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WWL>Topics>>12-5 4:35pm Kristian Garic, Saints Practice report

12-5 4:35pm Kristian Garic, Saints Practice report

Dec 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm now for today's practice reported that we bring in the Saints haven't reporter Christian Eric Christie Garrett won on Twitter at. Christian the right -- -- on the injury front for the Saints at a Sunday's match up with the Panthers. Offensive lineman Zach -- limited at practice today with an ankle injury he did not practice -- was listed as did not practice yesterday. So bit of an upgrade for him defensive lineman Broderick Bunkley. And England Foster missing practice today knee and ankle injuries holding Bunkley and Foster out and -- few off field bush. All of linebacker -- that Dawson also did not practice here is the opening statement from coach Sean Payton. -- -- -- Thursday but for us we really treated exactly like what a job base Wednesday with our installation. -- or 4 meetings in the morning. The Saints and Panthers are one and two in the NFL in time of possession a key stat for Sunday. Conversion on third down I think both teams are converting third downs both teams defensively are getting off the field I think that'll be important statistic. Will lead to time of possession will lead to. You know scoring opportunities so there's a number of things but I think the third down statistical be important the Panthers just over 33 minutes composition. Per ball in the Saints just over 32 minutes Payton talked about the growth of quarterback Cam Newton and his third season as the Panthers. Signal caller number one is protecting the football extremely well. They do a great job what -- give away take away ratio where all the top teams in the league. I think he's. Very instinctive. When it comes to you know people who say well he can make plays with the speed I think the thing that's very difficult is him. On the move making decisions down the field or deciding to run I think he is very good instincts when it comes to. Finding receivers. Extending plays nine in three verses nine and three no -- Farrar -- speeches this -- as quarterback Drew Brees. They're real or sit here. And -- games left you're tied with Carolina. Would play into the next four through history. We north station this is all for the division title. And the Saints offense struggling just a bit they've scored one touchdown and -- last nineteen offensive possessions come -- seven point. Performance last week against Seattle one. James does not set them back -- game does not change our mindset. Our confidence level our attitude. Anyway. Last week -- review here really great day of practice today and look at -- put together a great game plan for the stricken. As you just heard from Drew Brees confidence level -- Saints not shaken. After that blowout loss to Seattle. We still we still no word great football team. We still know that everything we want to achieve this is right out of you know and all the things that happen again -- things we can fix things that we identify what the fix. We don't lack. Talent they're real lack. Certainly be the effort intelligence and want to. But with the the Saints defense is on the football turnovers the theme this week against the Panthers plus you gotta make them forcible and make forced fumbles make him go pass he doesn't want to throwing. -- -- -- -- You know -- we're looking Duke Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton talk about the turnovers statistic Carolina plus ten in particularly giveaway ratio Saints coming in at plus three. A little bit more intense this week for the Saints in the defense have to give him 34 points last week or more from Curtis Lofton you get two more sudden you have to some different you know. What are your own dude give yourself an edge and just move Morgan on. -- -- for the -- That wraps up here at -- get the black and gold back on the practice field tomorrow getting ready for Sunday's NFC south showdown. With the Carolina Panthers back to beat -- for more sports talk live from voters that matter. -- every week. He -- the coaches and the players say it it's a big game because it's a knicks' biggest game in its own schedule and I think that is done. Is and it just have to be also true maybe for the Saints this week in the of the team because of what they have last week. And what they had this week if you look over the course the -- special this time a year. No one has had back in the rankings like that what number one was on the line in number one your division. Was on alignment and I think that's why -- here -- I'll think it's coach speak in -- -- say that they look we won eight straight but. This is the biggest game because it's the next biggest -- snap it if it means does it mean more short means more because. The winner of this game will have him -- a leg up in the NFC south and happy inside track so to speak out of south but the number two seed. So this is a very big game but players treat every game that way. Significantly big -- becoming for the reasons you stated. In on how likely do not gonna get the he is not gonna get an oval seat and he can pretty much I forget that he had a chance on this the Seattle at the bottom out like if if you want -- rough not exactly a -- -- and a half game lead again it can happen. In -- one in three and it lands for I don't think -- done yet and and ultimately. If the Saints can go the biggest blue Carolina and I even just there. Go there wanna want him in 31 in the back corner of the schedule that'll be good for the two C a deal on the tiebreaker over the the niners over the the Panthers obviously. And anybody else in the NFC. So and it's significantly big because ultimately to you don't wanna have to do to Carolina. In two weeks. If you already lost old. With the divisional lines at their place especially considering the Saints have been average on the road are below average. All the growth this season they have not closed face the facts they have not played well. Traditionally they have on -- shopping but this year and they have not played well on the road so it's it's a big one and and I think the -- to rebound. Pretty resoundingly. This Sunday I mean look at them this is a tough Carolina Panthers team. And a lot of ways they -- -- football I'm playing great defense. Scoring defense -- -- personally. But you know they're playing at home and it's just that such a as you know as we all know. Such a significant advantage for this football team they're different. Inside embassy's been super. Christian now what you guys have come at a vote tomorrow on a double obviously. Talk quite a bit about the latest from Davis Winston in. He's not being charged in a sexual assault scandal in. Also a preview the ACC championship game no it's not going to be doesn't figure to be much of one we've booked on the SEC champs of game earlier that we can. Certainly the Big Ten championship game. Has a lot align in terms of national title implications as well but preview the ACC championship games in the the game in a freefall Friday you'll also continue breaking down. -- Saints and Panthers on Sunday. That is Saints and support Christie -- and Christie -- won -- on to a Christian ninety points or any game kimono you know. I really wanna see coach easier cousy they Saltalamacchia and -- -- -- or -- they got level right. Is that a fair and don't via. You know attempted to go there. I mean listened. You know you know us. I kind of a soft spot for coach -- can and what he's they'll do and followed his career a little bit -- as a coach in the couple -- that employs -- to voice nearly 819 can't make an appointment at the -- I I got several favorites if you will the that's all right but you know I'll pull for each day in the Warriors and that they got to play perfect go to beat -- and that's -- -- A fine program and a typically you see them but you know I'll be at him on the if I can be biased that -- school level that's that's kind of where my bias leads. And Kristian -- one on go to saint Sendai airport Christian thank you so much when I beat him are no -- -- right -- -- -- debut with sports talk beat at a course like crown All Saints players show hero at saint radioed at UW at.

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