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WWL>Topics>>12-5-13 11:10am Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 2

12-5-13 11:10am Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 2

Dec 5, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the "war on Christmas" is real or just media hype.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and a very. Merry Christmas. I'm scoot him for -- today you know this week and if you don't celebrate Christmas that shouldn't offend you. And everything that somebody says in this world is something that totally relates to you. I don't think there's anything wrong with recognizing Christmas. However. In my view of the media in general. It seems to me that. The war on Christmas the perception of -- -- Christmas is really. It's really more media hype that it is real. That's -- WW a pretty -- my opinion poll do you think the war on Christmas is real or media -- and we've got to switch now a majority say it's a media -- 51% call the media -- and 49% say it's really very close -- you can give your opinion. Like going to our website at W well dot com. Also on our website is this to -- again and like you to read this in -- with your -- your friends who work there Christians and you know you might totally disagree with me. Anderson a place at the into the blog on our website at WW dot com to. A two to comment that you can give your comment and I'll try to reach of those comments a little bit later but it's -- is so it is the really warrant Christmas. Or is it really more media hype for real it's let's remember that immediate benefits from controversy. Before the media will create controversy. And this idea that the government's taking Christmas away christianity away from from individuals. I think is ridiculous. I don't light. The banning of nativity scenes. I don't like. That kids can't sing Christmas carols religious oriented. -- carols in school. I don't like that removal of of recognition Christmas from our society because it's part of our culture. And if it doesn't apply to you you know what's. The tough and don't -- defense. However I I can I can't really buy into this idea that. That somehow the government. Or corporate America. Retail outlets are taking a mayor -- Christmas away from Americans. How is how has how was the government taken Christmas away from you. Is it Christmas something that lives in our hearts our minds. Is it our faith regardless of our religion isn't that something that lives within us. And how does the government take that away. From you and your family. I'd I'd I'd like to know in an instead of buying into the hysteria. -- -- my god they're their ticket Christmas away how how how was the government to be Christmas away from you. And in what you might not like. The the sanitized America that we live in where there's not as much recognition of Christmas as there was in the past. Do you really need those those symbols. To remind you do you need those specific symbols to remind you that it's Christmas. Now throughout New Orleans. Hotel lobbies the Roosevelt spectacular. Did the building here that -- WW -- The lobbies decorated with Christmas decorations canal street is all decorated there's laughing your park. There's there's there's city park a celebration the -- there are a lot of places where you can find Christmas. But I think that if you buy into this hysteria you're only feeding the media that's trying to get you all riled up it before it gets -- calls -- read this text. -- I do agree with you that no one including the government and take our personal faith or spiritual beliefs. Perhaps what people are trying to say is that it is very saddening and disheartening. To see the changes that are being made. Which seemingly are steering our country away from faith and Christmas. This country we need to remember this country is made up of individuals. And we are nothing more than a collection of those individuals. As a nation. And so if the government is not taking your faith the -- from you. They can you say that the government is taking -- the -- from from somebody else can somebody else blame the or loss of faith on the government. If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601872. All 38668890870. And a text numbers at 77 and by the way -- are stuck as the guys said Monday before the saints Seahawks game and Seattle radio station K I SW. And at the end of the conversation sitting at the saints win what are you guys just we're sing church are during your show when you need to tweet it out paper on FaceBook. If -- Seahawks wind and I'll do the same idea honoring the debt I am honoring my word. And I'm sitting here this morning and and doing the show in the Seahawks Jersey. We have tweet that out. If you wanna join me on Twitter it's at -- WWL but we've also -- out. Debbie did you already helped. It's on our FaceBook page. Which is -- WL radio and also along with a picture deserves the chance for you to comment on do you think the saints are gonna bounce back and come back against Carolina. On Sunday night in -- -- been super doce and comment on that we'll get some of those comments a little bit later and we have tweeted this to the people in Seattle. And they have tweeted it out so it's going viral in Seattle I just warrant. My name scoot and -- WL to be recognized as being honorable enough to the filled. A debt even though we probably could have gotten without doing opera Metairie Paula here on the BW -- good morning. And more. -- illustrate that it's probable. So I'll go out and out there why it wouldn't be something that would click more to be a little thing. Go along the way. So I'll just fight source I think that over the years past support out banks which are terrible. I agree and so in that it's a little. -- continued deteriorating society. Whether -- if you believe that a country on the neo Christian beliefs -- -- moral culprit. And you move away it's all and -- -- I'll tell. People court -- again it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- can help and time. World continues to creep on. Society. And countless small -- no there's no carpet and what flight. Or it's a feel good. -- Account. That is. Mittal who is doing -- if this is a concerted effort that is going on over decades. When it. Still consider that it should. I'm a Christian we had a perfect world I would argue. What are you. Are you moving away from perfect world. War in Iowa I would yeah. I would not disagree but I I I. In. It in my setting of media I could look at on the argument that. That the media is reflecting and and politicians are reflecting a sentiment in this country that is -- less faithful sentiment. This country is becoming less faithful this country has become less religious in general. That's being reflective I think it really started in our in our society. I couldn't -- I think you're right figure as we continue to make these little -- I pull out there -- always say I think it. Backs are so. Well what whether you -- yet. -- were right on and we got some are all quote the. Find but I don't that has to come from within infect as -- as -- part in the Bible that Jesus says that no evil influence comes from the outside it all comes from within. And I don't need the ten commandments at the courthouse I I don't I don't mind if there's there but I don't need the ten commandments to tell needed to do the right there. Can a child. Only. Child. To -- The world around mr. Actually being bombarded with the world as well and even. -- Arab there arts comedy and good kids that are being raised in this. In this world and it it comes from their parents teaching there and you know regardless of what your kids are exposed to in the real world you you've got to you've got to implant that compass and Merry Christmas -- led to call the show thanks for listing of your -- stay with this if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 260. 187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. -- -- 77. I'm studio for girl we're coming right back we have more your calls and more you're taxed on every WL. Do you think the war on Christmas is real or is it more media heights. That's or WW pretty -- cynical it's very close here's another update now a majority say it's real 51% say Israel's 49% say it's media hype. You can give us your opinion by going to be giving you don't count. I've stood in for Garland and the risk of blog is also on our website is so there really weren't Christmas. You may totally disagree and you could comment on the into the blog if you want -- it to be WL to come -- our opinions that reader and sharing with others. We have found. Just talking about the different aspects of of of how the government can't take. Christmas away from you. And again I I think we need to remember that we -- a nation of individuals. And defeat if it comes down to US individual. How has how was Christmas been taken away from you if there really is a Warren Christmas that I would think that there would be some collateral damage that we could actually talk about it. This is a conversation. Can you tell me how you feel Christmas has been taken away from -- If you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 260187. Toll free 86688907. Protection -- 77. It -- a -- -- ironic those are lamenting the so called loss of Christmas failed to recognize separation of church and state. Would they support the rights of others mosques and set for. And I I think that's a good point -- -- if you want christianity. To be supported by the government then other religions would have to be supported by the government as well. And there a call -- a moment ago said if you believe this nation was founded on Christian -- Judeo and values. Well some people choose to believe that I have from what I know about history this country was founded more on religious freedom. It was founded by people who had Christian Judy Judy of values. But it was founded for that purpose it was founded on that the concept of total freedom of religion. Why can't they get on but they're not getting on a carnival cruise line. -- to come to the United States. It was a rough journey. And they came here because they couldn't. They couldn't exercise their religious freedom they were persecuted. And so they came to America. In it didn't matter what religion they were what mattered was that they were here to celebrate religious freedom. From Morgan City -- and -- WL good morning. -- -- and it taught -- -- that we did you. -- -- And didn't -- him. Bet that. Approach banks. Which supports it. Now it is important support. At the Jews and you -- that you -- and so I'm pretty. Bad. Which could. The page and well. She probably the technical part. Question. Whether the -- ranked and also really distract a lot of people for the real meaning of Christmas. It because it's -- touted as an -- mutual. She doesn't. -- action couldn't do that she can. Wouldn't -- what it is you put this. I -- and individual. But they've got -- -- now and -- haven't you about -- -- It -- -- Because at the end and so I think. Don't applaud -- accurately. -- the idea. That. Admitted it and he. Can't make those. Who. Out trying to get said that -- such a good point I really appreciate you calling in a very Merry Christmas. If you think about the criticism of the removal of the ten commandments from public property or -- no nativity scenes on on public property your. I did the Christmas carols can't be sung religious oriented Christmas carols can't be. It can't be sung. I'm in school mean I guess you frosty the snowman is okay let's find out that frosty the snowman was a Christian and then I guess then the song would be okay. But do these things really change our Christmas spirit. If you want Christmas -- you can find them. You can drive down canal street -- -- Christmas decorations that canal streets decorate. You conceive and laughing your park in celebration the -- I got a couple of Texas police to be Christmas in the -- now -- celebration the jokes. Hi how does that change your Christians faith how does that change your. Christmas spirit. Why -- why are we so. Why are we so interested in. Becoming territorial. And I think that that's maybe one of the important aspects of this week we shouldn't become so. Territorial. In our nature. OK you change it to Christmas in the oaks from -- -- to celebration -- okay Wasilla. I mean it doesn't change me. And really if you if you think about happy holidays and celebration over Christmas and happy realities over Merry Christmas. That's really designed to be more inclusive on a consumer level. So which routed according consumers. Danny and secularism. And when people lose their -- to when something goes wrong. People are always. They're always looking to blame somebody else other than themselves. You know why I'm not going to church the way used to I don't you know I don't know I'm having quite it's not my fault it's because the ten commandments on public property. It's because there's no more living nativity scenes. I mean it's pretty difficult to find three wise -- divergent anyways so you know I guess that's one of the reasons why they don't have living nativity scenes anymore. But if you think about it all of these things that we're we're we're talking about -- tangible. Decorative items. Have nothing to do with the spirit that lives in our hearts. If you wanna join Russia with a comment -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- a -- -- -- more of your calls more detection coming up next I'm scoot it to -- and here's another WWL news updates with state Colin. All right you've heard there's a traffic problems on the expressway you might be in that problem right now also on the causeway southbound a truck is Jack knifed. Hey look I know it's a motorist the first thing you wanna say the decent truck drivers can't they drive right. Remember in May have been a motorist like yourself that caused the accident that caused the the truck to check -- we don't know what happened you know I'm not signal truck drivers are reticent. But they're not all guilty either. A sadistic you know take time at least you have yourself on Adobe texting and driving because -- can lead to another accident if you -- in bumper to bumper traffic and try to texted. I still see a lot of people on texting these days. I'm -- in fort Garland we're talking about the the war on Christmas is it real or is it to medium -- that's a double WL party general opinion -- here's an update. 48% say it's real and now 52% say it's media hype. Give us your opinion like going to WWL dot com and we're tracking polls -- our show. Also we're just talking about how the how the government or how society. Has taken Christmas away from you. I mean and I'd like to -- getting it a number of text on this and give back to abort your text here in just a moment from a rare O'Brien your under the WL a good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Want news we want peace in the game Christmas that -- Christmas. Chris is supposedly sober about it -- contribute they -- -- celebration. It is not. About to -- -- as. Yeah that's right I I agree with you he eats. Boost committee's. -- called Christmas tree. A Brian I would agree with you Reid doesn't bother me that the name was changed but it does seem to be kind of pointless to some degree because if if I'm offended by Christmas I'm not gonna go to celebration in the -- because there's a bunch -- Christmas stuff they're. It probably amnesty right now but that doesn't that. Encourage that person to do it we. Well as many people think from. So should. Okay. Everything to do who choose another. -- And -- is that. We kind of -- that we can't say anything about. That ultimately. Those you know crisis in his. While Brad Bryant do you know the the -- -- you don't you obviously don't know the origin of Texas -- and is used is not replacing Christ it it goes back to. An abbreviation it was simply originally an abbreviation and it wasn't taxing out the word Christ. It was an abbreviation and the word. Ky the -- -- the first letter in Christ in the Greek alphabet so. The the original motivation behind xmas was not malicious it was not to take crisis at a Christmas it was in every day. -- issues that. It was good -- I. Look I'm a Christian Brian and sometimes if I went right today and abbreviations sometimes I actually white Christmas if I'm. If I'm making notes to do the show sometimes I'll -- xmas incentive of Christmas but that doesn't change my faith and understand the point -- making about something like celebration the jokes that but it doesn't change viewed as it. -- no doubt. That still lives. You know. Beat out constitution. Separation which while I understand that but if the government does it. -- -- Fortunately. You that's what it. Did so we can't have anything to do collections grew only. You can look here this is another this is. Brian Bryant Bryant classic Chrysler Brian Brian Bryant Christ is not out of schools. -- It is thirty years. -- -- -- -- So to amnesty to eat and make sure it -- produce. I honestly I honestly believe that somebody should challenge that because the Supreme Court ruling is that schools as government entities cannot lead the prayer. But students can actually pray. And I I agree with you want a lot of this idol to people should be so offended by. Whether it's Christmas or Chanukah or a mosque people shouldn't be offended by. There's no way we talked about this yesterday with a sagging pants there's no way you're gonna go through life and not be offended by something so everybody needs to just you know. This apparently joking and -- because. Most people eat as well -- originated. Well out. Well -- but but that but if they don't know how to reach and -- that they're not wearing the sagging pants for that reason so why would you say that they are. They are pretending to be prisoners. I. It's difficult to opening it does not content. Is that -- it's it's not a cultural thing the it is a cultural thing it's not something that you don't like an idiot if you're offended by that if you're offended by that Brian I would say okay say the same thing to yourself that you say to those who were offended by Christmas in the oaks. It doesn't matter you're offended by it so -- just a look at. No -- and then -- Know Brian we allow the media to change us and that's what I think we need to focus on as a society as consumers of the media we allow the media to change us and and and that's why I bring up this topic about is there really a war on Christmas or is it more media -- We we should talk about how the media is manipulating us and not allow that to happen right I'm glad to call the show. I I don't think the media turns people conservative or liberal. I think you'd you'd seek the media that most reflects who you are politically ideals ideologically. If you're conservative you might tend to be watching fox if you're live what you might tend to watch MSNBC. That does those networks don't really change you do things. I'm student for Garland we're coming right back on WWL is the war on Christmas real or is it more media heights I'm scooter for a -- we've been talking about that this morning and that's the subject to dispute blog which is -- turning on our website right now you can -- and share with others coming out if you like -- we'll try to get -- some of those comments by the way I am doing the show today in as -- Jersey. A Seahawks Jersey because the the agreement was if if the saints won. A guy in Seattle at radio station KI SW. It was gonna have to Wear tasters a year sixty shirt. -- the Seahawks won and we know what happened and I said I would do it I'm honoring my word we have sent that out on a tweet it's also on our FaceBook page. Yes me and -- I don't like wearing a Seattle's Jersey tonight did state that I would do it and it's on our FaceBook page. WL radio and also you can't comment on whether or not you think the saints are going to bounce back. Here's a text that -- Chanukah is going on right now you haven't mentioned it today. It hasn't hurt me one bit uncomfortable with what I believe I don't have to cry. Here's attacks the war on Christmas is made up by Fox News period and -- and I've got an example of why that is the issue is is true. And what Fox News has a right to do this this is born observation of the media that it is it criticism a Fox News but I think it's designed to create hysteria. Among the audience as opposed to being something that is is factual and real. And we just tried to two to reduce it down to world -- in and talk about how. The government has taken Christmas away from you -- -- the government comes into your house. And tells you about the decorations you can and can't put up if the government or somebody comes into your house intelligent you can't sing Christmas carols. Let me know about that. From New Orleans Marie year and a BWL. Thank you protect and there's not do a comment about pitching bad and I agree with you totally that it is and in our. I can't tell you articulate. When it the other people celebrating the lower -- day of Christmas. It's very special but I think there's another dimension of that. And -- is freedom the freedom to be able to units which America Ali match it's what we were built. And -- that their little. They're being taken are -- and -- being taken away a little bit at a time. And I'm. Who's doing numbering. One that said that they have their big Republican presidents have been Democrats in the White House have been conservatives and liberals that have been. On making laws -- and in Washington in the White House and on Capitol Hill over the years this has been going on for a long time so who exactly is doing. While it is the first time that it has ever been done. No Marie did this in the -- and yet. And in the fact that you know bad debt it's just. Canceling her trying to camp. Maria -- -- -- not for years I talk about this every year. And I talked about this when George Bush was in office. It's it's just exploding and it's bad and it makes me. Four. Listen I you know I think that's a topic for another show and I've talked about it before as well we should not and I don't mean you're in need and as a country we should not. And agree that we need to stop being so sensitive is -- like OK you don't like Merry Christmas well you know big what you know so what -- -- don't don't pay attention to it. However I'm not offended by having holidays and I understand and I think it's more. -- driven by the idea of attracting and including more consumers than it is about trying to remove Christ from Christmas. Well I'm out that that's why we're here you need are oh in UK and nobody can stop you from doing that marine. Well it hit it hit in a way it's -- -- I think there at that it is an added dimension that just the dimension of the starting to lose things it can market wrap that way. And and and it's not that it's not. You know you're going to change our people who have a sperm bank. That's not an app it yet it's just. Bad -- the -- that joy is being people you know belt is it sort of other people enjoy Christmas it's it's great. Well I see all around me I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm sorry to hear songs in church and I see you know canal street Maria going to call a show where I live downtown like icy Christmas decorations every day -- -- that makes me happy. So how was the -- Christmas taken Christmas away from you. I'm studio for Garland will be right back get -- got scope we're about to get into the afternoon here as you know some very cold weather is heading in this direction giving us a chance of rain today released through the weekend. Here's an update on our -- W a pretty -- opinion poll this doesn't happen very often. I'm the question is do you think the war on Christmas is real or media hype. It's 5050 last time I checked 50% say it's real 50% say. It's media -- Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I am getting a number of -- about a comment I made a moment ago about why they are our no longer living nativity scenes of the will be used to see a repeat on the right now but I'm gonna tweeted out. It during -- news if you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- scoot. The BW well and we always welcome those if you were listening and you're Smartphones computers and your talents I'm running at a time this hour we'll continue this conversation into the next hour. Also I I -- address and a number of recent articles that have been written that are designed to show that there is really a war on Christmas. And I think there's a way to address each of these things and point out that the war on Christmas really may be more media hype that it is reality. And since -- the audience and and we feed the media and the media feeds us I think is important for us to to realize that. Sometimes we as a nation get caught up in hysteria. Supposed to reality. So we'll continue this discussion in the next -- of your -- stay -- -- More of your calls and more of your text are coming up next -- and for Garland on this Thursday morning on WW well.

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