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WWL>Topics>>12-20 10:10am Don Dubuc, firearm training

12-20 10:10am Don Dubuc, firearm training

Dec 20, 2013|

Is firearm training for your daughter a good idea? Don't you want to make sure your daughters can protect themselves if they are in danger? There is a balance between teaching your daughters to protect themselves and how to safely use a firearm. Would you want your daughter to go through firearm training? Don speaks to Skip Coryell, Owner & President, White Feather Press Author of 10 books. Marine Corps Vet and certified NRA Advance Pistol Instructor and Chief Range Safety Officer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Down to duke on the Friday edition of the think tank in glad to have you -- we head into the weekend before the big Christmas holidays. What you got going on lots of travel may be some friends coming in town and you'll be entertaining. A lot of cooking. Some outdoor stuff if it in -- against. Lots of plans in fact we got a couple fishing game reports to give you some ideas and suggestions if you wanna. Celebrate the holidays in the year in the Christmas holidays time off with the kids and in that fashion will. Do you in on that got a great show lined up for years always talents intending to produce a scheduling some gas. Of course one thing we gonna continue to talk about because the whole nation is talking about it. The -- in the -- dynasty controversy -- Phil Robertson his comments about -- -- you -- give us your opinion on who do you think is make in the right movie it was Phil Robertson right to say it does he have a right. To say it should he kept his mouth shut. And what about AME when they write to take him also the program. And what do you think the dynasty crew responses going to be on adamantly shopping on the networks right now. Number one program moderated -- far as any of these quote unquote reality show so I don't really believe there is such -- thing. But anyway we'll get into that discussion a little bit later on also we got -- guys John coming up these are. WWL saints color analyst for a big game this week in Carolina Panthers. Will give his take on what he thinks is gonna happen then ask you which team do you think is gonna show up on the -- -- we've got to sixteen to one of them plays so well and so brilliantly at home. And then the one -- can looks so bad loss sometimes when they're away. -- and they are away so which team will show up and talk with the about that. And of course you know the one of the last -- third Friday of every month we talked to pat Bristow. We give you the saint Tammany parish report she's a parish president got a lot to talk about it -- a lot of have been interest in knowing about that fishing pier -- finally. Drawing very near to reopening since it was damaged also about the elements of on the active economy in Slidell Madison bill Covington could be. -- Salmons and nature are parked in heaven a -- a year are talking about the actual housing boom gone on in saint Tammany parish you know when. So many places in the country you know housing starts -- very very slow. And lots more everything about saint Tammany if you will live work play there. Will let you talk to parish president pat rest of that this first hour important topic very important and it's one that you know we. Would bring up very often -- talking about gun rights gun issues Second Amendment. It's in the news virtually every day. And a question -- came up was very unique about you'd daughter's -- firearm training for your daughter is that a good idea. We have a special guest joining us names skip Corey L he's a nationally known publisher and author of the newly released book called -- channel militia. Ending -- -- bring this up and discuss -- diagonal a lot of parents this suns it's almost a natural thing particularly down here in south Louisiana -- is such a very important in in popular sport. Kids grow up with firearms in many of them do. And they learned -- to handle them responsibly and a safely. Well what about the daughters and pay by the west that I did and a TV teaches last month on the women who dot com. And it's actually growing the number of women who participate but as far as self protection. Right to carry concealed carry. Isn't the right thing for your daughter who would you suggest firearm training and firearm ownership for you don't we're gonna talk with skip about that fact we have him on the line now prospering union right here. Skip thanks for taking some time in joining us to talk about the stop. Wolf thank -- -- -- the area I increases that are important. What -- -- -- the the idea in the motivation to write about this and in goal on the -- more -- on nationwide offered to discusses. On radio programs like this one was -- something in your personal life field personal dawn of that the stimulate this. Well adept that a -- -- Erica street daughter or daughter four start. -- you know I've taught all of them. -- cute little secret that might like to your old you're not quite ready yet she goes the -- in the and he watches -- Followed by you -- survey. You know what 44 year old daughter there are nineteen year old daughter -- -- old daughter. That they. When you talk about carrying the gun for personal protector. -- -- of people leader Gamal are the ones who are physically weaker. You know the -- that you know don't -- -- say -- but what they both men are stronger than most women. And most of them they're more aggressive they have more testosterone. You know I I teacher concealed carry collection. Almost every week. And I'll have my class for -- paper reported people also. You know we start talking about limiting gun. You know how many new they're here that urban great firewall. -- can go out. Companies have been bugged by it won't know they have thought. That thing here. You know your little girl is gonna turn into a beautiful young woman someday and you didn't need that light go purple -- You know you're you know even if you're you're married to a very competent part but he's not alone in the it was -- And you could be able to protect yourself you couldn't subcontract out. I had very important. You know job of saving your own -- You know even if you're you're very very traditionally been very scared. You know you know what liquor for so -- children. And in many many many -- and you can't do that unless you're prepared and you have these firearms so I didn't have the very very important job it. It's it's called cooling in the right direction is it's -- I'm certain -- The skipper -- would you agree that not every one really should Eden. Try or attempt to carry a file on I guess it takes some discussion and and and then an evaluation. Of of the persons. Mentality I mean I know people who choose not to on themselves. And that they would tell me that there's no way they could have a pull the trigger under any circumstances. So what is a step if if the -- I agree with you on -- percent women probably need. More protection than men because as you say the men are stronger -- more aggressive -- certainly women would be more than need to have something to. To be the equalizer when they deal with with very aggressive men -- bad ideas on their mind but. How do you start off by it. Do you just talk with them and say you know how do you feel about this you've got some very young daughters and you get ready to start one off that's only -- right now. I guess we can't just assume that that are on would be an appropriate forever war. Well I don't think that that they are appropriate for everyone. What my experience. What I discovered is that. What is in our society today their Caribbean. Korean War and and led into the believe there. You know firearms -- -- that they're bad they're they're dangerous failure expect when you have it. Either bigger than you have around how they're gonna double murderer or shouldn't people. And from my experience clear with women. -- at all utility vehicle introductions and then collapses god as well and Delcarmen that collapsed. And you know you couldn't help but they've never got an arrogant corporate rebel figure out what they're but they're four fingered by the -- You know elect their area and you know that their vote what burned in my. And the dark but once they get over there -- The firearm and excited a little bit. You know it's it's like -- on their driving the mother of all movies today they didn't understand that yes. It's it's a bigger. -- They can't control of that tool it it's the color more than anything now that they are taught how to basically. Yeah they're there and they understand that -- -- because you know what the satellite application. I can sleep period at school. Iraq and protect Smart and very little -- that. You know even even my aunt and felt. It's that the process of technically could end -- like he -- programming. Oh you know what the mainstream media has been telling them for Kyrgyzstan. We have some text messages coming in with regard to our topic one says as -- -- -- I'm gonna have my daughter is familiar with guns knowing how to use them if they decide not to carry one it won't be from lack of knowledge and other text -- says when my daughter. When a way to college we had a trained in using a firearm in obtained a concealed carry permit for a it makes me feel better about her safety while she is away she -- at Texas it's 87870. Telephone lines to 601878. Or 866889087. He -- Korea knows what this. A skip is a nationally known publisher and author of the newly released book called a shadow militia. He's also certified NRA advanced pistol instructor in the chief range safety officer. Skip -- someone like god text is thinks it may be a good idea. For their daughter to get involved with learning about firearms becoming proficient in maybe even going as far as applying for concealed carry permit. What age you mentioned -- two year old daughter accompanies you to the range sees a little young for training yet. How what is an appropriate age and I guess that does vary from individual individual. Thankfully it -- it's a very colorful but -- -- -- there aren't there and worry what -- -- -- -- student. You know most of them are parent. I teach them that every kid is their current and apparently though the child better than anyone else I mean if you don't you're not you're you're due out so. You need to go collector it you know how responsible are very. You know all these days -- -- -- -- -- are very wreck where commander all these -- for incumbent players it will go for my kids. You know I I have a son that you know our border Monday during what it was ten years old. Pimco wasn't ready for. You know but that I had a seven year old daughter was -- -- there. You know it's seven years old compared to degrade so you know you have to take their -- -- -- case by case basis. There on the side of being conservative. You know they'll get injured his. I'm BB horror. You know according to a something because these are strictly deadly weapons there and -- certain about into -- into the war. You have to train them have to beat him on this great opportunity to get them away from the video. Spent a bond with you know who won our blog because you know you have something -- that that they want colonel. They're you UB particular go on with your daughter. And your side when you do that program that. Careful all you know -- -- -- at all current bill would -- -- -- aren't supervised the actual firearm when they're shooting. You're -- there. You've got your hands literally. When you're teaching them do it right give them a skill. That that area and accept. And the and that not a detriment that I can. -- skip you know certainly when someone applies for concealed carry permit is an extensive course they have to take. It covers all legal ramifications. The use of deadly force. That's kind of download the rural ways what about some basic training classes. If someone wants to bring in their daughter and rolling in a formal class what's -- the classes do you suggest. Well what I could go out. All of you could start something like soccer -- because. Almost every day had little they'll have their their own curriculum. But they're all like Hitler to -- treat these you know you learn title in sight picture. You know you know current -- you know what that little -- Eric you then you can all -- when you could could hand gun you could go to introduction. Pregnant doesn't. Or Bulgaria and dumping the -- per class. Article. You know or our long. And it will -- to all of the basic skill a lot of it is you've got. Even older that you're. You know of the car if you follow the rule you know both Fordham predicting owed it to them ordered their direction. Silicon -- -- in the Bible -- -- that is never ever gonna hurt you to reported that directly to record what little soul. You don't pick up a basic gospel choir. Before you -- -- can feel very collapse. You know because you need to get over that period feel comfortable with -- need to be in court cleared your firearm. Because that book going to protect -- your life the -- of your children and you got -- good -- You know for the you don't have to have an accident I mean that's over after store you can eat it and you know read about -- Albany law should also read about. How people you'd expect gun to protect them so that they they're like say that it allies and their children full. You know it's a Pulitzer for nearly it's up to put a power tool like a -- he wouldn't go. In the -- what you're here and say well I go have article by you wouldn't -- that. It it Erica it's great and it's kind of supervise. You know -- the echo what. Excellent opportunity. If they're good quality time with your kids -- From values. So all the good. Even take the course together skip what would just about time I got to get the news. Thanks for taking on the talk quizzes from one most of find out more. About training for firearms the relationship between their daughters and what's appropriate and also about your book what's the best website for the and the -- All of that goat puke. Torrealba current FB IP feel are what yeah 00 outcome all -- give Korea a lot of red. Thanks so much against given Merry Christmas to union -- There -- recur recur recur and.

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