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WWL>Topics>>12-20 11:10am Don Dubuc, St. Tammany update

12-20 11:10am Don Dubuc, St. Tammany update

Dec 20, 2013|

St. Tammany update: Fishing pier opening 1/11; Economic development in Slidell, Madisonville, Covington and Goodbee; Camp Salmen Nature Park's banner year; single family new construction permits highest since 2008; and Animal services-special adoption program. We spoke with St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into the think tank down -- with you on this Friday morning in those if you look calling you wanna talk about -- dynasties in the saints vs Carolina all that's common but all in good time that'll -- coming -- -- last portion of the program. This hour we're going to spend with saint Tammany parish president pat Bristol she joins us once a month. -- saint Tammany report if you live work or play in saint Tammany parish you've got questions comments. Suggestions for at Bristol in -- she's available you can call us by phone at 260. 1878. Told free it's 866889087. The end if you prefer to text this which is very popular it's 87870. Please text responsibly. It is against the law to text and drive. If you driving have a designated text -- if you texting have a designated driver. Good morning pat how -- you. Morning. And Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone. And the very same right back to you pat thanks for taking some time today as always to. Share with us what's going on in saint Tammany parish and address concerns for the residents or people who. Work there or perhaps go live through two. -- create. I know got a lot of topics to talk about here and I guess the first thing we'll do is maybe do kind of looked back since this is our last program for 2013. On what you think. When he thirteen brought to saint Tammany parish would goals were met. What goals maybe were not meant and still need to be addressed as we make the turn in the point fourteen. Well you know we have a long list of accomplishments and 2013 and been very fortune lunch you know obviously one of the big things can hear your list -- always ask about we will. An -- repairing fishing pier and -- taken this year to do that and will be opening in January. So. We're excited about that on the economic development. Try and we have had. Several announcements in the last few months. Our boat down -- east and it's sad that there's and the west where each. Have -- home. And oil related companies that are RN enlarging we have to companies that are living back. To saint Tammany bedroom were in Louisiana before Katrina. We have. Shopping centers. Starting. Pelican energy is armor are great companies here and could be and they have how large expansion. Combo of over nearly 200 new job much. -- what across in which is nor Cadillac in Covington we just. As a home. Site certification of a 171 acre property. That means that initial already so we go out. Looking -- companies and corporations to come to -- in a church there appears you won't be delayed by. Home equipment mitigation are resounding our infrastructure we have all that ready on this 131 acre site. -- back profit person at a company and they get the certification but we -- able now to tell people about that that. And that seems to beat up economic development nationally. He kept it true these large companies said they can get in here and getting started as quickly as time is money obviously and so we were really excited about that. It's called the eco Smart sights and sounds so we announced -- last week. And then just more more announcement coming up in the next couple of months. Home camps Salmons and make our. He's built two new pavilion. Boundless playgrounds core. Children -- this disability -- our special needs. It has been re opened up empathy -- operating at a wedding paper it is absolutely beautiful. And -- restoring the Salman Salman lodge. Out there I'm -- building from 1820. And then now so a lot going on happier new construction -- -- import. Good picks up. Considerably lower back past the 2008 mark which -- and some of them have been aiming port where one aspect and in Nam are animal services that we groups focusing on net to do a lot more options. True we we have so many so many more things I can go on and on but there might -- other questions but agree that -- come back and finish that list. All right -- will plan on doing that -- on the phone lines if you got a question or comment for. Parish president that Bristol now's the time the call in a -- prefer detects and it's 87870. Is it Danny. Good. Morning America -- they out hit me not to you can get -- every eight general American -- The -- that you can't program current. That -- -- -- bring out -- I would yeah really no way out it's clear that but it. Programming -- you are now. Harold may be -- -- you still there. -- All came somehow Matthews on the line we got to go on line two input -- don't want Matthew wants dog about Doug band as the generals have -- -- the -- cross. Yeah I question that the -- are doing -- yeah. -- hadn't heard anything at -- Didn't hear much if he could have stated we just heard you live in a subdivision with three people and I'm jealous. It's clip that and respect everything at the clinic -- sixty spot the fact that -- about it grant given doctor that. That property is not in line with the Paris you know over a 100000 dollars and because he knows. That money to the air pocket most parents their -- very high taxes I get no. Is strict and sounded pretty run down that they -- not play because. Other partners not compliant. -- get no mosquitoes and I'll get notes during and it may not mean lately and my age do EU are not own the property. I know we out out -- -- -- that the development. And on the and a bit aimed at -- Yeah he had Adam combined. Well I mean. We get him out there that there about an up and now apparently aren't out. And it is no one can build up out there are a lot until he -- a pair of 100000 dollar -- -- it. I have to believe I agree that you know honestly we don't do just that much it did nine compliant. With some regulation that we might have. Then he can come to us and get in compliance and go forward. We we really tried very -- our report directly with people that. Have an issue -- problem there -- to comply touch I'll I'll look it up. Did you find out but just because he hasn't -- -- 100000 dollars actuary. I don't know -- that information coming -- China. And it went out and say in the parlor -- a little -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- around and around. That they that didn't -- and -- -- that they cannot promise you that. Yeah debt debt but we'll look into it -- I you know I know I know the area talking about. That that should not how we we did this and so I think voters electing a property that -- sport the -- I'll be happy to if you if you just write me your name and contact information -- -- -- on the Internet. You know get -- personally let you know. Get that -- pat dot com. Now Debbie www. FT. PG. OP. Dot -- I don't do that pat they'll count means that they'll get back. -- -- not -- but we're not -- out there and and the bill you know and that there. Balcony outside but he -- I can -- -- what -- just waiting for him to pay a hundred out not just hitting. It that cannot and I -- the -- yeah. And -- all right. Did get a thank you very much I'm meant to you good morning bill you always had missed. And I'm not -- they're dead. As accepted they all want the talking here about you know what circle and it urged. Effective. Okay you -- battle that would Sri future and the last thing you -- -- certify you know what I'm talking about yes yes I do. Well right there when you -- -- now leveled sure you're trying to laughed. They're going to try to conflict that it filed. A yellow laden just about. Going to can't seem to happen and not come out front and at the other night and the call went out this attitude ditch. And I can understand what is -- bloggers and -- I called up about this job. Before someone comes in and they get to let me say it enough is may have been -- we don't know -- -- -- -- it has earned it yet. And and that we're gonna get in touch or somebody about a -- bella got it done some baucus have to be put -- that section right billion turned around. Especially cannot count the you can't seem about them on the road and -- -- when you when you turn them -- era and a load an out and there's no. It's right here insists it is. It is the biggest brings. And it and actually. Have a quarterly meeting with mayors and commitment -- -- this ranch will give -- call. And secret it is and see if there's anything that can be -- thought I would actively talking about somewhat in -- I was going to be done at the somewhat as a literacy can get it I'm not -- in you know if again another case started hearing that -- interstate highway. It's an -- It takes longer today because even if we want to do that are. Now we have to get. In. -- how we wanna do it and they have to prove that are out wait on them do it so what app but I'll talk to them about it today. And out thank you appreciate it all right. They are bill thank you for the call all right that's going to be with -- so -- another thirty minutes following the top of the hour so -- in the saint Tammany parish -- once. -- saint Tammany parish president had Preston joins us to talk about the goings on in saint Tammany parish if you live work or play there. Got a question got a comment suggestion now's your opportunity to speak directly. With the parish president pat Kristen in that before he broke we had a text that wanted to know. About the progress over there at the Brewster -- development what can you tell. Well. I -- -- there's several things going on out there -- standard home. Garrett K. Developer that it wants to develop a piece of the property and I think there's some legal accomplish. Our home. Things going on right and I don't know what this does this status of that is but. What we -- looking at squad landscaping would be needed on that property each what. The traffic. Analysis would show Weathers and what could go on there so I don't know exactly what they. Are asking what part of that but it it will just don't want our website in and how will you know give me a specific and I can get them specific answers there. But I am right now. We're just going to Iraq process or anyone that don't want to develop open. Very good. Recently there was some news that broke about saint Tammany as being the highest. Income tax payers in the state. Now that on the surface could you know some casualty I don't live in -- -- -- I pay more -- but actually that's a good thing isn't it. And you know -- really. I did it means that day. But people that live at work here have higher -- any job and we are seeing that happen more often with the new companies that are in the Antarctic have very high pitched I. The salary -- And so I think that it did an end and that wit that you get the services that so many people and again we want wanna pitch continued. To have so I think it is a good thing hit shows that. We are progressive. Perish in that we're getting good hot paying jobs in along the way. All right if you've got a question or comment for saint Tammany parish president that Bristow got a couple of ways you can communicated. You can -- us at 87870. You can call us at 2601878. The toll free number is 8668890878. Pat I've got a text and -- -- -- expected to be able answered this off the top of the head but maybe you can. Let this person know how to do the answer or maybe you can pursuit for them. The question here about what's going on with the ditches in Lexington place community. The whole war all the time inevitably now. But the only chance of that day and into that one of the purposes of the ditch is still under water water. Started getting it in your yard that you drank it and throw it can't. It is. I'm sorry I'm drawn a blank on exactly real Lexington place. Is I apologize for that but -- -- which. -- -- -- -- And again you know that is the communication Alter our web site you can't specific antigen specific answer so. And -- adult members. Well I can ask texted to send us an -- and give us some more details exactly where that's located. If there is water in ditches. David Stern -- this time of year. It is very heart of water to absorb because it's colder and we get a little more rain its its there year round and then we have an issue in and all those -- we are are working on several. Drainage projects major drainage projects are in our area so we cannot -- -- -- -- Nat what about inspector general that's topic that usually comes -- where are we on that. A bit they are still continuing debate as they task force. They broke into committees two answer certain questions so that process that still going believe. That they. I'm probably march with the time that say they plan to have a diabetic community on whether we should have won and how to pay for it. And that would be in Bob -- So those meetings and ongoing and we we do update on our web site again. Those meetings so. And they really haven't made a decision yet but they are getting out information together they need it and abuse. And they interviewed other inspector general they've interviewed. He legislative audit integrity Asia on pay -- due out there looking at how many regulatory. Agencies they are already watched. Think any perished -- how they do that. A lot of information being gathered -- so they'll have all of that to be based there. -- final decision on whether or not we should go out to the people to go to college inspector general and and how we would paper about. Okay that we come back to got the text him from one end over there and Gause boulevard Los Slidell another one about Madison bill. And also the text on the Lexington place says that Lexington place is. Right there by the church of the king which is an -- Highway 59 and -- well. There I know exactly where it is I'm sorry didn't mean that registered to begin -- So we have several projects around the area drainage projects at. Again lol look and see what's going on it and they want to ask pat at our web site I won't have a chipping in accordance. And now that's not what we're doing. All right very good the next question is miss Brewster are there any plans to beautify the Madison bill riverfront is very antiquated. And unsightly. Always thought there was a lot of potential for that riverfront I don't think it really looks that bad but. I guess this is private property the city of Madison bills I don't know how much help you can give them on this. Match it is that is the -- massive bill in private property. Under it and thing on one area where they'd built around several homes you know that they're beautify it bad and that I I I think it's just a beautiful area Madison that was one of our jewels in every parish and mayor get through that you know it's always working together to make it. Make it even -- here so. I I don't know what they have in store because -- they are humans out -- they do their own but certainly something we can check that. All right in the other text from the other side of the parish I guess is pretty much the same. Trucks stopped traffic did Gause boulevard has sent a Slidell problem -- and is now examining problem. -- that that is today an interstate problem and and and and now boulevard. And there are shut them out there is a project. A -- to work on net that whole area there is part part. -- -- -- Slidell. But DOT -- and control that area right around Mary and that is on the list it is -- I don't have the exact time but we know it -- the issue and they are looking at two out of two -- that. -- -- before we go off that it won't well I wanted to economy -- tell us about some goals at the parish may be setting for 2014 and you know I'm doing these these shows with you every month it seems like. I would say the most recurring problem next to the efficient vehicle was this is traffic may be they should be some comprehensive parish wide. Traffic of valuation. Drawn up with -- prioritizing and an input some of those in too. Into the works to try to get it and I know a lot of it is federal -- the stage and as seems to be the probably isn't the worst problem ahead. But it's a bad problem you know we do work on it every day we do have a comprehensive program each we have to work closely with DOT PDO. -- -- Stated because we have so -- stay out -- but we meet with him regularly each. There's about that before a major com -- on the interstate between highway 21. And how -- 59. Debt good design planning will start as early next you handled that war. Years but they are going to wide net to explain storyline on either side. That is very heavily congested area getting off on 19 each. Currently twenty loved how we can lunch to -- -- -- down. The Turkey has. It funded -- -- funds available to do that work in and apple as it straight start next year that would make sure that we we. That's our everyday we get better the other things that we we try to do work and what that that our drainage and our transportation just suddenly we do. And you know we've we've done to major. Well. Broad and capacity it enlargement in backtracked adding -- that. On the state highways. DO TD now has a new crop. New layer of looking at highway traffic in and cutting back and -- during the -- college. If you wanted to turn left arm on -- a poor lane -- You may have to turn right got a half a block given that you turn in turn back at such. That would you don't have to go across Orleans trap does a couple of those -- -- nine yet seen the work quite well they work well they -- well so. We're we're meeting with them that bets. Now we're looking at a long one and I mean and tally 21 all out. So I think that will help move the traffic that -- into it it's just one of the things that that we we. Our our press -- -- a lot of people and a lot of traffic that would work on the upper -- Since that the population. Growth in the business growth seems to exceed the the rate that we can keep up with the roads in and highways. I notice a lot of times in areas where this particular problems if you get police there to direct traffic and kind of take control over it. It calms things down in in it moves along a lot better. What does that criteria win the saint Tammany parish sheriff's office consent deputies out there to monitor traffic you know who has to pay for an who makes that decision. Well today you know ultimately this year that is nobody has the manpower to do that. But it it could be a public very quest to buy outs are private. The main thing is safety making -- the -- gets through the status leg and depending on what the issue is determined to take it it to private. -- that are. Regularly scheduled again. And then they take paper that -- it -- the traffic along and it sometimes we ask that they do that. To make sure that all traffic Mitch. This time of the year they're probably a lot more. Traffic control officers out than normal and you can imagine why. Particularly and -- mountain landfill where are they doing meant that road work. They're next year's going to be wonderful but the issue we just have to let the -- until it cannot get. Completed but there's several. Several areas like that so there are a lot of at least -- there any I'm a lunch. Those that that's necessary they just let us know and we got in the process about this year -- post about. Brian I've got another Texan that says did I miss the update on the -- in tears -- yes she did on Saturday January 11 soft opening which means -- be open for use but the big grand -- grand opening will be coming probably sometime. Later in the spring I hit another text bat that says what other painted pelicans in Slidell. That -- eight fund raising. Age there are projects. What they -- a situation and I don't date felt good you buy them and then paint and -- happened I definitely want him out of beer. And quite a bit and our public placed there and say that when they started adding that popped up they have them all over. Until they are beginning to show up here on the western end of their exchange at. -- -- -- -- Art of fund raiser. In -- Privately he decorated. -- Understood -- -- -- -- couple minutes -- got left if you could prioritize for me some goals the saint Tammany -- that the administration is -- says and -- and take -- run and so we'll check back with you this starter next year but. What what are some of the things that we hope to accomplish for 24 team. Well you know we talked about it. Are performing arts center we hoped it'd be a budget to settle once and crawled in the need to adapt and to go forward. Whit whit bad one. I think that little piece of the puzzle that saint Tammany. It's lacking and that -- are -- are saying you know. And be a non performing arts particularly. True we're looking at that we are. Don't know resiliency study and we should have about did that results of that study this year. That's gonna give us a better feel we're. The growth is going so we can kind of get ahead of it with the infrastructure. How fast the group is coming that would make sure we say but it -- of course Ali economic development we want to be able good. Paying jobs to a sustainable job. For our residents here so our think our kids didn't bring it can stay in camp anymore which. And and lived here we have a wonderful quality of life -- wanna make sure that we as we grow weaker in the right right. Manner to keep that quality black. Are. Canned -- part is -- you know growing and it's beautiful hope everyone. Can collapse Ayers certainly in the spring it'll be more beautiful but. We want to make sure that -- virus that's now all the recreational. Facilities we have. Kids town which is going to be fantastic. The right here it could drive. It will be starting next year it's another. Children's recreation. Area that we're excited about. -- Children's Museum it's coming forward. We have just a lot of issues a lot of projects coming. Port that that we we want to make sure we're right they're doing them doing them right. A lot of good news. Pat on behalf of the residents of saint am and I'm listening audience that uses saint Tammany parish to work and play. Thank you for joining us each month all -- in addressing the concerns and issues with the parent who really appreciated. And look forward to hearing from you and 2014. Thank you for the opportunity it -- Do -- this end and a portrait picture all I would love to -- Equipment to wish everyone just wonderfully -- happy holidays. And again than someone wants to contacted directly and give them that -- addressed. Where www. FTC. -- PPP PG OP dot court. And they can look for the asked that aspect -- -- thanks so much can't Ankiel. And that -- -- saint Tammany parish president. Are we come back after the news hulking guys John joins us ultimate check on up ready opinion poll question and in the meantime you can cast your vote. Will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this weekend. What do you think check it out at WW all dot com and talk about it here on WWL 87 the AM.

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