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WWL>Topics>>12-5 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

12-5 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 5, 2013|

Dave talks about fast food pay, Saints/Panthers, and topless woman in store

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this fifth of December 2013. And it's a day before Friday -- deaths -- a day. 40% of the way. Sixty per day 80% 80% of the away. There's the work week as of today that the good thing to 20%. Yes it is and I can take my short sleeved shirt and put it back in the closet for one pop it out it got -- processes -- rounds of Friday night suddenly we get this huge drop in the temperatures could drop thirty degrees. Now war that's. To temperature suddenly drops Saturday it'll feel like forties all -- them. May get into the fifties but those windshield death timing -- like parties. Sunday -- Yosemite. -- so it's not a weather rollercoaster at the weather pogo -- you out there we go line item number eighty again today down into the thirties. For Friday night Saturday morning and right back into the seventies. And then I think by Tuesday. We're back in the called again area medical file reinforcing front of the front bounces there. For a Friday after for -- -- a dad says does he get to be ready for anything and and it looks like it's -- recount miserable for folks it prep football games frightening night. If the timing holds I could be. The Columbia first half of balmy weather with some rain around in the second half suddenly getting cold in my time in the game's over the temperature of plummeted significant -- now. Keep an irony that timing of that front and let you know closer. Watch that. I'm still very grateful to be right were you down because I saw the pictures from Wisconsin. So awful old east caddie -- a thing wideout and you just wonder why so many people instantly -- rights don't understand where they have to deal. But then they watch instantly someplace and after thank you waited a couple of years yeah Eric. In everyone everyone wonders why people lives somewhere where they'd go. Against at all. But you know it is give and take in every situation and you don't want I think people complain we know we do here we complain all the time it's just part of our. Our existence you know -- is complain about things and I bet -- they do up there to underwriter on another snow well again. Absolutely. Negotiable side of the driveway you having -- you know the plow comes and pushes snow up against our. It's an ambulance at their. -- workers. Here are expected to take part in the fast -- -- -- 310. Gordon organizers ten fast food workers will take part in the 100 cities nationwide man bright. They say that much of the reason is that workers are afraid it don't they can lose their jobs if they walk off the job for -- that they can come back in haven't happening there could be some sort of retaliation against them for it. But they say that there is a need for it you ever economist from Dallas use saying -- most fast food workers. Are not primaries. Most fast food workers don't stay in those entry level jobs for very long most fast food workers are entry level. But we have a crisis of low wages in this city is no doubt about it in this state. When you look at the hospitality industry overall we have a lot of jobs that. By design are entry level jobs that people stay in for a long time. Weathered the custodial staff and hotels whether it be servers restaurants whether it be answering a lot of people yet and so. You know it's an interesting debate and question. But then you talk about these fast food workers who are taking part today and a hundred cities across the nation saying they want. To essentially doubled -- pay a minimum wage to down eighteen dollars an hour. Economists who look at that impossible. Professor restaurant would have two choices. If they had a double workers' pay they would either cut in half the number of people who worked there. It is keep that everything -- that and make them work a lot harder. War they would have to raise prices and guess what they're not -- -- They're not gonna raise prices fast food industry is built on value built on dollar menus. Built low cost meals. And they raise their prices dramatically because there worker's pay has been doubled. If you double the workers' pay at the bottom by the way get double all the way up because then there would be no incentive for advancement. -- be one you know ten dollars for valued. Sounded like the president was backing him a little bit yesterday. And on the and he didn't say only about fifteen dollars an hour but. Claims we need to pay these people of the bottom more money limited issued for fifteen you get in and around. When after our -- whatever and I'll talk about it thank you David talked about fifteen minutes -- first. Here on WW complex mandates 78 -- and he should fast food workers who make more than minimum wage should European entry level job should people who work at fast food restaurants that would raise a family on that salary 26018780. -- -- Note I was either toll free 8668890878. Or tax rates that creativity weather sports after. 51 hand I think we'll look at that forecast and he forecast that are starting up this morning with patchy dense fog on the roadways remember to take it extremely cautiously and goes slowly early this morning. Later today at 30% chance for a few spotty showers or storms. Mostly cloudy but some peeks of sun and warm with highs around eighty. A little breezy for today to lose tonight in the sixties then tomorrow that patchy fog in the morning and then a 50% chance. Foursome showers if you thunderstorms as a cold front brings some cooler -- for tomorrow night. Forties for Friday night into Saturday morning Saturday highs around 54 with a 40% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center a meteorologist Alexandra. And for -- that's too bad in most areas now but he could get worse be ready for that cloudy 72 right now on both sides of the light coming up more of your comments. You're sharing with us about the idea of fast food workers making fifteen dollars and 37 minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition -- WWL first news on this the fifth of December 2003. Change argenbright along and the day before Friday Wellcome just. Friday he. Gas -- did did the right where we aren't getting ready for a week and even if there's going to be dramatic change in the west there. Twice this weekend yes that will will survive when you know handled much worse and will be okay. Talk not too bad yet but the possibility could get that it is just about how I did yesterday is swirled around -- and got real thick you know so we should have. Should keep an eye on that. A lot of people have a lot to say about the and full of workers here in New Orleans and workers across the country as many as 100 cities. That are going on strike today -- fast food restaurants wanting to double their. -- -- -- Yes that would -- -- now that I'm now making minimum wage obviously. But if you double play at the bottom jet double play all the way up. Who I mean if entry level jobs are making fifteen dollars and quality of those people incentives to work hard to prove that you do get a raise. Well then I guess the mid level management -- to make even more than that up top level management even more than that. And so then you get to a point we just wondering -- be -- -- People are texting me at 8787 what does no way should they get a raise I've only seen one place that should get it. One fast food restaurant nine yards one in particular -- -- on the rest is -- goes to the lousy service -- -- the game raises. But maybe people are motivated could make little money and that's why they. As some one person -- get a real job stop crying. Wrong -- -- let us or is a real job as a toss off because I think minimum wages too low but I don't think minimum wage jobs were designed to raise a family. And -- so that bad the other point is -- people who are trying to raise a family. Have these jobs in in in our economists generally that's not the case now we know it's going to be you know young young folks by and they've done. A lot of research on this and they found that. While there are a few cases of people who have minimum wage jobs trying to raise families by and large they say it is now what's happening. And then oil over recent years we noticed their -- trend going on I think it's still lives were -- Retirees. Sends some older folks decided to come back and and flip burgers -- right. So that's in on they're not raising a family anymore hopefully and so was that nothing wrong with. Out of recession changed a lot of things many people who could not find other work may have taken jobs that are traditionally low -- entry level. And some -- do we have a shift nationwide in the kind of people on where their lives to working fast food yeah that may have an impact here about it. Fifteen dollars a night should that be that -- When president minutes and eights and aces now know because not pay ten dollar trap and -- I'm not doing. That would be that be an unhappy. Very yesterday what I'm embarrassed on -- -- -- gets up it's a made a lot of it was taxing thing maybe there should be some race and today. But not a noble thing of paid for -- of the debate shall continue. Thank you David what tucked in twenty minutes or first news here on WW well AM diamond now account Chris Miller joins -- that the -- the Howard tells about the new US attorney. Going to be officially taking office that day although he's been in office for awhile. Talk about his crime fighting plan for greater new war. As hot today called tomorrow it is something we have to learn to live with here in southeast Louisiana and help us understand exactly when things are gonna change and how it's going to impact as we say. Good morning and good morning that mr. meteorologist Alexandra cramp bird. Ally -- I'm good how are you undo it well today because I didn't I didn't have any fog on my way and but I know that it's coming in some people could get -- him before the morning's over. Right exactly you know my my commute was fine to use as some areas are going to be fine but that's the thing about the -- kind of patsy out there -- so you might encounter a little area. Where those disabilities drop. All right so folks you keep an eye out for that they are -- going southbound on the causeway one lane northbound. Just in case there any patches of thick fog across the lake and being cautious. There's that other -- that it's gonna be another muggy warm day. Yup pretty much -- I went outside and it felt likes green at five decided that was the what I thought it felt like you know it kind of warm it's kind of breezy. Feel -- may or something like that you know so that's how I felt yesterday today highs around 8030%. Chance for a few spotty showers and breezy for the afternoon. You ask our ranks. Today like yesterday but the change doesn't come until tomorrow. Actually went on -- suddenly drop all whole lot in a short time. Yes exactly so highs will be in the seventies look in the seventies for at least the first part of the day. And then that front will kind of slowly -- route to morrow still lows tonight will make it all the way into the forties. As -- 177 to about 48 in the Portland area and what time. About -- sudden drop take place most it's gonna come in during the evening still depending on where you are in the northwest. It'll be a little bit earlier in the day for tomorrow on in the new -- -- area it'll probably happen. Maybe. Late media about sunset or a little bit after the accident posted -- most of the game maybe kind of mild and then you'll you'll feel that air moving in for the. Evening and I just kind of the prep football playoffs -- -- start on Friday evening. Temperatures will suddenly start dropping through the game. It. They might see yet the little -- -- -- -- that depending where you are that you are a little bit farther to the south course a little longer to get there a case now will be parked near eighties and the rain comes and tomorrow tomorrow evening the temperature suddenly drop -- -- days all the way. Yeah exactly says that he's gonna become a wintry kind of feel sort of -- going to be mostly cloudy it'll be a little bit breezy so that makes it feel even cooler and highs will only be around 54 on Saturday. So you and I might feel like upper forty. So yeah -- 54 -- high Saturday after pert near eighty for a high and the weak and the breezy conditions to make it feel like forties on Saturday. But on Sunday right back up. Yeah a little rebound in temperature Sunday and then Monday will get another influx of cooler air and that'll bring it into the fifties today and Wednesday. Her right. Thursday Friday cold Saturday. Hot again by Monday. Cold Tuesday when I think about it yeah. There's another front coming you're reinforcing runners the front bounce -- around when I would wonder why this sudden change the work yet another shot of cooler air will be moving and it's. Yankee pitcher scorecard that you can Needham because. From day to day that weather will change dramatic kind it's something what would you do if you're in the dressing room and department -- instantly UC someone's hand with a cell phone and it come -- -- the -- to. Well a woman -- a cold in Kansas. Went running out of dressing room topless through the stores screaming. After someone apparently was trying to take a picture or video for with these cell phone in the dressing room. I don't know -- she made the situation better by doing that. But then the police say that's what she did that what was trying not prize in the dressing room if you tie hand with a cellphone under the petition the shirtless woman then. It ran through this door. Chasing the peeping Toms suspects. Apparently she screamed he runs out she chases man. Cops ended up identifying and catching him and he's been arrested and now will face charges of breach of privacy. Meant that the yeah nicer to improve it then and he had to ice and that's the question he chased that if your top list you chase the peeping through this door. Think in maybe a screaming call 911 on yourself. I don't know UT's chances and I. Instead I got mad she was pretty angry. And -- Bryant wasn't even realizing at the time await him on now exposing myself that many more. That's just the peeping now. Here the dressing room unnoticed. And keep that right yeah that's the you know. Well hopefully he meant that the partisan. Anybody else. The now that's -- -- that thank Allah the academy junior might have you returned to television. Zander rapper alive and direct from the news sports that are 546 sports with Steve guess. Five point nine days ago we hate the NFL has announced that. Now on October 26 2014. The falcons and the lions will be playing a game in London. And their starting at 130 in the afternoon. In Wembley Stadium. That means kickoff will be at 8:30 AM here in New Orleans so I can mark your calendars October 26. Get up early and you'll have football from 8:30 in the morning till about 11 o'clock at night. An unprecedented. Sunday with football from really the first thing in the morning till late at night. I'm not gonna complain because the sentiment the plants. I'm thinking of the -- they have a compacted schedule getting ready for. Sunday showdown with the answers Sunday Night Football well let's get ready for that in. Talk about what happened to the pelicans you realize that and much more sports is a good morning and happy. Friday -- Happy Friday eve everywhere on the mavericks couldn't and the pelicans three game win streak beating New Orleans 100 to 97 in the New Orleans Arena. Coach money Williams on his ball clubs mistakes that cost them this close ones. We missed a ton of layups tonight just weird for whatever reason and to. We have some. My bats. Plays all night on the road we had a bit more focus you can blame -- on being tired from the road trip but I don't think that's the case. -- tells look to bounce back with a win tomorrow night when they host the OKC thunder for the first regular season NBA game in Mexico since 1997. Had to be postponed due to heavy smoke that filtered through the arena the spurs and timberwolves were warming up when several lights went out. And smoke began coming out of events in the upper deck. Police say that -- the smoke was caused by a fire in the generator room. -- the saints -- there's duke it out for the top spot in the NFC south Sunday night you're sideline reporter Christian Garrett with the latest. The saints will have their hands full with -- another mobile quarterback this Sunday when they host the nine to three Carolina Panthers led by Cam Newton on offense saints coach Sean -- says the third year quarterback does a good job of picking his spots Toronto or throw. -- scrambled around some valuable scramble to throw I think she's very confident with the either option so I think he's very dedicated where you can has improved. The Panthers offense is ninth in rushing and 27 in passing its battle for first place in the NFC south Sunday night in the superdome at 730 Kristian -- -- to be well supports the NFL has far and Steelers coach Mike Tomlin 100000. Dollars. For interfering with the play on Thanksgiving. The -- said it was considered docking Pittsburgh eight draft pick because the conduct affected a play on the field. The NFL also said that -- should have been flagged fifteen yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for nearly colliding with Baltimore's Jacoby Jones during a kickoff return. Well the prosecutor overseeing the investigation of sexual assault allegations against Florida State quarterback team as -- say it's completed. State attorney Willie makes has scheduled a news conference for this afternoon to announce his findings in the December 2012 incident. Winston's lawyer has suggested that the star quarterback in the accuser. Had -- consensual sex but the victim's family. Says that the Heisman Trophy. Final list is a break this. And -- and beat -- state coach. Meet meet state tight ends coach Roger Hobbs has been named Graham -- new head coach the tigers had three coaches this season. And we're forced to cancel Jackson State's homecoming game. In October. They have -- on sports talk it's the saints -- show from looters on bets in Metairie Corey white -- Bobby -- goes QB to QB with Drew Brees. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning. Export -- 53 Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio and a foggy. Day before Friday some areas seeing thick. Patches of fog -- is that now seeing it yet keep an eye out for that we're keeping an eye out for how the saints are preparing. To take on the Panthers Sunday night. Did travel arrangements were a little weird day gap back late -- -- take yesterday often not practice all those teams that that was the plan all along even if they had gotten back on time. Whatever the case the saints I normally would practice on Wednesday they didn't so that means today is kinda like there Wednesday right. Kinda confusing to the average fan but the bottom line is do you think it will impact in any way -- perform their ability to properly prepare for the -- Humble -- least they were you know they have the time to go over their playbook and look at film on their iPad which is. The great thing about modern technology all the players get a username and password to login and can look at film on the right rights I think that you know that preparation and being able to do that kind of helps out and I really don't think it'll affect the states instead of having. You know -- normal Tuesday off. They ended up doing film study and working. And just had their Tuesday on Wednesday. And will now practice today tomorrow and Saturday so I think Saturday apparently just a brief walk through maybe they'll go a little harder on Saturday get ready I would think so yeah again until Sunday night. This matchup unit of admitted makes you nervous I feel right now about it. I always like to say it's at home ice today and expect him to bounce back after that tough loss. They don't I don't think this states. Very rarely lose two games in a roadmap to look at stats on that but I like to -- to take this went in a close one. Against the Panthers if your prediction on tomorrow morning right here on WW well traffic weather the moment. All right pay close attention to your forecast has lots of twists and turns and. Patchy dense fog is the main story this morning if you're out there you know that. You might be running into some of those spots with very low visibility make sure you take it easy on the roadways that -- should lift by nine or 10 AM. General looking for heist today around eighty degrees with a 30% chance expertise spotty showers or storms. As for tonight sixty's for lows then some patchy fog tomorrow morning. Highs around 77 with a 50% chance for rain Friday. And getting cooler for Friday night Saturday starts off in the forties highs around 54 and a 40% chance for rain. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexander transferred.

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