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WWL>Topics>>12-11 6:20pm Sports Talk: St Louis Rams

12-11 6:20pm Sports Talk: St Louis Rams

Dec 11, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to St. Louis Rams Sideline Reporter Tony Softli.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back we are here into eight the in this -- to happen next now we'll have a QB QB who visit with Saints quarterback Drew Brees weekly -- -- -- -- -- in the center court. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Collected an awful lot of that and how to handle efforts for the ball boxes folks you'll feel good you'll be doing great. For a lot of people who are in media -- too deep into -- -- ponies softly sideline reporter for the St. Louis Rams and Iran network is with us now. Tony thank you so much for the time and then may be. And inconsistent. Though somewhat disappointing is some of the terms that come up with the Rams ballclub that isn't doing well at this point now aren't in the thick of the all playoff race. But you know it it it's kind of obviously to get going but I'm look at the ramp I saw what they he would. To the Colts and other big wins on and that's the Rams team. -- we thought we'd seen Morrow up this season why haven't we seen more of that Rams team like that. Well you know I think that you -- about -- doctor -- mr. it's. You know what you can and you. Curveball. You have high yield penalties you can't execute on offense and -- on the field too long run defense. All of that really -- to locks and knowledge -- just you know real lucky worked you know I think that. It has been very disappointing programs -- -- organizations. Players and the because of the high expectations coming up last year we all know Bobby are you that each year opened the and each team is different each year. 4011 in the division and 2012 so many long overall are playing very well I'd probably got a lot of people a lot of keep collegiate players. When you look at you know Jake Long injured -- they drafted to Ivanov students that would greatly. Alec Ogletree. Backstage -- It just hasn't come together yet they're better team they're playing well but he just can't get over -- and really secure the win that they need to do. And then you know taught him when you look at. Obviously LSU players at their contribution. You know around the league fans in Louisiana and always keep up. What what are the take of mine is standing. That come Michael rockers and it is legit you know we look excellent RC it. Expectations they kind of workout with the -- now he's he's played a key role with the 49ers. Lovable what is your take been. With Michael rockers look at -- you know -- look at also probably get the recognition he deserves -- -- Kendall Langford. -- talk about Robert Quinn and Chris Long but Kendall Langford. Things like eat he's been a stud. Yeah you know all these guys you mentioned especially rockers rockers as -- He came in the -- -- and then knock on him because Rusch as a pastor from the interior part of the defense well he'd be proved a lot of people wrong there. On his ability to stop the run inspect that point of attack. You know shed the blockers beat you traffic and run laterally. Into a pursuit is really there and you know a stand up part of his game. And it and the pass rush is coming he squeezes the pocket he pushed until Bulls guards in the sooners back. Into the quarterback -- but also you know I love everything Brock -- bring into the tables set in your pro V channel has been the proper feel and the pro pro. It's such a young age -- on the field. But when you look yet I agree blank out criticism. -- 300 and 27 pounds I mean there's hardly any battle on this -- in the at all so you know the sky's the limit for him he's playing at a high level and it's just Robles in the future for this big men. Now -- Tony. The Rams I don't think. You know everything taken all the look of silly because the mound though the teams they grew what's happened in the past. I'll Wear it if you look at remember Saints fans felony led the Rams all for. Oh and eight in the that Saints in the superdome. Will know what happened in 2011. You know a lot of hype going around the game you know the Cardinals in the World Series. But look it to -- a winning formula. I think in you know -- -- NFL just showing you -- parity. But looking at Saint Louis -- plus seven in in the turnover margin and I think of this thing you shoot themselves in the foot then all of us than the Rams could hang with him. In and because they you know they're plus two yeah that's a winning formula in the NFL week in and week out as far as having a terrible about. When you have the turnover battle is the terrible Murton is key to any football game and when I look at this match appeared you're right any given Sunday anybody can be beat you look at Jacksonville. There are certain -- you look at Tampa -- they're winning when they were exposed to. The cheaper programs it is and ranked thirteenth in the National Football League in rush defense. They've they're able to run the ball on opposite -- -- -- -- ranked seventeenth. With a 112 point eight a game these guys and these guys can run the football now in order for them to be successful in the passing game that got to build on the -- -- play action break for Kellen Clemens. To throw down to two to the tight ends or outside the numbers to the running back or or drop drop to one of the running backs. Creating play -- break. Is -- -- programs because when they can't do that they can execute that run. And that in the run game get stymied everything's stops were them so. Then and in Rob Ryan knows that he's what he's looking at that JP he's probably in his jobs because the one thing that he does well. If you bring -- wrote a book from an area where you know that they blitz is coming from. They run to the ball very well they're very very nasty play some good attitude their tackle well -- And I played a rookie but Carl Lewis sets the tone prevent secondary when they walk -- down and that they'd -- into that -- And I like everything. With the saint like the Mets are. As quickly it's only because he just hero nobody any any any rumor and -- service and only about. Texas possibly being interested in Jeff Fisher as they're coached the University of Texas. He and I think -- his native Serb approval when -- and you know outcome up. Jeff -- just got back in the National Football League this is where chipper excels he's been -- a high level for a long time. He he wants to our leaders project out and knock them -- will be back he'll be next year. These receivers are gonna get you know but it took this season have all year under their belt and start off -- with him next year and in so. You know that's just rumors and that's you know those like hi this time a year and in the jet printers the sweet little replica. All right Tony softly. St. Louis Rams sat out poor Tony thank you so much the time we appreciate. Record. All right all right if he'd be -- whose time is 630 time the first news without -- -- ankle.

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