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WWL>Topics>>12-07 12:10pm Countdown to SEC Championship

12-07 12:10pm Countdown to SEC Championship

Dec 7, 2013|

WWL's Kristian Garic and T-Bob Hebert talk to WWL callers about the SEC Championship between Auburn and Missouri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome in that too. As easy review the championship game tonight there today here on WW well I am FM in dot com alongside Peabody baron Kristian -- hours out at -- that's right -- -- we are on the -- written rule. Out -- in the CBD -- -- at the corner rod and Maroney here in he'd be ready to go for the AFC title game it just a year ago Auburn and want just three games they fired their head coach. Missouri came into the Southeastern Conference. Not doing too well as well and -- -- they are today to about playing for the conference championship. Yeah a year ago -- a year ago at this time we would not have even thought. This is a likely scenario -- -- miles on an Auburn Tigers have come up with two improbable with one against Georgia on a hail Mary play than last week taking down. Alabama on a 109 hard kick. Field goal return yes to upset the number one team in the country to battle through Tigers today. Pace those salty -- it does feel very happy about that game -- what you talked about. -- what a difference a year can make when you look at these two squads Auburn is responsible for the biggest turnaround. In college football going 39111. Of misery right behind him with the second biggest. Turn around college football coach for you -- six. In the SEC last year's 71 this year really the one game they lost. It's south Carolina at the backup quarterback Matt ball -- they were up by seventeen they blew late. Lost in overtime but I am very impressed with both the sides another pick six this week we actually different you. It was Auburn went on me like Missouri man and and I was one that I did not wanna give mr. credit last year. And it -- at Uga except felt like it would give ammunition to a lot of media anti. SEC guys but respect. Where respect is due this Missouri team if they complete football team and -- -- pretty much. Every facet of the game and I mean it's it is all our. To find a weakness on this squad. Last year Missouri Tigers in their debut in the Southeastern Conference went five and 712 conference games. After moving over from the big twelve they currently sit at 1117. And one. In the SEC as do the Auburn Tigers number three in the nation. Eleven who won it 71 in conference play that one loss -- Auburn. Early in the season. In bad -- okay -- tiger -- -- that that helping Marshall company down and all of a sudden after that as it seems as -- Auburn really got that offense going in their team going really -- -- is the perfect example like a study adds that how much the yours your mental outlook. Can affect your play because you have the time yet analogy team that was still their company unit Auburn team. That really still wasn't sure they were they that note just felt good they could be more fully audience though. After a few beats -- thirty putts went one nobody's. All of a quality win that was good when everybody was it all -- let him come back in the second -- how they make -- came out of it deport them meet. It's -- a great time ever what it yes. This -- by far and away. BLE -- biggest win on the season. Beating Auburn but. After bet that Federer trip. This Auburn team continued to -- gains that the day then continue to gain confidence. In themselves and before you knew -- they kinda. Saw where the chips fall and in you know it was in the lineup that didn't have a chance to win the west make a run at the SEQ you looked like it was gonna. Come to an end against Georgia it's -- the date speaking the miracle on the planes. The vehicle the plane that now it's been almost completely forgotten yeah we've -- the last week with Alabama that we did they have a how ridiculous is that I don't know I've ever seen. In my in in my very old 24 years I've never seen such a play as a walk golf. 109. Yard field goal return I don't think we're not happy about -- the -- floor. RRR 84 it doesn't matter it doesn't have that's not a leading teams what a ridiculous. Way for decades in a very happy wait for myself -- my. Hateful Alabama biases but -- very exciting year for all over and I know a lot of people attack him. With a team of destiny thing and that's cool and I respect that but that beat. I'd rather had that he that is Missouri. That both sides of the South Carolina losses talk goes double B -- you'll. The side that lost only one other team has even come within one score. Of beating these guys that was Texas a M. Felt when he when he won last week. Auburn in Missouri their remarkable turnaround we've talked about but it could work. And backfire against the SE CT Bob and extending their already unprecedented streak of seven straight national title of course that the ACC. Championship them today between number one Florida State. And Duke to its 28 points underdog I believe it is indeed thank Winston and all cub and all I really left that he got the Big Ten champion -- game between Ohio state of Michigan State and that could. That could change that national landscape and in the national championship picture a bit but these two teams today. Having great seasons and could be on the outside looking in. Yeah we've seen in a tough conference floor and it's it's hopeless looking like they will in doubt. Outside. Lucky now will be careful as we've seen some crazy things let -- dollars Obama trusts me and especially with the Ohio State. Michigan State game Michigan State where there -- very talented eat it. To the game I think they're gonna have a chance to get to how's the team that. You see them when they play good competition this year have not really self. Right down the wire -- doubted two point conversion. Against a Michigan team last week that loss to UConn ovals on ovals like that Akron like. Not a very solid squad so. Interesting you have to have the only. The situation I really see maybe happening decides -- at Florida State. Definitely believe what is it -- win house they might lose in the new -- the winner this SEC game in and national championship. Last two times last time these two teams met in 1973 Sun Bowl. And Missouri a lot of history here and a -- blistered the 78 I was having. At it at the season's star I think we -- -- and it's easy to him you gave him. If you haven't got it was put it units that I give me that means that two teams that are going to be the ordinary but -- you have to Providence or no question right yeah I mean out an expert. That. The island and -- that exactly. Expert by and it's evidenced by hero at six. Last week and he's a pilot six -- well I like there was gets them. To. Five of importance that bill. 170 until 3866889087. When you pick in. To win the SEC championship game I it's often it's -- -- either Auburn or Missouri. The team of destiny in Auburn on the team that's just steady in this city. Missouri -- -- -- know what's been stifling defense and explosive it was an Auburn an Auburn just finds ways to win games but -- Cast your vote operated jaguar people on line at WWL. Dot com calls at 260 point seven or -- 3866889. It. Nearly seventy team bodyguard Christian -- we ran routes is on. Maroney and to rod today he'd be ready for the SEC. Championship game kicked off at. 3 o'clock right here on WW LA anathema dot com on WWL was set up shop here it -- -- -- Is can't -- Jerod excuse me grown into -- run out of the among. Who dat nation not our house and not on Sunday Night Football tomorrow night the Saints take on candidate Carolina Panthers at home Mercedes-Benz superdome coverage starts. At 1 o'clock Saints Sunday with a cajun cannon Bobby there'll -- guys myself. Live from back at your routes is on Maroney in the CDT at 3 o'clock fans first date with the important Manassas and Scioscia rule. Urban and contacts that's where I got it done today and there are done in different order at 530 Alia. Are you as -- body -- the ability of fatigue but like countdown to kick off. Outside gate C at the superdome game time 730. With that but luckily team in football dimensional guys on and at the sound off point after Bobby bare lie from -- -- in -- French Quarter maybe it twelve hours. Wall to wall football state football here on C radio WWL and non Indians I gotta say Portland in two more -- he -- -- -- A good -- good outlet like the sweater and haven't got the designer -- noted Al -- head to toe all the way down the shoes very obvious then the dress and you know it put this together now. But you're in the Tom Brady sweater and a white sweater that you -- had a man in here and -- -- but granted. I gotta say that I did I don't little why he does know I think you do well like this Cutler better that's kind of the dark grayish black type deal looks good on policies that so pumped -- got them to actually come that a little dash of style and that's that's just -- here that's taking ownership yeah. Your club exactly it that's a little here yet they get a -- -- class capital for the in a tight situation in the quick snack -- -- that's like in the that's what it's like you always that's why you always will with the since the -- of staying in the shirt yeah uncle -- mustered in the pocket. Crumbs in the beard has picked him out almost like picking -- when they for a others -- I primary idea that. You. Work. Just talk about the different. Amelio tree and Ayala monkeys. Guerrillas right thing. Yeah apples certainly doesn't fall far from the tree when you talk about the players on Tuesday so I got this at 187 there till 3866. 889087. -- SEC football. A battle of the Tigers tonight. Auburn and Missouri is young man walk past here routes -- Lilly Boston Red Sox lectured on a lot of how about the Red Sox we know your disdain. For the Red Sox in the St. Louis Cardinals not astute two. Talking trash to afford -- -- let let it get up underneath you and he's done -- before -- -- the -- he's done stuff like that before but nonetheless. Again -- continue to talk about this as easy matchup tonight in the Georgia Dome. 32 improbable. Teams this in terms of we didn't expect this to happen they had -- in the country yet and when you look at him. Contrasting styles. The way they get it done defensively. For Missouri. Defensively for Auburn not the same kind of football brands are teams and I think Missouri favored by about 3.2 and a half of this one. And ample supply all. Irons. Actually. Because they're -- you know I actually ended up taking. All underdog than you right in the right weeks. YouTube and pass them like that of the oval. Still what would decide -- look at it. Don't in his game. Yes Missouri's defense is -- -- -- -- offense and he's actually go to both these teams. Here's Cecil seasons. Averaging both of them averaging 38 points per game. As you convert on 47%. Of their third downs Auburn converts on 45. It just a lot of great match -- when you go down this list even though. The X-Factor for this game it's gonna be that Missouri quarterback. James Franklin he missed four games this season. And he still is accounted for only two less touchdowns. In the Marshall frankly as we completed 67. Percent of his passes for nearly 2000 yard sixteenth -- down. Only four -- And he can -- you not want carries -- report yards and a three scores that's the guy that brings a whole new element. To this Missouri team and but it. Maybe even more impressive. For Missouri at least the fact that he missed four games in the middle of the season and they still win three -- one during that stretch they did lose. To South Carolina even though they were up. Seventeen nothing I think it's Missouri squad justice. Absolutely. A complete team they key to him when he though it's gonna be stopping. That all -- rushing attack. Auburn lead the country -- leads the FCC and the country in rushing at -- like 319. Yards a game second place Missouri. But that doesn't mean much with their 89 yards behind. Auburn that. Let's let's not it is an Auburn defense that held Alabama to seven points in the second half. Last baseball game so don't underestimate the Auburn Tigers defense in the of course led by nick Marshall on offense. It's normal you know for them. Is that. That often that that kind of plays little ball control at times it they're not they're not downright scary in the passing game. But to say that they can you at the clock to keep your offense on the field and going it's -- Missouri offenses so explosive. That might be just the the right formula. -- yeah I guess my kind of issue. With his Auburn offense is that. Because -- relies. So heavily on the run you can have situations like -- -- works out you minutes in the game that was really by no means. A game in which Auburn control all Auburn did it. Dictate the pace needing you know they've made it work. He raised Taliban had multiple chances. To close it out and continued to shoot themselves in the foot. Missouri on the other hand they can run the ball. They can throw the ball there one of only four teams to rank in the top eighteen actually but often it is -- And the exit points allowed. As easily lap 51 points in the last four games when he won that government down -- -- -- to -- that I look at. To see you know how will Missouri you -- kind of running quarterback. How they act how they look to stopping marks they did a very good job. Against Johnny. Millions out last week despite. Being down fourteen it's -- happy come back in -- only get seven points that second half. Meant to help bottle he threw for one -- five and TD. This most -- or eleven carries only 21 yards it's a one point nine area. And James Franklin outstanding -- and that win over the Aggies passing for two and 33 yards two scores running eighteen times for eighty yards. Lot of production there but if you -- these two offenses. I'm Missouri seventeenth and FBS in total offense at 489. Point five yards per game to spot below Auburn. At 491. Yard gain a lot out -- you see a lot of offense tonight in this and I we've talked quite a bit now. About these defense is but you know -- of these offenses you figure to see some points a lot of yards you know. It's what's going to be achievements -- he had yet you Lal more than 28 points to any opponent this season he if Auburn. Can be the first team to to break. That to break that mark -- fifth. I don't know I mean look to trade mates -- all. Having an extremely good year. Thirteen hundred yards eighteen rushing touchdowns. I mean you can go on and on about this guy but. Who's -- gonna come right back with some great rush instead of their own in -- Josie. It's -- guy he's only got a 153 carries that's good for 951 yards with over six yards per carry average. He's got eight rushes of twenty yards more clothes for. Fifty yards or more -- it's got it's got that. Big play ability. And he scored thirteen touchdowns on the ground to go along and when you actually look at -- -- -- that they've got three backs averaging over six yards cared while Auburn. What's the Auburn excuse for that and dangerous extra care when you well done nick Marshall -- though. But -- okay beats you that's kind of my point Auburn's -- -- dominant -- this was the one that you -- Like they can't be some problems -- he's very talent that it well except. Throw in a better passing game -- I'll let you receivers that it in touchdowns apiece. The SEC championship game between Auburn and Missouri on W to go live from round losses. Here in the CBD -- Bobby Ingram crushing Garrick back downtown there are new studios. With -- it's spread a little Christmas cheer for tomorrow's game -- locally designed tee shirt exclusively. -- -- -- -- -- Supermarket the -- -- I believe teacher adult sizes even a -- style in nineteen in the ninth -- sizes sixteen and nine routes is believes that. Are black and gold are going to the big game show. Our teams. How we believe in the Guinness world book of records will be there tomorrow night in a Mercedes-Benz superdome trying to set the largest. Indoor. So if you were to hold this record as an example cookies. I'm like that would have never thought that it it would set like three or four weeks ago yeah number in November it is. -- that would that a little mind blowing. The here and that all. The ones who were oh hold it down in the record books but it. You -- think it it's a 126. On the -- back -- tape for the NFC team to game. Against the Vikings note that at that level I've sought creep up to around 122. Hours me. -- it is constant on spike and yeah I know how the record work is just one more rural parts of its gonna be over once when it's that last. Sunday in last Monday night Seattle. It's it's really feel it was 137 point six. -- on the meter. Largest outdoor crowd Rory -- With the Guinness world book of records will be there tomorrow night at the Saints take on the Panthers in. It looked wall to wall coverage right here on WWL you joined the show via phone lines at 260187. Years -- -- 866889. Is nearly Seve also on a text like an 87 -- and who you pick it. Tonight in the SEC championship game is going to be Auburn. Or Missouri he got tonight differ on this and he's taking the other Tigers Missouri outing at Auburn at war eagle point and what have you. But you know -- TWU rays managed a point in you sportscasters in news. That up. Yeah I thought so about a should a one loss SEC team and they certainly will make the case but do they belong in the national title conversation yeah. Over a Big Ten team that is unbeaten in Ohio State if the hit by Michigan State will. This is on them. Where I stand on these guys that. Well thanks to complete their male here all right then tries to give Ohio State. Undefeated this year a lot of people wanna bring it to the argument where they've won 27 game road they got them if they were undefeated again last year they -- -- chance but it. And the slow your roll with that aren't because it was like Ohio State got cheated. Out of anything last year after -- they -- they were on probation they weren't eligible. In the case it's a big off. Oh -- I -- think fire it backfired I hate it today basically put Ohio State in the Southeastern Conference. Year in year out they've had three losses. Already it's not like thinking she last year -- work -- -- There yet how many of that argument about the -- schedule I think when lately yes back row and it's. Where you know give them a little added. Wait that's what you guys. When you are scheduled pathetic especially their out of opera scheduled to try to challenge themselves. Whatsoever and notes or work out or just because I think there is such an SEC that the National League right now a lot of conferences don't want to see. Yes -- -- -- -- it's like the people are gonna be scary as it. Can make that one loss team jump policy they'll in my opinion. I think they -- I think absolutely Ohio State over of one loss it's easy team here you work. You're gonna show where your priorities lie. And it's a as an organization. As a college football fan I want the best match up. I want the best that I don't want -- mentality at Florida State Ohio State is the best match of the best match it would be. Florida State in Auburn. Florida State Missouri Florida State in yes Alabama as much as you may not like you that OK out Alabama will be much better of a game against Florida State. -- Ohio State could they would get shredded by Davis with that and at Florida State so a program old Auburn will not Missouri will not Alabama will not classy gentleman here -- I and you -- -- is that you disagree with us about this -- manages to deal. If you undefeated. That matter of the gonna have to go lately I don't I gotta finish and you just share -- undefeated. It doesn't matter what goes on. You should hit your chance when you get here. But -- or not at least you were able to go out there and see what you can do. So but -- -- team. Forget it over and over at. I know loss team. It's going to be in no loss team in the bowl so conference schedules don't matter because that kind of schedule it doesn't matter in this the one they gonna go to the playoffs they'll quietly exactly why don't you write this -- it tonight and why it feels that these conversations that released that'll be the top fourteen you're right yeah that's -- -- there. I've had a disagreement just because you if you play it terrible conference with a terrible overall record answer the schedule in the -- the SEC. -- -- we get what we got that one of the award it. Yet that's my question what do you report are you rewarding somebody. Schedules in the newspaper there out of conference games are forty guys that have 45 ranked teams on the schedule that -- be -- If you just go by the undefeated dark pit then what about some of these smaller conferences Retief have gone undefeated northern Illinois -- -- -- -- loss last night today. Have been in the national championship. You can't outlook. And not inclined to agree with you that. Ohio State's gonna go to the national championship whether they -- or not if they win. Play in the I think it is in it did the wrong message Ohio State should it be rewarded. For not. Going out trying to play people they can be rewarded for making their schedule as -- as. Possible you know I don't believe that man because you should have a zero loss team. And this is the deal bottom line is. You get a zero loss team alive today against. Rule powerhouse. What's gonna happen is to have that one shot they can pull everything out of the closet and they gonna make it good in their. I say he's same thing last year about Notre Dame and Alabama thanks for us out of there alive might have -- say the same thing about I'll Alabama and in Notre Dame last year with Luis I don't wanna see another terrible national title game I wanna see a competitive one. I want to see you want it goes hey. Look I know -- Laviolette QB this but listen. Would you like to see a replay of that of that Iron Bowl that I'm not saying between those I thought about that that kind of match up where it's going down to a wild -- I don't think you'll see a wild finish between Florida State Ohio State you'd be a beat down. From the onset well and it's not. As far as. I stand on that matter I'm not entirely sure -- do you feel that Ohio State could. Show up Urban Meyer is -- coaches prepare these big games I think they could show up maybe. By. In an eight thinking about it my deal is I just don't know if they're truly deserve being. Getting into that match. We'll find out -- you talking about the SEC title game Auburn and Missouri given all this afternoon right here on it WWL where arouses. In the CBB gonna take us out. And will taste of holidays as well he he about -- Kristian -- you're listening to WWL IMF and the dot com welcome back -- there Kristian -- here -- is in the CBD. It is set for the SEC championship game. He -- Eaton yeah. Eaten alive and I had them little taste of the season you're right S. Meatballs something with cream achieves. You Jesus some other sort of -- that's -- case Seattle degree beyond it. A couple of them eggs -- Eight. You Walt it's gets a long time or your favorite antsy and I do love -- As we talked about. Mike gave -- a lot of -- mine now with Maria last time forty Q. Utley into law cheeks public squirrel it's bad enough for winner and I can live off the old times he reached back hoot about more about them. Who do you think. And tonight's as easy to have a two game. Auburn or Missouri 504260187. In nickel -- -- 66. He's safe there so I made that joke twice let's not get sick of that that -- -- nearly seventy -- about his goal with. Missouri yet it'll Auburn. You might compliment each bias the majority of my serve breakfast -- all means that talking about how glorious misery is but. -- -- -- and one thing I love about Albert outlook at all that the line coach Jay it's not about quite a bit throughout the season. The turnaround that he had on these kids -- give up the most sacks yet he last year. Top five as far as the least amount of -- and obviously they are dominating rushing attack. He's guy that's -- keep believing in themselves. And released by game. What he's -- to what he's 200 campers it and there's nothing better. When you can fully trust your vote to put you in the position to succeed that takes now that it it takes a lot of extracurricular bought out of it. And focus on doing or job. Because you know if you do it. At least that's. -- out of games like this in conference championship games and yeah national title games. It's understandable that have these players have -- their reasons again no doubt some you know some. I don't. For lack of better curves and some thought of ours -- butterflies and and I -- to meet a lot of reasonable doubt it with unit we've seen no pressure and pressure effective opposite they'll put a lot of double down to who settles in the that. Yep yep no doubt it with these big games it really with every game college football so much is on the line week in week out almost. The biggest thing it's that fear of the on down yeah that really gets -- has. Unity before game you know -- about it -- sixty minute battle which can be filled with highs and lows it's very rarely do you play games -- -- smooth sailing. The whole way you know you beat the tar out he's not even on this so it's gonna be roller coaster emotion it's. The winner is going to be -- on who can respond. To adversity the best in who's gonna bounce back after it punch them out there give it up big play. He's the -- of our Kristian -- we're alive arouses you you -- for the SEC championship game here on W to Malaysian ethnic knock out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Join us here as we get you set for the SEC championship game -- -- and Missouri live from arouses in the central business district over the conversation 2601870. -- 366889087080. Bodyguard Kristian -- you're listening to WW LA -- dot com.

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