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12-15 7:15pm Point After Show

Dec 15, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the Saints loss to the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you think -- disappointed after the second straight had to -- finals for the -- -- falls to Saint Louis point seven to sixteen where these seafood difference quota. It's pocket by Tito's hand made box and but -- have a great time but he's bought into a designated driver Kasey Kane and Saints coach Sean Payton -- this opponent didn't. A lot of things there -- him about different ways and basically called out his team today. Well -- thousand on the statement it was beyond this deployment consider what you're playing for. You know -- trying to have the second sea get their first round -- wanna play the superdome was that -- going on the road. You know with the bottom line is. Jeff Fisher and the Rams they've had the Saints number. I mean I know every season isn't a new season a different season but if you look Sean Payton is now two -- three vs the Rams. You look at Jeff Fisher Jeff Fisher has never lost to the things he's he's five and -- now. In his career you gotta go back Houston dollars Tennessee time that he still five and -- and obviously had his team are ready to play. It was the worst. Exhibition of tackling. That I've seen in awhile as far as effort angles whatever you wanna call it. We had that kind of effort on the road against the Jets. And obviously you had that today it's. The Rams I don't know what you wanna call it. -- act does shoddy tackling terrible tackling. Like it's that bad angles. And if I look -- the game started. Along. We hit we have the Vaughn a seven yard line their putter I'm telling you is probably gonna make the Pro Bowl is all pro -- And -- we were joking that -- talk about him in the pregame and is there wasn't much else to talk about the the Rams but he backed this up we started when the seven yard line. Robert Quinn beat Charles Brown -- and drew gets hit as he stood on intercepted by McDonnell. Where member of many its is that Tim McDonnell the Cardinals so he could see that -- working their but. It just start off bad. But also added that a few minus three the turnover ratio you know I can beat anyone. And now we going in the wrong direction we need to be peaking right now we're. Not plus anything we zero. For the season now in the -- take we refuel the Rams the Rams came into the game plus seven now you know they're closed in. I thought I win this one and worst defense that plays. In Saints history is definitely a top ten maybe a top five. Because of the. Effort and -- the words you with the play of the season after the interception. Clement threw it partly I think that's his name in the flat. But 31 yard touchdown. Malcolm Jenkins oval will what are you doing you recording white. I mean Malcolm Jenkins it was probably his worst game -- think uniform -- why you play like you played against the felt in the first half. I mean Korda why we try to push them out of bounds. In the -- puts them forward to help them. Scored touchdowns three Dallas doubling the words that you wanted to play this season they will want to play. 31 yards. It took only seven things that he took -- seven to zero lead. You know the Rams to a more disciplined team you know Jeff Fisher begin again at the facility live on the edge. But when you look at the penalty situation they had a hundred penalties come at that game we had 74 of when all said and done -- -- -- like the team that wasn't -- but as we had eight penalties. The 77 yards they only had four. Who we begin after the back to call about quarterback Kellen Clemens. Zero sacks and they sacked him four times Robert Quinn at -- those sexy -- man I tell -- I would they would Robin clinching forty games. Many no way in hell. Charles Brown -- actually they came bought me. And -- is why I say that even TV and how -- they called it and is that chip block whatever you wanna call it. What are utilizing the tight in other running back. The bottom line Robert -- today blocking me. And then he -- into the game now he's beaten a lot of people and he's Dan Koppen and he's that good but he came into the game with fifteen sacks and a season now he has seventeen. And he also came into the game lead in the NFL forced fumbles with six finale has second seven. That not only did he sacked Drew Brees you forced the fumble and he recovered. It just a great effort even when they got him calling on the ground he somehow gets up. And was able to strip our current -- -- great. Instincts by Robert Quinn. But you know I could beat anybody if you money through their turnover ratio. If you look at third down efficiency. We were five of fifteen and that's great if you defense is doing that without our offense only 33% and -- 50%. So we had a number turnaround we thought it was gonna be going against the Rams as they were seven of fourteen that it was a conversion rate. The bottom line we moved the ball really do anything in the red zone we're only two of six. As far as touchdown percentage. That that that that's the bottom of the united beat anybody and this has been the same song advances as far as our rushing the football. Are truly stop in the run. If you look at Stacey for them. And because he looks like the real SEC running back but that being -- Stacy. You know I think -- -- now he had his highlight. And don't want passer that he called the twenty some yards in the Saints uniform. But -- Stacy to when he carries. Look at 33 yards almost five yards average per carry and that you look at rushing the football we -- never -- -- -- -- -- to play catch up. So therefore through reason that the sort of ball that he -- times. Who we only averaged three point one yards a carry in the average of four point two but minus three in the turnover ratio. Like a city who would try to get any kind of I don't know confidence builder or points or. You know a lot things going our way Garrett Hartley. He makes the 45 yarder but then. We get two missed field goals in the balls were tipped I think the -- low kicks. That's what they were tipped Michael rockers had one. I can't recall of Rams the gentleman that block of a kick that he was only one at three. I -- it was definitely a glorified extra point you gotta get the ball up they cannot have happened to me the only player that had a top performer to a defense. Was David Hawthorne I thought throughout the game he was very active in and out within unassisted tackles. Everyone else -- nothing to write home about. -- just an embarrassment at effort cold today and nobody catches 92 yards but a lot of it was garbage to me dragged through united three yards it was meaningless. Because he had the sort of ball up 56 times. -- in Paris the loss considering now we have to do. And not you'd have to go win at Carolina. And the bottom line is though we gonna have to win on the road at Carolina. I hope I'm proven wrong but but I don't think we could do it. I hope we can do it but I don't think we can this is the game to win where I really didn't matter what happened at Carolina -- take care in his attempt at being home. But a very discouraging. Humiliating loss to -- they always on the -- the crowd like there was no problem noise. If I bet they think fans there has Rams fans but you can't use that yes about all the knowledge could communicate. Know a very embarrassed in laws and I think coach Payton called out the team. And and and and it's just that. Eight to convert at times and any any call them like he he saw. And he instead he's a talented self and the coaches they got out coached. When you have an onside kick the Saints weren't ready fart. When Hubbard has started going back and then. You know he -- able to get back to the ball though they got out coached he got out scheme the whole thing. And just a very. Embarrassed to learn the most humiliating losses and Saints. On the court -- in the states tenure on the court making because what you play for the number two seed. You know a first round bye all of that stuff I mean not without even in the playoffs as -- gonna go that a break. For sure we don't know because now the Cowboys -- that that they they they lost eight Maclin beat the Cowboys thought that word about Dallas. The Eagles lost -- those two teams to lose. When we needed the other thing to happen if we did when we needed that Cardinals balloons. And they won an overtime against the Titans so we got it yet. You know about Dallas the burial will be either the Cowboys Eagles saloons and the Cardinals knew we didn't beat the -- and Todd and think what happened. To get us in the playoffs but now -- not -- join the playoffs but. Nolan confident right now normally -- get back confident. Is to go on the road at Carolina and win next -- I hope we get happen but I'm hoping. Five to better and I wouldn't bet on it. That's the case you can't have Bobby -- final score it was in new wall as far as Saint Louis by a score. A 2716. To come back and hear what coach Sean Payton had to say a very compelling press conference after his team lost in Saint Louis today. This is the point after Saint Louis 47 to one of sixteen on the saints' radio network. Saint Louis 27 to all of sixteen to point that it eighty seafood in different quota on the call a violent golfing writings all the holidays you I don't most delicious things. But these we will tell you that course could always come it was a front -- -- here in the French Quarter or at their location but it's also brought -- back. He toes and make bucket and but closet these morning had me. Designated driver. Time for you Saint Louis 27 and walked sixteen to this story here is what coach Sean Payton said to the media following the game but. -- you know what you've got to take care of business you gotta be peaking right now. Everybody single what is the Hawks who do they go to New York related Giants. Oh it's no it is cold and all that mad that the -- that giant fans. That's the only Villanova the -- out as well that's -- it could show courts big said that there's no excuse. But the goal this thing gruesome they have it like we did -- Well Bobby and it's exactly what thinks coach on pain at the same -- April though we won't -- you hear it in its entirety. As the press conference happen. About 3040 minutes ago at the Saints 2716. Loss to the St. Louis Rams his Saints coach I'll pay. That's pretty ugly. Obviously it's a disappointing loss. Extremely disappointing. Thought all three years. We didn't play very well at all obviously. We get ready to play we looks like coming out and I take responsibility for that. -- Too much has been written about how we played at home how we play on the road in the you know what to say that that's that's where it is right now this season you know we come out here with -- A lot at stake. Haven't played an important game last week can. -- we can't line up kicked a field goal we can get to run stuff turned ball over and we do everything. We talked about. That you can't do together we need to get a road win. Do we knew this is -- would present some tough challenges with protection. Still that being said. Don't know how we've played there was unacceptable. And it's on me so many questions. It's. Really. I saw enough and I saw enough. Period to me it was enough penalties pressures sacks -- Then at some point. Can you just can't keep watching. So. Your feelings get hurt bad stuff. It's. I don't think now's the time discussing. Drive. The Democrats say what. Look. You go here's the thing let's be honest. We need to have the energy and a game like this can only week fourteen. With what's at stake. And you can always do if we don't then they. Maybe it maybe that's that's a good sign as to where we're you know where -- I'd certainly like I said it starts with with -- as head coach. Do we talked about -- this game. You know teams that understand. The importance of playing consistently here down the stretch. Through a lot of things that were encouraging -- be honest with you so. We'll take a close look at the tape. Numbers and energy problems. I don't -- we just seemed flat out talk. Maybe we didn't start to sharpen -- and thought the second half we settled just when you came back. Look we did win it we did all the things. That. -- fourteen does and to keep them from when you know the turnovers. That's two and give up an onside kick that's three so there's three ball possession difference is right there. -- nudge and on the left side and we still can't protect. We can't stop and get off the field on third down defensively there were 50%. -- that a lot of snaps. Carolina kicked a field goal and two different occasions. You know. Those are those are good good signs especially here in December. Well I I don't know I don't necessarily agree there is this is a veteran team we've got us some veterans on this team but. Look -- -- we're still trying to find out a little bit about the leadership. You know I think. Look at the age -- roster moves we're we're fairly young but I'd say. Look closely to take the challenge these guys Jones our coaching staff and -- -- We're really have to make can improve in a lot of areas are and to me. Play better and -- obviously we're all sweep the same resort or will be a mixed bag one week you know can play well next week you won't so. I'm sure that they won't be very. And will be very exciting to be revealing -- and this property loss jasmine Wallace who -- most -- But I I think honestly was because. Of where we're at. Norman how much time and energy goes into. Your preparation. -- and to put yourself in the position. You don't. That we have. That is roles we play two weeks ago and then Joseph and endless and I've spent ten minutes here and -- and haven't talked about Saint Louis at all and then that's. That's not right they play very well and aggressively and made the plays they needed to and credit thirteen coach Fisher and their staff. It's. That that's something that. There was evidence so. It's disappointing and like my dad has done it doesn't. -- -- whatever you want to be on our -- tonight. I don't I don't know that it is I mean it's that it -- frustrating -- did his thing in this is can I get mad mad of myself is just. Through the other -- your parents that. And those of quiet environment but the appearance that it was sluggish you don't start gets off first play of the game -- -- hit fumble for did interception. You know we got. Help on the outside and we're still get beat being inside with the speed and ballroom to do so there's some things that that have to be corrected. It's obviously a lot a lot more than you expected -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Listen I'm glad to speed is kicking I'm concerned about a lot of things I'm concerned about our protection. I'm concerned about our inability to be consistent. In regards to run the football then it's our ability defense was top rushing team. You know so all those things would be cause for concern -- the first kick is blocked I think his low and second -- Pull left so yeah. It's his second one. Yeah I think the second one we missed some but but again. To be fair we need to go back to watch but I think I think we're fast. And I couldn't tell you guys was it was her hand on us. Yeah but I so I would take a look at it in both seem blow coming off. You know enough. That's disappointing. And Bobby that is Saints coach Sean Payton and yeah no well if I can only wait a week we would say one thing we can -- with the national news because it. It called now and it's time. Well as I mean we we haven't seen how they'll do that before now and not here and that mama tell you. That which -- not pulling any punches. He's telling it like it is and and and I immune. That the Rams could be a scary team. A look at it get three games they've beat teams that are over 500 they beat the Cardinals early in the in the season you know and they rush. The Colts and the Bears the Colts are playoff team the Bears are trying to be a playoff team. So when the Rams are clicking and especially in the trenches they can get after you and and embarrass you and they embarrass the Saints today. But going along the lines what coach -- and I think on his ten years since 2006 considering what you play for. The most humiliating. Disappointing loss. I think that he's been a coach you know because of expectations. Considering what you are coming off. An outstanding victory to control the NFC south. Against Carolina that not at all by the wayside. Now you've got to go like Carolina and win if you wanna win the division that's why I think he's so discouraged. And and and disappointed. And listen your professional. In and they know like all keep trying to play hard Kamal. Charles Brown. No he there's that your pro -- that you gotta call them out I've seen enough likely -- says so yeah -- am -- -- gas on the bit to try somebody else. But the bottom line if we realistic. I think coach speak either -- is that right now -- to get the team. From settlements the ten wins. And and I had thought that. You know I said that you win eleven games and -- I thought that would be a great season -- -- to be a great season because the position UN though. You had a higher expectations. Considering where you that. But the one thing I'm telling me you case you've been on that Iran. You detail what we have Drew Brees. But it is not this came up with a line run blocking our pass protecting Drew Brees the one thing we had in 2009. Won the Super Bowl we had the sixth best rushing attack. Well we almost went to the Seattle bowl in 2011 we lost that San Francisco. We had the sixth best rushing attack. Right now the guy -- look at my notes when we ranked 24 collected his game mine hours. We got the 24 and that any decent excuse. Yeah and how do you wanted anything is what it is we do it mentally for -- to twenty man I believe wasn't in Dallas yet he had to Tommy few words in in the previous game going to ask you when you look at coveted dating game -- -- averaging nine -- happy argued as -- when he Ford you probably even worse but but you know what. When the game -- all said and done. That's about. Little was Carolina say -- no way to negate your aggression against them you against Carolina and actually how I mean. Drew Brees has to play great we gotta win the turnover battle I mean that's -- I don't know what's gonna happen I don't expect this to win. Because the way we're playing right now it's like to hit or miss. You have like you lose when you have what you -- do -- -- you know that being a 500 club now we're better than that right now that you've been so dominant home. But you look today we had -- rush defense. 61 yards. Three point one average that's all you have to look at the Woody average -- per carry. With me trying to get over the hump get a -- four yards. We haven't -- it. And -- that's not winning football that's why this -- Black eagle on the super ball two and people repeat that no. If you got to have a little bit of luck breaks go your way on -- 2009 -- seventy that the touchdowns. We only NFL team this year with zero. The bits of touchdowns are returns. In the kicking game let -- punt -- kick return out there kicker well -- that they're -- their keep building on -- -- return method basically. But they had given out four returns. In the kicking game that being the Rams so. Big I don't know not continue with an ankle injury won't be they won't they won't do you think you're seeing it they had it but now. He's seen this week. Date they will shut down in my -- and consequently I don't know how to play golf and my main focus of you know they got it every bit like -- -- -- look at this and I think my. -- look at it. Handfuls and Hansen will get professional without a doubt in coaches always -- in the game with the most important game because it's the Knicks game what well that the same holds true ball they have make about this if they don't win the next game all moaning about this team may not go back on how high you wanna be positive and CK you manned up. Can you man up and accept responsibility. Not a tough task got to go win at Carolina. We just took control your own destiny. Think about that. You know win the next do you still got the number two seed and a -- but can't you do it. And I have right now put your head on the pillow the line you not feeling too good about yourself you might feel a little better in -- week because anything can happen in one game. But I know -- Carolina game it took care of business. Came out of the cabin is against the Jets obvious them and learn about this the -- they did obviously against the Giants. -- we should help it. -- -- Saint Louis 47 New Orleans sixteen and a very disappointing loss -- Sean Payton and we -- in we will hear looking at what coach -- at the same at a replay that press conference games for -- comeback. They get to the phone lines a lot of people very disappointing in saint twenties haven't sixteen balls but. Not anymore the disappointment could say it any better than what Saints coach Sean -- said. Really calling on his team that they at this point 716 loss to the Saint Louis Fran this and All Saints radio network well. Drew Brees threw two interceptions that led to touchdowns on the first two possessions. And the St. Louis Rams got a big day from running back -- -- the top the Saints 27 to sixteen. Stacy rush for a 133 yards and a score. While Rams defensive end Robert Quinn abused the Saints offensive line for two sacks and forced and recovered a fumble. New Orleans falls to ten and four on the year in and out three and four on the road. Elsewhere owed -- the NFL Seattle picked off Eli Manning five times and manhandled the New York Giants 23 nothing. The Seahawks improved to twelve in two and now have won six times on the road a franchise best. They're closing in on the NFC west title and their best overall record they went thirteen and three back in 2005. Before losing to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. Matt Flynn threw four touchdown passes in the second half Eddie lacy had the winning score. On a one yard plunge and -- Green Bay Packers matched their biggest -- out comeback in franchise history. Rallying from 23 points down at halftime to beat the Dallas Cowboys 3736. The Packers are now 76 and one and kept their playoff hopes alive with Aaron Rodgers possibly returning next week. The Cowboys stayed a game behind Philadelphia -- in the NFC east. After Matt Cassel passed for 382 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another score to lead by the Vikings to a 48 to thirty victory over the Eagles. Without Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart. Matt he's got a rush for three touchdowns the first of his career and Greg Jennings scored a career high eleven passes for 163. Yards for the Vikings. Jamaal Charles tied a franchise record with five touchdowns in a game. Alex Smith threw five touchdown passes and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Raiders -- the sixth -- 31 to clinch at least a wild card spot. The Chiefs are now eleven and three became the fourth team to ever make the playoffs a year after at least losing fourteen games Kansas City is tied for first place in the AFC west. With Denver but. Needs help to win the division because the Broncos swept the season series. Well Tom Brady's latest comeback big came up short. And the Miami Dolphins helped their playoff chances with the 24 to twenty breakthrough victory over the AFC east leading New England Patriots. A fourth down pass from Brady was intercepted. By Michael Thomas in the end zone with two seconds left and Miami held on to win. Andrew Luck threw two touchdown passes and Robert Mathis broke the Colts single season and career sacks record. By forcing a second -- safety to help lead Indianapolis pats were reeling used in 25 to three. It was just the AFC south champs needed as a playoff tuneup. EJ Manuel threw two touchdown passes and ran for another score leading the Buffalo Bills to 827 to twenty victory. At the -- -- over the banged up Jacksonville Jaguars the former Florida State -- didn't do anything spectacular just thinking and dunking over the Jaguars for a 193 yards he also ran for 37 yards including an eight yard touchdown. Well Jay Cutler shook up some early rust Venus and threw three touchdown passes in his first start since November 10. Leading the Bears to a 38 to 31 win over the Browns Cutler who made Chicago his previous four games with a sprained left ankle. Threw a four yard touchdown pass to Earl Bennett with 541 left. As the -- rally in the second half and stayed in contention for a spot in the playoffs in the NFC. Vernon Davis scored a touchdown pass for the fifth straight game and Michael crap she scored his first TD since returning from injury. To help San -- and beat the Tampa Bay 33 to fourteen. The victory was the four straight for Colin -- nick and the niners who are now tenant for. Desmond Trufant deflected Kirk cousins pass on a potential winning two point conversion with eighteen seconds remaining. And the Atlanta Falcons edged out the Washington Redskins 27 the 26 the Falcons scored twenty points -- seven Washington turnovers. Cam Newton threw for 273 yards and a touchdown captain -- and had two sacks and returned an interception for a score. And the Carolina Panthers defeated the Jets thirty -- warning. Newton was efficient going sixteen of 24 including a 72 yard touchdown pass. The DeAngelo Williams as the Panthers bounced back from their worst loss of the season last week at the hands of the Saints. Jay Feely kicked a 41 yard field goal overtime and Arizona Cardinals edged the Titans 3734. After blowing. 817 point lead late in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals are now nine and five won their sixth game in seven tries. And on Sunday Night Football the Pittsburgh Steelers currently lead the Cincinnati Bengals seven to nothing. That's a look at the NFL scoreboard I'm Steve Geller on the saints' radio network. And I think he's the welcome back to the point afternoon the Saints radio network final score Saint Louis 27 and walked sixteen we're eating seafood -- -- -- on -- on the on the viva -- golf scene. It's also occupied Tito can't make pocket if I'd want to be Smart and choose a designated driver Saint Louis 27 won't sixteen you heard that coach Sean Payton. And they got before we go to callers and you know a lot of fans have to -- You know it's very in this guards in is that come on -- reason outside at Saint Louis who we have to deal with the elements always supposed to be adult team. You playing at a controlled environment. And you look like you playing outside and it's about. You know which killed ten below zero site. But he didn't do you do it in the owning it though that's what it that's what's different about the theme I think coach is really at the -- -- A team day's pay. On the -- out though. They update Seymour -- period theory. Yeah and look at -- and I think is. Andy and I and no points and no point in time where would I get a -- point no I don't anybody cares about don't Burress is now okay. But what I'm telling you and that goes to show you that you think it is what every department lately. And that how the turn over on every team year in Iraq like how many people. You know I'd like to go to college -- that you see guys around three or four years how many guys are actually you know there all the that period. Well you look at it and you hardly see this and the coach Peyton. Since 2006. These -- the facts. These are facts not my opinion. The Saints have the second best road record besides the Patriots. Since 2009. And even over this loss today to the Rams. The Saints have the best road record in the NFL. You know that's even counting last year but. With that being said there's -- work to do what they held this year I look what he's doing now with these players on the road. And it didn't I didn't get a what we've done on the road from 2006. -- 2012 season even on the road compared to what we've done this season because I know what we're not Koppen and although we look. Note that valid comparison let's go to -- -- on line too -- thank you call the point after a sanctuary you. You guys. For the moment well. Would actually frustrating that that that can't -- Eaton kind of did -- we actually should have been calling out guy. In the beginning. Of their original goal on the road penalty that element. -- the line we can get manhandled in the -- should have been handled a long time ago it doesn't surprise I was scared -- going on a world. And now I'm not gonna get any better next week so. I don't know I don't know in regard to point out one thing that they're doing to -- and they're not going to let that. A lot of other realistically. It's been hit or miss it's been all missed on the road running the football but it's been hit or miss and home. I sent an early if you look who we won the Super Bowl in 2011. We became that you really show what -- we at the sixth best rushing attack. Right now we are ranked 24. And that's counting down unbelievable. Rushing game we had over 200 yards against. The sorry Dallas Cowboys. Who might be breaking I'll few bits of reckoned last year as the worst defense in NFL history. Still I'm just tell -- To me I think it's the players. I mean we're not as good Ben Grubbs is not Carl Nicks. Charles Brown is not to my -- fraud. Bryant gallop Wednesday is not Jeff Payne or John I think bill would not I get delicate with the outbreak. Because it's not his fault make the about he's getting it done Jahri Evans. These have been maybe a Pro Bowl but not all pro Backstreet. -- play the most consistent with extreme views struggled at the moved to go outside so I mean that's right Daryn back to answer. Why we not getting it now whether at home are in the role as far as. Trying to run the ball final Scola Saint Louis 27 to all of sixteenth and think about us based on the -- field and -- I'm with on this that the the Ronan who wanted to stick around for more. Of the point after the Bobby Hebert of the belt and I'm so glad the Cowboys laws Saint Louis 47 New Orleans sixteen missed the point after a sanctuary unit --

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