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12-20 9:10am WWL 1st News

Dec 20, 2013|

Scoot, in for Garland, talks to WWL listeners about the Saints, who are playing the Panthers for a chance at the playoffs.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In case people missed it earlier when we open up the showed David Blake admitted that he has completed his Christmas shopping now. That's like you're like a woman yeah I admit I -- by the way I mean that as a compliment to women in geyser and organized and do stuff at the last minute we end up you know. -- on stores try to get last minute stuff of what what we well yeah I don't Christmas was coming it just jumped up on us and I also said that had it not been for my wife. I would probably be roaming the drug stores on Christmas Eve. -- for those as seen on TV specials you know what people would be saying about me if I did my shopping early. Went there parties say anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can usually find reasonably priced things like you migrant and to some raging occasions where I'm what are your that are possibilities well. It's going to be after the game that they're gonna be just the craziest and by the way we welcome everybody who is it coming into town for. The new -- old but he is going to be increasingly yeah it's remember last year the raging cajun fans written on it was crazy down a lot of excitement generated and that's good because we want this ball would be the again healthy it's your Laguna Buenos Aires. You know and David let's also remind people to this -- it takes time to go through some of the big hotels downtown lobbies of the hotels are decorated. The Roosevelt to assess the right bars -- missiles organized. A coffee. A place there. And the Roosevelt -- greats. Two what in the Roosevelt I walked through the Ritz Carlton and that's really nice -- got this beautiful. In the courtyard area right there that's a beautiful gigantic tree. The the lobby of. The real sadness today is very nice and I haven't been to all the hotels and I'm sure there they are all nice that it takes time to -- 88 experience. Christmas and and you know downtowns decorated there're there -- lights downtown at the French quarters on his decorated is like I thought it would be -- and I noticed this it needed to Ellison does more for Halloween people -- would do more for Halloween than they do for -- but there are some. You know there were some. -- some some of that some of the entertainers some of the dancers in the quarter we're like Santa hats and that's always -- like that idea. So you do see signs of of Christmas yet -- the but I think since I'm not the -- What kind of life for you live and I didn't say -- or anything else but a few words that are at. All. -- it I know it's I guess it's kind of almost in appropriate food to be dressed up like you know mocks and a elves. But some of them -- zone to the outside David you don't even have to go inside to to say yours -- made the decision. Not to Lovato with Connery or verbs you made the decision there when you open your door. Yes it's right there and yet everything is there for the most part it's. It's it's quite in the Clinton experience that I interpret and you might -- come downtown and I take the kids sit through some the lobby of the hotels. And also. You don't go for the French market that might be pleased to do some Christmas shopping. David is ever it is that a song that you can think of it helps you get through a difficult time in your life is there anything that stands out. No not right off the -- -- line and thought it was and what some thought in the you know I thought about this when -- advancement to preview of -- -- documentary. After the horse out and you and talking about it -- those guys that is a pop eighty start I'd just inflict you know Jesse's girl or human touch I didn't expect. His music and I don't mean this is an insult the Rick Springfield but also presided -- his music -- to have to -- touched the title April yacht. But I guess every performer. Has that ability. And he's a really very bright and when I'm making here and in the unity unity with Davis is also with this group blog today in every W dot com. I. -- really impressed -- -- if he is reflective. Philosophical. Caring nature and there's some really touching moments in this documentary an affair of the -- That is a saying around town can you captured some worm. I allegation again on dvd dvd and blu brain are hated available go to your Rick Springfield -- it's great you know what if you're not a Rick Springfield fan actually you would still in enjoyed this movie. Because it really is -- have very very heartwarming to house some people were touched -- music. One one -- in particular had. A birth defect she was born -- -- with heart defects. And she just talked about now. -- music helped her and she. Ended up conveying that to -- and actually ended up meeting him briefly and told him the story they they actually became friends and to this day they still. Communicate so as I was as I was. Writing this review. What you -- we put up on our -- cited tentative deal to account. I I thought about how music does touch people through a different times in their lives. When I was -- living in Denver. And some friends came over and some some guys saw a picture of me and Kevin Griffin for better minister. And the guy goes. Have you -- Better Than Ezra. See. A few times and in new worlds this meant he said if you ever talk to Kevin have you ever talked to those guys again please tell them. How much they helped me get through difficult times. Can you think of a song or a singer. That. Helps you get through difficult times is there a song that touched. The touch your heart is or -- that help you get through a difficult time. It will play some of the songs that that we do talk about it that we remember if you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889087. In a text number is 87 B 870. As somebody text earlier -- on hold on by Wilson Phillips was a song that. And help them get through a tough time a sense of what he say that the song shine by collective soul which would have been I guess in the mid nineties. And helped them get through a time when they were they were trying to get sober. Do you have a relationship with the with the with the song it stands out in your mind is a song that helps you get through tough times. If you and -- show the comet -- numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. In a text ever is a 77. Here's a text. Harris Fulton street dispute it I haven't been there yet but I'm I'm gonna go to Fulton street sometime this weekend there really is a lot -- downtown. New Orleans is. A big city that is. Very very. Reflective of the Christmas holiday spirit so come on downtown and enjoyed it and this is the this is nothing negative about where you live in the suburbs. But did come downtown and enjoy new worlds because endurance and Christians don't here's some history you're gonna talk about some of these songs that have helped people get through tough times and I can think of one particular -- one particular story. That really stands out in my mind and you would look at me and think that everything was perfect. I heard this song. And it actually made me cry. And here is Wilson Phillips. Song called on. Help somebody at -- what song helps you get to a tough time -- -- its -- Tucker and we'll be back on -- WL. We're talking about the songs that helped us get through a difficult time Loria might be the songs that just really inspired you to to to be great. I'm studio or Tommy Tucker if -- -- stay with this governor know what song helped you get to a difficult time getting a lot of -- we'll get to your calls and text here. In just a moment. When I was -- B 97 in the mid eighties. I -- new Corvette. And I remember one day in particular. I was going to. Go into a divorce. Everything on the outside looked like my life was perfect I had this new Corvette. I've. This popular radio show -- in the morning and in that things were really great. But deep inside things weren't so great and I remember going to and an appearance at ports on the lake front on a Friday afternoon. And I'm in my corvettes. And that the stoplight and west esplanade and causeway. This song came on. And I started listening to the words. I had played this on the year and beat me seven but never really paid attention the words that. But I started to listen to the words of this about finding love inside. And I -- -- Corvette on my way to disappearance I actually started to cry. In particular that'd be the part about. If it's what you're going through leads you to a lonely place. Find your love inside and again where is justice a song that it to this day I remember that I remember that moment. The song was it on a magical. Things that put this spell on me but he just. You know it did that do the words just went along with with something I guess that I was feeling at that point in my life without really realizing it and it was it was very meaningful to me. From my -- town Brenda your WWL. It topic do I grew up with the news. Apparently pretty remember a year and a great captain combo and it could do those who live here tomorrow. Thanks anyway not not been honored I won't back -- account Perry. -- It is cancer root product. And there. What bank. And the epic epic. And so this song sort of became the the soundtrack of your your life and helps you get through that. Like in 1980 Pink Floyd the -- and but -- -- On that year but not my grandmother yeah the prior record not on adamantly until I'm only considering it put me back time. OK -- -- could there if -- ever. Could only take three CDs which you can play. About it upon other and we he wanted to -- they listen to that. You know that's really a great thing to think about that that would really cause you to really define what music you you you -- if you could take three d.s three CD's with you ordered deserted island where what we should take with you. It's got to check out -- non -- It is excellent. Brenda I appreciate you sharing your story witness. Merry Christmas I here's a text the entire my own my own prison album by creed. LB gets to a divorce. Here's another tax -- by Van Morrison greatest transitions song. Here's a -- I can't think of a particular song that helped me in but there's one that stands out for my dad. He's a good man. But it's he has been disabled for the past twenty years and sometimes. That's feels like he doesn't. Have much to live for. Only god knows. Why -- Kid Rock has kind of become an anthem for his life. And you can just noticed him in high spirits when the song comes on. Only god knows why I can't -- and I and I noticed it the Kid Rock is much. Deeper song writers there and I gave him credit for being when I first started hearing Kid Rock stuff just amazing. I hear is attacks that reads in a got a DaVita. Now I can't imagine how and got to defeat health kick it through a tough time it may be worked for you it worked for you. And the text says a life. By approaching him. And here's one -- -- music kept me alive during cancer and during the chemo treatments. Kept to meet pumped and blood throwing. While wanting to give up. Is there a song that you could -- -- in your life that that touched you -- a certain point. And I in particular this that this woman who was born with heart defects as she talks about how the music of Rick Springfield did this is in the movie an affair of the heart. I'm helped her get through a really difficult time in as she ended up meeting Rick and telling him the story at a fans to meet and greet. And you know she she talks about how all the other fans who would there could see that she was telling him a personal sensitive story. And he grew more and more interested in her story. And the fans just kind of backed up and let her have her time. And she and Rick remain friends to this to this day. And again I was just one thing that was really surprising about this this documentary an affair at the harnesses that his music. That touch people and I didn't really expect. Rick Springfield music to touch people but that that does happen. Mean I can think of I can think of a few songs by the Goo Goo Dolls -- says -- that are inspiring to me that. Helped me through through difficult times and again these. These songs don't magically help you get through times but it. When you when you're going through a tough time. Sometimes you can find that song. It lets you know that somebody else has has gone through what you're going through right now. And if somebody else's is singing about it if somebody else is talking about it then. You have more of an inspiration to get through it knowing that he's somebody else has gone through this -- I'm not the only one. Who is gone through this so you know -- a final -- if you -- join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text -- -- 7870. Is a text Bob Marley is three little birds and the text reign in blood. My Slater. And here's a text everybody hurts REM. Pretty much -- at all. And India that was it the cathartic song for a lot of people because of a lot of people do hurt. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text -- is 87870. Here's a text about the saints -- Santa will be delivering. -- huge gift Sunday. Between 6 PM and 630. When the saints beat the Panthers. It will this will be a great Christmas present for The Who dance saints win 3121. -- having -- were talking about what do you expect to happen with the saints had. -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll is will the saints beat the Panthers in in the NFC south this weekend. Give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I wanna start my campaign this morning because we're going into the weekend. Two. To promote one particular movie. That I think everybody should see. During this holiday season. And if you were with me last year you'd hardly talk about it last year our talk about again this year is just one of those movies that I think everybody. Should watch. That when we come back it's 930 executes the time attackers at WWL news update with David Blake. David here's a song and somebody says help them get through a tough time runaway train by Soul Asylum I'll like it. Another -- and may be by a sick puppies. Here's a text. My wife. My wife got run over by a float in Slidell a couple of years ago when that song kept her out from cut -- kept her recovering. Tumble while. I get knocked down but I get up again. -- I remember -- are remember. Some Zotob was it you know help us get through stuff now -- David have you seen the movie love actually know okay. You have to see this weekend. While of actual love actually Hugh Grant and a number of people -- every year I go in this campaign to get everybody to watch the movie because it's just one of those movies I think it came out around 2000. 22003. It's an old movie now. But it's a brilliant movie and it should be studied by film classes -- -- direction the writing the way to soundtrack is weaved through the show. It's it's a funny movie. But it's also very touching movie it deals with every different aspect of a human relationships aren't -- the the boss who's attracted to the younger secretary. And his wife finds out about that. It's the guy who's in love with his best friend's wife and I can't say anything about it it's about the guy who is cheated on and he. Goes in and goes off and he's alone but he he finds somebody. ID Hugh Grant praised placing new prime minister of great Britain and I he meets somebody as the single prime minister. That is a very unlikely partner for him. To me it's a very endearing movie and look I'm I'm gonna admit. That it -- there these different vignettes that all come together in the answer it's brilliantly done there's there's. One vignette that might be considered adult oriented and having you know. See anything but it might be considered somewhat adult orient etc. we are currently preparing for the third Jane may be nothing lower than not -- -- It's about standing ends for an adult movie. And their their status I mean you're seeing anything of the adult movie but there's their stay Indians. And so there'd there'd have to stand in when the you know the lights are being done now for the real ones to come in and do the scenes single CNN -- saints but anyway they have -- they have to cut casual conversations while they're standing in that you know sort of in different. Well again I don't don't don't don't give -- away they're not doing anything but I I couldn't help but. You know could help but wanna warn unit -- there is that I just there -- they'd always wonder about the job of whether it's -- averages around winner Roger and -- One more time love hourly actually Hugh Grant yet Andy. Every if you look at removing this week and get it that's -- did watch it. Time. It's just such an endearing it's really really funny. It's of two very funny movie is a character Billy Mac and he says. He's in a former rock star who is coming back in his competition for who's gonna have the number one song in England the number one Christmas on. And he's part of this competition and he he's he's really a funny guy -- On television at one point he he says so on. You know Billy this is simply a lot of young people -- watching and he goes yes I just wanna make sure that I'd I'd give this message to all you young people. Don't buy drugs. Become a rock -- and given to you for a it's. I -- -- -- -- is there there are -- but again there are moments that will call issued in May be be a little choked up and I don't like said movies but I just. Find this to be one of the one of the best holiday movies ever and -- -- rates -- you know so will rise or anybody that's looking person and I'll put it down a mile all right love actually. Starring Hugh Grant and Carol Lindley and Billy Bob Ford is in and mean the list goes on in order on so if if if you have an opportunity watch love actually. And it will probably become your favorite movies well if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 87870. Is there a song that helps you get to a really difficult time. Here's a text Paul Simon's fifty ways to keep your lover here's another way and I'm not afraid by Eminem great motivation. For fearful times. You with a tough time what's. What song touched touched your heart a state -- the story about it's fan who was touched by Rick Springfield music itself from an interfaith minister. But certainly doesn't agree with everything that's gone on and Rick Springfield -- with his infidelity. But she talks about how she was inspired what's inspired you I'm scoot in for Tommy Tucker and we'll be right back into the WL. Which song helps you through a difficult time inevitably we hear songs and sometimes because -- going through and our allies -- speak to list. As somebody said that this song don't speak my no doubts. Helped him what his girlfriend of 23 years. Left -- I'm getting -- just a blast. Up texts from people about the movie love actually totally agreeing with me that it is. It is a superb movie it's funny it's touching it's well written it's well directed it's actually brilliant so. If you haven't seen it takes some time this weekend to watch love actually -- scenic. Watch it again it's christmastime and -- WL what's to give you the unique flavor of New Orleans with a French market coffee gift basket. Today Monday and Tuesday were giving -- a lot of chances to win this gift basket includes. A three banks of French market coffee mug two boxes of single serve coffee. A 25 dollar he -- gift certificate and a flavor of New Orleans poster by young talented Terrence Osborne. It's valued at 85 dollars when you hear the Dixie consulate itself if you -- caller don't you about the number you win the French market coffee gift basket from WWL. The Los Christmas in New Orleans it in this in this movie with Rick Springfield a documentary. About an affair of the heart. There's an interfaith minister. Who talks about how she was gang raped. And her connection with Rick Springfield came when after she was gang raped -- he had released. An album it was titled shock. Denial. Anger acceptance. Is -- 2004. After this horrific ordeal. She had a hard time getting man that she had a hard time getting angry. At the man who had done this tour. And that really prohibit -- her healing process because she couldn't get mad at them it it it it didn't allow her to -- it to heal. But she says that -- anger that was expressed in this this album shock denial anger acceptance. The anger expressed and an album gave her permission to get angry at the guys who raped her. She said that was the beginning of her healing process. And again I wouldn't have thought that Rick Springfield would have been an artist that would have some touch people. Any there's an artist who really seems to care a lot about his stand and and there are other rock stars did that feel that way as well but I was I was very impressed with this and just couldn't help me think about -- think about. Some of the songs that have helped me through three times and some of the songs I think give touch my target it to advertisers seem to be the soundtrack of of my life. Arrive at different times say the name of the movie again love what I didn't understand what you said the movie is titled love. Actually. With Yugoslav actually from the very beginning of the movie it it talks about people coming together today at Heathrow. Airport in London. And it's not long after 9/11 and again I don't wonder -- I can't reveal the movie to you because even -- I tell you about it you'd need to feel it's a movie that you do too but again it's it's it's a funny movie this is not a tear Jerker. But very very relatable and able. It will take you through all the different aspects of human relationships. And all of these people come together in the end it just again it's brilliantly brilliantly done that statistic it's a really good feel good movie for the holidays. Here's a quick update on our WWL party jaguar opinion poll. Will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this weekend 37%. Saying no they -- 62% say yes they will. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW well I don't -- -- blog is about how music connects with people. And it's at the thoughts and that is which previewing -- and reviewing the movie. An affair of the heart by Rick Springfield. And that's on our website at WWL dot com you can read it and shared. Song that I would recommend to you if you are going through it a tough break up and somebody made me listen to this song after a break up not long ago. A time for me to fly. Why are you speak -- listen to the words here's a text thanks good for helping. For -- thanks -- hearing a little no doubt. Is still hopes after five years Merry Christmas in this from bird bird I'm glad you were able to hear that. Here's -- takes Green Day and you too in the dome September. 06 yeah I understand -- that steel just to brings chills to every. Saints fan. Here is I text I love you bye Barney brings. It brings back memories of an easier time in life. And here's another text. That says I was in a wheelchair for two years. After five surgeries. Eye of the tiger. Kept me focused. On getting back up. Another text I will survive. By Gloria Gaynor. -- if you -- actually noticed -- that -- to help -- through things and you know issued issued go through your life notice that they are songs that if you may have heard this on ten times. Fifty times a hundred times. But it's going to be perhaps that one moment because of what you're going to that the song really -- and I have to say that that's what happened to me when I was you know in my Corvette. At that stoplight. Everything in my life it into the anybody in the outside would've looked perfect new course that go into -- about B 97. Things were were wonderful. But inside I was kinda lost. -- I had played this song on the air over and over again but I never really. Heard it I listened to but I never really heard. Whitney Houston's the greatest love and head at that moment in my life that's so angrily spoke to me and I realized that I needed to find. -- side and it nothing on the outside -- going to. To make me happy. And at the going outside was going to satisfy music that was something that if I had to find inside myself and in -- idea that I I guess that was the beginning of the process and it's. It's it's not that you don't falter along the way here in there but. What I've gone through recently -- Angeles -- to come on the show. The other day -- and talk about. I'm getting through Christmas when you you might become depressed. And I went through some tough christmases recently. But things are so much better now that if you are going through a tough time note that you will get through this. If you wanna join our show the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And I text number it's 877 here's techs were wonderful world by Louis Armstrong it puts things in perspective. To what's important here's another text. Imagine. My John -- All right this is the Dixie -- let it snow than on actually singing here but -- this is this on if you want the French market coffee gift basket just in time for Christmas called me right now on the contest line 8260. Williams. 260 in 9467. The eight caller wins the French markets coffee gift basket from WWL. AM FN man dot com. I had a song reminds me of a few relationships. Helping kids through if you -- our congratulations to Jane policy is a winner of the French market coffee gift basket. Valued at 85 dollars just in time for Christmas we're gonna get a bunch -- -- -- on Monday and Tuesday next week. So you got a chance to win having holidays. From all of you Christmas lovers from all of us here at WW well. I hear is attacks that says I was losing my baby sitter to a -- 2000 -- heard the song I won't let go by Rascal -- And it became my song to her. I feel the heart strings tugged whenever I hear it here's a text oh my gosh on your lead in before the commercial but when I said I'm gonna tell you about a movie that you need to see. This person says. I was thinking myself about recommending love actually I can't believe that's what you actually recommended to fantastic movie that I watch every time I'm feeling down. Everyone should see it for sure and watch love actually rule won't talk about that again on on Monday. I hear is attacks that tears in heaven by Eric Clapton song it to help somebody get through a tough time. I dated my way Frank Sinatra understand that is a text my former pastor song he wrote your heart. I was feeling. Pretty condemned. But today it got me through. And here's -- takes everything I do for you. I'm Brian Adams. So there are those songs that do speak to -- that had a a couple of people say that a runaway train my Soul Asylum help to get through a tough time here's another text. My own prison. By creed is the final update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll on a saints going to be the panthers' 37% say no 63% say yes. I'm scoots back for Tommy Tucker next week have a great weekend happy holidays and love -- Orleans.