board. Five believe them right there in Peyton Manning is exploiting ambit. Ironically the next team we play in. A Cubs Sunday night. With a team that put a wilderness in 2008. And -- was the Carolina Panthers beat his thirty but the seven. Who has been a while there's been a while you look in that got to go back to. A look at this kind of defeat where you get humbled and if you play long enough in the NFL you'll get humble you got to go back through 2008. And 2007 season and he years without digging started offensively. I mean -- first nine police. We had nine yard. So -- get off to a fast start. And I -- and obviously. They controlled the temple opening ga -- go in and we dug ourselves a -- down seventeen to zero. A -- in the first quarter even after three quarters. That we only had. 127 yards in 91 downs of a Weaver. Like a version. Of the Dallas Cowboys and they came to the superdome. How many -- we were. That that that's how humiliating his defeat was. Because we did not look like we belonged on the field. With the Seattle Seahawks -- sometimes. The truth hurts. And I definitely was the case you can shoot coated. That was a -- will open. And it was Drew Brees maybe the young quarterback in was. As Russell Wilson the veterans hall of fame type quarterback. As we look at the numbers. A Russell Wilson was on a believable. And he can make plays and his feet amnesty to sane -- come Sunday night we canyon. Now you say well hero of a hundred yards but he was so efficient. Hated -- 47 yards basically a six yard average are you looking at 357. Total yards. He was almost perfect twenty to a thirty. 310 yards three touchdowns. And then no interceptions. I'm so thrilled to be seven total yards of him very Akron where I Drew Brees like. I think you fell two games shark. -- -- I'm Dan Faust and all time record for a 200 yard consecutive games and Morgan Tom in my head nothing -- that 45. And that streak -- for Brees at 43 as he was 23. A 3547. Yards I mean I was shocked when I elected this that. Pierre Thomas ran the ball four times. And had zero yards. Coming -- marking an 88 yeah eight times in 222 point eight average but we could run the ball and argued the right now. Carolina's defense front seven is a whole -- admitted in Seattle. -- -- trying to run the football of very similar. To the Jets dallas' -- because teams. Had run the ball on Seattle there were given a four point two yards a carry and we kind of haven't 3.4. And then it in if you look at it I should -- -- not -- 3.4. Now we average per plate we averaged two point six yards a carry and had only 44. Yards on seventeen rushing attempts that's never good. When you know the teams we needed to be somewhere in the mid to upper twenties. Would you look at Seattle went so much. You know Marshawn Lynch. It was overall I thought we contain them he had sixteen carries. For a two point eight average so you look at at the running game the only averaged 3.3 but the difference truly. I was Russell Wilson played like a flat out stud. And they just moved the chains long sustained drives. That time of possession 33 minutes. 38 say is now 2622. On third down to a 50%. Seven of fourteen and I'll -- Vince has been outstanding. I'm -- it is game. But -- defense. Laid an -- just like offense did because it was not happening and if you look at the history of this series you've only played. Twelve times and and new era of six to five and now this series is deadlocked at six to six. You know in this series and if you look at Monday Night Football. The Seahawks have been dominant and they don't it doesn't get any better and NFL as good as we are. Seattle's directed. Of all time winning percentage on Monday Night Football they're -- warning an eight. In the history of Monday Night Football and Pete Carroll primetime games -- like the saint. You know we do best is based in advance. They'd -- -- never hand tonight he's now 91. In prime time games and just very humiliating. Loss and we has got to bounce back. And at -- forget what happened because before you know it's a short week and Sunday night is here. And we've we've got to -- bottom -- got to be Carolina but you can't worry about how you got humiliated. Tonight -- the sea dogs because he won his you know holes to playoff game when the NFC south. Head to head you got to beat the Carolina Panthers. So be innocent and see how the team respond. And bounce back come Sunday night and I and I think it will. And Bobby just before we get to this -- what's interesting now to look at it -- on both teams on nine in three but saved at the both teams. Split -- each other and they both finished the season and that's about it portable fed to open full. New Orleans would have -- we have a better NFC wreck because Carolina's two lost three losses in a suit today. 22 in NC team you know -- you know that's in Illinois and won the Buffalo right so you would have to tiebreak with with -- about it. You would have obviously. A better. Record against NFC teams right. And then of course he's -- at the -- in and he indicated they would be saying so that's very important down the stretch this season now the Saints. We have Carolina twice where at Saint Louis in the end finals game the season is against Tampa and all remaining games for Carolina and this week at New Orleans. Back to back home games against the New York Jets in New Orleans. And they wrap up on the road at Atlanta so right now if you wanna keep distant eye on Seattle. This this week is this is basically -- born this week. Is Seattle beats San Francisco you can pretty much confident man. From the normal wants the Bob because well they have beaten he beat Carolina and New Orleans had a -- -- most nearest competitors in the NFC. Well -- and just look at that. I don't know it just looking at a podium of the player I mean obviously. You -- in the play each week. But I've thought of we could have beaten them in the had a go at San Francisco a short week running -- that would be way you can accompany him have three loss would be thirteen and three and you have them here yet so. I don't know the worst case scenario I think Seattle will. Beat number one seed I don't see -- -- more into gains and and you just so you know but it. Every game is a new game. And I -- said. You know you have the ball bounced away in breaks oh we had chance chances at times to to make a play on the football. Gotta get the Seahawks defense and second there a lot of credit they is -- the ball while. If you like -- net than -- -- you look at it you have to greatly thank you very seldom win. If you give up with the visit touched. The minus one didn't matter but when it occurred. All of -- like what the -- just -- what is the general over it was a touchdown. Think that's one thing I've said this in a pregame what's frustrating. Is that if you look at the Saints this year why we NB a winning is that lucky. Because of the ball bounce and I'll wait if you look the year we won the suitable. We had seven. Returned for a touchdown that -- either on defense. Or special teams you don't come into his game. We're the only team in the NFL. -- how to return touchdown on defense and special teams we'd all one and we had seven the year we won a suitable and you look tonight. Seattle -- one of those. -- -- touchdowns against us sort of settling maybe a little luck Arnold the ball bounced away might happen. In the future. But that has not been the case of part of season. And angry saying everything now in the and see the division lead is -- Dallas New Orleans and Carolina both nine and three the Saints a seven and one against Tennessee teams there you know in the division Carolina Israel division seven and two games in AFC teams. Detroit is at seven and five Seattle's at eleven and Warren in San Francisco's eight in four. And remember now if you're looking at -- down the row was just one week at a time. But if -- New Orleans either going to be 1205. That is what she will be seeded because. When you look at the post season before division winners of 123 in foal the top to get a by the -- to play. In a while call around and seats five and six will play owner wrote. And Bobby it's very likely it's very likely get the two seats five and six will be favorites. Over teams they play for instance either Dallas -- Philadelphia. Would host number five and almost six sane thing for Detroit and at that stood right now you'd be living in New Orleans at Carolina as a five. And Sam sisco would be is a 60 San Cisco on the road -- did Dallas or Detroit will be a favorite. And who are on the Carolina on the rope would -- and like it. If they had they -- Dallas up and down and that's an argument for another day I still need and on the -- being. Because of the thing to win NFC south. But I think the if you have a better -- you should never travel I don't care if you -- division okay you in the playoffs but to me he should go with the best record could you play eight. I used against in division -- AFC and NFC you'd you know or Australia Canada and imitates a would you have -- -- right now in the AFC. A Kansas City team to QB thirteen three. In the -- the yeah it is seeded Edmonton Cabrera noted -- there Adrian they should go to holes like the -- -- -- -- I was Byron that you should go by recognize that it just winning a division. And bigger as we go to break. This this ago was stand patter opposite was true to what has occurred in the past. Seattle's regularly winning -- turnover battle they were just plus one. But -- meaningful turnover at the beginning to keep the crowd in the game and but they were going crazy since 2010. That. And Pete Carroll the Seahawks are now 25 and three. When they when -- turn -- battle so we do place Seattle but does work out. And and we playing well back in the playoffs I'm telling. We need to hit Russell Wilson -- ball pop up and we score goals that are kind of plays it takes. To beat agreed team like Seattle you -- hasn't good karma that's good mode Joseph whatever the more Joseph was there an outside tonight without a doubt. Seattle a dominant tonight 34 to seven over the Saints on extra phone calls -- -- point after on the New Orleans Saints radio network. The point after with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Puddle of Saints fans 5042601870. Or 8668890870. Where you can text is at 87870. Seattle 34 New -- seven isn't the point out to. On the New Orleans Saints radio network the Louisiana Dennis and -- donate 250 dollars to each turnover created by the New Orleans Saints at the LAQ school to get history and tonight. Who know clinging to no money to donate Nomo Louisiana up here in two -- case he can and when you lose a game like these easy is it easier to put it behind and beat just say man they got a point file room in the mutated -- like a 24 minute crew record nobody they weren't. You'd rather lose like this because you did have a trio like a bad dream vs if you and you lose it and what can you aren't as stakes -- you take take us through gain to welcome you learn moving forward. About him off on his game other than other and his save this tape if you had to face Seattle somewhere -- Thailand does -- -- it out as we well. I I think this Saints realized. That in the trenches. Yet to be a lot more dominant now. You might say we kind of viewed as a finesse team around the league but that hasn't been the case this year. Because of the unit has played a whole lot better. Now that wasn't the case tonight. We came into this game -- in the NFL in sacks with 37. The Seahawks had 33. They had one we have won tonight but they had won it was a forced fumble in the getting -- -- -- a touchdown. But no it is very humbling. And you know -- all of as a defensive line meeting -- you say look you continue about what's right here. And being you know you address that in you realize how hard you afterward. And then receivers do an extra drills and hang onto a ball and it's their hands as -- of backs are going to be fly and speaking about flying around or not flying around I thought Malcolm -- it does have an outstanding. This season coming into his game he got exploited and and it was too short to the -- three big plays. Do it right at Malcolm Jenkins and he he flat -- got -- and and you know we need him to play you know big time. And our city to come up big time and that was it wasn't the case. But you know you learn from it and you know another challenge going against Cam Newton. Teams going to be challenged. Two win in the trenches Carolina swimming go smack you write them out. Offered to be bits of line so be in his in his seat. How we respond and I've been thinking again you in. And in you look how well in the pass. -- played the Saints better than the Falcons are Tampa Bay in the NFC south. And they flat out can have been able to run against the Saints now known to do different defense and all that but DeAngelo Williams Jonathan Stewart. I had success Steve Smith in all those guys are very confident I think coming to the superdome Sunday night. And I because they're on a winning streak in and we got -- we just need to bounce back in the fans need to help was bounced back and I think it will Sunday night. Bobby their eight game win streak. This season is now one win away. From tying the longest win streak this season which was nine in the Kansas City to right on out 90 loss to -- and the last time account lost the game was October 6 22 to sixteen Arizona they have not lost the game two months and I know some people like him look you know you have to look at team. The wake up late Sunday well that's the way they went gaga but right now they win would be fair and can you do it again you're in the nation -- canyon plays and Russell Wilson will lose. It can't -- so -- up and go back to why would you say it if he does protects the football they have a great chance Russell Wilson was outstanding tonight 22 of 33 to ten yards. And you throw and basically fifty yards rushing -- very Q will have a net. But he's not as consistent as Russell Wilson he has way more down -- Then Russell Wilson as far as being on that roller coaster. But I think the thing to be hard pressed to be Carolina. If he has a great game of and at times as I agree had a great game. He's late in -- indignantly who -- -- callers get to show you how consistent. Russell Wilson has been and you know -- -- distorted the game and what they do. If you look at Russell Wilson since he's come at the NFL. And I needed just one touchdown pass. To become one of four players in NFL history. The past at least twenty touchdowns in the first two seasons. Obviously he had three. There is and now he's in his conversation with these guys and number one is Dan Marino. He had twenty and 48 touchdown passes -- number -- Peyton Manning he had 26. In 98 and 99. And you look at Andy -- at the Bengals at 20/20 seven. Well. Russell Wilson needed three touchdown passes to surpass -- 47. And he was able to do that tonight would never games still to play so you would guitars down pass in the first two seasons. Right now Russell Wilson NFL history is only behind Dan Marino and Peyton Manning. To the phones we go Bobby and we will start off game. Mantra for Chris Chris thank you for calling the point out on the saints' radio network. And he can be on two on I was glad to see you do that I about it. Sorry that this phase out tonight and they sucked on both. Of the ball and they just can't get nothing on -- -- and right now there's so little -- Sowers. You know on. I'm disgusted aggravated in any problems and they'd take attitude did you regroup group as Americans yeah you brought Cam Newton. You know -- yeah. The topic is look at. Obviously that guy is C a -- of the Saints in that inappropriate that -- -- correct is equipment. Becoming into the same thing and. I say this they gave Akron the Saints haven't played as he had -- success with the read option. On the candidate save in depth and as far as you get beat up as a quarterback Guinea pig and she's and you -- run no I think -- guerilla tees back but Russell Wilson did. -- like I said. Russell Wilson has truly been a student of the game. And he just plays Smart he's been has been more consistent. They canyon. But they could be a hot higher upside we canyon. But they also could be a lower bottom a Russell Wilson's is that consistent. And and hopefully can needs a little off. Because it might take that and offensively we have to be clicking. I truly believed to help out of the -- now -- -- that being said is going to be a challenge. Because I think Carolina. Is the same time did you visit the Jensen will know what happened -- day game but would be playing at home than on the road. Seattle thirty photo wall and seven this is the point out on a Saints radio and Iowa it's the point after with a cajun cannon Bobby -- big chief Deke Bellavia on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Call 5042601870. Or 8668890870. And you can -- us at 87870. All right it was the Seattle Seahawks all over New Orleans. Tonight 34 to seven. Be sure it -- on the saints' radio network Sunday as a Saints at M primetime once again I think entertain the hottest team in the National Football League winners of eight straight. And divisional -- the Carolina practice. -- list goes into all his stick around the ball to point out time out to think about those based on the saints' radio network finals goal. It was Seattle 342 all and seventh for Bobby -- -- -- Libyan visited New Orleans Saints radio network.