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12-15 12:10pm Fans First Take

Dec 15, 2013|

Todd Menesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming Saints game against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And what about defense first take our number true. Here on WWL lead you have the land gap half hour coming up that's right next hour. Pocket will go to -- but like countdown to kickoff for the big chief deep Olivia and the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert at 130. The Saints Rams game was. Not so much flex which is moved back Ryan to area 325 starts and it normally was supposed to be a noon start. Few tuning in now expecting to hear the game but the two weeks ago via -- moved it back. Knowing that. What they're trying to do is get two teams that are. In contention can lock up playoff Marco -- also want but in those key spots so that the network's news and record one. Viewership you know list I mean this is your business Todd so yeah they're gonna say look Saints are viable and people watch them exactly they're good and they're good looking football selects -- could make sure the majority of the population want to. And the Saints could lock up a playoff spot with a victory today in Saint Louis. You know that means that even if they lost the the last three games and you know they would still make the playoffs as well look. I would bet to say to a man that there's not one person out there that saying man we gotta get -- a lot playoffs. There I'm thinking about that I'm just telling you right now and not think about what their record is or not thinking about the -- record or anything else they're thinking about what they have to you for the next three and a half hours. And hopefully get out of there you know with a W I don't care how they do and you know it is a matter -- they went about one you know to split. You know him and to me when you play a team like this that. It's gonna play loose free and easy I mean there is no pressure on the Rams. Whatsoever and really. Missed a ton of pressure on the Saints but the same time. If they need to start they really need to put themselves in a good spot so that if you know Seattle doesn't have stub their toe a little bit here a long way. And can put some great spot so that's the reason they got to play this and ended as studio. I guess the important that you would think it would. Ride in. And aggressive and backwards -- make him lose today they can win today and and lose the next two and they would still make the playoffs that that's what to talk about. Think it also make it if they lose today and a couple of other things have to happen in certain people. Lose and you know those crazy scenarios but the easiest thing is just win today and -- lock up you punch your ticket for the policies. Well yeah and that you know to -- look at the goal when you going to each and every training camp you know -- -- -- We we want a -- division and then an extremely -- wanna make sure that we can put ourselves in -- spot because second season so yeah. He's closed -- -- on. I got to let's see a lot of games in progress already no scores. Yet to interesting though the the game the other night. The San Diego Chargers beating the Denver Broncos 2720. In Denver -- and San Diego keeps their playoff hopes alive. That now just just that one. Little loss. Changes the whole dynamics in the AFC because now the New England Patriots having that tiebreaker over Denver by beating him head to head. I think slide into that number one slot for the the playoffs right now well. And you wonder how many people thought oh boy you know. It's and you can't -- road and oh yeah they're going to number maybe in -- one team in the NFL the playing them on the road only gotten a shot right. If you watched any of that game. That was an ass kicking on the line of scrimmage I mean here we go with Peyton Manning being probably the best quarterback we've seen in modern day history. And literally been light him up all year long. Man they made him look pedestrian almost just because there was so much pressure defensively. That can happen anybody you see you week in week out when that happens and I think a lot of times people get caught up in the fact that. You know these guys that are you know that they're so good that they can just over sorrows come all that kind of stuff. No he really can't you know and you -- the -- the point of even a guy like like Peyton Manning who really has such a command. Mentally of this game. And obviously has come in and -- were almost caught a lot of those coaches. Several different things. Offensively about what to do an opposite actually defensively. -- what to do. And San -- on -- tomorrow and defensively they couldn't stop couldn't stop San Diego can stop them all mean. Ryan Mathews. And he looked like you know -- all pro running back. You know I think yeah hundred and almost a 150 yards or something that game so. Mean look it's just that's just the way this game is in the came in there and they were. Away you know in cold Denver at night you know in front of everybody on the Thursday night and them and put -- on on Denver's head. If the Patriots win today against Miami which will be a tough game for them. They will slide into that number one slot because they'll have a tied record with the Broncos and have that -- and you know what I'm not so sure that's gonna happen right I had Miami is -- -- -- got a feeling that that Miami may turn the tables on them today. A look concerned that's a tough place to play are you going in there in mid December. After being in Boston and it's going to be you know. 83 degrees in -- Ian and I mean it's gonna take a toll on him and that's going to be tough Democrats have. The Belichick coached deal that Tom Brady. You know less gronkowski that's gonna hurt -- bad you know shame greens that play a big part of that and he has they just. It's not the same position obviously but he is the guy that they've replaced. Targets to guess if you will but that's going to be tough deal for them. The Dolphins right now as we always say of the playoffs started today would be on the outside looking in their in the hunt with the with a seven and six record there'd be the projected seven CG yeah. In the AFC you're looking at the the Ravens with a six seed. And then the Chiefs at ten and three with a fifth seed because of those two losses to the den Denver Broncos who were those costly home they certainly weren't then you've got the Bengals in the third seed with nine of four leading their division the Colts at eight and five. In the fourth seed in the in the Patriots at number two the Broncos at number one however. If the Patriots would win today those two would flip positions and so and there you go there yeah. Well I mean it just think about that I mean the Patriots have been sitting around nobody's thinking that they've played very well the year they beat us up there but. They haven't been real spectacular they lost everybody camp -- -- a temporary road and they sort of starter and then you know. And then turn around and just sort of sit there right underneath the radar just get ready to sort of get in this. Second season before they turn their thing on I don't know that's just that's a sign of a really well run organization that does not -- panic button. And then of course in the NFC if you're looking at the playoff picture right now we all know the Seahawks have the first seed have locked up a playoff position. The Saints are number two -- three. The 49ers have the sixth seed at nine and for the Panthers have the fifth seed at nine and four because the Panthers beat the forty niners head to head. Then you have eagles' third seeded eight and five Lions at the fourth seed its evidence thing. This time of the year you sort of began to shake out. The pretenders from contenders if you will. And you're starting to see it and yeah I think these are missing some elect the Cincinnati sort of stretch and -- division. You know I I don't know I think it's going to be interest he has goes down you sort of see teams like. In Jacksonville or whatnot and they seem to continue disorder it is. Chip away at people and they keep knocking people off all the time. And it's hurt them third and bad that even though. Everybody thinks on Jacksonville's terrible at their record says they're now they're really not they're not terrible at all. An interesting left the beat teams still in the hunt as they say. They're not there haven't been eliminated yet -- maverick the AFC the Dolphins. In the seventh seed that followed by the Chargers the Jets as I said who need to get that victory today to stay in right running. And then the Titans. At five and eight. Are the tenth seed in the idiots and they're still in there and -- went punt punt mathematically have a in the NFC the Cardinals which have been playing strong. The last couple weeks or the seventh seeded eight and five. Their right on the heels of the forty -- the Bears -- the eighth seed right on the heels of the lines at seven and six with the same time record but alliance hold the tiebreaker over -- right. Cowboys or the ninth seed at seven and six the Eagles. Got that push and -- five. And the Packers with no Aaron Rodgers at six and six and one. Are the tenth seed. Because of that. Tied it kind of helps him out there. And I couldn't think of where we we I mean it just as it's not over till it's over I mean it's gonna shake up this next three weeks are going to be real fun to watch. It certainly is all right we'll take a break he Steve court I've dominoes is when we come back we'll get you some of the scores. Of the games already in progress. And rundown what's happening and taking a look at the Saints and the Rams what do you think who dat nation. A close game. Or to the Saints have this one today close game. What do you think his game and we've we've been drawn the last couple of snow here and close to hitting the Vancouver's game all right. -- -- so what made 7866 and 89087. Or you can text as an 87870. It's man's first day here on WWL and welcome back to 60187866889087. You also Texas and 87870. -- games already in progress. In the NFL Atlanta has jumped out ahead of Washington seven to nothing. It's the Cleveland Browns of the Chicago Bears three nothing in the over Houston seven nothing. Buffalo and Jacksonville were tied at three apiece. New England over Miami three to nothing. Let's see Minnesota. Seven nothing over the Eagles. And it's the Seahawks three the Giants have nothing playing in New York. San Francisco seven Tampa Bay nothing and that's a year's scores right now. To keep you up to date of the names that are in progress but doesn't mean nothing. -- big -- -- play -- that Kirk cousins that I got sacked and fumbled the ball it looks like a Babineaux picked it up so. Atlantic ball him. Yeah yeah so maybe Mike Shanahan plans -- -- skeptical. Now c'mon. Come back and -- now two hours two hours and fifteen minutes from now on and start and it's like now. Three minutes left in the fourth quarter than you can sort of idea. Who played one. You get a better idea how he's used to laugh at that you see that they're up already first -- and was and I don't know what's our day or not. No -- -- Ellis can't put your nose my father for years this has happened straight scored first etc. It. That's not their day to day for development but there you -- I 260 -- 786 exit 8908. -- the Saints and the St. Louis Rams and a lot of people are texting yes the game was. Featured in here was moved the NFL -- it back to 330 start. Our times -- 325 kick off. Our time is when via the Saints programs. Take place so it's not immune kick off figures to Indian -- defied the Saints yet haven't missed anything yet. Looking at the game today. Obviously. Saint Louis now doesn't have a great record. They're not playing. Winning football I guess you could say because they haven't won but they have been in most of their games. That they have played with the exception of a couple of blowouts like Washington as well with Seattle. But it when you look at defensively. They're not bad. Team as the next especially against the rush. Against the run their they're doing a little better than the Saints have been doing. And third down conversions or allow a little bit more but but really. Not that much this defense is a solid deep for the program well look. I mean there's sort of a straight forced three. You know type of of a formation negative variables immediately under and over and -- over exchange of wide you know. Wide nine public kind of different you know variations of of a four down linemen -- down. -- Chris Long has given us fits for for awhile and you know two guys the middle and the cup -- now who seems to really -- and turn it on lately. They've got a lot of a lot of promise for him in Lankford and then you got Robert Quinn on the other side of their news. Big sack guy he's going to be a problem for us so we're gonna have to. We're gonna have to know he has some and we got a chip on him -- that question and then. You've got to sort of makes our work you know is is Laurinaitis little I mean he has just been a he not I don't that he it's many accolades yielded the same time he is really sort of been -- one of the better linebackers great great instincts for the ball and we all know Joseph Longo and Marty was here with us you know and then all the trees -- of what took place of those of the of the guys that I would consider that -- defense but man you know look they've got some they have they have some secondary guys twos so. But I can tell you that this defense here for whatever combinations are reasons we have to hold the ball. For very long. I'm we're going to be in trouble so they can flat get after the passer so this is something that where you. Had issues in the past with you know and I think we're gonna have to sort of catch him with some different things and see if we can get him and situations that is -- and the rears back because that's the problem and. RO WW a pretty jaguar opinion bowl what's your prediction for the Saints at the Rams game. 63%. Of you voting on line now say the Saints will win by more than seven. Today 27% of you say it will be a Saints by seven or less. Just 5% say the Rams to win by seven or less than 4% say the Rams win. By more than seven you can log on to WW dot com cast your vote give us call here or give us attacks the Tex comes in right now out 8787 aces. Hey every team wants to win at home people it's twice as hard to win on the road and if you're run game doesn't control the time element in the run game also quiet the crowd and -- On the other hand if your ground game is lacking even have a shutdown type defense that creates turnovers. And a very good special teams unit. Saints do win the Saints will win Saints 34 Rams ten. Who -- takedown no I'm not saying that can happen and certainly can't let them. You know the biggest thing we have to do on the road and you know -- is is star quick. You know and that really turned the ball out there that's mr. Washington Seattle and dishonesty that unfold pretty quickly its star very Jeremy ware. Three and -- and I think -- very next series I think we you know. And that tip ball moments sort of sack and you know the ball popped up in the and the -- ran back. That was sort of -- kind of a recipe for disaster for the rest you know rest that evening so. Yeah you sort of at the same time like I said before us that you hope to take a crowd like that out of it. Yeah by you know make some first downs and sort of stay on the field and sort of control and it. And now we did it was sort of fan the Flames on that deal and that he got worse and worse and worse and so. Look that's when you get beat by Miami points when you go to a place like that Mendoza. Into their ass kicked dead. It was a rude awakening so to speak on Friday Steve court I've -- Manassas is go to who have done Ames who standing by with our WW well news headlines out. And welcome back who dat nation and you heard the numbers 260187866. And 89087. 687870. As well. Saints an important game today against St. Louis Rams can now punch their ticket into the post season with a victory. Today. And we're talking about this year and all of the year and I just -- -- Steve's opinion on it and and viewers as well I don't. Baseball just decided Major League Baseball the others to use instant replay on going on I'm coming season a slow slow to react to that deal they certainly aren't think I think someone just finally said. You sure these electric lights at -- work and another thing which way we should partners Babe Ruth. But. With that said. Looking at the NFL and they've had the instant replay on and off the Gannon had a for the last couple years. It was brought up on one of the NFL shows I think it was nfl.com I'm not sure. As far as challenges. For coaches. Should replay. Be challenged. In other words if holding its called Bryant should they challenge NC there was hold -- if there was no hold for the -- challenge or. Pass interference should they be able to challenge that when it's blatantly obvious either did or didn't do you what do you think -- that you know mess up the flow of the game. Yeah I think that would. I would think -- whole mess of a -- game I think -- in the cancer coaches it is -- once there -- positions and say. Throw holding so it was almost literally get that two flags -- -- -- and I know that my whole point is it's like. Then I think you run the risk of officiating from the sidelines isn't worried about. Play in the game and source confirmed fractions and everybody comes the -- -- becomes a -- I think you. These sort of take a lot of power from the ref Rees at that point that need power they have to have a certain authoritarian. You know sort keep things in between the lines there and I mean that's why they're there right so I think -- If you begin to take that much power away from and then that much I guess ability to call the game and Taylor is just waited and Colin you know. And in my mind the guy interfered with a guy it was pass interference -- right and typically watch it you know and like I told you one thing. For the most part those guys are pretty good. At what they're doing now obviously he would you know he sees in college and it's not in his actor's. Union FL there's some. So either you know what I'm used calls to hound known that was. Sort of sticky tacky thing look these guys studied this deep week in week and they watch. Those specific players that they feel like -- you know either on the as a sort of a grade I remember talking to umpires all the time. I come out and guys apart and a -- to me it's a sixty. Corbett and watch new for a couple of weeks MM extension keeping and decide you know. You know you're doing good at that but don't throw the guy down yeah I jail time to block the guy don't thrown down at the end -- when it's normally around the end mentally holding. And so you know I'm gonna call you on that can -- on the ground. So on would be welcome. Try not to throw moment -- from the ground trying to throw guys off so he took it from not as far as well I try to make sure there was some and they all. -- -- But I guess my point me in the and I think you can't take that away from those guys because I think then. You know and they I don't know that I think you become less. Officiating. Is better to me I think -- we begin to everybody because they -- the problem. Even if it's a play. That quote unquote cost the team -- Well for the most part -- you know that the pass interference in the end zone -- polling day and what you're saying yeah it looked -- You know you hate to be on the losing end -- that likely in the Patriots game against the the Panthers right -- -- -- -- and you hate to see that but at the same time you realize that obviously you -- count because it was -- -- game but it means within two minutes and -- and they and now they review the record player so. You know I think they've I think they've given themselves the benefit on certain things to make -- that they can keep that. You know a good spot at the same I don't think you can get to. Over issues in Houston and Smith that word but I'll I'll go yet I'm still thinking I think you run the risk of doing it. That's just my opinion. And I got here they look. I've been on the losing ends of both of those deals for -- it's not a good thing man pressure which created that you know which it needs to replace of that settlement BS right. He went there he wouldn't earlier. That he used to interfere with a cable and you know so you Seattle time. Sports sports. All right give an update on the games that are in progress right now the Redskins have scored -- now Atlanta fourteen the Redskins seven. Cleveland Chicago still tied up at three apiece Indy still leading Houston 73. Buffalo and Jacksonville still tied at three New England still over Miami three nothing. Minnesota seven the Eagles three. The Seahawks three of the Giants nothing and San Francisco seven. Tampa Bay nothing those of the scores. Of the games currently in progress 260187866. And 89087. We will take a break. When we come back it's it's more you calls and smarmy Texas well lobby texting and an 87878. Giving us your score predictions were today in -- -- think will happen. Is it going to be a close game or not most of the Saints fans who were texting. And giving us their scores don't think it will be. A close game. In Saint Louis. We'll be right back. Fans first stake here on WW and a welcome back to fans first take 2601878668890870. Or you can Texas and 87870. Got a text here that is over a fishy yes I like that night whereas you're. You know before you don't this. -- southeastern lines season and last night New Hampshire behind a great run. Had a great run -- the best run I've ever had in school history I mean they have set the bar high. And you know it's just so -- watching that team sort of develop and you know you can keep your hats off to Ron Roberts and when he doesn't mean really guys. Taken from sort of program that is just. You know year reunion currently gets squandered you know and they really really turned into a good solid football program and I think they've got. -- the foundation to really really make. A commitment thing or two ago so I was so proud of them but man and a good rode him. I mean it was so it was fun watching -- great street harper who awful. You had you know we actually had a pretty good run this year with with the college he was -- -- you get tired and you -- and you know Tulane playing in the New Orleans -- yeah I was footballers LSU we're going to hold mythological this year -- Outback Bowl so now New -- -- Toledo. And on the -- Pretty good. And then -- Cubs and it paid 7870. Saints 34 Rams fourteen. Someone else says. Let's see -- Saints thirty. Rams seventeen. Another to activate 7870 in the battle of the Mississippi. Thirty name this Saints will prevail 28 to 23. -- like the score and that seems to be a little closer you like ants I think the swami Collie and on the O line one is closer to what you think -- well -- slumming. Anybody would go on such which got for today beautiful sunshine today in Louisiana. Especially on the nonchalant about. I don't like saint Cilic seven the ramps one report card that you know I just don't be eternally optimistic the points. I think the way of the that a Little League motto yeah. It it's like pulling its its like your your your pick in scores for two different teams have their at home you can probably say yeah they're gonna win and I -- I got pretty confident when they're away it's like and it's going to be a close game right. It is you know it seems to be legacy now look this is a good by the Rams there is a solid football team they can't. Do much offensively but they can do enough to -- and the fact that they can run the football. They can hurt you well enough so. -- -- You know they can run the football on the fact we just gotta stop and and and obviously. The turnovers are going to be keep the we've got to keep get keep number nine bright we can keep him -- -- score some points on there's no question that. But I certainly don't think you'll look we might not give up 24 points. But I think we have yeah you know I think we give ups you know between seventeen and wanting you know and I look we can do that and just ask warm and and then that's fine but I again I don't think it's going to be I don't think it's going to be a -- by any stretch. And relive great listen that looked at it didn't recruit everybody. And I technical. I swami Merry Christmas to you as well hopefully this Merry Christmas with the Saints victory today and punch her ticket to the post season and then I've done with just getting into the post season alone it's just we want. Just another corporate law the media -- just a step in the right direction but that someone had they -- if we can eliminate that part of it then. We have to was you know it was a week to sort of get -- don't see African. Which are hoping to do is overseas Seattle stumble and -- happen at any point let -- tell you as a matter who they player where they play a mentality and happened so. There on their struggling against the Giants right now now only winning by a three nothing in the second quarter with the and yet there's still victory they've come out three nothing but the Giants. Game -- -- its infant stages yes it is something that -- that your gonna break in the Pink Floyd Urbina go to another African -- and that as -- Politico that he is David Ortiz and I've talked and I just bats Thursday hero WW. And welcome back to 60187866. And 89087. Is our numbers all. Along with Steve court on top Manassas. And. Saints and the Rams today. 325 kick off the case here looking for the game -- but like countdown to kickoff for the big chief Deke Bellavia. And the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert will come your way. At 130. Look at this Rams defense we've been talking about their defense is better than their record shows they are plus seven. India giveaway take away ratio of the Saints Romeo plus three. The Rams have taken away at twelve interceptions and twelve fumbles. They've given up nine interceptions and eight fumbles. They look at any -- me you know like their offense has been. You know so good that in fact in there and you know the ball off this time and again he looked at -- -- able to run the ball. You know okay Carpenter and you know little over ten yards a game it. You know Heyward is average in ninety. That you know at the same time. I'm procession and there is honest and as good Tuesday as they would like to be so. You know the third down conversions were almost 46%. Witches. That's incredible mean that is that's that's really good they're just 33% which is still. You know I think you know you can get in that 35. And up type thing thinking you will forty -- but at the same time. There there. They're not very good you know offensively soul. I think any time they make some stuff happen obviously on the we know with the run and and obviously some good some big plays an amendment. Yet they just. You know and they're not they're averaging just about a little over 200 yards a game you know passing so they're not. You know gonna throw for Tony yards so yeah there that defenses held accountable for all of this stuff and on the field for awhile also. Anytime that happens you -- yet you -- more chances to take the ball away. The same time you don't get the -- you can have a better chance to score so. Got a text here people given the scores a Saints 34 Rams fourteen. -- Saints 45 Rams seventeen. And someone else here. And once again I can't tell -- score they turned him you know might my friend and a doctor -- -- -- that -- -- book on super healing powers and you know but humans on that you have superhuman powers yeah he's. He has some great quote in there about you know the better teams you'd score more points so -- looked like that really profound stuff and to grow and and a lot of things about control their own destiny right he's a good group almost like a symbolic he knows everything. So what Texas my -- were -- so far today it does not. Matter. Even though I have a two and a nine on the office pool at the states we cut but it forced seventy -- yeah man and drew some bad guards -- I don't think that's -- two and -- that. I could see it may be the nine me beaten me -- But who. Too well yeah I guess twelve. It's too well yeah. When I'm 32 it's it's hard at putting on their attendance that's just hours a day ago who -- elect and analyzed. All right at least -- Cora -- and this is coming back for -- lagging have half hour of fans first take don't forget the Rams game today Saints and Rams. Kick off at 320. Fives so that means the -- like countdown to kickoff comes your way at 130. Will -- right back after news here on WWL.

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