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WWL>Topics>>12-15 6:50pm Sean Payton

12-15 6:50pm Sean Payton

Dec 15, 2013|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton addresses the media after a disappointing loss to the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That pretty ugly. Obviously to this -- loss. Extremely disappointing. Thought all three areas. We can play very well at all obviously. We can get ready to play we look flat coming out. And now I take responsibility for that. -- -- Too much has been written about how we played at home that we played on the road in. You know what. That's that's where it is right now the season you know we come out here with a lot at stake. Haven't played you know an important game last week in. You know we can't lineup kick field goal we can't get the run stopped turned the ball over we do everything. We talked about. That you can't do to get a -- to get a road win. And we knew that this is a team that presents some tough challenges with protection. Still that being said. You know how we played today was unacceptable. And a that's on me so any questions. -- I saw enough a Sauna. Period me it was enough penalties pressures sacks -- And some point. You know you just can't keep watching. So. -- feelings get hurt. It's tough. It yeah the -- timelessness. Brad I tell you what. Look. You hope -- here's the thing let's be honest. We need to have the energy in the game like this you know we fourteen. With what's at -- And you know it if we don't then -- Maybe it maybe that's that's a good sign as to where were you know where we're -- certainly like I said starts with with -- is that coach but. We talked about it going in this game. You know teams that understand. The importance of playing consistently here down the stretch. You know who won a lot of things that were encouraging today Rios with so. We'll take close look at the -- I don't it would just seem flat I thought maybe we didn't start. Sharper New England without the second half we settled -- when he came back. Look waited waited and we did all the things. That. Fourteen -- Keep them from when you know the turnovers. That's two and give up an onside kick that's three so there's three ball possession differences right there. Were nudge and on the left side and we still can't protect. We can't stop get off the field on third down defensively there were 58%. -- -- a lot of snaps. Carolina kick a field goal and two different occasions. You know. Those are those are good signs especially here in December. Well I don't know I don't know certainly agree that this is a veteran team we've got some veterans on this team but. Look you know we're still trying to find out. Little bit about the leadership. You know I think. -- look at the age were roster were were fairly young but a well look closely at the tape challenge these guys towns are coaching staff and you know the world. We're gonna have to make. Can improve in a lot of areas -- To play better and -- obviously we're elsewhere the same result or it'll be a mixed bag one week you know we'll play well the next week you won't so. I'm sure the tape won't be very. Will be very exciting it'll be revealing them. Yeah it's been a while this and this was hard. But I I think honestly it was because. Of where were at. You know I mean how much time and energy goes into. Your preparation. And to put yourself in position. You know. That we have. As wells we played a week ago and then go -- and listen I've spent ten minutes here and haven't talked about Saint Louis on and that's. That's not right they play very well and aggressively and made the plays they needed to and credit thirteen coach Fisher and their staff. That. That that's something that. That was -- so. It's disappointing. -- -- -- I don't know there it is I mean it's I think what's frustrating is. It is in the in this is an argument mad at myself is just. You know it dipped. The appearance that. I know it was a quiet environment but the appearance that it was sluggish you don't start -- off first play of the game is hit fumble or did interception. You know we got. Help on the outside and we're still get beat being inside with speed and bull coming through so there's some things that that have to be corrected. Obviously a lot a lot more than maybe we expect. There. Yeah listen I'm not just in his kicking I'm concerned about a lot of things I'm concerned about our protection. I'm concerned about our inability to be consistent. In regards to run the football. In our ability defense was stopped rushing team. You know so all those things would be cause for concern the first kick that's blocked I think his low. Second kick. To pull left so yeah. Is his second one. Yeah I think -- only missed. But but again not. To be fair we need to go back to watch but I think that we're fast. And I couldn't tell did you guys was it was her hand on. You know -- so I would take a look at. Both seem slocum and all. You know and a as disappointing. Thanks for us.

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