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12-15 7pm Zac Strief

Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Zach is it wasn't energy when I was at the issued a it's always hard. Immediately immediately respond to. You know what what causes this happened. I think it's obvious that. There's something. About us on the road has to be addressed and fixed. You know -- Nobody's walking in this game this game saying. You know that that this is all we know we we've been in the same situation. Against this team in this building. And and it's hard to say what it is but there's something and we have to identify and we have to find -- -- to find it fast the senators team leadership and the guys in the locker. I mean I think he absolutely I think. In this in this business in this league. You know you. You have to you have to have somebody in the locker room took to push a team in that direction. You know we're grown men. And it's no one else's job and ours to be ready to play. And again everything everything's going to be that everything's going to be going to be. Inspected to say what what is it that's causing us to practice on the road as we fixed now. Coach Payton said he's pressing some concern about what's -- you guys or us open outcome play. He goes to sort. Of course were concerned I mean I don't know I mean we're. We put a lot in this business is not a show up on Sunday and play sport. So when you go on the field and you put the put that on tape and play like we have on the road it's it's absolutely concerning. And again asked to be addressed we have to find it. As a team we have to identify what it is that's keeping us from playing our protection on the road -- you talk about next week against Carolina huge game. I mean the fact that matters at the end of the season. These games get Beers you go I mean as big as this game was in it was a big game for us. That seems bigger and just like. Two weeks ago we played him it was a huge game this next one's bigger and obviously were playing very good team in their building. With a lot at stake and it's going to be a battle and and that is exactly why. We have to figure out we have to figured out now that things that's ever.

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