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12-20 7:10am WWL 1st News

Dec 20, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, talks about the Saints as they get ready for the game against the Panthers for a position in the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right thank you David. Is gonna be a wild -- in New Orleans because it's the New Orleans Bowl yeah and have a lot of people from the southwest Louisiana for you LL well will be in town to play Tulane and and congratulations to -- getting to a bowl game I think it's wonderful in fact I'm looking for probably the biggest crowd -- may have ever had for this this -- there's -- world ball of local interest because it's Tulane and you LL out it. I I I guarantee you is going to be a party weekend and you know these people who -- for southwest Louisiana are hardest game always are they're not -- -- they're not shy about parties. How to take over the town is now for those of you who wore. Who are coming into town. For the game if you plan to be a party late when reminds unit. Sometimes in the course of the evening. It might seem like the lucky dogs gonna help. It's not really gonna help -- yeah it is chances are your only get a possess it for a brief -- of -- time pop up. -- -- It's knock on the door and learn and help soak up note -- evil well why isn't it good in your body of the ideas we need to -- eight years that we stopping to look lucky dogs agree you're wondering that's five but you know it it at 1 o'clock in the morning if you had too much to -- it's it's too late at that point shooter -- -- -- -- a little earlier. But like I constantly see the the reminder that people. Don't maintain possession of it for very long while for all Jonas Drago -- -- on the -- so -- just everybody be careful. David you go out of your way to buy American. I don't know -- -- go out of my way to buy American but -- you know obviously almost everything you put your hands on of the store. On the back says China that you seem a little law blanks and I've made in China the notably -- and -- as strange -- -- right on the back yeah. Very clearly promotes made in China so I you just kind of after awhile I think you just throw up your hands on the idea that if you do find something made in this country -- wallets minds. But it's almost a surprise. ABC news reports that the average American will spend about 700 dollars and -- gets this year they totals 465. Million dollars. And that. Maybe billion. I may have enough. I if the money was all spent 700 dollars per person on the average of all of that money was spent on US made products that would create according to this report. Four point six million jobs in America. Richard during our unemployment rate down to. Early and -- going to of the could the question is there are people -- go out of their way to buy American -- be honest do you go out of your way to buy American or do you simply. By the best organized yeah I have to admit I think -- -- patriotic person but I have to admit I buy the best I've by the best polish your lowest possible for -- more important for the bargain you know. -- around blame on me were you're trying to save a -- of the same time. Do you buy American. Or do you just by the best bargain. Is American greed really at the roots of so many jobs going overseas if you wanna join us for the comment this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text -- receipts and create salary. You know I I like Holland notes and they're really talented Andy Young generations have caught on to the music of Paula notes and -- -- song just a -- crowded today Jazz Fest for Holland knows it all different generations their last year. But I got -- added this is the cheesy as cheesy as Christmas song and their video was definitely really awful. But it's christmastime. -- studio for Tony Tucker. Will be back on VW well. It's a Friday morning we are heading into the last weekend before Christmas -- if you are probably just saying goodbye -- your jobs for a week in -- going to be off this is your last day of work for awhile. -- -- you know if you do have to do out and and England today that shopping trying to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything you're stuck in traffic this morning trying to relax and get through it. And and don't allow the circumstances to a -- YouTube lose the true meaning of this this wonderful holiday season. It's a great time of year but sometimes you get so caught up in making things happened buying things and doing things that you relieved cut loose track of what it really is all about so. Try to take a deep -- at times and just relax and enjoy. Here's an update on -- WWL project opinion poll this morning will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this week -- 40% saying no 60%. Say yes. Your opinion ignored her website WW don't count us if you rejoice with the comment about what do you think the saints are gonna do Sunday or they gonna win this game against the Panthers. It's a game on the road -- -- supporters on the road this season. Will they win the NFC south -- concede. In the Tennessee and will only get the first round -- that's what's at stake in the game against Carolina on Sunday and they went. Also we're talking about whether or not you buy American. And this is a holiday season it's a time when -- a lot of money is spent. If if that and if everybody spent money on American products according to a report from ABC news that would create four point six million jobs. In America but do you buy American -- on WW on good morning. Good morning trade down from Franklin ball -- in law now Robert McDonald porcelain bowl. Anyway I at all. Try to -- I'll never -- more apt to not break. Americans always Chinese Arpaio. -- actually. Part of -- that Gupta shortly percent. Americans. Go there -- -- There are so you know it's in the Western Hemisphere. I think it's at mobile a lot of people don't do that -- why we have some products that are made overseas there's there's greed every. Level our society and I think that -- led to a lot of jobs going overseas and I think many unions have contribute and has been going on for decades actually. -- All right real political and have a very Merry Christmas. Here's a text I'd definitely buy American. I only patron. Local mom and pop stores I avoid conglomerates and chain stores I believe in supporting my country and my city again that's very very admirable. Here is. And other text always check the choices. For USA here's a text its American greed. And it's also our unions that is made to where jobs -- shipped overseas I have a brother in law. Who is a skilled union worker who refuses to work for what he calls wrap up but he and his wife works -- -- leads off her income and stays home. And does nothing. If you wanna join issue with a comment on numbers 260172. All 38668890. Point seven. Text number it's him it's. It's have a 21 -- infertility -- -- the debit WL traffic update and there's a lot of and out there here's Gerald Robinson of it doesn't feel like the Friday before Christmas it's so warm kind of a muggy -- gave that that we got some weather coming through here. It looks as if most of the range gonna cut here late Saturday night early Sunday morning to be out here by maybe 7 raid Sunday morning which is is good news. We'll get some rain and some cooler temperatures and right now it looks like it's going to be around 59 or sixty with partly cloudy skies on Christmas Day is you know that can change but -- has of showers today tomorrow and optically. On Sunday and I'm stewed in -- Tommy Tucker here's an update on our -- of Hugo project opinion poll. Will the saints beat the Panthers and with the NFC south this weekend 39% saying know. And 61% say yes give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. That song of the greatest love by will be used in as the song that. It it it touched me at a point in my life what we'll talk about this later in the show. I was asked to to preview -- to write a review of Rick Springfield movie an affair of the heart. And in viewing a movie in and taking notes and in writing the blog. It occurred to me that. Rick Springfield music and I would not -- focus of Rick Springfield it would sort of other people but Rick Springfield music has really touched a lot of people and helped a lot of people through very difficult times. And this is just a reminder that. There're there are singers there or are songs that that speak to us and and touch us in tough times in our lines can you think of a song that touched you and maybe help you get through. A tough time we'll talk about a little bit later in the show also and its duplicates is still turning -- website to -- W dot com if electric Springfield if you like. Music you can read it and sharing with others were also -- talking about the saints they're taken on the Panthers in. In Carolina this Sunday. It's a new kick off and if the saints continue with the pattern that they've had in the last couple of weeks they're gonna win and they're going to be very very impressive. I've got a text from people they will win the division yes they're gonna win the saints will win the NFC this weekend. I hope they do but it it's no guarantee. However with the way the saints have been playing I would think they're gonna come back and beat Carolina again. As you know it's difficult to beat a team two times in a row especially just one week apart it. I guess it was last year the year before the saints played the falcons a couple of weeks apart that this is the closest they've played the the same opponent. In a long time amber may be in the history that the franchise and Carolina is a very good team they're playing for a lot as well. Most of the national. Most of the national stories that I've read. Favor. V the Panthers into the Panthers are gonna win and I believe the Panthers are three and half point favorite. Again I really like the saints win. When Sean Payton and Drew Brees and their backs are really gets doubled up at the backs and we ended mathematically they're still it and if they lose this game. But they have so much to to plea for the so much is at stake at this game winning the NFC south. I'm getting a first round bye and being never to -- It looks as if the the playoffs could go through Seattle got a -- a moment ago from some breeze and that's really. A scary thing and especially when you think about how the saints have played recently in Seattle the -- can be scary but I said after we lost to Seattle. And once again the saints. Did not silenced the critics. Who say they can't play on the road especially if the weather's bad. Or if it's very cold and -- I said. What great justice it would be if the saints had a chance to go back to Seattle. And beat Seattle. In Seattle. Totally silencing. The critics. And then go on to win the Super Bowl in New Jersey that already talking about contingency plans for snow. For the Super Bowl and -- released this this this Super Bowl next year. -- could be totally marred by -- winter and again I don't understand the wisdom of holding the Super Bowl in New Jersey but that'll be that topic love. We'll talk about -- -- to close at the Super Bowl here's a text the saints win this weekend Santa Claus really does live. Here is another text I tried to buy American but says since the share of shut down my buddies pot crop. I have to buy imported. That's a shame. It's really a shame when you can't buy local pot it's a shame when you just have to. -- you have to get the important stuff from another state or from another country. Here's a text about songs shine like collective soul helped me. When highways was getting sober. What we're gonna play some of these songs as -- as we talk about this to be thinking about a song. That helped you through a difficult time. A music usually touches and you know Rick Springfield a pop rock artist mainly popular from the the eighties but still popular today. It in previewing as this movie and it writing a review about it. I really didn't expect his music you have and as such showed a personal touch on the hearts of some people. And it did and it was just a reminder of how music does. Touches and in many ways it's the soundtrack of our allies. If you and -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text number is 87 it's up. It's 730 and -- and four time detector here's that BW elders updates with David Blake David yesterday was the faculty party and -- Jefferson Christmas only point out how about I don't it was it was -- the top gets played. And I went back and respect and each campus and it was fun to be there and and not have to worry about failing the test in. You know -- it was in the Aegean and the -- just some reminded me of -- past president memories blow because Jim hasn't changed no. That's the a -- that. It was like -- -- ages ago and you know that's not the -- at the first time I was ever in the gym when music was -- and I didn't have a date that was install. W. But you know it was really it was really -- I did notice a few changes though. Idea. The school no longer uses we'll see when I was there they use the same car for drivers in sex Ed. And now they use a different car for six which authorities release a pretty big accomplish I've done that of and a big you know Dow moving up and -- I -- found out that they'd -- no longer have the man that the math questions from the -- questions that we deal with whom we were young and never government and specific it was. Something like if Johnny has five joints and he smokes three how many does he think he has left. And so they apparently they've updated all of that all of us much which is really good doctors and it was it was it was fun to be there. Here's an update on -- W -- party your opinion poll will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this week and 37%. Say no they won't 63% say yes they will. -- your opinion by going to be WL don't count. It's christmastime and we wanna give you the unique flavor of New Orleans with the French markets coffee gift basket today Monday Tuesday a lot of chances to win. The gift basket as an amazing rate of goodies. Three bags of French market coffee mug two boxes -- single serve coffee 125 dollar needles gift certificate. A flavor of New Orleans poster from. Talented young -- Osborne it's 85 dollars the old gift -- When you hit the Dixie cups single minutes ago -- -- -- the number of -- the eight caller your winner. From the station atlas Christmas in New Orleans WL. Are the saints gonna go to Carolina. And beat the Panthers. And win the NFC south. End. Annaly they also have a chance that they would end up being the the second seed in the NFC and get a first round -- Here's our WW project about people will the saints beat the Panthers this weekend when the NFC south 38% saying no 62% say yes. And you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com if you -- your comment about your expectations of the game. Numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a -- -- 877. I I love the saints especially when their backs are against the wall and again mathematically that well they're back targets doubled as a victory. They they're not out of the playoffs if they lose and and remember. Carolina's gonna have a lot of motivation. They're going to want to do with the saints who wanted to if we did if they did to. It's what we did it and and that is there going to be at home they're gonna wanna avenge that somewhat embarrassing loss the end of their eight game winning streak. Sunday. And I can Drew Brees be protected. Buying among others a rookie on the offensive line. And -- we have a new place kicker I don't think that could be any more inconsistent than it has been up to now -- -- -- the best but it against the voices -- -- EP. Sometimes you just into doubting yourself in situations and he'll go on in and be a good kicker somewhere else in the same way that you know sometimes players go on to other teams and once they get that. Once they get that break and they they breakaway from the that the routine -- the circumstances in the surroundings that made them question themselves. They can go on and become good players and I think this is another example of puff football as a metaphor for life. We can think about times in our lives when. We changed. Circumstances we changed surroundings and and we did better I'd think about Reggie Bush is another recent example of that. So we're talking about the saints and Carolina. I expected to win of course will be talking about that Monday morning -- -- BWL. -- in four Tommy Tucker we've also been talking about buying American. And ABC report says that the average American spent about 700 dollars on holiday gifts this year but totals 465. Billion dollars. If all of that money -- entirely to US made products that would create four point six million jobs. So in a lot of ways. The job market is not something that is directly controlled by any president it's controlled by a lot of things and this relationship with the global economy has been building for a fair very long time this has been building. I guess there. You could take for a very long time but especially since the eighties and nineties that this is. This is something it was quite obvious in and we were gonna start having less manufacturing in America and our economy weighs more based on hospitality. And technology. Here's attacks that reads by American. What do we make -- something made in America by Americans and I'll buy it. The question is. If you had a choice you might buy American but would you buy American if it cost more. As Americans. Don't we want the best product at the lowest possible price of a blinking -- right up I've decorated my workplace for the pointing senate and right on the back. It's has made in China. Now. Guess I -- of a problem with that it's states it's part of the the world that we live -- but. Ultimately it's American greed. Did his help and American greed at at every level that is contributed to jobs going overseas if the company can make something for less overseas. Based on. The motivation of capitalism of the foundation of capitalism. Then the company's going to produce the best product they -- at the lowest possible price and that has led to jobs. Being overseas. If you wanna join our show with a -- are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. Our if you would like a French market coffee gift baskets. Just in time for Christmas. Which leaders call 260 wins 2609467. And the -- caller wins from -- WL I am FM and dot com. It's 750 here's another WWL traffic update with Cheryl Robinson. It's a Friday morning going into the weekend before Christmas. We've got to warm weather today but it's gonna be cooler by Sunday and some rain. In between now and then they subject's about buying American here's text that reflects what a couple of Texas and that is that that Apple's new Mac Pro. Is made an assembled in Austin, Texas so it's a purely American here's another text by American local items available at forty girl. Courts in lakeside men's belts. And Johnston exceed us so if you look for the items this -- says you can find it. But the question is do we go out of our way to buy American and I I have to be honest and tell you that I don't. -- -- -- you what I can find is the best product at the lowest possible price tonight I'm really not cognizant of of of where the product was made. And I think a lot of Americans have that same attitude released and being honest about it. Maybe we should all be a little more. Aware of the products and we're we're we're getting products from. And it takes a moment ago from somebody who say it will not everybody can afford to to pay more for American product. And isn't really that one of the keys why is -- always more for an American product. You know something's in America are better and I remember ended the seventies with the the first and Arab oil crisis. So much focus was on American made cars in. That the Japanese really did start to take over the market then now the competition from the Japanese have really started in the seventies in the car market with. More if you fuel efficient cars. And cars that. And words were lasting longer than American cars actually led to the production of better American cars. So that competition has really helped change the the American all auto market. But it's it's not always easy to find just clearly under American products so people buy and this is all part of American greet people by the best product at the lowest. Possible price and that's the way we are in America. You know but I -- -- mentioned something about a local product. I eat about. Two to. Three oranges every day guy who I love I love oranges that it's if they're good for. I have found -- Louisiana oranges. Rouse is to be just and believe that that decisive capital. Connect to the size of grapefruit. And -- the if you haven't gone out of -- way to put Luigi and oranges they are the juiciest -- the sweetest they are the best. They beat oranges from Florida baby to oranges from California. They be gorgeous from every day of the best. I've their Louisiana org is -- I don't know maybe it's the soil that we have here but they are the best from Terry town coupe got time for a quick comment to boarding. Ankle Barbara. Lafayette square that's all arm quick comment. I got full compliment than a going to Carolina in women. We always played a really great game. I think called to do is way back in with them negotiate this week. And you'd be out in Atlanta and now that the airline -- in the division. -- glad you called the show I do agree with fewer mistakes are always tough after a loss I would not wanna face the saints after a loss. But remember Carolinas at home and they've got a lot to play for and they are a very talented team and they've proven it this year. So we'll continue this conversation also will be talking about whether or not pets are the perfect Christmas gift. Have you ever given or gotten a -- For Christmas. And how'd that work out I'm scoot him for Tommy Tucker will be back with more right after the news here on Debbie WL.

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