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WWL>Topics>>12-20 8:15am WWL 1st News: Pets for Christmas

12-20 8:15am WWL 1st News: Pets for Christmas

Dec 20, 2013|

Scoot, in for Tommy, talks to Louisiana SPCA Executive Director Anna Zorrilla about giving or receiving pets for the holidays.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Christmas spirit. -- realize that Christmas is not always a happy time for everybody. Is talking with Angelo this action and are sure to talk about getting through. Holidays if you're not happy mood in. Sometimes things happen in life and we're not always an open and happy -- I wrote a blog about this this time of year can be difficult time and at one point it was for me. Very recently. And share my story and maybe you can relate to that if if you were somebody you know is going to a difficult time. Redeployed its still on the scrutiny to WW real dot com. You know for Christmas often people are -- Tiki you've pants now this can be very exciting warm Fuzzy gift again. But he's always a good idea. And as a relays it to active directorate that we -- -- SP CA and it joins us live on that VW real good morning. Good -- I know you want pets adopted but he is it's always a good idea. Now it can't. Bringing in your household. Is exciting if you -- that you really have to be ready and you have to know that there were simply can't. It also ready -- -- on board to see Beckett so. I'm happily as ETA of -- -- per option operator that he and actually this year we have a program that is. Has been sanctioned by on -- and now he has and elected and all -- can't help that the delivery. He didn't see it. -- into whom are ready for the animals bite the big week -- -- doctors. Is that you really have to be ready for the commitment that -- not too many. I actually -- can be expensive on going veterinary care training. You know all that sort of thing but also. Holidays and her hectic trying so you know you really are going to be traveling a lot of people coming out -- crazy schedule. In my eat better to do -- certificate. And then after the holidays come in with your family members kids. Elaborate -- it -- in ball with the matter god and let them hurt and. It is it's so tempting to have that little -- the year that little kitten under the tree. And that is it is you know for some people it will be perfect and work great if they are really ready. You know that challenge is the plan won't import. And I. Do you do you ever see people adopted and you -- you see the same pet being brought back to the illusionist BCA. You know I. We do you but it's not a large number our team worked really hard to counsel. Folks in the coming in the door and make sure that people you know are really making the right decision for themselves on what that -- So they are that we didn't -- -- We don't feel at home. You know -- -- going entry at the right match. Sometimes you know there -- that are really active. And currently working for more collapse harder on the couch potato that I know mark or -- you know it's a person who works a lot. And they're thinking about bringing on a happier in -- how well. And happy right now at that time because of the amount of time and energy that. Copier and it can he probably wanna work out what the animals and make sure that every adoption isn't forever home. And the -- -- returns and the weaker Q I'll. And what would it cost is somebody wanted to come in and adopt a pet for a Christmas gift. So you mentioned right now for captain -- that we her have reduced it optional feature twelve dollars. And that covers basically apparently like and everything else is. Being it's a concert at complimentary that we Bayern under the cap are kicking. -- vaccinated their microchip -- -- home. And that really have to do with the fact that -- and didn't. -- -- like that -- and dog puppies. -- -- And is eighty dollars to a top at a popular -- on different in that speech. But the bigger issue I think what people really need to think about it altered -- -- -- costs. So it's not charger option -- that you -- about you know what are -- -- -- -- high quality. What does that Cox for our convention. You know that is so critical for on where we live in hot climate when mosquitoes are everywhere -- -- -- on our on prevention. You know are you -- -- -- really commit to compete in training you know how weary in doing all day and make sure that. That is there you -- -- -- at and then that were ever call. And I hope a lot of the right people com and take -- -- of the pets that are right now in. In -- places where well they might be happier if they were home at the we can't speculate. Absolutely I do want to mention you know on our web site to -- -- way. Dashed as it gave org you can see animals that are available for adoption and we are -- -- -- on the east. -- will be reopened on the 26. So like it might be a better -- think about it get certificates and wrap it under the tree and then let and remember a man and be harder election. And as a real executive director of the Louisiana ST CA thanks for your time this morning. It right.

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