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WWL>Topics>>12-20 5:10am WWL 1st News w/Dave Cohen

12-20 5:10am WWL 1st News w/Dave Cohen

Dec 20, 2013|

Dave talks to WWL listeners about the Saints upcoming game against the Panthers to win the NFC South.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fourteen minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this twentieth of December 2013. Diverted finally beat TGI. Apps -- goma. Soon surprise. The one. -- All. Okay okay okay. Feel great. It's Friday felt this year yeah. That's all of those a week long long week. And lots of shopping to do apparently went yeah apparently they already want and yet she's. We only have five more days and it Christmas. Two of those days -- weekend days and yeah. You're talking a triple play a lot of people may be getting away today yeah yeah. Today and tomorrow but I mean it's going to be -- -- today they could be loading the car news. Gone. Wow yeah it I don't know house came up on us. Yeah so cruel. And then you know if Christmas is only five days away that means New Year's only twelve days away and will be 2014. Down. The end of the year. We're count Roger out like it or not it's -- -- stand up when you're grown. Concert. You've had all week to think about it. I'm not asking for your prediction I don't -- know where your head and your hearts are right now. Everything the saints have been up to you. -- changes they've made. Preparation they've done the if they've got to sake how they've played on the road everything that's out there there are three point underdog according to most of the biggest -- -- -- -- -- The good words keep coming back I know there -- all they became McCoy Sherry. Forget all over the years about the old Al Davis just win this baby. And that's all they have to do and they gotta do it it's got to do things. All right well in our situation -- -- if they do it they get the number two seed they you know division it comes at -- southern. Good shape for the playoffs there's still gonna have to go on the road. In the NFC championship if they make it that far presumably in Seattle but. We'll worry about that down the road right now it's about Sunday it's about winning it's about getting the numbers you spot the whole thing I answer it. And what's your heart and what's your head telling you this general William where you where's your gut I'd I'd -- is -- this before we get to the actual prediction I don't think. They're going to. Deliver a -- I don't see your -- I see a hard fought. It in their grip terror rifts whatever you gotta do and that's all safer now. Sorry it's not going to be Saint Louis all over again who knows what you don't know -- There's going to be a hard fought game one way or another all right coming up in less than fifteen minutes we'll get David -- prediction. For who wins saints. Or Panthers Sunday at noon that's why likening kickoff. In Carolina in the Charlotte. All right I'm Dave Conan too early edition of WWL first news on this Friday December 20 2013. We'll get your forecast. And scores with Steve Geller coming up. Nineteen minutes after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news happy Friday. To you and you'll orders from the beginning seven PW WL 1053 WWL FM and WWL. Dot com what's he what are we can weather's shaping up like. For your Friday look for highs close to eighty could set some records in a few spots and at 30% chance for a spotty shower or two today and overnight tonight. As close only settle into the sixties. Then tomorrow we know during the day you'll say mainly cloudy windy and warm highs of eighty would be 40% chance for some showers during the day. But the best chance will come an overnight Saturday night and early Sunday morning there's a line of storms moves across the area. Behind it sky should begin to clear a little bit on Sunday. We'll see -- starring in the seventies and falling into the sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast sinner I meteorologists are about tell. Yes when you're starting out at 66. Degrees. On December 20. And I think we've been talking about record highs near eighty is absolutely not out. Of the questions sports time now I'm WWL. First you can always take good. Morning and happy Friday to mark Menard I don't man. I'm doing good Dave I got that extra strong coffee on -- awake and alert humbug you went -- yeah well I am away. I will reserve alert for now but I'm looking forward very much to this game on Sunday. Absolutely the saints head into Charlotte this Sunday. Looking to lock up the NFC south and a first round bye for the be doing it with a new starting left tackle for more on -- arms to his first NFL start let's go to Steve Geller. How would you feel if your first -- -- -- starting left tackle was coming against the team ranked six in the NFL right now in sacks well saints -- drawn horns that sound confident for Sunday's contest being Carolina -- removed from her book. Are we doing so are hoping you'd be -- so of course is different from pregnant -- Another hundred he shortage shootings at WW LC -- radio for kick goal at noon on Sunday are. Our pregame coverage begins at 8 AM Steve -- WW -- sport. As for the pelicans they got 44 points and twelve rebounds and Anthony Davis and his return to lineup from a broken hand on Wednesday but it didn't do much good for the overall result as they fell to the clippers. Drove -- for a better result on Saturday night. In Portland but they'll certainly have their hands full. As they continue their five game road trip the trailblazers -- 42 and five on the season and share the Western Conference lead with Oklahoma City took time is 9 o'clock on Saturday night we'll have it for you on the -- -- -- -- five point three. To -- Davila found meanwhile there's football in the Crescent City Friday night for more than Orleans bowl here's Deke Bellavia. They're rage -- cage until last year during their third straight New Orleans Bowl game with a chance to win nine games for a third straight season as well. Casey -- so folks close to my husband likes the direction occasions program is in right now. Well they're -- -- fodder for great you know -- were battered or or rears and one fumble gave the first few years. Fingers here Richard and others -- about winning the Sun Belt Conference shares your. And I just German vote pro -- 45 so we're we're making progress. Vacations can -- their ninth victory of the season with a win over Tulane Saturday night in the hallway and healthcare is New Orleans Bowl -- affiliate WWL sports. After only six games back Kobe Bryant has returned to the sidelines for the -- like for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant broke his left leg in the lakers 9692 win over Memphis on Tuesday night at the time -- did know was broken and actually played the final quarter and half of game time morning. MRI on Thursday though revealed the break and Bryant will now miss another six weeks and what is quickly becoming a lost season for the lakers star -- -- Nick -- off the table the rumors about who will be the next Texas Longhorns coach are spanning the full spectrum of coaches both available and otherwise. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Monday Night Football color analyst Jon Gruden have both denied interest in the gig after their names were thrown into the rumor mill. I'm mark minority and that's sure early look at. At sports market -- meaning of the questions saw askew right now in that big rumor mill has anyone. Talked about or mentioned. Last month tells the possible candidate for the Texas job. I haven't heard as of yet but it seems like every time there's a big job available -- his name kind of gets thrown in there but. I think -- Michigan in the past it was because he went there and I don't know if if if they're clamoring for less miles. In taxes I think you as good as LSU has been under less miles I think. It looks like they have their there's sights set on bigger fish for these NFL names that are getting around. Gotcha all right I just know that there are some LSU fans who are not less miles fans to -- hoping. But and his name -- come up and that is one that's UN put it out there they are now carrier's New Orleans Bowl Saturday in the superdome. You well Lafayette coming to town to take on the too -- way of -- you feel about this one. Well I think it's going to be a fun game you know you when you have two local schools like that both playing a bowl game and they don't have. That -- travel they're gonna both bring big crowds -- seems to think. But it's going to be one of the most populated goals of the season and I agree with a -- that they're looking at maybe 65000 people in the superdome for this -- So it's going to be a raucous atmosphere it's going to be a great environment. And it's -- to -- too laid back in the bowl picture after eleven years away and of course we know what you'll I was done the last couple years in the world of people I think it's going to be a real good match happens to be a fun watch. Right then all your prediction one way or the other who do you think will win on you all those kind of been slumping lately. You know and two lane making their their big return to the bulls under Kurt Johnson. I think and to go to -- in this one. All right when we get you back 125 minutes to the more sports we'll get your pick for saints Panthers on Sunday who you think is gonna win that one but is there one thing you're keying in on one thing you're looking -- to help you decide if the saints can solve their road woes. And if they can pick up a victory. In Carolina. I'll have that ready for you -- -- five minutes. Is there a key there was a solid that you're you you want downtown. He had just just right now this semi dwelling on looking -- thinking about this gonna help -- make this decision. I look at the saints' record and in big games under Sean Payton and and how they performed after a loss. OK there you go that's what he's looking at votes what are you looking at text me do you -- 87 B 870. And let me know what you think the key to this game isn't what you'd think the scores going to be one it's all said and done. Who will win saints or Panthers. Wow it's the Friday before Christmas you know at the busiest shopping day of the year is not Black Friday not Thanksgiving now the people who started shopping man. It's almost always the Saturday before Christmas. Yes procrastinators. On mass will go shopping. Tomorrow. To try and pick up their gifts and get their shopping done because they've been putting it off. This whole time in Saturday's that they that most people don't work. And it's the opportunity they have to go shopping so you do not want to be caught in massive crowds of people. Don't go shopping tomorrow if you haven't done your shopping yet get ready to have lots of company. Tomorrow 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this twentieth of December 2013. And I mean to tell you it is. Finally TGI yes. Well that means that we better pull up a little crunching you with that how well Obama all four. Hi I need. Well. Number well we're gonna wait on chronic. We gonna do that just a minute we talk about the sense but first I'll get your prediction on the for what happens at the box office this weekend with so many big films opening this and I American heart. Yeah American hustle opens today. What I cast in this one Christian Bale Amy Adams Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence the list goes on. And on and this one's getting a lot of great -- a lot of great promotion. A con man along with his seductive British partner is forced to work for a wild FBI agent model that opens -- man two opens. Another lender continues to we know I would I think we -- everything we need to know about this war and hallmark because they've promoted every than anything just started getting on a monster -- months ago they started from -- -- -- -- -- -- -- feels like a year -- yeah apparently. Saving mr. banks this is the one with Tom Hanks Emma Thompson. -- Colin Farrell. And it's really the story of the life love Walt Disney and how Mary Poppins came to be getting great buzz and Oscar discussion. -- next year already. And out walking with dinosaurs. Which is the animated action family movie. About the adventures of dinosaurs when they ruled the earth and a story where an underdog -- -- triumphs to become a hero for the ages. While the big question is will enough for adults. Paktia and and catch the buzz of American -- And -- -- here when you got down against dinosaurs. And the holidays. I'm gonna go with -- anchor man do I really had -- necessarily you know that's true yeah I was going to be of their tune. And I'm gonna tell him I'm -- -- -- -- -- slide dried. -- And -- Please. All. -- -- They never gave -- -- going to eat your prediction wrong. Saints. Panthers. Sunday. Which could division on the line of the saints win they win the NFC south they get the numbers you see if they lose its very message. Yeah how can I like I said earlier is going to be a lot of guts feel old type game -- out ramped up. -- fighting for his wife. And I'm got the saints winning by five and five points mister Blake says the saints will be -- -- years. In their efforts to win the NFC south when they can battle with the Panthers in Carolina. I have points why -- -- well just because you won't have to have a heart attack could be under the don't be enough over the that they can -- for the funeral. Thank you with your card are you thinking with your head because you're one who victorious this -- through your head now you've made you've made predictions before that people -- -- -- life. But now left with what you're seeing and feeling. -- they're they're gonna go. John Boehner. It's going to be alone Barnett and then. Yeah maybe thrown at a that little bit all right David Blake thank you will talk in about twenty minutes -- more first news here on WWL. AM FM -- that -- gosh I hope. That he's right. -- let's go -- directed the Eyewitness News forecast -- -- happy for a ride. And anti bullying that. Optimized meteorologist Laura -- All with you I've never been this happy for Friday in my life. -- -- -- -- You've been fighting the flu yet the flu then -- and I and it is they're just people it is it is not to be back to a thousand looking forward to Friday you had you try to get through this week just one more day we can do it quick. And you have done and congratulations. Welcome to Friday week who are glad that you made it. And that you've been such a trooper and I don't know I think a lot of people we hadn't told us you have the flu. I think he concealed it pretty darn. And I -- Tommy yesterday it was pretty obvious yesterday yesterday it was not a good day for many reasons or just leave it at that but no it was it was painfully obvious that it was good not going well yes but if it. All right that's the bottom side was dragon just literally -- -- you know what you can get that little. Bone picked Friday were ready for the weekend already -- after the holiday weekend had a lot of people that this kind of their last day probably you know networking much next week so. Enjoy the holiday coming up. People -- texting me telling me they have nine days -- -- Days. That sound great -- days I'll come up till new years had enjoying -- day at a rest stop people don't get the flu enjoy your days on the good. With the fact that having been said. It is December 20 but we're starting out in some places pert near seventy degree yeah. -- start the day. Yeah I think people out there aerial wide and we're gonna get that close to eighty today maybe even close to the record highs later today. What's the what's the record we're looking through records are going to be in the eighties and we're gonna we're forecasting a high of 79. OK so we could get yeah advocate getting close via. And that's today so kind of cloudy and it's near eighty today there is a chance of rain today. There's a slight chance of rain date 30% to act tomorrow better chance at the -- since Saturday nights at some stronger storm Saturday night Sunday morning. And then clearing out of here during the day on Sunday. OK so if we're timing out our weekend and you know tomorrow's the busiest shopping day of the year replies Saturday -- -- Saturday before Christmas is when the procrastinators. By the millions hit the malls and score pretty well. Right. What we're if -- timing out when we wanna be out there when the heaviest rain do you think most likely. Midnight Saturday night I really think you're going to be fine he had -- that's where were they late Saturday night early Sunday morning. Com all right and then behind the rain on the front. We cool down next weeks and fifty's for highs Monday through Christmas Day huh. -- in the fifties. All right so that means lows will be what thirties and forties and lows will be in the thirties and forties that's correct that's right Cadillac of the there's a little bit of -- delay out of from my -- -- and I'm having some trouble here it's been more than -- about a half -- -- -- issued -- my -- brain I don't have a. Now as a combination of factors please don't blame yourself aren't being out. Feeling more Christmas -- next three all right ladies and gentlemen -- meteorologist learn about how we do have to open up the wrong with people file before we -- ago he had. In Oklahoma. And manned propose to his girlfriend. While an officer was arresting him up for outstanding warrant -- -- that's kind of weak now. I don't know you're the guy is getting the cubs put -- I'm taking go to jail. And that the guys really goes on the name and I even. The officer even had to hand the rings at the girlfriend of the guy couldn't Colin now that that love right there and she said yes. Apparently she did that is wonder if this marriage is one made in heaven or somewhere well. You know they say romance is dead gave I don't think so I think this clearly proved. Is alive and well. Can't expect a Laura but now it despite feeling sick it always the optimist thinking this marriage will last an NBA healthy long married I'm. I see no problems for the couple of the future at all I think I think this is gonna go to one mainly. That's that's that's a painkiller feel better saying that Tokyo Monday have a great weekend Laura but I'll live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts benefit a a they got led to pull the ring out of the guy's coat pocket and give it -- -- And -- with the I just think I would've waited -- guys who think go to -- I came back by the way -- being arrested for allegedly passing bad checks Clinton Steve Cohen. What did Steve Geller -- Willis Steve Geller will be in nearby. Mark Menard will started out we'll -- that this Steve Geller will give mark when -- prediction coming up after this for the same from the phantoms. Ten minutes in front of 6 AME early edition of WWL first news some attacks made it seventieth avenue says maybe he bought the ring with a bad Jenkins didn't -- pitted confiscated it -- -- -- doughnut doesn't say anything about that in the story but that's a good theory at all -- Sports I'm now on WW. Our -- mark I have to say is very hearty and healthy happy Friday to you and yours. Absolutely and and CU as well. Thank you hear us talk about sports -- you're very welcome and let's talk about sports. Saints rookie Toronto Armstead is replacing Charles Brown at left tackle when the saints head in the Charlotte this weekend Steve Geller has the latest. Saints rookie -- Armstead says he's not only ready for the challenge of his first career start. At left tackle in place of Charles Brown but also for -- Panthers defense that has totaled 45 sacks this season. Of those upgrades this turning them been -- folks -- gonna get better because he's real lock themselves. I've been competing since I got him. Kids -- golf bug WWL saves radio at noon on Sunday Steve Geller WWL. Sports. The pelicans will be in Portland Saturday night with Anthony Davis back in the fold. They're hoping to capitalize on the browser returned better than they did last Wednesday when they fell to the clippers. Took time for the birds in the blazers is set for 9 PM more Havoc on the flagship one of five point three WWL FM. Saturday night in the Big Easy will belong to college football as -- carrier's New Orleans Bowl emanate. For Mercedes-Benz superdome for more on the upcoming tilt between the raging -- in the green wave here's Deke Bellavia. Last -- New Orleans Bowl MVP was Louisiana magic quarterback Terrance Broadway Broadway was injured three weeks ago. And the likelihood of the senior quarterback playing in New Orleans Bowl against Tulane doesn't look too promising. You know he still always always he made it appear below is a real long shot until -- -- -- in -- ready to. Murphy made sure they'll be great for us we're we're in the -- without -- Golfers at 8 PM Saturday in the superdome -- affiliate WWL sports. And with the Green Bay Packers still in the hunt for the NFC north title. The -- would love to have star quarterback Aaron Rodgers back Rogers has been splitting snaps for backup Matt Flynn for the last couple weeks of practice but hasn't made it made his return to the field. Rogers says he has the quote good sense of what's going to happen. What he's keeping quiet at the moment about whether he'll play this weekend against the Steelers the Packers only trail the bears by a half game for the NFC north championship. I'm mark minority and that's your early look at sports. All right you already told us you think that they green wave will rule in the New Orleans Bowl so now it's time for us to get your prediction mark for saints. Panthers in Vegas has the Panthers -- a three point favorite in this one. A lot of the people texting me at 87870. Are feeling so good they say hey remember the saints won the Super Bowl on the road they did good. That wasn't the home stadium for either team we should note this is the home stadium for the -- they've played well there what do you think and as you look at this one. Well first of all in Vegas gives the home team a three point edge that's usually what they give every home teams of Vegas is saying this is a tossup to them. I think that the saints coming off of the loss under Sean pavement in a big game I I think that they'll be ready for this one. And I think Toronto Armstead is gonna be ready you know. A lot of people thought he was gonna start when the season started and that saints chose to kind of ease him along and get him ready for -- -- for the starting lineup and in a more measured fashion. But I think that now they're they're thinking he's ready and -- I think he's gonna do the job against the Panthers because Charles Johnson. Play and and that and Greg -- their. Even when Charles Brown in the lineup so with a Armstead in there I'd I don't know that's gonna make much difference I think the saints are gonna take this one. On the road and kind of proved doubters wrong a little bit will start to hear about it in the playoffs but I think the saints are gonna win this one. All right some people think Shayne Graham may be the difference maker may win it for the saints years thinking no. Iran Armstead will protect the heck out of Drew Brees give him all the time he needs to get the ball downfield to his receivers. And the saints end up with a victory did you give us a score. I didn't give you score but all I'm gonna go ahead and say the first was a 31 to thirteen I think to be closer than that in Charlotte I think it's going to be. 127. To 23. All right. He is mark and are happy Friday to you and yours have a great pre Christmas weekend. We'll -- about fifteen minutes of the more sports here on WWL I am FM and that counts. Some interesting prediction you're texting me at age 7870. And your weekend forecasters are hot one coming up right after that. My spirits -- for Tommy for the next for the -- what you got coming up -- you know I look at the words schizophrenic and it seems to fit the -- right now. So we'll actually have that legal definition for schizophrenic Campbell also talked about it sinks in the panthers'. What do you expect to happen in this game not as a fan could you -- the football analyst. Tell us how you think this is -- joins us. Hard for a lot of people to put aside barracuda hard.

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