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12-15 Hokie Gajan

Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay they can thank both gave -- -- report it brought you back doing institute sports medicine. For the athlete in all of us not really don't recall any injuries but the thing today now Carlos Brown did get replaced at left tackle Bob -- parents. In fact street factory moved a few -- actually moved to left tackle spot right there when it the right tackle flat. Coach Brown did not return in that ballgame so I don't know of any injuries. I'm okay Lewis got. Couple back to back plays where Haley made tackle a little slow to get up but he continued to fight. And that's the saint post game injury report brought you back to lane -- sports medicine for the athlete in Hollis. Well -- you know I think you know me well enough I'm not. And I told you so type guy but. In the pregame -- we were discussed and you don't -- that is. The Saints come in this game you into the trap game one thing another and you know you always have to take turnovers into consideration you know that's a given. For any team regardless of who you plant but I mentioned the opposite of lining to all of brown in particular you focused. You Bobby brought up the stat. But Charles Brown according to pro football weekly. You know that he hadn't had a holding call and I don't know how long whatever the case may be where you hurt Sean Payton right there he says it you know wasted that I've seen enough. That yet and he didn't point out a particular player. But he was talking about the the move expect street to the left tackle in you know put Lugo drove -- Over on the bench -- it gets back to the disabled think the same topic to line -- just not very good. There was not enough crowd noise in here until later in the ball game. They're really affect. The snap count the communications all that kind of stuff -- You know it is they probably made their offensive line words -- have the moves that streak to left tackle and input. Writers that the right tackle. And you listen -- Zach after the game their company Christian a meal we all love the guy he's a stand up type of -- he has. Would say you know there's got to be a leader in that locker room miles north that is stronger leader in the NFL than Drew Brees -- -- We're back cam Jordan I mean I know he's young but what about Curtis Lofton and meet you still got that Johnson building he's not playing but he he's in that locker room. He also. I don't think that me personally. I don't think there's you know some leader in the locker room got to be able to to -- them how to get better on the road. -- the thing that this team needs to do all the way around it they have got to start playing better on the offensive line but I don't think they have the talent to do that and unfortunately going to Carolina next week against you know probably. I I in the front four -- -- say probably. About equal. He might even say that Carolina's got a little bit of an edge on them but they're not gonna have. He has the ability to hear the snap count. And those guys gonna get off and put a lot of look how much pressure was put on drew academy down he was knocked down he was sacked -- three times -- ever was but. In again dated him for whatever reason they do they play hardly on the road but. I don't know -- I think it's that it all went Sean Payton just. I've had enough I've seen enough holding scenario if it. You get a touchdown you get a call back because he had illegal hands to the face and then they do that. Driver not only did not result the touchdown he lined up for a field goal had blocks eating -- any points out of that and also. All the -- -- knowledge not just strictly the offensive line that -- -- ball game. The game was lost theory they pull a surprise onside kick and you know I'm not saying Ramon Humber was not ready for it but you know he's -- if they would if they didn't. When you line up for an onside kick you UT hands team out there as somebody that knows how to leap up and go and get the ball and I just don't think the Ramon Humber. You really realize you do that you got to go up and get that ball at the half point so. Anyway all it was a team loss there's no doubt about that so usually few wounds in. Got to hit the road next week and you know unfortunately. You probably look in -- meanwhile car now get in the playoff didn't have to go on the road in that first round and we know how that road game goes with the Saints.

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