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12-15 1:10pm Fans First Take

Dec 15, 2013|

Todd Menesses and Steve Korte talk to WWL listeners about the upcoming Saints game against the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the yellow line have half -- of fans first day here on WB well along with Steve court I'm dot Manassas. That's get too caught up on the games already in progress the Atlanta Falcons lead via Redskins. Seventeen to fourteen. Right now in the Georgia. The 49ers over the Buccaneers ten to nothing. And with him the all these games are still in the second Korea. Seahawks. Have now candidate touchdown and take a ten to nothing lead over the Giants. The Vikings. Are leading the Eagles. Sixteen to six and I'm sure that -- -- for the extra point there. Probably be seventeen I think they'll check on that because it just flashed up Patriots ten Dolphins nothing so the Patriots are. Have their in their sights to get that number one seed if they win today. At least to move into that position and hopefully can hold onto it to the end of the season. Bills and Jaguars tied at ten. Colts lead the Texans seventeen to three. It's the Browns over the Bears ten to three interesting there. Freshman decided to go with that Jay Cutler. Overall adjustment down who's been playing very well a lot of the Bears players were little upset with that and Cutler has thrown to Hixon on the zone. You sort of -- -- you know I hate to see. Players can jump on that -- against them you know but look at their quarterback position happens you know. You know you if you sort of feel like if a guy is playing well. And -- McCown was doing he really was playing pretty good football yet. And he did get a lot of things done with his legs and I think it. Anytime you sort of felt like you were kind of on a -- little bit. Nine is certainly not -- knock against a currently Jakob is a better quarterback has no question about it that. At the same time it's almost like -- you know -- can't continue this thing until we obviously have a reason to. Get -- back in there but. Collect a tough spot you know because of -- you never lose your you know your job in trio like stuff. Will you do that's the way you lose your job is -- into -- -- -- Alex Smith yeah happens all the time OK so. I that's a tough deal right there but it's the same time you if you feel like you that deserve franchise quarterback and -- great player. And I think -- has done a world of good for him just he got there but nevertheless. This may be one of those types of games in -- look. Can we get jet to go to scraped up a little bit. Let's go back to the other thing going don't you know get your head down -- what kind of stuff you know we're gonna get your right -- the same time. You know his psyche maybe say now go -- and don't give me the Nokia. You know that this is one of those things we fight through and you know achievement back in needles -- wanna start that got immediately so. You're kind of walking a thin line and you but -- agencies that are players started jumping on both sides different quarterbacks. Well. They're only down by seven but you know the two picks I guess is what what makes you your question I don't know I looked over his muscular -- hurt yet. Then then that's something hopefully he. He concedes -- look at -- maybe I'm not a Israelis -- thought it was let's. Let's go back to account you know and you hope that he goes in there and does as well or better so we'll quarterback does that. Interestingly enough -- In the AFC the only team that's mathematically out of it is the Houston Texans correct mark. At 211 while and that that is shocking interest Natalie has to be 211 actually be. Okay mathematically out of and so so that means the bills and Jaguars at four and nine are still mathematically in it in the AFC. What's interesting though also with that is the Texans are eliminated. And the Falcons have been eliminated from playoff contention mathematically. Those are the two teams that everyone picked to be in the Super Bowl this year with the Texans. And a Falcons that was the two and hot teams going into the he looked. -- and you. You wonder what happened it's like the wheels came off that way and both of them I just I mean really all of those are two steps blue dumpster fires at this point you know no line. Those types of things happen obviously looking shop looked at me like he gets his turn -- hood. I don't know it's like he was lost his whole thing going in there and looked to me like he just so struggling so much. -- with a medal in the -- -- this whole thing that is justice it's crippled him you know which may be Jay Cutler's problems some people say it's I definitely. Sometimes I think he does say you know it's tough now he's coming back in and he's trying to knock the rust off. And that's a tough. Pleased to do it as well as sort of you know this time of the year kind of get back in the swing of things that. It looked they would have put him in there trust them and put him in there when you collected -- -- we practice. If you're so if you're the coach would you have waited till they had a home game the putting back -- as that play tomorrow I I don't know because I'm not I'm not want to practice he may have just been absolutely flawless even if he's ready just for mind psyche to get the rust off yeah I know he may have been. He may have been read this whole week they miss it it is a veteran guy he's been here for a long time. I played at a high level and we watched him all week long and thought that he was ready to go again. I gave -- the number one spot that as as as well he should have. Okay but the same time. You know he goes after struggling a little bit you can't lose confidence in so it may be one of those things where it's you know you are making this kind of stuff up and maybe it's a thing where. And it'll feel like that all the feelings that -- going to just at halftime and come out and have a great second half to be okay. Last week talking about the scoring the NFL set a record with ninety touchdowns. Scored on a Sunday and of course Drew Brees and the Saints helped -- get to that number as well. Do you think that this is this just a fluke -- -- show that. The rules have been changed so much that the offense can score and this is what people wanna -- isles -- -- It's. He's obviously they know that their offensive football and obviously that's you know scoring touchdowns and and offensive point production is sort of what people really like to watch them. And so they've skewed those rules. To make that obviously in there and -- -- favor and I think you start and see that now. The aggregate to ninety again or eclipse that any time soon -- I have no quit and no doubt in my mind. You know I look at. Sometimes you know the way they'll have something -- do that -- you thought last week you know the odd little game did you -- now you would have something to do that and it and it really didn't. But nevertheless side -- I certainly feel like that it's that that's the time this -- it's gonna happen as a continued to beat me no more prolific ever source points. All right he Steve -- Todd Manassas speaking of scoring points when we come back we'll talk about Saints and Rams and what we think they'll be able to do offensively today. On the road in Saint Louis. Its fans first take here on WWL. And welcome back defense first take all -- court I'm top Manassas. Got a text -- 8787 it's as Steve. But the offensive line having lost three starters in three years you think one of the problems as the over rating of the old line. Well I don't I don't think -- bit over rated them. Yeah I absolutely I still think their plan. You know -- as good as soon as they have in the past. Because I think you've lost a few guys I think anytime you lose you know Carl -- Europe you know Jonathan Goodwin over. In a bush rod to me like down and I don't think you. I don't think you just plug different different guy and it becomes just as good and you know I think -- is. You know played well so well on the past it but I don't think he's having penalties haven't particularly good -- right now. You know I think Charles Brown has struggled all year long and I think -- us actresses. The solace he's been you know he can do it all oneself so yeah -- -- come -- and to me I think he's he's been sort of mediocre feel him but it hasn't been. Some of these you count on -- lucas'. Dominant offensive line in -- stretch you know I think their quarterback at this point where he gets out of his hands and how he distributes it. Lucas that's the one thing right now that's carried us through and the fact that our defense is in a sort of keepers and all these games and I think that's -- our record is what it is. OK look at the game today. You've been saying you think it's going to be a close hard fought game you -- Score a matter you just think it's going to be one of these mail by. -- more -- you know not well. And very well could be a -- minor you know depending upon sort with a turnover you know issues of being. But I I'm gonna say you 12417. I think that it comes from. I think it comes from a pretty good actual source Duca when it for 71 Forsett -- You know the last couple of times I said the game would be close. The Saints ended up going in and blowing the game now. So I will go ahead and say it will be a close game again today. Not that it means anything that he OK you have that much effect I have that much effect on the outcome is another all listening to us right now -- think they are but they are on line they're all listening to what we're saying and what we're talking about -- because every time you mention the offensive line into playing -- so well. Shawn Shawn to trend back in lockers and here it is keep trash -- him yeah. I think it I think is going to be close to back I don't know if they can score if if the Rams can score seventy points I think their defense can maybe hold the Saints and check on the road. This might be. The. 1714. Saints to be honest. That's just the way I see it hopefully it's. Like some of the scores you guys have been send -- that. And the Saints -- mild 45 to ten or something like that but we'll take it a wins a win and you just gotta win the punch your ticket and are right that. The state court I'm Todd Manassas coming up next it is the -- like countdown to kick off. With a big chief Deke Bellavia and the cajun cannon. Bobby a -- will see you guys next week as we get ready take on Carolina at 8 AM. Here on WWL stick around the Saints Rams -- coverage continues right here on the home of the New Orleans Saints this is WWL who.

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