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WWL>Topics>>12-16 5:10am WWL First News w/Dave Cohen

12-16 5:10am WWL First News w/Dave Cohen

Dec 16, 2013|

Dave gets a lesson in the difference between frost and ice and talks about the disappointing Saints' loss to the St. Louis Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the sixteenth of December 2013. -- dot. It's Monday and Tuesday -- ever. And I have -- about you but I have a good dad -- Yes and I didn't have an ounce of alcohol is now on you're notes I consider finished with a about midway through this and our order you know I -- not a bad idea that -- it would have been a bad -- if she. So I resisted the urge to drink away in my -- men. Misery awful but should we be surprised. While we were told us going in the last two times the saints have gone up there they have played horrible football. Now make it three in a row in a different coach different team for that -- down the thing. Everything's different for the -- except for the city in the stadium. But nonetheless the results for the saints this thing. Just think in the place up it's not why won't. It's an easy place to play there is no bad weather you're inside so what actually said there were more saints fans they're rare -- So it should have felt more like a home game but there's something about. Well I don't know if it's a psychological thing I don't know if it's -- travel thing I don't know for the preparation thing I don't know what the problem as I wish someone could tell me by texting me at 8787 you're calling me at 2601878. Our toll free 866889. -- seventy why do the same just. Thing and when they go to Saint Louis. You know. I don't know we all have. Psychological stumbling block to -- certain things that just for reasons we don't understand. Are difficult for the automatic patch. But this is just 200920112013. Things just cannot play well in Saint Louis and I don't know -- and you listen to the players and -- they don't seem to know why. We juice makes it even more mysterious. You know the -- actually came within three point of making the playoffs yesterday. Because everything else is falling into place they Green Bay Packers. With Matt athletic quarterback did something that they've never done before her. And they won in Dallas -- came back from a massive deficits. To be accountable massive. Yeah I think they scored on every possession man in the second half our right to that had to happen if the same time Arizona went into overtime. And all Arizona had to do was lose and the saints would like to play effort yesterday anyway no but Arizona one of my three in overtime so a saints will have to wait. For Arizona to lose serve them to win before they are guaranteed a playoff berth this coming from -- Carolina. Yeah kind of just OK yeah come on up. I'm deal -- and Arianna were bad attitude I walk out the house this morning my windshield of the player -- on. Well I was -- No I don't need this this morning Marty feel kind of society afternoon's work things and franchise payment of the water thing I had to do water thing again it's wouldn't. The water to get right off doubt about it and get the water and benevolent. Does not piping hot water -- his -- this loop even even cold water at room temperature yeah. -- that I I didn't have a this morning when you do it. And thank you thank you in Metairie. We gotta we gotta particulars of their job. Drew Brees under attack all. But I well yeah Alan and Denny did some stupid things -- she -- yet. We're doing just to dissect just take the sack. Don't throw them on the teams and triple coverage when it. And I discussed it up there maybe might and now -- much. But at -- thank you David Stern at fifteen minutes more. My first days here on WW you can explain it happening here for me right now it's expanded 7878. Call -- -- six 18 avenue why can't the saints playing Saint Louis like how can they look so good one weakened so bad the next week. It's been a pattern in the last few weeks can you can you explain it to me because I don't understand. Weather and sports that I've been seeing good morning. Good we can be it was such an ugly saints Lawson. Frost who windshields on both sides -- -- late this morning that's a little extra bonus you'll get it here kidnapped early this morning your forecast. Sunny skies today and cool Temps in the mid to upper fifties this afternoon then under clear skies were pretty cold again tonight 34 on the North Shore and forty south the lake. Either area could be looking at from frost and Tuesday sunny and cold with highs of 64 and by Wednesday for a milder 68 with sunshine. Yeah I would nastiest forecast center and urologist -- knocked out. This -- 39 degrees at the airport in -- but despite it being almost forty degrees there is frost around Metairie -- thirty and clear and slide down all of -- little more sense and calm winds. That's why we have the frost this morning wesun -- to idea to -- that hangover like I do this morning. I just had to drag time. Yeah I thought well why do you think it is at the -- just cannot play in Saint Louis there obviously a much better team than the rams that at least they have been all season but. Just like the last two times they've gone up there they just stink up the joint. -- I don't eat out I don't doubt that about well -- -- we have either big hit. Out there right -- page -- run the ball or would drill through. Back and it but the work at our big the tribe and let -- rent a car. Yeah it would blow it they would be about why we broke apart got to go without a little bit part of our picture I thought. Do you think it's that simple just run the ball -- and everything would have been fine. The defense -- have played better drew would have played better in the offensive line would play better. I don't know I don't know I don't know what you write that code 08 dot everyday why why can't it why can't they play in Saint Louis. No I don't but -- -- group -- -- -- I play a role I think about it but but -- they -- About it did -- that I don't know. Apparently so we appreciate the call from -- to do this morning I don't know yet. And make any sense to -- Yeah I guess we really shouldn't be surprised his share of candidates out. If I haven't learned anything other than now on nine nice shot up there and he does a lot of guys don't get up about it and even coach Jeff Fisher. With his time with the Tennessee Titans -- and now with the ribs he -- never lost for the for the phase. But he went there last December -- split up now but he still has the same numbers twelve plus the -- it was like double whammy double -- I can't pay he was -- this morning. Twelve turnovers and missed opportunities -- the scenes in Saint Louis as the black and gold blows 27 the sixteen to the rams. Drew Brees was picked off twice and sacked four times what Garrett Hartley had a kick blocked and missed another wide left. Coach Sean Payton on if he was concerned about his kicker coming down the stretch. -- listen I'm not just this kicking I'm concerned about a lot of things I'm concerned about our protection. I'm concerned about our inability to be consistent in regards to run the football and our ability defense was stuff rushing to. Next up for the saints if -- big NFC south battle with the Panthers -- could decide who wins the division you're sideline reporter Kristian garic with more on that match up. It doesn't get easier for the to have -- All Saints this Sunday there'll have to travel to Carolina -- tennis for Carolina Panthers -- -- -- -- -- banter back there we fourteen median superdome 31 to thirteen -- quarterback Drew -- government that match up I'm getting better. -- on the road -- For the divisional championship for the juicy I'm -- -- in the -- are just three of four on the road this season Christian Garrick WL sports -- the Steelers beat the Bengals thirty to twenty on Sunday Night Football thanks in large part to Antonio Brown. She work on the ground at the 33 yard line has. The 45. But it's clearly a -- the army field. Brown returned that punt for a score and also caught a touchdown pass. Cincinnati's lead in the AFC north now could be down to one game over Baltimore if the ravens beat the lions on Monday Night Football. The -- sold their two game win streak snapped by the nuggets as New Orleans lost one or two to 93 in Denver. The pills were outrebounded 51 to 32. And the green wave -- to their hotel in the city today and we'll start getting ready for their matchup in the New Orleans Bowl against ULL. Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson knows they face a stiff test against the raging cajun. Very tough offensive football -- fifth two great running backs and both those kids a fantastic they can play anywhere in the country he really did defense is hard hitting their tough. You will arrive to their hotel tomorrow today have four it's the second game show from the super super casino followed by the saints coaches show which shall pay in. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports you think of any reason mr. anything that makes sense. Why the saints played so horribly badly yesterday from the very first. Snap of the ball. I just have to give credit to bear defense that line and relatives have yet to rams' defense. That's simple. That this this team that it is they struggled to win all season in Saint Louis suddenly just it's great when their by the science. It's pretty amazing but they could not contain Robert Quinn. And also Chris Long Howie long's son and they just always seemed to feast on the other saints offensive line and we saw Charles Brown getting benched. By -- to -- and yes absolutely he was letting Drew Brees get a -- Over and over again yet -- play that Drew Brees fumbled the ball on. Robert -- actually was pushed to the ground. Rolled towards breeze got up and then knocked the ball out it was just they were unstoppable your -- to watch you warned us that Quinn was. A beast yet unfortunately I picked the score correct we just the wrong team didn't get it back yeah. -- Again I guess I shouldn't be surprised that doesn't make it hurt any -- not -- and I didn't because this case it was so it should have been predictable. Doesn't mean it's that is and that's not upset and now they say is go on the road to face the Panthers and we gotta be in the fear that. Maybe not even making the playoffs but they could end up being mostly just a wild card Arizona loses one game the center. All of that out at okay. The center could lose out of Arizona loses. And don't make the play all right so from go for -- to -- -- could end -- with a number likes while car grant. Mean essentially that close Arizona when overtime yesterday. And had they lost that game the saints were declines even despite the loss but as Bobby was leaving for BBC asking what what what happened in overtime might they kicked a field goal at Arizona one yet to be the -- it right yet -- The Green -- do what we had to -- -- -- they beat the cowboys for ASEAN now aided the titans do is beat Arizona to them overtime but didn't happen so I looked up -- about the -- they're throwing it back and it was for 2.5. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this can you believe at the sixteenth of December team now and -- to come -- up quick. Real quick is most updated. All it's a Monday yes we've all got to Sudan hangovers are -- -- -- -- element we don't know what to say why did their -- and it just. And now. Having me crazy -- yeah I realized last night my wife -- demand that. You realize Christmas is only ten days away yeah I know I kept saying on the radio that this is the shortest Christmas season possible to Thanksgiving with the latest beta could possibly beat. And that this would be the shortest time between Thanksgiving and Christmas but suddenly looked -- -- fans like to play the shopping is a dime the plan aren't. -- now and Christmas is now to nine days away and a lot of people have been news caught in this void like there's this couple weeks in here somewhere. You know we're we got a lot of time has all this -- -- I give me a terrorist here we lost an entire week this year. There wasn't there it's usually there. So that's got a lot of people. This can be popular here off and the saints yesterday and I was that told Steve a few minutes ago when we get them back in nearest sports it. 550 that we take a look at the playoff pictures of someone texted me. What you know -- -- part about playoffs you kidding me. Playoffs. The truth is. The saints can this when one more game that make the play offs if they beat the Panthers then they still win the division and and will be. Having that first week by. And hosting a playoff yeah. If the saints lose out they'll still make the playoffs if the cardinals. Win a game. Problem is they lost in overtime yesterday they go to which he had all this coming through all body and then they host the 49ers. So we better not count on no I don't like counting on other teams like. That's not the way you do it says -- -- -- that get them out on the road at the Panthers then host the box they can win out of the united pretty good position. But it is still looks like thank god I've got to Saint Louis during the play out spread if they like if -- Super Bowl -- ago. Through Seattle -- assuming Seattle wins the division. She looks like it's gonna happen I know you like so many other Internet believe the sense would beat the rams in the the last two times they went up there were kind of -- -- -- that now that the sense you're wrong about that but at least you're right about the box -- thank goodness -- let's have -- at the local multiplex Hobbits. -- at the desolation of smog look at that number one. 173 point seven million dollars while not as much as last year's top an opening but still pretty get a pretty good frozen. Drops to second. And Tyler Perry was only good enough for third with -- -- Christmas while the Hunger Games for -- Coming in it it says. There it is parent a bunch more coming around for this actually yet we and a whole lot of great movies opening over the next well nine days you got a Christmas opening -- take a look at those coming up here on WW -- negative against us. To your good bad hangover right here in twenty minutes at our first news or find some more highlights -- good luck with that. The that the it department maybe. Yeah I had ice on my windshield in -- this morning even I was 39 degrees at the airport. What what's up -- that this meteor on the floor above all else it's not -- -- frost but now we have frost report coming to him I -- right now. -- you -- frost is not nice. Well if it. Form of a different way says it's not technically if you say there's ice on your windshield that's rain that falls and then freezes on your windshield we did not have on that station that freezes its fraud yet different -- every product that -- says technically you're using the wrong word but yes I mean even -- that -- In the result the -- still haven't it is ice and it's. When it. -- high water right -- yeah ice so like. Freezes into a solid she got to tell yet been up north and why else but if you're if you're curious that the difference so. All right president your windshield and -- I don't think when gas is you're absolutely gave it to different formation it's a different process that's not the same thing but yet there is frost widespread north and south of -- this morning and it does form on surfaces that cooled down more quickly -- car windshields. Draft tops rooftops that's where I think that's why you don't see it on the concrete and on the crowded staple that warmer but there's services that. Cooled down quickly earned a spot there -- as soon everyone in southeast Louisiana may happen here. With a little. Frost even with an upper thirties you're New Orleans it's 39 right here in the city. So -- you don't necessarily have to have freezing Temps for frost to -- like you would price support you could have some upper thirties. But north -- we are actually two degrees below freezing both in Slidell and hand it. Thirty yeah yeah no wind and all that we go at it like -- and see exactly clear skies light winds intense from the thirties for that cross to form that's a we have. Area why at this point that reports coming in all over that frost out there all right how warm to begin today CQ reaction do you see some fifties later today at that high at 59 mainly sunny skies. Not a bad -- really our eyes and about the rest of the week we do you feel a little bit of a warmup 64 on Tuesday 68 on -- -- -- -- cook might mostly sunny and -- -- have rain in the forecast until the weekend some spotty showers. Beginning Friday through Sunday. All right so this close and then on the final week before Christmas I know -- nine days away don't say it's heady days although reminds me. In my head -- still have like three weeks he had why cities and then you have to tonight. Ten they still -- yet as I went out with Ivan denial and well it is the shortest Christmas season possible data is when that late Thanksgiving yes -- -- -- Christmas yeah well some -- up in Pennsylvania wasn't. Necessarily in the Christmas spirit to fake it. -- have pulled him over and said there was so much are wrapped Christmas present in the car oh. But they weren't ahead as well. There have somebody -- it ended up with little -- on that and him going to the pokey because they're full of marijuana. He I don't marijuana put having give boxes and wrapped them up wow is transporting them that way now okay yeah. I thought you're gonna that maybe it's still in the presence from somewhere else the sound of that wrapped themselves. If he did did he could do a good job with it you know all -- that -- -- -- and I figured out of those guys. Actually pretty bad at wrapping and I doubt -- edit the stereotype they all now are pretty bad yeah I'm I've gotten decent added over the I understand either I mean it my -- be wrapping just a regular box I mean we're talking. A north and not oblong not round no I don't -- right not a weird shape think. And somehow they edges don't line up already I don't mind if I -- I still can't forget how much to cut how many promised me I need. I'm so the end if I got too much on tape and actually over it prevent too much and his channel like Al drawn up like it took you -- -- just I don't know I don't give it. If I don't get it something about wrapping up to now luckily my both my daughters are old enough now that they're pretty good bad -- yet so. If you can if I -- my timing out right become -- dad let me do that for him right candidate takes him like three times as long as -- to wrap. Worse than -- do it takes an even longer. How is that possible I don't. He's like the more tiny it's been -- at that you know you get it perfect and -- almost crisp edges I'm using one for stereotypes but yeah. Everybody back in -- in general about a man I know can't -- president here all the women I know here's the question no I don't just do and it -- pretending to be bad I don't know why don't read think that in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cat thank you had to get. Gordon or about down -- right from the Eyewitness News forecasts that are. Right I'm -- Cohen. Could -- hangover continues -- -- a little fun advertisement with the saints then. Will they make the playoffs now we'll talk more about that with Steve Geller coming up with sports and activists. I've not heard a hangover is keeping me from thinking straight here here's the did the deal. We need the cardinals to. They won in overtime yesterday. 3734. What we need them to do is lose. That's the good okay and order for the -- to make the play out they either after winning game for the cardinals have to lose again. Steve Geller. The cardinals are at Seattle. On the Sunday. So even if the saints lose. In Charlotte. As long as Seattle continued its home winning streak the saints will make the playoffs. Yet I would look -- as a wildcard but now these make the play out I was deathly imagine -- heavily favored them matchup and even if by some fluke Arizona does win at Seattle they host the 49ers the following. How tough road for them so -- we need to do is get Arizona to lose one of those games or the saints have to beat the Panthers in Charlotte. Or beat the bucks in the superdome and make the playoffs. We prefer they be -- win both games and win the division but I make it a little easier in the post season but there is the playoff picture books and now it's time. -- -- -- -- -- Monday morning -- Well good morning everyone the saints had a huge letdown in Saint Louis losing 27 to sixteen at the hands of the rams a team that has been eliminated from postseason contention. Drew Brees was sacked four times fumbling once. And threw two interceptions meanwhile the defense could not stop the -- rushing attack picking the 144 yards on the day. Coach Sean Payton called out his ball club following a loss teams that understand the importance of playing consistently here down the stretch you're -- what a lot of things that were encouraging beyond us with the so. We'll take close look at the tape. Carolina Panthers have moved into a first place tie with the black and gold in the NFC south as the teams get ready to meet again on Sunday. Here's sideline reporter Christian Garrett with the latest on that match up it's real simple -- Sunday for the saints beat the Panthers in the NFC south division. Is there isn't -- soils soak you guys -- says he doesn't see it happen. Now they struggle all your home I mean. I don't see why -- surprise you even a game they won. They struggled to win those games. All four -- losses this season have come away from the superdome Kristian garic. WWL sport's most Cincinnati's lead in the AFC north could be down to one game over Baltimore if the ravens beat the lions a Monday Night Football the Bengals lost thirty to twenty at Pittsburgh. And Ben Roethlisberger was twenty of 25 for a 191 yards. To help the Steelers keep their faith. Playoff hopes alive Roethlisberger dropped the throw pops up. Nobody open looks right keeps his feet over -- the right side now is chased out of the pocket throws later. You don't want a touchdown to Antonio round. Is murder by an all time -- time. I'm proud -- six. San Antonio Brown -- that twelve yard touchdown pass from big band and returned a punt 67 yards for a score and helped the Steelers to victory. Ryan Anderson's 26 points weren't enough to help the pelicans as New Orleans fell 102 to 93 in Denver to the nuggets. Tyreke Evans sat out the game with a sprained left ankle. And it's a big local showdown when you LL into Indy the New Orleans Bowl on Saturday coach Curtis Johnson feels his green -- squad has the advantage in this one. I would put and it's all -- worst and most desperate team wants to vote him out. We might feel a bit more desperate and they are after what happened last year you know they really took us it would -- I mean I played sensational I think we you know we're pretty desperate -- when right now. The raging cajun to -- the green wave last year 41 to thirteen. Today have four it's the second game show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show which shall pay -- I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports I think if you gave -- Steve Geller hang out with -- on your radio and -- -- established that we can't explain. Why the saints played so poorly in Saint Louis but Hokies right. -- played poorly on the road. Everywhere -- there of what now four and three on the road reinforce. -- -- about three and when it won three lost four on radio this season all four of their losses coming away from the superdome. Why are they took a different team on the road is it something. Operation as it's something psychological. Is it something. Mean did did they just need they would have nation. Behind them in order to win or why. How does that make any sense that they keep playing poorly on the road them in. Can you put anything on it to make sentiment to me I thought it was being outside. In a grass field and having the elements. And that's why I thought this game would be a lot different in the dome. And but they haven't had success and all other Donald junior year built they were they did put together a team to play well -- the -- right on the plate and dump it in fact there were more saints fans. For most accounts and there were Saint Louis fans indigo. Pretty empty stadium instilled just could not get things going -- a defensive front that was -- very strong the secondary was we both. I I would have to say it's -- psychological thing man -- because. Let's put in a hypnotist or bring in a psychologist or psychiatrist or somebody. Put all the saints on the couch and let's get this thing fixed. Well they're definitely down right now you're sort of heard from the players after the game as well saying. That day they know they have to work this out and get things figured fixing quickly would this Carolina team. Coming up right now on Sunday but. It's it's going to be a -- back to the Carolina crowd will be loud it is a support property group for teams -- can't plan around. Go to meeting I don't know. Thank you think. Not in fifteen minutes from -- or John WWL am FM and that now why are they so good in the Gelman so bad on the to make any sense to you. -- -- -- sunny skies today and cool Temps in the mid to upper fifties this afternoon then under clear skies were pretty cold began the night 34 on the North Shore and forty south lake. Either area could be looking at some frost and Tuesday sunny and cold with highs of 64 and by Wednesday for a milder 68 with sunshine. For any eyewitness -- forecast center I'm -- to Slava. Out here doing a frost on both sides they'll like even a 37 and -- -- Bennett 39 at the airport in Kenner there is frost on windshields on the South Shore Slidell clearance thirty degrees thirty -- elusive thirty and -- Freezing cold on the North Carolina present -- made 8787 because I was so upset this morning -- might Dodge Ram in the garage and walked. Toward yet ram ram I get it and I got to look at hangover Q but I don't think you'll be walking in this way. Tommy Tucker we can't figured I'd give an idea whether states dominated home stuck on the road. Net. Our goal although Sean Payton did say that there may be elect a leadership in that locker room. Went on the road. Because their fight on their golf club but I think the leadership goes to win when you're up against it when things are more adverse that's -- his leadership takes then settled down just do everything we're supposed to do we only does for the next for the well we talk about the saints -- jaguar opinion polls. Do you think now they're legitimate Super Bowl team. Just volume plant growth well I think getting -- -- they got to play at least one effective playoff games to get there I wrote veggies greens have been a focus as to DM black and gold blinders on are you looking at a honestly and fairly at what happened when president --

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