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WWL>Topics>>12-6 3:10pm Angela, Saints Football

12-6 3:10pm Angela, Saints Football

Dec 6, 2013|

Angela was joined by Todd Menesses and Deke Bellavia.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well other than Christmas what we're all talking about is the big game. The game the Panthers game Sunday night so give us a call we want to know what you're thinking about what's been called the most important game of the season. Can we do it. Or -- -- a number two that numbers 2600870. Todd Manassas is -- man in the studio today he has such fun with Jim Henderson -- -- -- each game. I am praying he's not good to be aboard. A and -- -- is my hero when he knows that is on the line he's always here to be part of the discussion -- I'm so thrilled you're here. It's man you don't do I am doing just great and we are going to talk about. The game and the reason I say that what you all call it the most important game of the season. I think at this point Seattle was when we played Seattle a lot of people so that was the most important game but. Really and truthfully in anything equal agree and and the saints said Drew Brees said this week to. You've got to win your division before you start thinking about anything else as far as playoffs and this is a divisional opponent. That's tied with us and we're playing for the lead of the division. Yeah -- In this thing is you you can't be one of the top seed if you don't want your division meaning you get at least one home playoff game and in the one of our division looks like right now they would be -- the division. They -- the number two seed so you don't want to five a six in the grand scheme of things you'd much rather be two in 56. You know -- I really would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. In the locker room in Seattle. After the game and then have a loved have been on that plane fly on the wall of the plane. Just to hear what they were saying to themselves. Because they hadn't been mortified and then to go back and watch films. And see it and relive it again. Kind of what do you think. Well I don't know if you wanna be a fly on the ball on the plane as the plane got stranded and it did at the content that's that assumption that a lot of time to think about it. Most of these players and and dignitary more disease and he's in the locker room with them but. They tend they're professionals they tend to move on they they look for the next game they're ready next next game up. So I'm sure they were already focused on the the Panthers now granted they're gonna look at what they did and what they did wrong and try to correct that Hampshire coach -- was gonna remind the -- this week. He had a game like -- the best thing to do is put it behind you I don't know other than maybe. Couple plays in the first half what they could've got out of that ball into the game for him. So you know they had they had us mantra few years ago I believe in 07 -- earn it. What they need -- -- burning gain Dave and his -- about Carolina because that was and looked at that happens. It really haven't I think just right now. I look at Seattle like the saints or. In 2000 and land I thought about the bout we ate the saints and vikings -- the best -- not only -- -- they -- the best teams in the conference they've played each other. And we know what happened and I think right now it's Seattle that there are some good teams NFC with Seattle especially at home this is several states and other. Well Cam Newton moving onto our next. Think Cam Newton says he watched the film of Garcia gain any really get more confident. But why wouldn't it right but he still appreciates in -- this is important still appreciate -- Rob Ryan is doing with the defense and loved this quote. He hopes that we make a lot of mistakes. Well I mean every opposing quarterback hopes that you know when you when you talk about the next team coming up and everything and and and Steve court and I got into this Monday night I don't know -- heard about it that and I was talking I -- it. No one of the things that I really dislike that the networks do they really probably need to eliminate it. Is before the game they talked to the coach they talked to the quarterback. Which you game planned for today what you need to do. And everybody says the same thing -- we have to execute our plan we have to prepare we don't have to me we got to stop making mistakes not make any mistakes not turn the ball over. It's all the same cliches over and over which -- need to do to win. Everybody knows that every quarterback knows that when they're looking at the other team they're gonna say. You know I hope they make -- hope this happens in this happens that you hope that happens but when it comes down to it I mean this game. Is still going to be a defense -- struggled the saints on the road. Of the -- people agree they are not the same team that they are in the superdome this season. If it is two totally different teams and conversely Seattle is not the same on the road either they're they're not that you know that they had some pretty close games on the road. But. They haven't been blown out or things of that one game in Indianapolis that they have a loss on that they that was a pretty wild game. But they -- the saints just play differently and I don't know what it is I don't know why it is. But at home. This is going to be a defense of struggle because the defense things defense at home is averaging giving up only about fifteen points a game believes -- average home. Sierra. This the Carolina Panthers right now are their defense is giving up twelve points a game. So you're gonna have two teams that are really gonna go at it so yeah he hopes the offense make some mistakes. Because and they can turnaround capitalize on because this is going to be a defense struggle. Probably more so than an offensive what do you think -- Well I think from -- effective he's sitting in their -- so it sounds more like you know the saints made some mistakes last week. But he had the better defense than what Seattle there that's that's just my opinion I think Carolina defense from top to bottom is better. And instead him -- been taken the whole wrong way you know ought be physical force them in the mistakes. You sound a little bit insane hope they make some mistakes because this is the people you look at the -- Carolina has won this year. Visit the way they win they win by not -- a lot of points and I don't care who your you don't win any gains in the National Football League in a row. And not be a good football team Carolina is extremely good now they're in the same boat as us they could go thirteen in three. Any and -- even -- kicked in Seattle with Seattle beat emergencies where the seven. In a real tight ballgame and -- so that -- the focus on it on these teams is this game and obviously the number two seed. And you just wanna be able to move to stay alive as long as you can if you have to go back out to -- yeah you gotta go back out to Seattle the both these teams have both suffered the same fate. Albeit Carolina much closer in their week one loss to North Carolina on the to a CO. What do you think makes Carolinas so good. This defense. Defense did these -- they have been one of the best teams the last two years on the back eight the last eight games of the season the first eight games where they dug themselves a home to a 61 in seven. I mean they have just -- and when you don't make mistakes and some people's. Strongest ability is not make a mistake meaning. We don't beat ourselves and during the stretch. They haven't beat themselves they got close when they when they trail most the game at Miami but anyway -- a comeback and turnover. And when that ball game late but they haven't beat themselves and they've got a dominant on defense two good running backs in the quarterback pick and that it is not gonna go out and -- before our yards in light things up he don't need to and he realizes that notices. This is a complete team. I really do believe that. The other and it's it's amazing to think that the beginning of the season a couple of games and they were talking about this coach might not survive. There are one other area -- -- -- Jimenez survived this season because. Has he has his team bought into his system have they've been -- they going to be able to turn it around it. You know you don't get a lot of years in the NFL anymore being a head coach Gary Kubiak at. Let go today from the Texans and and he had gotten into the playoffs couple times this year there -- bad season. He's gone away so you don't have a long time as a coach they were already talking about. Could this be his last year and then this season I think you greedy that defense and his program. They caught fire earlier than they have the last couple years that he's been there and they've gone on this eight game there. Oh no doubt about it if you've -- -- question as always being candidates thought better and that's that they were able to do that date they were five and three you know on and on eight game win streak that. It's been the key with this team I think we're all -- down the stretch. They were high and they will continent in that category is a team you don't wanna see in the playoffs and they want -- I think six into an Atlanta say they -- -- So they they've got the players. And a couple of staples have been at the back Steve Smith that they've been able to move. -- you very seldom see franchises and move from. Steve Smith and when he had used to have -- -- exile in -- and that somebody is out of again they otherwise receive his name but they were part of that Jake DelHomme possible error. Now you -- that Steve -- he's not only want -- to survive and to see his friends has become a contender again because they are on the they are a suitable. Contender and I think right that'd get a second best team in the league. It's a very big game this Sunday night -- -- Deke Bellavia thank you for joining us as we talk about. Of the game let's also talk about other than Drew Brees other than Drew Brees what is the greatest thing with that going. And. Sean Payton Shawn Payton Yahoo! I think last season proved that. More than anything is. An NFL team was gonna say that they head coach was not. The driver of the guy in the seat that that makes up you know drives where they're gonna go on how they're gonna determine determine the outcome. I think the saints last season you saw that there hasn't been much of a change. This year as far is personnel. And the saints are much better their back on track offensively and of course defense simply with a with a rob -- your defense of coordinator. That coach can get these guys -- as well. GQ agree. A liar I saw paid more -- in Drew Brees the menu we have Drew -- last year the national campaign in on the easiest. There's a reason why he -- so by -- and not only him just -- -- it but buddy a good you're coaching a great coach and it's or it's a world of difference and I think you start to see them -- That Eagles are so you're from. Just a handful years ago -- let's -- a handful I have to hand so hand in hand we went from. Hold not bred to be thankful to be if we can reach that eight when mark yup now now the mindset the France's and that to me that's always the -- to wait where you all the the fans go from. That he expected not only to win games are expected to win and play our games and if you don't get to the championship game a Super Bowl. It's a disappointment and that is -- that level is only achieved by getting that level winning it and then meet those expectations a lot of times you. You do you -- own the own expectations you Butte for yourself although all of probably is difficult to deal with in in teams you play. Very Wilson. -- about the state with the game on the line other than Jimmy Graham who would you call on for drew to throw the ball to. You know and Japan's I think we probably were all stated that Colston Moore. And are we Steele say that because I don't think so we've seen enough. Of obviously tune obviously steals. All the players. But I might I might be a little different and -- not so much but I almost a -- parole because he can he can do so much and you don't need to throw it to him alone -- -- you can throw to him. You know almost Natalie behind the backs and he can make things happen so. -- there's a greater chance. For him to do something electrifying when he has the ball in his hands more so than anybody our own on the saints team. -- I would think and then the saints approve that -- so far this year Deke you appeared thomas' well he's caught the ball a lot of back who have run real well especially most screenplays. But I still got to -- gonna go with Lance Moore I would think other than Jimmy Graham. Lancet showed that he's been able to captured in the in the collection and just make some. Ridiculous. Catches that you look at you how did you catch that ball. And I think earlier on in the season Marcus Colston would do in his career Marcus Colston would do those with. They'll the last two years or so because of injuries he's kind of been. Fallen off he still got those great hands he still quiet but he. I don't know if they're targeting him more or it's just seems like. He hasn't been able to make those clutch catches. A lot -- you know don't talk about our salute that's why I think you know it's been you know Graham has been the guy and then we've had guys that are being consistently good but. This year it's wrong it's almost like it's more even across the board after Graham we have a caller -- from Lafayette. Oh. Great to be -- -- I'm great. Great excellent arm question for a hot -- Oh the last BC's this week -- -- chrome or I'm just I'm curious how much. Is in his absence. Are the saints -- an -- program. You go to work. I don't I don't necessarily know. If it's it's been a lot of change personnel files over the course of the last few years and they were you go from Nixon and Al -- goody. When he left and anyone -- a drop off off from -- stamp won't go from ten to eleven US should -- Nevada higher level an offensive line was voted the best. In the National Football League would still have to grow greater effect in the middle and I think Carl makes as the guy that. Was he was a lot better maybe than even we felt. And you know sometimes you don't you don't realize that somebody isn't -- they're grown. And in the course of time when you wanted to loosen -- bush tried who really came out of nowhere in town they'll forget we were sitting right there. In front on the Texas in Houston for practice and Jammal Brown goes down it -- bush tried -- -- -- -- -- Williams -- him alone how many -- -- -- -- -- oh my god and then later what happens I -- he Keith number -- army because the Pro -- back. A couple of years later so you'd lose some chess pieces now they they have drafted. On you know Charlie Brown more so not this year at left tackle you haven't heard a lot about -- which an offensive line standpoint. That's a good thing but I think the middle of the land. In anybody's case is is Russian football -- -- the numbers and we have a good -- of all land but on the -- bottom line is as good as it was an eleven. Yeah it's not the same line that focused idea Super Bowl and I think a lot of people tend to forget that I mean you you see the big names that are still here. You know the Lance mores in the and the Colston season and the Drew Brees and -- Thomas and so forth. Nobody really pays attention on the line when linemen leaves and -- and goes because those have been kind of in the utility players that they just plug in and out. But this year I think your your finally CN. As those players have left that are really good how it is affecting the saints offense and how they play. But perhaps one more question and I'll I'll I'll hang up and listen I appreciate that all just. Well that. But how far they can go this year which some of the challenges they face in output and up and listen thank you essential. Thank you. Well. The saints have won a lot of big games on the road in a regular season. I mean -- and arrow and has those questions go to continue to come up until this team wins went on alone in the generator in the post season I mean. I didn't BS and -- everybody but it is what it is and you step on a scale as -- to feed the UA 250s that on a scale always to marry -- American numbers are they have never won a playoff game owner wrote right so you've -- one dollar regular season games the biggest Monday Night Football game because on the ninth Obama all of that. But until you went on -- road in January. Mean and then nothing on the road and I mean that's that's what this team is facing and if you wanna vote as -- voters here. Unless Seattle bottoms out like to 51 -- they went -- a thirteen game -- amenable to our dodges and they blew it to the giants. Seattle would have to go one in three you'd have to go for no yet to have the home field that -- has not gonna have a so you had wanted to help him Monroe. We've got to win the game it's that simple I think that the girls have picked in my seven I don't think that's unreasonable their home. And they're upset with what they did in Seattle even though they can say okay we'll close that chapter. They still have to play all right Deke Bellavia and top Manassas and we have a caller from them. In Alabama. I know how you doing doing Great Britain. Japan quake before I get -- part of this one is. I've always enjoyed watching you weapon into Obama reports from the walls -- -- gospels of help. The second what is in this in this been seven years wait wait when Katrina hit and everything. My -- was living in a long time and then you came through with us. And the tape also -- their picked up -- all I got to tell you seven years late but you open a wonderful job colonel. That is very kind thank you. You more than. Isn't the question in it -- on the quandary. I'm Auburn fan so -- bet against him -- Sunday. But my outlook the main question on the that is. Do you -- -- understand why they got rid of Chris Ivory kept marching. Well you get rid of we can get you can get something for and I mean Chris Ivory look Chris Ivory was one of those backs and I know everybody loved the music fan favorite he ran harbor because he ran so hard. He was always injured I mean he's injured open in New York hasn't he hasn't panned out like they really wanted to in New York now great he had a great game against us. But he's been hampered with believe hamstring for most of the season. There and he had all kind of injuries here and when you when you look at the grand scheme of things look. You drafted Mark -- number one. You got a lot invested in the him. Chris Ivory you picked up as a as a free agent you know an unsigned free agent so. If you can get a draft pick for somebody that you didn't waste a draft pick on and you do you take that deal. Don't just say is that accurate but you get you gotta admit you know when he has to be profiling is one typical player. And of course moving into schools I can't get anybody to a we will lead. You know we're in the lead that you know of course I thought was a better player -- Mark Ingram. So anyway that just -- -- and awards at the beginning part of what I told him. Thank you have a very very much I appreciate everything you've sent to appreciate the call. Oh thanks. Did you wanna you wanna jump in on the marking where I mean that's always an issue with the with saints fans here it's it'll. The biggest thing or more gave him is that he was the number one pick through the saints had to go they had to do -- -- mortars to give back in the first round and that important when you when you see Warren there's a lot of expectations. Come around one and you could probably go back and look over the course of than the number is probably. Or more. Almost the way they don't pan now vs that you have now and a dozen marking -- need to be here when he was an Alabama for the saints and be successful. No art is a disappointment. Honestly in this in like a political answer on the cultures would really notice I mean they know would expectations they had him. When he came in here our expectations -- it was probably seen him at ten and eleven. You know ninety and Alabama run the football and think all that's what you know I don't I don't necessarily think that was the deal with it. They just going to give the ball took out. 1718. One point five times the ballgame. I don't think that was the case that mean the most he's -- in the in the game this season was fourteen I mean that was best game -- that was against Dallas so. You know Mark Ingram. Some people say you know he needs he needs to have Carrey's I think the coaches -- the best best suited to know what they won't won't with him right now but. Our overall to it to the fans he has been a disappointment Communist -- known that -- have -- you know the last time it came -- -- at the Dallas game and coach -- OC you know. All those reports about him being -- garbage in this today and you know he is happy form having a big game so. From from that standpoint I would think -- -- not going anywhere. And I know you have to go to -- but I wanted to ask you. If Seattle is the team to beat -- and a city could he think's gonna make it to the Super -- out of AFC. You know Angela I'm -- goal. Mean everybody likes a demo of it. You know -- Pay pay managers don't win in the in the postseason so good in the post season I mean he's he's either regular season that he's the -- he's he's Armenian cookies is obvious first seem hall of fame up first battle all the famous. He might be the greatest quarterback ever but you know I like the rings so I just think that -- that tiebreaker. That in New England got. I'll I'll I'll I'll save them but he wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me a sense of anyone other than I think they -- they had a good team there to do. I think so too deacon that's I'd say the New England probably more so new England and in Cincinnati but Cincinnati's one of those teams like is it like Carolina they can sneak up on it. -- it and they lost two games on the last play of overtime so in the event any. Four record I just think that they are. I just it's -- it's part of it to pick. Peyton Manning because of the lack of success he's had in the policy. I hate to even ask this but I'm going to I know we're looking at this game is a very important one. Then we'll look at you know post season but. Do you think have we lost our shot. For the Super Bowl. I'll not Arnold thank sought out is that it's often -- Natalie -- -- in the win more about these things CR he's of we do a segment we get the numbers -- called the view from Vegas and he says look. Today's date you know he'd felt the saints almost assume bowing is you don't think any team in his league. Can beat New Orleans slice and he knows he knows that since the saints have to go back got the Seattle so. Oh yeah I've been I don't know if you miss him also shot don't know what you would lose the shot if you would just completely out of it is -- was as. An opportunity today they've got a shot and it anytime you go to the you got a defense like the saints have -- that that would that's what gives me more confidence in the middle nine -- eleven this is the best defense from top to bottom. We have -- and we've been since we've been some gains for the defense. Really bailed us out and if you have that type but these are you going game you play. -- yeah it's happened before just as soon as soon as last year the ravens went to Denver. Got manhandled in the regular season by Denver in their loans are well I guess that's that's it Denver's the best team. Then they played Denver again in the playoffs and they win in Denver and the ravens go on to win the Super Bowl. Always hope that's what I like to hear from you guys -- your doll and I can't thank you enough. Any time and well -- NASA's -- made a very interesting statement that you think that -- Jim Mora sort of put the curse. But could you repeat that. -- when the when the Panthers became the expansion team when they first joined the NFL. And they put them in what was and the NFC west which is what we were in. And he was asked. By our reporter but you know what you think about the new the new expansion -- gonna go in the west and you have the basis you know a new team. And he off handedly jokingly. Said you know what's always do we like to have an expansion team and they're -- me you know give us two wins you know we can guarantee two wins with -- expansion team. And I think ever since then we've been curse the Panthers have become. A pretty good rival for the New Orleans Saints and and I. I think the Panthers actually beat us that first year that we played them. Eat those words yes so thank you coach fare. The something don't you -- mention I thought was interesting about you really don't think that Peyton Manning. Can can win the playoffs. Well if you just look at his record. He made the playoffs a lot in and but he again bringing up Jim Mora here with the when he was in Indianapolis Colts. One of the drawbacks for coach -- is he never won a playoff game and a room remembers that with the saints he also never won a playoff game with Peyton Manning and the colts. So Peyton Manning's record in the post season. It's night and day from what he has in the regular season. You know regular season he may he may go you know win lose maybe three games for two to four games. But in the post season I think he's upside down have to look it up because I can't coughed up my head but. I think he has more losses than he has victories in the postseason that has to be just so psychological. I think some low -- a lot of those losses were he was fighting Tom Brady and the patriots. And Tom everybody knows Tom Brady and and so forth and -- never could get over that hump. Some of it was I think the fact that coach Mora in the game planning for the for those post season game just wasn't there. But other than that I don't know I mean who would have thought at this point as good as Peyton Manning issues and and look I love all the Manning's a -- Archie love Peyton and Eli. That Eli would have to rings and Peyton has -- I mean nobody would have if if fashion that nobody would have thought that. Now that's very very interesting. You know you have a very inching. You have many -- Lives one of them is working with Jim Anderson -- in the town and I want to tell people exactly what you did. A lot of people know this and this just the home games -- I do what's colts body okay. I spot for Jim Henderson so. Every once or your tactic changer in the press box you get the view every human hokey. Here's where the bulls down to a they have said this before my friends were all excited about it. What that means is I stand for four hours with a pair of binoculars. Over Jim's shoulder. And that's about it. I don't really sit down sit down for about halftime and that's it because the way things are configured you have to stand up to be able to see things. And so what you're doing is I'm following the play. Trying to keep track of okay. You watch in the quarterback who made the rush as he throws the ball then find out who caught the ball who made the tackle etc. And just threw hand signals and sometimes talking to -- have a he only hears me telling who made the play. Who made the tackle and Lotta times he knows before I do anything else they Ocalan and I'll tell him who made the other thing but. You don't really you're watching the game. But you're working so it's not. It's not really. You're enjoying it you're not yet cheering I mean you're you can hear the countryside -- bit. But I'm trying you're trying to pay attention to what's happening what's going on what's. -- know this guy coming out this guy change in who borrowed who came in who came out because. Jim and hokey your obvious they're talking they have to continue talking to keep in the game and so sometimes you'll be looking at -- dealer talking to each other and they don't see that. Okay they just made a substitution with this guy were there the different running back who just came in who came out so before he starts the play I'd usually indicate who's in who's. So I think what's very important about this is. For all of those Jim Henderson fans of which I am his number one -- we now understand that there's a man to. This really calling some show there's actually two we have a status statistician as well who then tells in the down and distance and now for the play -- written so -- he and -- or most the time watching Aaliyah and I told they they -- they catch more things than we do put it that way. Those two guys there are experts hokey pokey is amazing okay we we sit that the new press box. It used to be on the same level as the -- the suites and they moved it to the top of the dome Satan those we've been I don't know it's at the root for the dome. He watches the game without binoculars. From that high. And can tell you who made plays who did -- and he reads those numbers. I've got binoculars Jim's got binoculars and sometimes he sees things before -- Eagle on your -- I guess he has another of top Manassas is great gifts is his gift of different voices well. As wanna say thank you for having me on Angela in the -- were here he would he would say as well. Thank in his -- I want thank you and him alone and let me talk about the saints and everything it and then people -- is going to be okay. I think the -- it will be OK is everything goes forward and he still won't be in the playoffs and they -- have a sad lonely you got that shot. You gotta go hidden -- Thank you man. Thank you time and thank you many antiques and now let's go to Don James.

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