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12-20 6:10am WWL 1st News

Dec 20, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, talks about the Saints as they get ready for the game against the Panthers for a position in the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is 6:45 good morning I'm scooting in for Tommy secretaries off until after the first of the year taken a well deserved vacation. -- -- WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning. How will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this weekend and to try and be honest you know -- notice as saints fans who was -- yeah of course we're gonna win. What you really can't say that of course were gonna win. When you look at the way the states have have played and that's just an honest assessment and that's an assessment the saints have to have a themselves. But here's an update on the poll 80% say yes the saints are gonna win. And 20% say no they will not give us your opinion by going to our website WW real dot com we'll give an update on that coming up. In just a few minutes here's a text why would why would get everybody -- Why would everybody. Including the Panthers. -- why would why would you tell everybody including the Panthers. You plan to change the line. Your rookie is playing it now they will surely test him. -- with everything they can. Does not make sense. -- I think it's pretty obvious if you if you start somebody I don't know whether they have to say. Who's who's playing in the game believe they have to announce the starters -- at some point so it's not like it's a secret. And if you were. If you were the Panthers coach she would have to know that with the way Charles Brown has played. This is obviously going to be a possibility they're gonna do something to change that or if if if Charles Brown is it isn't playing well. Then that's a soft spot in in the saints' offensive line whether it's Charles Brown or. Order rookie and I guess they figure well what they had before wasn't working and so lets try something new. You know I think our place kicker will do fine -- Garrett Hartley will go on and in -- for another team. And it's it's interesting and I I often talk about how it's psychological. Football list. And would you think about Reggie Bush in and other saints players to. Have not done as well as expected with the saints and they get treated to another team and do better with the other team and as the saints fan I get very resentful of -- like could they do it here. Well it's it's again it's very very psychological and is sometimes those voice is getting your head and you get tentative and you just if you don't do well until you break out. That's one of the things that I fear about Mark Ingram. If if he doesn't break out here he'll break out somewhere else and won't that be once again it's tough to watch somebody go somewhere else. And do better for another team that needed for our team you're Hartley will go on but it was time to make that move and I've support Sean -- -- -- because the voices were in. In Garrett Hartley had. And it was time for change so I think that was a positive note. If you wanna join us with a comet we're talking about the saints and the Panthers game Sunday at Carolina it's a noon kick off. And again you can't help but think that Carolina's going to be seeking revenge they're very proud team -- a great position to. To get to the playoffs they're -- could almost as good -- position as the saints if the saints win Sunday we win the NFC south and we I think we would be it's -- number two seed in the NFC. And we would have a first week -- all of that's good but the saints were playing for a play off birth last week and they lost. They were playing for a chance to maybe be number one in the NFC south win home field advantage for the playoffs against Seattle. They lost that game. So the fact that it's an important game doesn't really mean anything however when you when you when you look at the way the saints have played recently I can't help but think that eight. This is based on the pattern of the saints they're gonna come back and do well and win. Even though it's on the road. I'll tell you about some of the things that they're saying in -- Carolina. About this game and and obviously they're very excited about the game and chances -- for their team I heard Bobby bearden I don't know whether he mentioned is an issue or not but we talk in the hall the other day. And he was saying that to me he has a feeling that Cam Newton is just gonna run all over the place that this is the game -- you'd basically is nothing to lose. -- don't worry about it just go out there and if you. If you don't. If you don't see that open receiver just go ahead and and -- and run the ball. And Cam Newton justice physically such a big -- as you might not like his attitude you might not like him as a person. But the guy is really really good I don't know what you've seen the issues that he's wearing. But he's got these Superman cleats on now. It has the Superman logo on it now I'm wondering if you asked to pay royalty for that but -- -- that did this news he's the Superman color and the Superman logo. On issues because he is Superman. And you know that's a very cocky attitude to have. Even if you don't like him I'm sure you have to admit that he's a very very good player. A -- talk about the saints in the -- what do you think is gonna happen on Sunday how do you see this game unfolding and here's your chance to be the football analyst and not just a fan. If you and join our show our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And I text number is 877 all right Friday morning beginning of the weekend it is the weekend before Christmas David what do you think is gonna happen Sunday the saints this is a team that is simply up and down -- it is good consistently put the saints have a record of -- for which is unbelievable they control their -- density that's all great. But when a team. Doesn't play as good as it is supposed to like last week against the rams in Saint Louis I think it's fair to criticize. Or what your rocks as -- -- I really see this as a dog fight it's is -- -- -- it could be nasty. Hard hitting you know just basically clawing and scrapings and because it's icy and as a monster round. They win this one stinking game and they wrap up all the -- just about -- than they want obviously they want to championship. But they'll they'll take their crown of the south. Just witness when it. Morning news.com thanks appearances at -- as ago -- and to 7% to eighteen and there are a lot of people nationally who line don't respect the same -- on the road. And why oh why should that mean I've realized the saints -- three and four and and and so more than the patriots the patriots have the same record as the -- three and four on the road intended for. On the season and you know nobody talks about them as being a bad broad team now they got some games on the road -- -- -- surprise New Orleans is unfairly criticized it but nationally a lot we've had these big pumped up gave us out move -- to prime time yeah. Everybody's watching around the country and then we just had turned -- spanky. Now performance. And I think that's what's bleeding over homer demolished bad perhaps -- as our -- W a pretty general opinion poll this morning will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this weekend give us your opinion by going to WW dot com if you are doing as for the comment. So as a football analyst what do you think's gonna happen on Sunday a 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. In a text number is 877 times -- for Tommy Tucker it's christmastime a -- WL wants you to enjoy the unique flavor of New Orleans with the French market coffee gift basket to -- Monday and Tuesday you've got a chance to win. All morning long. This gift basket has all kinds of goodies three bags of French market coffee mug two boxes of single serve coffee and 125 dollar hate Ellsbury -- gift certificate. Plus a flavor of a flavor of New Orleans poster by. Young artist -- Osbourne is amazing is price Pakistan valued at 85 dollars when you hear the Dixie cups singing let it snow. I'll give out the number that your caller number eight you win the French market gift basket. From the station -- Christmas and New Orleans WWL. It's that we get before Christmas and you know I hope -- -- -- time this weekend suit just to enjoy life -- enjoyed the fact that year -- celebrating Christmas this this coming week. It's so easy to get caught up in -- hectic shopping and I need to get is that it needed. Just try to take a deep breath fans. Enjoy the process and and don't just get so caught up in all the things that you think you have to do it and don't lose the don't lose the true spirit of Christmas. ABC news reports -- the average American will spend about 700 dollars on holiday gifts this year if all of that was spent entirely on US made products. According to this report that would create four point six million jobs. But it you know Americans don't buy American. Should we buy American and do you go out of your way to buy American or. Do you just -- the passport and we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour here -- WWL and scooted for Tommy Tucker. The saints are on the road they don't do well on the -- well that's for the -- but they have they have lost some games that they've really should've won on the road particularly last week. Against the rams what do you expect to happen this Sunday. In Carolina against the Panthers from New Orleans like you and a BW well. -- Good. So. We'll follow a certain there are 1000000. The bigotry. Well four point barriers are all these -- -- -- -- or won't it won't betray what. What do you think's gonna happen Sunday. There that appeared terrible Arafat is -- the chair and he can and it's not an easy thing to do there are no. -- -- -- To a given an old trial there you go -- -- appeal there -- certain. And what does this there are times that you -- -- times that drew needs to make better decisions about throwing the ball lower -- talking get an eating it. What I wondered all along not. A lot of drug movement to draw a lot of fear that what Walter peck -- -- -- No no that's true that that's that stroke like nobody's questioning the Drew Brees is great and can come back and win great gains that they steal it's it's fair to say that their arson -- collective the first played last week when he. Which was pressured threw the ball was intercepted. At the senate passed he should've thrown disease just order up in the air. Terrible to -- in the record. Or what oh. Sort of -- -- which which it did my do you think the saints are gonna beat the Panthers Sunday. About certain what the but well -- saying we don't. Well they don't panic -- and -- -- of a little bit about what you analysts aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now you know oh well. Then -- -- that's -- web. -- bill won't be. Mike. I hope the saints win I I honestly I think the saints are gonna win this game I I like. I like the saints when their backs -- truly against the wall they've had a lot to play for against Seattle against the rams last week. But I like the saints when their backs are against the wall if you wanna join us with -- comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number 670. Here's an update on our WW a party general opinion poll. On both the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC -- this weekend to 47% say no 73%. Say yes. Give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com. Also on -- way to get to -- we got a lot of traffic going -- we're gonna get to that here in just a moment. It's 676. On a Friday beginning of the weekend beginning of the final weekend before Christmas hopefully second be too hectic story. -- scooted for Tony Tucker our congratulations to a Julien Garcia as she is a winner. The French market gift basket for Christmas and we'll give you chances is valued at 85 dollars and give -- chance. Throughout the morning and also throughout Monday and Tuesday morning two -- -- happy holidays to all of you who were celebrating Christmas and love coffee. From WWL. What are the saints got to do Sunday against the Panthers you know get except next year about the saints at road record get to this text in just a moment from Guerrero Martinez you're on the BW well. I'll pick a particular calls from our good morning -- -- and our person of the straighter. I think the -- and take our -- six point yet Campbell. Our reputation of not winning Luc change on this year or are believed to be proven that they're teaching him when he one to Scotland beat Chicago. Inspecting kind of demolished it I was sitting on -- -- picture isn't all humans and you know -- I I do have to say that I like the saints when their backs really are against the wall and and while they've been motivated to to win and had reasons to win especially last week against the rams. They're really up against -- all this time and when that happens this is well this is when the team seems to do the best they've they have to have so far this season. That's correct and the other thing -- -- she has to -- that apple lost keeping active -- so that's another. For them another -- more on the them. So -- I think you know the total answer here. -- when I look at the the saints in the when he played recently. I would not want to be the team playing saint after a loss. There will be Martinez and -- -- with nationalistic so here's a text at three of four of Carolina's losses have come on the road. How come no one is talking about that no one is saying. They -- bad road team since Sean Payton has taken over the saints may have had second best road record in the NFL behind the patriots. All that's -- that's fine and and we we do recognize that. The saints are great football team and they have a record and four and they controlled the destiny that's a great position to be. But I still think it's fair. And I would want the saints to do this on themselves and they had done this -- themselves. I think it's fair to be critical. Of a performance like last week in Saint Louis when it's a game that they clearly should've. They are always beat me nobody expects. Nobody expects teams to go undefeated anymore throughout the season. But the saints need to win those games that they're supposed to win every team needs to win the game they're supposed to wait a from his city -- at a time for quick comment. -- how does the -- you know I think we have to realize that. Maybe. Look at the threat Drew Brees shoulder injury year and that I did bother him that might be a reason why. -- -- -- You are Chris and and I think that he was -- only Oprah can record coming -- -- -- -- but when you look at this country this year -- -- little off. And though. Many are are under thrown. It's a hundred -- -- -- I don't feel it much either you know so you think is his shoulder is bothering. And yeah and ending this doctrine in -- gonna reveal you know they don't want anybody know that. I mean I think if you look at his performance where. Your himself gutting it -- -- get to news break in nine I appreciate you calling it should have a good. They're saying do you.

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