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12-15 Bobby Hebert

Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Thousand on the statement it was beyond this deployment consider what you're playing for. You know when you're trying to have the second sea get their first round -- wanna play the superdome was that -- going on the road. You know with the bottom line is. Jeff Fisher and the Rams they've had the Saints number. I mean I know every season isn't a new season a different season but if you look Sean Payton. Is now two -- three vs the Rams. You look at Jeff Fisher Jeff Fisher has never lost to the things he he's five and on now. In his career you gotta go back Houston dollars Tennessee tight but he still five and -- and obviously had his team are ready to play. It was the worst. Exhibition of tackling. That I've seen in awhile as far as effort angles whatever you wanna call it. We had that kind of effort on the road against the Jets. And obviously you had that today it's. The Rams I don't know what you wanna call it. -- act does shoddy tackling terrible tackling. Like it's that bad angles. And if I look up the game started. -- We have we have the Vaughn a seven yard line their putter I'm telling you is probably gonna make the Pro Bowl is all pro -- You know we were joking that you're talking about him and appreciate this. There wasn't much else to talk about for the Rams but he backs this up we started when the seven yard line. Robert Quinn -- Charles Brown then and drew gets hit as he stood on intercepted by McDonnell. Player member of many its is that Tim McDonnell the Cardinals so he could see that -- work in there but. It just start off bad. But also added that a few minus three in the turnover ratio you know I can beat anyone. And now we going in the wrong direction that we need to be peaking right now where. Not plus anything we zero. For the season now in the giveaway take B ratio the Rams the Rams came into the game plus seven now you know they're plus -- I thought I win this wanted to. Worst defense that plays. In Saints history is definitely a top ten maybe a top five. Because of the. Effort and -- the words you with the play of the season after the interception. Clement threw it -- partly I think that's his name in the flat. But 31 yard touchdown. Malcolm Jenkins oval -- what are you doing you recording white. I mean Malcolm Jenkins it was probably his worst game -- think uniform. -- why do you play like he played against the felt in the first half. I mean -- why we try to push a lot of bounce. In the eighty puts them forward to help them score touchdowns to meet Alex Bentley the words that give it to play this season they would want to play 31 yards. It took only seven things that he took -- seven to zero lead. You know the ramp to the -- disciplined team you know Jeff Fisher -- and again at the facility live on the edge. -- you look at the penalty situation they had a hundred it'll become a big game we had 74. When all said and done who we look we don't like the team that wasn't disciplined as we had eight penalties. The 77 yards they only had four. Who we begin after the back of hall about quarterback Kellen Clemens. Zero sacks and they sacked drew four times Robert Quinn at fort those sexy thing man I tell you -- with they would -- -- forty games. Man ain't no way in hell. Charles Brown -- actually they came bought me. And the reason why I say that even TV and now of course they called it a -- Is that chip block whatever you wanna call it what utilizing the tight in other running back. But bottom line Robert -- today blocking me. And then he came into the game now he's beaten a lot of people and he's deck company and he's that good but he came into the game with fifteen sacks in a season now he has seventeen. And he also came into the game lead in the NFL forced fumbles with six finale has second seven. And I've only been sacked Drew Brees you forced the fumble and he recovered. It just a great effort even when they got him calling on the ground he somehow gets up and was able to strip art -- -- great. Instincts by Robert Quinn. But united beat anybody if you -- -- the turnover ratio. If you look at third down efficiency. We were five -- fifteen and that's great if you defense is doing that without our offense only thirty group present and they -- 50%. So we had a number turnaround we thought they were gonna be going against the Rams as they were seven of fourteen that it was a conversion rate. But the bottom line we moved the ball really do anything in the red zone we're only two of six. As far as touchdown percentage. That that that that's the bottom of the united beat anybody and this has been the same song advances as far as our rushing the football. Are truly stop in the run. If you look at Stacey for them. And because he looks like the real SEC running back but that being -- Stacy. You know I think -- -- now he had his highlight. And don't want passer that he -- the twenty some yards in the Saints uniform. But -- Stacy 28 carries. Look at 33 yards almost five yards average per carry and that you look at rushing the football we end up having twenty at -- level to play catch up. So -- for -- reason that the horrible 56 times. Who we only averaged three point one yards a carry in the average of four point two but minus three in the turnover ratio. Like a city who we try to get any kind of I don't know confidence builder or points or. You know a lot things going our way Garrett Hartley. He makes the 45 yarder but then. We get two missed field goals in the balls were tipped I think the -- low kicks. That's -- we were tipped Michael rockers had one. I can't recall of Rams the gentleman that block of a kick that he was only one at three. I won it was definitely a glorified extra point you gotta get the ball up the cannot happen happen. To me the only player that had a top performer to a defense. Was David Hawthorne I thought throughout the game he was very active in -- out within unassisted tackles. Everyone else done nothing to write home about. I just an embarrassment at effort cold today and nobody catches 92 yards but a lot of it was garbage to me dragged through united three yards it was meaningless. Because he had that sort of ball up 56 times. Does that embarrass them loss considering now we have to do. Not -- have to go win at Carolina. And the bottom line is though we gonna have to win on the road at Carolina. I hope I'm proven wrong but but I don't think we could do it. I hope we can do it but I don't think we can this is the game to win where I really didn't matter what happened at Carolina -- take care in his attempt at being home. But a very discouraging. Humiliating loss CK tail on the -- the crowd like there was no problem -- If I bet they think fans there has Rams fans so you can't use that yes about all the knowledge could communicate. Know a very embarrassed in laws and I think coach Payton called out the team and diet and and and it's just that. Eight to convert that dives and any any call them like he he saw and he instead he's a talented self and the coaches they got out coached. When you have an onside kick the Saints weren't ready fart. When -- started going back and then you know he -- able to get back to the ball though they got out -- he got out scheme the whole thing. Now it just a very embarrassed to learn the most humiliating losses in Saints. On the court -- in the states tenure on the court making because what you play for the number two seed. You know a first round bye all of that stuff I mean not without even in the playoffs as -- gonna go that a break. For sure we don't know because now the complex that that that they they they lost eight Maclin beat the Cowboys thought that word about Dallas. The Eagles lost -- one of those two teams to lose. When we needed the other thing to happen if we did when we needed that Cardinals balloons. And they won an overtime against the Titans so we got it yet. You know about Dallas the burial will be either the Cowboys Eagles saloons and the Cardinals knew we didn't beat the -- -- think would happen. To get us in the playoffs but not united joined the playoffs but. Nolan competent right now normally -- get back confident. Is to go on the road at Carolina and win extending. I hope we get happen but I'm hoping. Five to better and I wouldn't bet on it.

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