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WWL>Topics>>12-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

12-6 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 6, 2013|

Dave talks about sudden cold, Saints/Panthers, and air sex

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the sixth of December 2000 man third. Then 33. IA after a gives me great pleasure to tell you. I'll go so if I. And. The Arabs. All -- Okay okay okay how. Yeah well -- again and -- that is who has no grade. During the -- no tomorrow. Going and going. Fifth -- -- observe it there may be some kind of press -- -- a hot this morning. A lot. Got to climb back and get back on the -- I have toll that again. Yeah I have gotten over it it really was just like a bad bad dream. Yeah but I know several serious thing it's not a not a serious thing I know that those of you aware that like in golf every day while -- hanging onto -- have all the black -- Christmas -- Butler and you know the alternate you know -- cars all that god percent think. Through. Obviously as recently as yesterday were still damp that down to earth and about. That everyone's over it and I'm over. I've put that behind us and I'm looking forward to ban it. I think its fiftieth race. You'll be able -- on football game. I think we're gonna put up for fights and gays and be right and it Vegas as the -- for NF whatever -- -- So. That's a good thing they know something about two points for being at home usually -- -- pre snap there you very slight. Advantage the same time that this and that the better team by just small market and everybody knows Carolina who's been on fire you know it's. On fly yeah yeah. Then aren't we got -- in the if maybe we could just play the wounded animal thing I don't know. Yes that's -- Atlanta possible the idea that you don't want amassed growth and ultimately we will the weekend and hair you drop outs. -- Hope you guys asbestos that's now we're gonna hear from him on guard he says the answers are pretty much -- just like. -- I would she's asked him -- he -- the -- with a typical. That is that. Talked about that you realize this time -- to be thirty degrees colder than just aren't enough I didn't just amazing. I was looking at the weather map with the roof Derrick this morning and his. I -- word is it's not that far Y fronts right right right at. You could smell the front of them is coming right over Alexandria they got 42. What -- 7073. Reached yet -- dropped about thirty degrees tomorrow. Between now on this customize it's mostly gonna happen tonight yeah tonight you know you'll probably notice -- it leaving work. You know I think -- negatives are falling but on a pro football games are going to be gone one covering pre code yet if I have -- my -- -- a lot of stored on the suddenly it all I'd we will not overdo it -- that is -- -- that are there camper right after this we'll hear from a guy John and we'll get. Steve Geller in here with sports -- prediction it will that your prediction -- and -- in about. Twenty minutes right here at WWL -- -- -- them -- for the saints and the Panthers while -- the box office this weekend about a lot talked about. Welcome tough guy -- enjoy it it's a weekend regardless of a cold front regardless of what's going on with the -- resonating out. It's Friday in the can't take that away from us so the big sound of music live event here and it would not last night. -- Not put on our FaceBook page while it was time musicals love America. Because -- I -- either are huge musical fans or can't stand. One person taxes that now one person put on FaceBook page pardon me. As it can not stand musicals not that I love musicals most of the big fan of musicals but I can't seem to turn the channel. Who's trying to man. And -- as life should be a musical much more fun. -- -- -- -- listing the forecast but I do want and hope but the weather because it's gonna change dramatically in the next 24 hours. Rain out there this afternoon sits at 50% cloudy skies. We'll see those temperatures dropping after we start in the seventy's it'll fall into the sixties by the afternoon overnight lows will drop all the way down with a lower forties but thanks to a strong north wind. It will feel more like the 30s40%. Chance rain continues overnight and into Saturday. Saturday looks like a pretty cold day highs only near 46 that's strong north wind continues through Saturday. On Sunday we'll get some warmer air pushed in but we only make it back up to the sixty's chance of rain stays high through Sunday as well. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist there. Characterized as that front gets here this afternoon -- this evening at temperatures just got. Plummet to the bottom fallout and 2530 degree drop home cloudy 73 -- right now muggy. And windy at the airport and -- south went to fifteen miles an hour it's cloudy and 72 and slide down. It's actually your predictions today 7870. Saints Panthers. He's caller's right after he felt was all about morning sports on this. I -- happy Friday to -- Here's Steve thank you and happy Friday everyone well it's always a heated matchup between division rivals when the saints and Panthers meet -- sideline reporter Christian Garrett with the latest. On the big Sunday night showdown. No need for rah rah speeches this week for the saints is they host the Carolina Panthers Drew Brees and company know exactly what's on the line. Have a real or sit here. Performance left you're tied with Carolina blue -- through history we -- -- station this is also there's -- -- A key stat to watch in this game time of possession. The Panthers lead the league. With -- over 33 minutes. With the ball per contest the saints. Are right behind him with 32 minutes a game Kristian -- WWL sports Chad Henne threw two touchdown for the jaguars in a 27 to twenty win over the Texans on Thursday night football. Thirty gold jumbled -- -- look at it broke -- left side. Of Wal-Mart. City. It's now in Jacksonville. Chad -- hit the perfect touch. Jacksonville won their third straight game to improve to 49 walking in the Houston in their eleventh consecutive loss. -- Brazil has been dismissed from the LSU football team by coach -- miles the freshman running back has had several run ins with the law since September. And is wanted on charges in connection with a burglary near campus. Dominique brown scored on a two yard run and overtime for nineteenth ranked bull will stop Cincinnati on -- to beat the bearcats 31 to 24. Teddy Bridgewater finished with 255. Yards passing. And threw two of his three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. Florida State quarterback -- as Winston will not be charged with sexually assaulting a woman as the state attorney says there was not enough evidence to win a conviction. Winston has led the seminoles to a number one ranking and a shot at a national championship if they defeat duke on Saturday. And free agent reliever Brian Wilson has agreed to terms on 810 million dollar. One year contract to stay with LA Dodgers the former LSU tiger went to win one with a point 66 ERA over thirteen and two thirds innings. After missing the entire 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery he was the 2010 Major League leader in saves with 48. They have for our fans in the pro are the -- eight top five team in the NFL. And the black and gold -- 33 on the road this season yet confident they can get to the Super Bowl on the road in the playoffs I'm Steve Geller that your early morning look it's. -- and I wearing your prediction for. This Sunday night's game saints Panthers but first I want to listen to what -- guys -- video we have hosted both on our FaceBook page. And WWL back out. Are they gonna be able to do it against the Panthers Sunday. I think you'll see more of the same come Sunday even had the same type of our fans with another running quarterback -- -- team is getting better and a very stout defense. I'm not and a lopsided loss but one big advantage we get this week explained in the -- But it ain't gonna be easy so do the saints fans have any real hope of a black and gold Super Bowl this season who. Patent -- receipts through Seattle. I'm gonna say that can be difficult futile act -- Seattle on a bad day we'll watch him the other night. It's not like the saints had a tremendous amount of turnovers that are there really bad mistakes. I just think Seattle is and they're pretty darn good to me is the best team I've seen in fail this year. So to answer the question. It's going to be slam. And slam chances that the saints. Can return to the Super Bowl and it ain't going to be easy to beat the Panthers but he likes that there are common so does Vegas. Giving the saint 83 and a half point edge. If you were to -- money on this game Steve Geller what is your prediction for the saints. And the -- I guess some fallen right in line with the Vegas oddsmakers -- because I had the scenes -- in this 123 -- wanting. -- close match -- not easy because. The Panthers defense. One of the best. If dean destiny NFL right now just allowing thirteen points per game second in sacks second in interceptions. Only scored seven points against the Seattle defense which is not a note to go home field advantage is definitely in this one. -- super ball. Chances are slim -- what he said. I would have to agree with them depending on what happens. Obviously with Seattle down the road somehow -- end of faltering. And the saints in the getting home field advantage -- the playoff stuff we like their chances a lot more but going on the road it's. -- -- this team what does when this one. And then one more. At least get that second seed and see what happens yeah exactly one game at a time like coach always says thank you Steve once sportscasters I'm talking Egan and 25 minutes of -- -- -- WWL what do you folks think. What are the chances of the saints winning Sunday and returning to the Super Bowl. And musicals. Love him or hate to people have an opinion on that. I've played 7 good morning all right -- -- ready for a change in the weather it's muggy and breezy this morning by this time tomorrow about thirty degrees colder. Cloudy skies that 50% chance of rain out there for today -- captors dropping from the seventies in the sixties and then overnight it's going to be cold. On the north and South Shore will drop down to the low forties. Thanks to a strong north wind though fifteen to 25 miles an hour it's gonna feel more like the thirty's. -- the rain continues overnight at 40% and light showers are possible on Saturday to. High near 46. On Sunday we get to sixty degrees the chance of rain however goes up to 60%. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. -- Kemper I'm right now get this 73 at the airport 72 and -- out winds up to fifteen miles per hour this time tomorrow again. Cut that by about thirty degrees and McCain. Funny comment people you love musicals -- -- -- that after this box office at predictions and more. So one person tax and 878 that the avoid musicals like to play. You know that music with -- would acknowledge that I love that as much as I love being run over by a tow -- going to school month. I was -- love love love musicals I think it's a love hate thing that made them. Musicals are funny thing about people who love them -- -- -- one person which is the entire light their entire life would be if you can -- just for no reason where you go to break out the song and what it. That's gonna happen 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this sixth of December 2013. It's. Clearly gold TGI -- it gives me great honor and pleasure to tell you how calm -- if I. I am absolutely. The. Everyone how many okay okay okay. If you get a hand and feeling good about things. You know he's been here. And unequivocal get. On May ninth I'm shaking the nerves and and you -- fit that fed -- -- the Seattle Seahawks lost out of your mouth and are you ready do enjoyed some heat. A rope line and taste of victory yes. The big touchdowns. You think is gonna have big passes over the middle great runs -- we having dreams rolls rolls Graham -- and all not. -- It's got to happen. Dialogue guidance quote ain't nobody that they used as the Panthers are built pretty much like the Seahawks and there quarterback and running even better. Can't throw -- as well so they got the team. Tablets laptops whatever -- -- and -- happen yeah as there was that on the plane or whatever that went over the bounds again readiness. I don't think that the conservative -- I think every ravens had the -- -- here while that's true and I and and it's the coaching your knowledge is. There's been criticism there -- literally doctors the Seahawks game. Prediction that's her naive said saints by three biggest thing clicked in and hope is an ankle -- I'm gonna -- saints -- three. And you seem to think could be several nights going -- hold yeah I think we're gonna try to put up some points there are gonna put up some points and we just need to turn overs so bad. A picture so fumble once to -- something like package in the whole game federal under the -- best defense in the and I -- -- Davidson I think it. My three as well -- out to be the popular prediction. Sticking with what the Vegas oddsmakers at that they were at or near close and last game to yet appear in their nails are already low cover a mob -- Let's talk about the box office and now. Not a lot to offer this weekend is in terms of new movies except one that has some people excited. Christian -- Casey -- guys that we sell about that Woody Harrelson and out of the furnace yeah drama thriller. That looks like it's that pretty wild when Rodney pays mysteriously disappears on fourth and failed to follow through his older brother Russell takes matters into his own hands define justice. The only big new -- opening. The new movie going up against the Hunger Games catching fire which is number one right now. Frozen the war. The best man holiday and homefront in that order and then carried -- we get lots of new huge blockbuster start next next right here this week who's going to be on top when it's all that well to personally I think this furnace there might be it sounds like good gritty kind of movies that I'd like to say but as far as -- -- and -- -- I don't see it happening for for furnace. I think you you're frozen presentation our game yeah I think it's gonna pop back -- with the holidays giving even closer. That's not a bad it's a musical we've been talking about musicals and people love him or hate him after last night's sound of music -- On TV. But edited -- musical cartoons and he -- he says frozen beat tiger games that don't forget we got Hobbits. Next week. Along with Tyler Perry's some idea Christmas the weekend after that anchorman two and American hustle along with saving mr. banks. And walking with dinosaurs 3-D so I'm -- huge blockbusters common. In the next few weeks thank you that we'll talk to about 25 minutes more sports here on more news Europe -- WWL. AM mass -- back I'm Chris Miller joins us to talk in sports the saints. That's sports Steve -- up. With sports after week one over the Eyewitness News forecast center and check in with. The departing. Mr. meteorologist. Eric camera. Arctic and -- farewell to use that are well thank you. It is your last day joining us here on WWL radio broadcasting on WW LTV as well and what it data and you're going now from 70s in the morning yeah. Their 40s in the evening oh yeah plummeting temperatures. It's mother nature's way of being upset -- you call cities will thank you yeah I. Is that. -- interest scene and very fun last forecast here because it changes going on that set. To warm early it's Mikey early and as cold front moves through I think late morning early afternoon hours he temperatures dropping throughout the day. Most of the day it's gonna be the 60s50s are right -- wind of that front actually gave you went at this sudden plummeting temperatures. Impact of them -- I think as we move close to noon in fact between about its hand in news it is or really gonna see that colder start to Russia and could be a little afternoon as well maybe in the later afternoon hours but that's certainly by the seeping in by tonight we're gonna drop down into the forties. Okay well the good news is that when I was worried about prep football on Friday evening activities of people going out in their short sleeves -- that suddenly freezing to ask. But you're saying now it'll happen a little earlier so by that time most people leave work the temperature will already fallen is pretty much as far as it's gonna fall. Yeah I think so but it might be a few people still caught off car. The ones at least air on prepare -- living with the head. Right now the race there at granite and gentlemen the bulk of the rain I think the rains going to be between about noon and six. So later this evening plan few lingering showers still effective got 40% to the late evening and overnight. And overall remain cloudy and that -- through the weekend to use Saturday that 40% Sunday and go at 60%. Saturday's going to be chilly temperatures -- 46 degrees for that. High temperatures forty that's right and -- strong north wind it will feel like thirties for a lot of. I've got my scorecard here just one no hotter coal to Saturday coal holes Sunday. -- cold -- yet much. Little warmer warm in the front and it's -- that backs up the golf player comes back yes Tuesday. Coal gold Wednesday. Cole our league identity here than it not a that was going to be. Cold hot cold hot but now it's mostly -- now but the current -- -- -- hot -- this gap. At this morning no doubt about it yeah all right well before you leave this weekend there are several things you should probably yes you're right. -- tomorrow even though it's going to be in the 40s at 1 o'clock the crew to operate all of you there mr. Pringle Angela hale would grant -- home my words I don't feel like Christmas whether it's a lot and enjoy the crew. Of jingle yes that makes its way downtown saint Charles than. Making its way around and now what -- one of the few people more popular than mr. Pringle is Angela. It's ridiculous -- I'm. We also have an 11:30 PM tomorrow night the national air -- championships. Oh. You know what air guitars -- you pretend to play the guitar that you don't have yeah I'm -- most professional well and I and I yard air -- but this -- the fifth annual national -- next championship the house of blues yet people from around the country will -- men. Pretend to have. Facts on stage and they'll determine who wins -- -- and it's stolen by the way to. If it's all -- there's one person -- tanning -- anyway so that's. Well that's Atlantis next championship let -- they were here. And then Sunday. And Ottoman do. Kind of ice -- OK having not toxic recyclable material that people can ice skate. -- I I very much hope that people don't. It screwed up on what activities what do they hate for somebody who wants to -- the air sexed up just to show up on Sunday and say well the -- And you know they did. But -- don't -- it or I don't think about it Google that war yet trying to media but you might -- You become a good job here -- start your new job and Detroit some free time -- think -- part Sunday night the superdome this thing. And there's there you -- maybe we'll see -- again in the playoffs Derek. Maybe you'll come back down here hopefully. Yeah Detroit Lions -- the thing in the plan and then. The lions would lose again like -- it tears and be great to your prediction for Sunday real quick. All this interval in this one at home it's it's tough to beat the saints it will just like it's tough to play the Seahawks at home. We've got the advantage this week I'll like us right us being the -- before you even become -- -- and the Derrick thank you so much for the last four years help and know what's gonna happen in the -- given system laughs Q it's been a pleasure and an honor to work with -- and happy trails to -- I feel the exact same way Dave thank you so much for everything you guys are great. -- -- -- direct from the sport you guys who just dormant they're gonna enter the -- next championship. Here in the studio now think sideline reporter Kristian -- debug a -- I called a double trouble from double coverage read WL. He's here just wanted to. T about once they speak for me I'm stepping -- speaking for me now ID now. You its world economic picture -- that first I thought I was miles on that issue -- -- and so I thought we did in his team Enoch and went after two of you there yet. We would be doing the -- -- together and I let's let's stop talking about sex and talk about something that I think I'm more important to that good -- nation saints Panthers Sunday superdome cents at one reporter Kristian -- Hokies as a bank -- easy. Vegas says saints by three -- at -- by three. David said saints by three -- that's about where I haven't seen by three point is seventeen and it's in the low scoring. A saints defense plays much better at home they're different team altogether at -- -- Panthers team is as role in the right now I just think at home field advantage is enough experience this thing through and air sex competitor. He bop -- bear what do you I. Think saints win by a touchdown at least having the dome is too strong for -- rarely -- -- -- bad. I had yea you know just you see a different over here make a bold predictions. Prediction. You predict give a chance of winning here affect -- You know -- with my innate abilities I think so with little bit of training back and really Vermont towns -- Movies that bring back if he could get up there on the stated it was moves naming it background. -- number that's -- -- prevalent now I never mind what is it that much information I can I deal with evidence in about fifteen minutes over on thirteen 53 WL -- double coverage. What do you think -- was right saints by three or saints by more than a touchdown that put their sang hardest -- even -- game text and an 878 that Steve -- sports. -- fifty plus Delaware happy Friday. Let's hear all about sports on this Friday morning. And good morning everyone the saints look to rebound this week with a victory Sunday night in the superdome. Here's sideline reporter Kristian -- with more on that match up against NFC south rival Carolina the states have a -- -- this Sunday night at home in prime time the red hot Carolina Panthers come to town and I did three and riding an eight game winning streak the saints are coming off -- lopsided loss on the road at Seattle quarterback Drew Brees assist the confidence level remains very high for the black gold. One game does not set that back one game does not change our mindset our confidence level our attitude anyway. Last week is -- review here. The State's defense has to force some turnovers in this -- Rob Ryan and company have just two takeaways and -- last five games Kristian -- WWL sports on Thursday night football the jaguars rolled to their third straight victory beating the Texans 27 each morning. Backward past eight. Eight Sanders Sanders. Jaguars pulling out all the stops in prime time. Receiver eight Sanders supplied Jacksonville's third scoring strike after Chad Henne had thrown two touchdowns. The jags are now for nine while dropping Houston to two and eleven it. Running back Janeiro Brazil is no longer with the LSU football program the freshman was indefinitely suspended from the team by coach -- miles. For an on campus incident back in October and was never reinstated following that suspension. He played in just one game this year which was against UAE being. Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate. State attorney Willie makes made the announcement saying there was not enough evidence to win the conviction. Many Heisman voters were waiting to see whether Winston would be charged with a crime before casting their ballots that deadlines Monday. And a trophy will be awarded December 14. And number nineteen -- has completed its first and only season in the American athletic conference by beating a local rival. Dominique brown scored on a two yard run in overtime before the cardinals stopped Cincinnati on down to beat the bearcats 31 to 24. Teddy Bridgewater finished with 255. Yards passing and threw two of his three touchdown in the fourth quarter. -- have for our fans in the pro are the saints eight top five team in the NFL. And the black and gold -- 33 on the road this season -- confident that they can get to the Super Bowl on the road to the playoffs Steve Geller WW wells. Boris you said saints win by three. Let's add to that next question saints where they rank in the top ten of the NFL what number you gotta match. I would have the saints at the number five position marriage his number one number what would death would be to Seattle Seahawks they houses above cents. Looking at the Denver Broncos. And. The for the Panthers. I would have them still below the State's -- district are a right I was a day as a center gonna win you must think the center about it vehemently that now. Absolutely and I think this saints could even. Go into Carolina. And get a victory whereas I think it's harder for the Panthers to come hearing it that way. But you give as a winning -- again in fifteen minutes right here at WWL I am FM and and I thought the forecast in a nutshell it's in the seventies now about thirty degrees colder. This evening when most people are going home for more rain coming in there it is just get ready and it tomorrow all day temperatures. Pretty much in the forties and even if it makes it fifty that -- -- to make it feel like 41 person tech and it's 7870 says they've by at least ten Panthers needed it she. Those are -- and a blowout 49 just wanting. Doesn't he remember what happened that the cowboys. After the saints lost to the -- But for something familiar similar. I was a saints lose to an era definitely is an assistant win 2725. To the detonation feeling pretty good but after some people who feel like this thing answers. Fallen off the tracks and we'll be able to get it back to. Let's hope those people protecting -- and make them be them. Well no matter what happens with the weather and the saints please have a wonderful weekend enjoy it happy Friday -- UN yours and I still can't get over the fact that this on the call the air sex acts championships here this week.

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