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WWL>Topics>>12-11 9:10am Tommy, drunk driving

12-11 9:10am Tommy, drunk driving

Dec 11, 2013|

Tommy talks to Floyd Johnson, the Louisiana State Executive Director for MADD, about drunk driving and drinking responsibly

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Right now there's story. That we saw that we found enters into Connecticut teenagers charged last Thursday with reckless endangerment is agents not their friend from drunk driving. Seventeen year old was killed in this tragic and a blown out on content of point 27 when she crashed her car into a tree. It happened back on July 14 I think is on the -- a lot of people -- more than they shouldn't. Get behind the wheel and I think the bigger question here is. Will what is it that made her think she could drive stronger. Even drink in -- behind the wheel one. The parents do good enough job of -- one it was an acceptable or maybe they were doing -- do his -- say -- is -- thing Floyd Johnson joins us right now. He's with Madd -- against dry drunk driving is a Louisiana State executive director. Of that organization -- morning Floyd you -- -- Good -- has taken the time withers how much of a problem and I think we have a huge drunk driving here and problem here Louisiana and the area but now. How does that the pars out when you're talking about teenagers. Well. He didn't. No. You know I say yeah. -- -- We're only at the hour on the that. We are not. Are drinking and and -- Or order and unfortunate -- -- at. -- how do you. How does it go from a kid -- -- very concerned about how they drive. -- a license insurance satirist so. How does it go from that to the teenager not only drinking underage but thank Kenya -- okay for me to drive. I. Wonder. What. Trying to create cultural. And -- during and here. We. -- or people. What. Were you called it. -- -- -- -- Our per couple. Even. Better. I'm thinking. In. In. -- It. -- -- Is com. Is it a classic case of do as I say -- -- you see me do and when you know kids go with it to dinner with their parents and AC dead. Site down three Beers mom is 34 glasses of wine and am one of them gets behind -- wheel. To drive home is that a tacit message Java camps and and strong. But it's really okay. -- And I know that we are all there it is. Our short people. Are. -- -- -- That. There -- people aren't there. Yet. -- And or that we're. -- Out for. In terms of bomb if parents are listening -- and it worried about their kids drinking and drive and when they don't know about it or maybe going off to college and on buck wild on him. What's the best way for -- -- to communicate that message to make sure that the kid -- at no point should get behind a wheel when you've been drinking. It. Are your children about. Alcohol. In -- -- Your children. Call -- -- -- -- -- why is. Out there. Sure. -- -- Floyd if somebody wants to know more about Mothers Against Drunk Driving and -- find out. And look. Out. Number. -- Thank you Floyd appreciate your time minutes man with two d.s.

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