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WWL>Topics>>12-5-13 10:10am Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 1

12-5-13 10:10am Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 1

Dec 5, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the "war on Christmas" is real or just media hype.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- guy just got finished with a photo session here in the studio and if you listen to the show on Monday I'm talking to some guys with affiliate station KI SW in Seattle it's an Entercom station in Seattle. However talking to a BJ -- of the BJ Shea morning experience. At the end of the conversation I said they look at the saints beat the Seahawks. Monday night and -- what are you guys to Wear a -- picture. Or Jersey during the show take a picture of it send it out on your Twitter account. FaceBook it on the -- station FaceBook. And and also on your website. And if the Seahawks win that I'll do the same. Well you know what happened in the game Monday night so I sit here in a Seahawks Jersey. That I didn't actually have to bought it because if somebody here at the station who used to more of our account executive Seth Dunlap. Used to live in Seattle so we had an it's it's an older Jersey it's not the new colors but it's got that the seahawk local -- And is -- the Seahawks Jersey so I'm sitting Seahawks Jersey -- -- -- out on the WB will Twitter account. I'll send it out on my Twitter account into an attorney and Twitter it's act -- WWL and I'll I'll tweet that out. In the first break this hour. We're also gonna put that on our FaceBook page send it to the guys in Seattle just so they know. It's scoot and every W well are very honorable because -- a weak really can probably try to get away with this and not actually do it but like I try to be an honorable person. And I wanted to fulfill that debt obligation in a very honorable man -- subsidy here in -- Tennessee youngsters but during the shooting and will also put that on transportation and -- -- up on our website also we were gonna talk about to try to set a record. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome for for noise the record was set on Monday night in Seattle against the the states. Win the Seahawks fans reached 137. Point six decimals. Now we've always known that we're very locked. However I've come to realize that the that the deal was made as a multi purpose. Stadium. And because it's an indoor stadium there are there are panels in the dome that make it acoustic plea policing for not only football. But also for concerts. So it might not be physically possible for us to break the decibel level. You -- I know one thing for sure. We're allowed. And we do affect the play on the field when we're loud especially in third down situations. What I did notice about the Seattle crowd is they are more pro active then the saints fans -- And we need to be a little more proactive threw out the game. There. There are more prone to not wait for something to happen it look at the this saints' fans I signed there in the don't so I know. That saints fans are really vigilant when it comes to those third down situations. But we could we could do more to erupt every single play even as the game goes on and -- Lucia voice. And it's it's we saw a lot of people with megaphones in the stands at the -- Monday night in Seattle. There's a reason why you couldn't take some like a piece of paper or a program or something and you could. You could certainly make your own Vodafone. So sick about ways to perhaps do that and -- because I'm gonna do this at the same distance. So Arab -- might change that does sound a little bit I don't know if we can break the decibel level the -- diver I remember seeing -- I mentioned this yesterday a couple of games ago. We hit 118 decibels in the -- the records 137. Point six decimals that is really -- out but if the deal is made so that it can. And have concerts as well as football games than we might not physically be able to to do that -- technically we might not be able to do but I would suggest that. That we that we really. Become a little more of a little more pro active. When it comes to. Two to try to disrupt the other team. Let's not wait for some -- saints fans seem too -- for something to happen before they get loud let's get loud first. And and you know my my brother is such a die -- saints fan and he was saying that they are there are not enough people in the stands. Who were playing their position on defense. You have a position to play. As the twelfth man in the stands you have a position to play. And we could even be a more effective. -- twelfth person in the stance. If we if we were louder and were louder a little bit more on a pro actively. Again don't wait for something happened just. I'd just. Be as loud as you as you can and and looked just as -- look for that opportunity to disrupt. The -- the play call also. I have to admit that I'm one of those take notes. -- when I'm at the game I'm I'm writing stuff down because I'm gonna talk about it on -- show. And I -- Make notes about what happened your third three in a situation as to what happened so I'm -- making a I have to admit that I am not as loud as I probably could be. So I do go to the game this Sunday I'm gonna do my part to play my part on defense the crowd if you're in the crowd. That's your position on defense is to make -- Ice -- for garlic ledger with us on this Thursday chance of rain it's going to be very. Balmy today with a chance of rain however it's gonna cool off and we're gonna get some. We're gonna get some rain in here perhaps over the weekend. Is there really a war on Christmas. Or is the war on Christmas more. A media hype that's -- to BW a party general opinion -- this time appear we we always hear a lot of talk about the war on Christmas. And bill Reilly and Fox News are one of the prominent sources for promoting the war on Christmas. This is not criticism of bill Reilly and Fox News it's an observation this is something that they do every year at this time. But the question is is this really a war on Christmas. Or is it media hype that's -- -- W a pretty general opinion poll also talk about that when we come back on WW. Every year at this time we hear about the war on Christmas he has earned every that he will reject Palestinian home. Do you think the war on Christmas is real or is it media -- 58% say it's real and 42% say it's media hype. We'll track is close it's a sport changes as we go through the show you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. You know one gets the impression that through the war on Christmas is escalating and it's it's part of a bigger battle by the government to. Attack christianity and remove god and christianity from our society. You know I often talk about the relationship between media and society. The news media benefits from controversy. Therefore it creates controversy. Is growing fear that the government is attempting to remove christianity and god from American society. -- is really. Something that is so easily becoming part of this perceived war on Christmas. Polarizing radio talk shows cable TV network news channels. Have really redefined. Modern news media. Controversy. Has become the industry's most valuable inventory. On fox news's bill Reilly every year at this time fans the flames of the fear of the Christmas is being taken from us. This is not an attack on bill Reilly or Fox News they're doing what they do to feed the audience that primarily washes them. But you know I'm I'm I'm wondering if there really is a war on Christmas. Now. There are people who one of the leaders -- -- Christmas because this fits their preconceived idea that America is becoming a socialist nation. And if somebody really is trying to take god away from you. And christianity out of society. And by the way both sides of the political spectrum. Are guilty of believing what they wanna believe rather than trying to find out really what is true. For the record the current war on Christmas can be tracked back to in 1959. When the right wing organization that John Birch Society. Issued a pamphlet that was titled they -- goes Christmas. It warned of a Communist plot to remove all Christmas decorations from American society. And replace the Christmas decorations with United Nations symbols. There was a concern that the United States would be taken over by the United Nations. Interestingly. Aided by today's media the fear that the US is positioning itself for UN takeover has become part of the current controversies. The -- things like gun control. The American Family Association. -- very rightwing group. And other groups as well and individuals. Have condemned the use of excellence. In place of Christmas. And they argue that this is another attempt to remove Christ from Christmas since the X replaces the word Christ. The current -- it's reputation. Of xmas. Ignores the real meaning behind it. Xmas was originally. A simple abbreviation for Christmas. The X. Doesn't cross out Christ. The X is the Greek letter for high. Which is the first letter in the word Christ. So those who are prone to paranoia and hysteria. Have accepted this modern yet an accurate interpretation. Of xmas. And every year during the season we hear general criticism of happy holidays. Rather than Merry Christmas. The American Family Association. Has used this to really further spread this hysteria about the war on Christmas. This year the -- the AFA. Is calling for boycott of all RadioShack stores because on their website they use holiday rather than Christmas. In promoting holiday deals. Holiday gift -- And holiday cash rather than Christmas steals Christmas gift guide toward Christmas cash. There was also criticism of Wal-Mart when the company first directed it's stored readers to say. Happy holidays to customers that -- -- Now. I would agree that that Merry Christmas should not be offensive to anybody. And if you're not a Christian and if you don't celebrate Christmas but this is America. And a lot of Americans -- celebrate Christmas so what if somebody says Merry Christmas but it really shouldn't be offensive to anybody. However. It seems to me that one thing that's overlooked is the idea that that happy holidays. This time of year relates to more people than Merry Christmas. And retailers. And businesses are trying to relate to as many consumers as possible. So the motivation behind happy holidays may be rooted more in consumerism. -- secularism. The phrase war on Christmas is promoted with every new story. That is about a as a public school banning religious oriented Christmas -- sore. If there's a public objection to a Christmas tree -- nativity scene on public property. An atheist organization put up on a giant -- And posted anti Christmas banner in Chicago to protest a nativity scene on Chicago's city public property. You know I can I can argue that atheists. And non Christians should not be offended. Like any public acknowledgment Christmas. You know both sides of the Christmas controversy should really learn to be aware excepting of opposing views of holiday. Because this is a celebration and recognition of Christmas and it. It's usually void of attempts to confer non believers. It's just a celebration it's not a recruiting opportunity. I don't I don't sense that Christmas is is anything more than. A celebration in recognition of Christmas in the birth of Christ that it is an opportunity to to try to recruit those people who were not Christians. You know we hear stories about the alleged Warren Christmas. -- to ask yourself this holiday season when you hear these. Ask yourself if and how. The government or retail outlets. Had actually taken Christmas away from you in your family have you lost your ability to celebrate Christmas. In the traditional way that reflects your faith. Instead of buying into the hysteria. That is so often. Enhanced by the media because again it's. It's it's beneficial to the media to create controversy -- the media looks for opportunities to create controversy. Rather than buying into the hysteria. And it's real easy to -- to sound -- -- to -- to some of the things that you get. A through social media. Oh yeah there's a what. Instead of actually thinking about it. So many people just except there's a war on Christmas oh my god this country's going to hell they remove -- prayer from public schools look what's happened -- -- Really. Has anything taken away your faith. Before you joined the crusade to fight a war. That really may not be award all. Think about your personal appreciation for the secret -- And even in the cases where neighborhoods have advanced some homeowners to remove Christmas decorations because they violate community rules. Has that rob anyone of celebrating Christmas. -- police examples they justified this alleged war on Christmas. Don't all of these things involve. Tangible. Commercial. Items are arguably. Just for show. The real meaning of Christmas lives in our hearts in our minds. And I don't believe the government or anybody. Can take that away from you or your family. The real war on Christmas I think is being waged by those. Who have become so paranoid and hysterical. At the celebration of Christmas is in jeopardy it's not. And if the removal of Christmas decorations. From anywhere in society or the singing of religious oriented Christmas songs in schools -- in public if that takes away your Christmas spirit I would suggest that maybe your Christmas spirit. Wasn't that strong to be -- moment. If you enjoyed -- -- with a comment this morning our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. At a text ember is a 7870. -- blog today is titled is there really weren't Christmas. It's everywhere Christmas or is it more media hype. Give your opinion -- -- to -- -- -- pretty -- people were also gonna discuss that on the show today I'm -- in four. Garlic and will be -- -- activist WWL news update three days. Today you did you notice it. I'm entering my weren't wearing this Seattle's the youngsters in there and what numbers that are whose Jersey is -- 51 to for the Seahawks turn around with the bank says. TA TU PU. Had a two. At the top. He if I looked at it like it I I can say it's stupid to -- I got to remember it's an older Jersey but I I got to borrow excited to go actually I -- -- -- you'd did pledge that you would where's the Seahawks paraphernalia. To work one day this week if indeed -- Seahawks beat the and they did and I am and we send it to was at a picture to the radio station in Seattle and they're gonna -- it out on the Twitter account. And maybe put it on their FaceBook page as well we'll have an up on our FaceBook page to you I'm Debbie WL radio I just wanted to honor my worded you know here again at. I get a Texas says and Europe Seattle Seahawks fan I bet they'll. I don't understand why would they draw that conclusion well and I I got this yesterday to somebody told me to go back home to Seattle. It's -- to -- Yeah I was on the of their for a couple of years but I was born here -- this is my home and so I'm I'm I'm I'm back home with. The idea into war yet the idea that you on erupted but this just goes to show you to hate that -- people search sport to. Two expressed to whether people leave the idea that I'm honoring a bet that means and the Seahawks fan you know don't be mad at me I didn't lose the game. You know I didn't see you on the field you know been if I ordered out of the team you know if I would have been on the field we just thought I. Well and I I'm glad that you wanted to hear that that your man of your -- I hope we take that opportunity get off the there are you know and I can't believe I didn't recognize -- to -- immediately but that's. -- it difficult to achieve little -- here's an update on our divvied up you'll pretty general opinion. Or do you think the war on Christmas is real or is it media -- 54% say it's real and 46% say it's media -- The -- blog is about the war on Christmas. And I can't help but think about all of this hysteria surrounding the Warren Christmas. And I'd like to know. If and how the government. Or anybody has taken away your Christmas spirit. How was that. If you wanna hear Christmas carols are so many places to go to your Christmas carols. The fact that kids can't sing him in school OK I don't like that but does that really change things for you. I got a -- a moment ago from somebody who says. That. I know I'm a liberal hippy. And the liberal -- because I'm telling you that. That the war on Christmas is primarily in medium -- If if there really is a war on Christmas. I would love for you to call me. And tell me how the government has taken Christmas away from you. I wanted to maybe I'm just living in it in oblivion in a world of ability. Mean maybe I just don't see something it's so obvious but I can't see how the government can take something like your faith in your Christmas spirit away from view. And yet think of all the Americans that. That surround this -- this concept of their being a war on Christmas. This idea that oh my god they're taking how critical Christmas away from him. Now you know there's a possibility that you're going through a tough time right now and I have been through tough times. Recently in my life what I did -- to be anywhere near Christmas. And we'll talk more about this I also want to relate to those of you were going through difficult times to. Don't like to hear Christmas -- Who don't like to see Christmas decorations are just think about this season because it's such a a sentimental time preview. If you are having a tough time in your life right now you don't want to be anywhere around it. I've been here and very recently. I'm not they're now but I wish there and and I guess the good news is that you're not always going to be where you -- Things will change for you just stay as positive as you can. But I just don't I don't see any evidence. That the war on Christmas is anything more than media -- And if I'm missing something I would look to talk to. Our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text supper is it 77. -- -- I will pray for all the Christians slaughter every day by Muslim people. Here's another text -- -- And here's a text how about is if freedom. Of your forced opinion on us was taken away. Would that mean you didn't have real passion for your police are not exactly sure how to and -- didn't show how to interpret. I just I I think I think we need to be Smart as consumers of the media and not let the media manipulate us. And this is something that you really don't hear about on mainstream media. And it's really that should be talked about. If you were manipulated by the media that's your fault. It's the media's fault you've allowed it to happen. And when it comes to this war on Christmas I think it's time that we step back instead of buying into the hysteria. Step back and think wait and it. Isn't really a war on Christmas or is that perception that I'm buying into. Because in my house it's still Christmas. And it's always going to be Christmas and nobody's gonna take that away from me. Because the Christmas spirit lives in your heart and in your mind. It doesn't live in the symbols that are on public property it doesn't live in -- that that the symbols that that you put up when your house. It lives in you. How the government taking that away from you. In event makes me a liberal hippies and I'm damn proud to be a little bit. To join Russia would -- -- our numbers 2601870. Shall free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a -- number. -- recipients of I've -- it for Garland and we'll be right back on WW if there really is a war on Christmas let's talk about collateral damage. Tell me how the war on Christmas has affected you personally. I think it's more media hype I think it's more perception I think it feeds into the hysteria and paranoia of America. That it is things are being taken from us when their things that really can't be taken from us. And I'd love to know. How how has the government or how has a politically correct society taken Christmas away from you. Our number is 260187. Toll free 8668890. At seventy and a tax numbers they Sunnis have. Here's a Texan reads you would be reprimanded for simply saying Merry Christmas from WWL. Well first of all I don't ever speak for the station. That's not my job. I can -- -- talk show host on WWL. And right now as a talk show host on WWL. I can say I'm screwed and I wish you a very Merry Christmas from this show. On WWL. But I don't I don't speak forward management and speak for the entire station. But I won't be reprimanded for saying Merry Christmas. I don't think anybody should be offended by Merry Christmas but at the same time happy holidays seems to be. More focused on commercialism. Being inclusive to all consumers. And less rooted in in secularism. So I think maybe we're more paranoid than we should be as a nation from the city John -- and a BWO. You. Are they they take away from people -- used -- In 1968. And a in this country he'd go to the court -- -- seen the ten commandments. You go. You're seeing in the committee seen. There's really many things in culture that supported. A Christian week. Many of these have now been taken from. How do we know everybody just how has that changed your faith how horrific the way through. The country. Are you -- -- are you less faithful. Are you less religious is your family less spiritual. -- huge. Job but if it but it but this country is made up of individuals. And the individuals can't answer specifically -- something has been taken away from them I suggest that I -- you -- -- John but it hasn't been taken from you nothing changes your spirit. If you like I don't I don't think I I don't think it's necessary I don't think it should be necessary. To have tangible items that remind us of our faith. That's not what's wrong with this country. And our John -- Christmas. I hope that was okay. -- people. Need to get a little life and oh yes Merry Christmas if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. In our tax receipts revenues and but I understand. That things have changed. But rather than buying into this idea that oh my god we're being robbed of christianity. Because the ten commandments or at a courthouse. If you need that tangible monument. To remind you of the ten commandments at the courthouse I suggested maybe. Maybe your faith isn't that strong. Did you really need the ten commandments I don't think there's anything wrong with having the ten commandments there. But it if you don't see that in public. How does that change year. How does that change your family's beliefs and I realize that what I'm saying is very very unpopular with a lot of people. Because people have bought into -- that they have infested. Emotion in this war on Christian and Warren christianity and more Christmas. Confessed to -- But -- I don't think it's I don't think it's my job to simply feed into the hysteria. If if I see something from my years of studying the relationship between media and society. If I see something that. -- might be perceived more than reality. I think it's important for us to talk about it and this is not a monologue this is a dialogue. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening in a -- receipts of creativity for medicine -- Serrie here under the WL. Merry. Christmas. Light I'm -- Calling it -- pretty active aren't as well actually I have -- young children age. Would be to apply it. Early on here that we are a lot written in Haiti or. Here are our. -- -- That commercial life. -- -- need to patrol car. What it really. The she should end and it. All out aren't. That it's. What I like an idea affect the that the homily it to -- -- went to Sunday at a downtown was about exactly that it was about. You know holding off on. When celebrating Christmas waiting so it's not. I -- and spread out over too long a period of time I think that's a good idea and and I guess without consciously thinking about it I tend to do that. You know one of my favorite movies any time of year is love actually I'm also Christmas vacation but I don't wanna see those until he gets to be December. Actually I feel. Not children. Happen we're eager. What cricket is truly going to be out here are all afraid she's. Everything going on in the media site a lap and trying. It and -- currently an actual product. Yeah we don't have we don't have to be manipulated to act like corporate America or by the media Sarah I have I applaud you and very Merry Christmas -- All right here's an update on our WWL party -- opinion poll do you think there there is a war on Christmas do you think that's real or media hype. Very close -- 52% say it's real that 40% say it's media -- We'll track this -- throughout our show give us your opinion by going to our web site to be WL dot com. And I what I'd I'd like to shared the blog the Q and I'd like you to share with other Christians. And other people who may think they're really is a war and Christmas this -- blog is titled is there really a war on Christmas. It's a treading on our website right now front page of WW dot com under our opinions. And we'll be right back. And I. -- -- easy. A slew. Proving that I have no intention of being politically correct and this is a religious oriented Christmas song. And if you don't celebrate Christmas and you shouldn't be offended by this it's not particularly for those of us who do celebrate Christmas. However I do observed that the the war on Christmas is really more a media hype than it is reality. -- Stukes in fort Garland were talking about them Saturday here's a text at recess to all you were trying to do is take the side that gets. -- gets things going to get. On people's nerves so they will call. If you can't see how much last Christmas news. And you're blind it's not just Christmas it's all religions. First of all I have never. Gone on the year to do something just to get people call. There's no way that somebody can be on the air as long as I'm on the year and to justify. My points of view if I'm just making it out I'd maybe there's some people who can do it but I I can't do it now if what I do. Does inspire people to call. It's not because I dated for that reason it's because it's an interesting topic. And yes there there are attempts. To sanitize our our society. But that doesn't mean that the government or anybody can take anything away from you. And as I mentioned in in the blog that the -- Christmas really can be traced back to 1959. When the right wing organization the John Birch Society issued a pamphlet that was titled. They're goes Christmas. And it warned of a Communist plot to remove all Christmas decorations from American society. To be replaced with the United Nations symbols because the US is going to be taken over by the UN and there's still that paranoia today. If your -- stay with us -- coming right back with more vehicles is the war on Christmas -- and explain how it is or is it simply media hype.

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