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WWL>Topics>>12-5-13 12:10pm Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 3

12-5-13 12:10pm Scoot: on the war on Christmas, hour 3

Dec 5, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the "war on Christmas" is real or just media hype.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Things change in the weather is on the way game good afternoon excuse me and for Garland. You might be stuck in traffic on the causeway here on the interstate to -- to keep you updated on those traffic issues and if you're at you know seven you can do about it. I if you're at a total stopped by guests. Maybe you could talk on your home Wednesday even if you're creeping along at -- they don't don't be attempted attacks because that could lead to another accident. And make things even worse. If you just soreness -- the talking about the war on Christmas. It comes up every year at this time especially on on Fox News and this is an observation Fox News has has a right to do it. But I couldn't help but wonder if this is really -- war on Christmas or if it's more. Media -- You know let's remember that the the news media benefits from controversy. And therefore it's beneficial to create controversy. Here's OWW a pretty general opinion poll this afternoon. Do you think the -- Christmas is real or media -- 52% say it's real and 40% say it's media hype. I give your opinion by going to WWL dot com -- -- blog today is titled is there really a war on Christmas. And it if you haven't thought about this I think it's really portrait and I don't hear enough talk about this in the media. Especially the mainstream. National media I don't hear enough talk about the media analyzing itself. And and warning those who. Who consumed the media. If the media manipulates you think you actually allowed the media to manipulation. And isn't really Warren Christmas. You know I I'm not -- I'm not naive -- I realize the things that changed in our society because of political correctness. Political correctness really started out as a as a way of being sensitive to others but he has gotten totally out of control. But I still have to go back and and and think about. The hysteria that has surrounded the idea that there reasonable there's a war on Christmas and that the government is trying to take. Christ and god in your feet away from you. And I'd like to know how the government has done it. Have you was an individual lost any of your faith because of the government. Because there's not a with living nativity scene somewhere. Or because there's not a Christmas tree somewhere or because Christmas carols are not sung in school. I don't like that and I don't think anybody should be offended by Merry Christmas. And -- non believer or or not of the Christian faith. And you don't celebrate Christmas -- an atheist. So watch so we say Merry Christmas big deal but should not offend you. But above all of that they're there seems to be this concern that somehow Christmas is being taken away from us and I really don't think it is. You can read a blog in -- which year Christian and non Christian friends and you might totally disagree with me and there's a place at the end of the blog on our web -- to give your comment. -- is it is it really Warren Christmas. It's a WW dot -- front page under our opinions if you wanna join our show with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. In a text number 677. Here's a Texan -- the biggest threat to Christmas is that the government it's consumerism. Christmas is losing its spirit of thankful list and family. And being replaced with half price TDs. And deals on Alexis. I would think that it's it's fair to point out that. If if a company says happy holidays. Instead of Merry Christmas. That's driven by consumers. Not an attempt to take Christ out of Christmas. It's driven to include more consumers if you're a business don't you want as many people in your stories possible. And I understand that nobody should be offended by Merry Christmas. But I think maybe we misinterpret. Why we say happy holidays. We we've we've heard about two Christmas in the oaks becoming celebration the jokes. Well it's it's a Christmas displays so -- really that offended by Christmas which you really go to celebration in the oaks I would think so. But as a Christian as somebody who celebrates Christmas I got offended by eight celebration if it doesn't take anything away from me. And this this war on Christmas can actually be traced back to 1959. When the right wing organization the John Birch Society issued a pamphlet titled they're goes Christmas. It was a warning about a Communist plot. To remove all Christmas decorations from the American society. And replace them with United Nations symbols. The concern that the US would be taken over by the UN is something that especially aided by today's social media. Is is it is another paranoid fear running across this country that the US is positioning itself to be taken over by the United Nations. And that feeds into somebody controversies that come up -- did debate for gun control. The American Family Association. I'm very conservative group and they're not the only one others and individuals have done this as well. The criticized the use of xmas. A an -- it's it's removing its taxing out the -- Christ in Christmas. Well that's the current date interpretation based on what I think is media hysteria. Xmas was originally a simple abbreviation for Christmas. And the -- cross of Christ the DX is the Greek letter for high. Which is the first letter in Christ. But they are those who want to believe that it's designed to take -- Christ from Christmas wouldn't that really was not the original intent. -- John your WWL good afternoon. Issue. What were Jews and use our society. And its -- -- for a government to proselytize for your religion. So I think. I attended public school Los Angeles or -- in the sixties. We've got a government sanctioned prayer in school. And prevent it from -- silently toward ourselves part of it detached. On that is one of the big amiss interpretations of the approved moving prayer from public schools people are hysterical about that kids can pray. Your kids can -- the school as a government entity. According to the Supreme Court ruling in the early sixties the school simply can't lead the prayer. Now I think students should be able to include religious references in there odd speeches that they make -- in in in certain schools and gatherings as long as the school is not leading it. And I think those those things could be challenged because the the Supreme Court ruling if I'm not mistaken. Is it strictly based on the idea that the school can't lead the prayer. I agree with that -- what was it about your charge as I start averaging Muslim prayers. All Christians to be very happy about that and more Muslim society per -- in our society. I -- out there you just don't know. Because you're very quiet group. John you're right about that these are good points you know if you if you want the government to sanction christianity then you would have to also be accepting of the government sanctioning other religions and and do you really want that. And you know I guess I'm just a little confused as to hi all. How Christmas or how your faith has been taken away from you if you wanna join our show this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. In a text numbers 877. Also this -- we'll talk about a new poll that shows that fewer Americans. Say that most people cannot be trusted. Do you trust people. And can you be trusted. And which comes first your mistrust of people are people doing things that cause you to mistrust that we'll talk about that and more of your comments coming up next. Under -- WL. All right we're just getting word that the causeway southbound has been reopened however because they Jack knifed truck you know this quite filled up there. And also what are reminds you that there is there's an accident in traffic as closures traffic news. A close to I ten heading into the CVB from Metairie. Underscore this -- flipped over there. Carol it's so everybody out there is drive carefully if -- that traffic can find an alternate -- airline highway is always good it is basically parallels the interstate coming into the city and it's a lot of people are going to be using -- of that media crowded but you know we were talking about since. The Seattle Seahawks fans set a record for this the wildest crowd noise at 137 point six decimals. The game Monday night against the saints and let's be honest they had -- lot to cheer about. Since they set a record we were talking about trying to set the record in the Mercedes-Benz superdome Sunday night. I've learned that there are. There are panels in the dome. That make the dome of who strictly policing for not only football games. But also for concerts. So while we know we -- -- It might be. Technically. Not possible to break the record. We know we're allowed I I got particularly from somebody who was at the game in Seattle. And they said that that some of the Seahawks fans. Work cutting the ends off of their crops. And using them as megaphones. Or you just take a piece of paper. And -- you could just take a piece of paper in the dome Sunday. And instead of just you know shouting you could -- -- you can make your -- little microphone. And you can just do you -- So yes that would be a possibility but since that there are these panels in the dome that might. Make -- don't acoustic -- leasing for concerts may be it's impossible for us to actually set the record but we know we're lout but here's something that that we do notice about. Like Seattle fans for example. Sometimes it's what's the game gets going. Saints fans are not always. As proactive. As as they could be. You know my brother says that if you're in the stands. You have a position to play on defense. Don't wait for something happened don't wait for to be third and four to get noisy. And the beginning of the game fans or or more aggressive with their with their noise. But you know maybe -- without losing your voice or are straining yourself. Maybe we can all make a little more noise. Really throughout the game when ever the defense is on the field because it's our our place and I agree with my brother on this we we have a position to play. In the game when we're in the stance. So don't wait for it to be third and fourth third 51 ever to make a lot of noise on. Make noise and really throughout the game and don't just wait for that the perfect situation also by the way -- I actually got some criticism. On because I'm sitting here. Wearing a Seahawks Jersey because that's what that the debt was with the guys -- KI SW in Seattle if the saints won they were gonna have to Wear. A saints T shirt or Jersey. And take a picture of a tweet it out on their FaceBook page for the radio station and if the Seahawks won which they did that I agreed to Wear a C publisher. So I got to Seattle's Jersey on which we have a picture earlier it's on our FaceBook page. WWL radio and also you can comment on whether or not you think the saints are going to bounce back become part of that conversation at WWL. Radio on FaceBook are also we have tweet it to the guys in Seattle at KI SW. They have -- weeded out so at least they know that it's dead I'm an honorable person. Because I guess a constructive to get away without doing anything but I can't wait to the show went to 1 o'clock and Angela comes in here. And I can take this Seattle's Jersey off. I here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll do you think the war on Christmas is real or media -- 52% say it's real 48% say it's media -- I will get back to two more of this and I'll get to your calls are just a moment -- we get to a couple of these text. I'm here is a text that reads I don't believe there's a war on Christmas. Considering that it's celebrated around the world it's just a plot for Fox News. Two. -- up there listen their viewers. I mean there isn't a war on Easter I feel businesses are just taking the Christ out of Christmas to push more products and broadened their demographics during the shopping season. And I mentioned this earlier I I think if you you've looked at the the reason. The reasons behind happy holidays. It's designed to be more inclusive doubt that offense a lot of people. And I I do understand it. But if you're if you're a business trying to include as many consumers as possible why not say. Why not say. Happy holidays rather than Merry Christmas because it's really more about consumerism that it is about removing Christ from Christmas up from -- Debra you're under the WL. I would dimension. What the record. Shuttle. I mean. Should mayor click that. And celebrate court. Do anymore look at GB and don't look at a commercial -- and he. They. Were given to -- -- Work in -- work directly with people. Issue. It ain't duke again. -- -- -- And it is so it's okay with your employer -- to say Merry Christmas. It's okay to. Eat and oh it's -- their crack at -- and didn't understand. -- TV. Commercials and and GP. Couldn't stand. Why why why. Why did you why did you go through life as a young person and not not celebrate Christmas. Apparently. -- robbery at arbor east at age angle you. Can't eat. They are very well at each other. Than they are. We. Old rule. That. DOE. Be sure you. Can. That one -- one -- to me at the entry. Like at its current -- me you know and. Evernote and -- nobody's gonna take that spirit away from you which is says beautiful. No no no because in baggage that. Is given to the world. Right apple told the world. -- -- I appreciate you calling. And very Merry Christmas. Christmas doesn't live in the decorations that Christmas doesn't live in the living nativity scenes Christmas does it. Live in. Christmas trees on public property Christmas hasn't lived in the Christmas carols sung in public schools. Christmas lives in our hearts. And in our minds and nobody can take that away from us. I'm -- for girl ever come right back with more durable stay with us and here's a WWL news updates we have Chris Miller. Do you think the war on Christmas is real or is its media hype here's an update on -- WW a pretty Jack what meaningful. 51% a slight majority say it's real and 49% say it's media hype you can give us your opinion by going to our website -- W real dot com. I'm here is a text about delays in the Mercedes-Benz superdome the fan should start cheering when the other team is in the huddle agree first down second down third. I'm not being critical but you know let's let's be honest we we could be a little more vigilant when it comes to making noise and by the way I'm one of those who could be more vigilant. In all right I'm at the games in the dome on. Taking notes because I'm gonna talk about it on the year -- -- -- remember some of the things that that it happens sort of talk about it as accurately as possible. And and I find myself not making as much noise as I could so I will try and be a little more vigilant that. In in future games. Here is. Am I taxed that reads. I'm aware of Iowa -- appliance repair business include my customers with happy holidays. This is simply because my customers are of all beliefs. And do not want to offend anyone this is not a consumer oriented I only want to be friendly and respectful. I am Catholic and to all my Christian friends and family its Merry Christmas I think happy holidays is a good equalizer. And again I think there's this hysteria that -- is surrounded this idea of -- happy holidays Assad Merry Christmas. Well OK so -- As somebody who celebrates Christmas when -- -- happy holidays I think Merry Christmas. I think I think Christmas. And happy holidays does it include everybody. It also extends right on through New Year's. Thought we shouldn't be so offended by now I would also say that we shouldn't be offended if if you don't like Christmas -- you shouldn't be offended by Merry Christmas. But if you celebrate Christmas to be hysterical about somebody saying happy holidays. And they're there's a call for from the American Family Association call for a boycott of all I'd be ready on RadioShack stores. For a month. Because on their website they refer to holiday deals. Holiday gift packs. On holiday gift guys I think is and holiday cash rather than Christmas deals. Christmas. Gift -- in Christmas cash -- from New Orleans Mark -- WWL. That is you have -- later on. The oh and you didn't contribute to creation and street people -- -- neck. And create their own -- and the director down straight down the field. And they'll cut they'll say vocal chords and they'll put more sound down field so that. That video way to make noise. And you could you could you could. Make your own megaphone out of a cup of some people apparently did that in Seattle and that they were code section people have said that they were at the game. They were doing a lot of the most important one -- and find themselves in the dome. And a field goal kickers and kick and kick -- game tying or game went fuel. And went there aren't -- All Saints fans should know -- grabbed it and making it really noisy. And -- -- impacts on the field it is if that don't went completely quiet. Joked that the deal was about to cry. I totally agree with you because they. That would be so foreign to them that the silence would be deafening. I hit a -- we thought that we could figure out a way to get the entire -- to be quiet. It would be right at the last -- the last second call so much awaited. Mark I think it's brilliant and it's something that we should look at it and hopefully won't come down to that but if it ever comes down to that in your in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and think about this suggestion. Be totally quiet because that's pilots would be deafening to a field goal kicker archaeologically shows nationalistic. I here's a text to scoot you really bought a real short and didn't make one glad you're doing -- yes that yesterday just gonna make as Seattle's pitcher from the teacher. I'm glad you're doing it right good you're not the -- not the chief blank. Like you wanted to be -- could well I have to admit something. I borrow it. I borrowed the Steelers Jersey that I am wearing in the studio -- by a line. But I also didn't make one and we've got the picture in the proof that I'm honoring my word here. On our FaceBook page at W if -- already. In for Garland I'm skewed timber coming right back Clinton be if you fail. Because you can afford to wait -- -- you can't afford not to listen. The news talk and sports leader the big 871053. WW LF and WWL. Dot com. There is still a lot of traffic out there be a problem on the I ten heading into this dvd for battery output car there that has been taking care of but I think there's still only one lane open they're so that's gonna be backed up. And the causeway because of -- on the causeway -- himself well there was a Jack knifed eighteen Wheeler. That he is has now -- because one lane is now open in both directions and I believe there's there's a convoy going on there yourself. I just keep that in mind it's gonna take you a little longer to get -- get across the -- so and that. Some criticism for for wearing this this Seahawks Jersey. And if there's somebody wants to be critical of the fact that that I under my words. Win I've I've talked to these guys in UCL KI SW. Then at the instance so be it. -- if it if you're looking for recent two not to hate or to be critical well that's fine and if you don't see beyond the fact that I'm I'm wearing his Jersey for a reason if you just seen me wearing your Jersey look I'm I'm a saints I got a text -- do you Wear the Seattle Jersey. To saints games. Well that's one of the dumbest -- I've ever received. Here's a text. You can't take it away meaning their Christmas the more Christ is taken out of Christmas the more it destroys the fabric of christianity. It what it hurts. And Christians to be shut out and silenced it hurts us and does affect us. How has. The government or how was anybody silenced you. You know you nobody has has has yet to explained today how they have become collateral damage. In the Warren Christmas. And Christ is to -- Crisis. Is still as much a part of Christmas as he always has been and there are people who have become hysterical thinking that -- since Obama took now -- been doing this a long time. I talk about this every year you know the the the war on Christmas used to be prefer to -- campaign of taking Christ out of Christmas. This has been going on for decades. This goes on whether there's a Republican or Democrat in the White House and yet. Again much of it is through social media but some people become just so hysterical. About the direction of this country. When. It's not the media it's not the -- it's you. You have the power to take this country in the right direction. A commander bill -- you're under the WL. It. -- kind of breaking up their let's see if we still have. Our. -- you're breaking up really badly I'm gonna I'm gonna put you on hold and let's see if that if things skipped a little better here just a moment a coming up next from one to four it's Angela radio doesn't get more interesting -- the Angelina show today and Angela. A Tom Fitzmorris is gonna talk about the restaurant -- New Orleans and how it's getting national attention in -- Thomas quoted an article in the New York Times. About the number of restaurants in New -- more than before Katrina. And what are your top two favorite restaurants casual and dressy. And what's your favorite neighborhood spot. Don't miss Angela an open mind with the legendary Angela hill today and we case went to four here -- WWL a for the West Bank Charlie your -- WL. -- Yes it was really a you are Christians Alton and it should be healed. -- stork like -- more that -- not and stores that didn't. Did not display Christmas and just just -- and that it would be on. -- -- -- like that they would. Utilities and it's not this story -- -- matter of money and Christian -- -- well for planes that should church pew every Sunday morning 10200. -- -- distilled down. Vote in so it really upset about it and a crisis and they would boycott the stores and would be done to bring it to the big. There I I think it's a good point I'd agree with you I don't think it's a bigger deal -- there's a series of articles that I've I've found yesterday at the foxnews.com. And no one of one article is titled war on Christmas Alabama to consider Merry Christmas dale. A state senator in Alabama. -- per -- to bill that would give teachers the right to say Merry Christmas to their students but critics say they're not even sure the teachers need to. Permission so again. Hysteria. Here's another. Article is a series it to foxnews.com. New Jersey school bans religious Christmas music. Oh that's nothing new that's been going on for a long time that's been criticism for many many years and over the years have you lost your faith. Have you lost your love of Christmas carols if you wanna hear Christmas carols you can go to church or you can find places to -- Christmas carols you can get. You can get CDs. And play Christmas carols whenever you -- -- -- mark let's go to this next break with a really nice religious Christmas Carol. Here is another article in the series of articles. Salvation Army volunteer using smaller bill after a business owner complains. This seems like a big deal about nothing. OK sometimes maybe the bills at the Salvation Army. Candles maybe they can be a little out but this is not a reason to believe that there's this war on Christmas. So okay so a business complaints and I can see if if you were in the proximity of that -- It may be it is a little flat out so the person is using a smaller breast now here is another article at fox news' Erica. And I -- not attacking Fox News this is something that they promote they promote the -- Christmas. I'm just analyzing whether or not it's medium height for it's it's real on this article is titled Georgia school confiscate Christmas -- And at the school was surprised that the Christmas cards that the teachers put up on the walls. Had been taken down a confiscate. Wealth to -- separation of church and state. And that's nothing -- here's a text Reno deceiving -- Nevada says goodbye to the Christmas tree hello to the holiday. But this is nothing new this has been going on for a long time and has sold what it it's a Christmas tree. And as that Chris is a Christian is somebody celebrate Christmas and offended if they called a holiday tree -- -- -- a Christmas when I look at it it's a Christmas tree. Here's another article in this series homeowners ordered to remove Christmas lights. In Orange County California. And some homeowners were told to take down their outdoor Christmas lights because. They were an obstruction and violate the county code ordinances. OK then don't live in the neighborhood. But that's not really an attack on Christmas Day and it's one of the of that Orange County California is a very pristine Tony okay. And then maybe they have some very strict rules when it comes in neighborhoods just to see how that constitutes a war on Christmas. I'm scoot it for girls and we'll be back. Here's breaking news that prosecutors in Tallahassee Florida say that there will be no charges filed against the Florida State quarterback. You'll hear more about them to hear that because you know there's a final update on our gonna get you -- pretty Jack -- meaningful today. -- think the war on Christmas is real or media hype it's been very close all day 49% say it's real 51% say it is a media hype. And discuss blog today at WW over comments about whether or not to the war Christmas is real. And you can read that it shared -- it to be -- -- held to account -- Ginnie -- at a delicate time for real -- comment before I get to the news. Yeah real quick. You know I think the real warriors the war against -- corrections and rather than a war -- christianity your -- extra Christmas itself. I mean I -- -- -- seems to me that Christine Neumann at this point it analysts or merit and on our country and I broke Archie I have a Stanley. You know on the beat in. I mean I grew up a person household but I don't believe my -- partly to police on anymore and that's basically what we're doing here -- They'll talk Christian right in there -- things that -- year excluding everyone else aren't. And we you have a right country to believe what we want and and do follow our that the police -- -- hey I grant you that bothers a lot of time and it bothers a lot of people as well Angela is coming up next. Olympic executive producer -- -- -- assistant producer. I'm Helen since Kenny Anderson the producer mark Bernard had a great day -- -- in for Garland but you Orleans. BC news talk and sports leader -- -- 870 WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL FM and HD 110 in New Orleans and WWL dot com.