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WWL>Topics>>12-20 11:30am Hokie Gajan

12-20 11:30am Hokie Gajan

Dec 20, 2013|

Which team do you think is going to show up? The at home team or the away team?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- taking a look at our Freddie opinion poll question will the saints beat the Panthers and win the NFC south this week and back got a lot of optimist listen the station 65%. Say yes. 35%. Say no if you wanna be counted in mapped out unscientific poll simply go to WW on the dot com and cast your vote. Well let's talk about a little bit do you really think they gonna win that do you think that this on the road team is the one that's gonna show up. And not the in the dome team and seems like it's a a tale of two different teams this year. Same people same players but they performed differently when there away and when there at home. -- guys John WW All Saints color analyst joins us now to talk about all this stuff Cokie -- you'd. Good enough value do pretty good Julie -- slightly. I hadn't been in you know -- on the crazy schedule that you football CE about a certain I mean not since there are split anyway so. But that I know you have you know a bit. -- it's been it's been pretty good made a quail hunt earlier this week and that was a whole lot of fun I came back from Kansas we shot. Giant and classic Canada's we shots and speckled Billy -- we shot some big fat. Field Mallard -- shot on the 4050 pheasants and some. Bob white quail and a partridge in the pear tree. It was very. -- you say here. Creators 00 yeah yeah as far as -- now still looking for some venison although that the run has officially kicked in. Over the in Florida paris' so may even get a chance to do that and get a good potable woodcock a lot of places little woodcock shipments of its all gone on the same. We just get some some stable leopard out here. The hot and cold and the -- -- else -- Well I saw I was in Lake Pontchartrain yesterday in I saw more dole Greece. That's blue bill scarred for the Yankees and then I seen total in the last four years. That there were thousands element. Yeah like good news -- I mean you know I don't travel across the bridge. You know much used to but it. I think the first one this year so god. At least I -- they showed the year -- like its split articles that like tribute. Well well we got John talk football actually movement -- always fund. Especially don't want to talk to Bob is his kicker situation. I was trying to get more menace in the come on unfortunately he was caught in the middle of travel and he couldn't come home with a split. -- -- Kind of a different breed in any kind of wonder what happened to Garrett Hartley I mean the guy's leg didn't go bad -- -- you know. I guess it's maybe more mental than and his physical for a -- when you're backing you scouting days. Was not part of your assignment it is now kickers and check them out and if it was. Did you strictly go by the statistics what did you actually kind of trying to. Picked their brain a little bit and study and to their psyche because. You know that's a very important part of an ass CDs -- is it they miss a couple. In the just let's get worse this task did that tested when the teams call time out to try to ice some. And it just seems like -- looks worse and worse I -- probably the most blatant example was Russell largely. I don't know where that guy ended -- -- you know -- now lost the whole deal. You know actually the last batter he's in jail and I am bill Hamid fears about you know I can't -- that -- -- true but I heard it. Another damper and you know reliable sources good. Yeah -- they are different -- -- -- when our scouting you know it's kind of like. You know -- there's just give them -- the report dispatched at the news this guy as in. Usually that that and we can. Let Joseph Marciano. The special teams coach for the ranked Spaniard looked to be gotten. Ball game and that to come -- but it yet that was I think it's one thing that he unless you you don't ever been there. In. Both guys shoot pardon upon I don't know what makes him tick what makes -- -- you know. Go backwards. You know -- I don't look they have fragile psyche here or whatever he has it. That was winning I mean I'm not ashamed to say you know odd disputed border bullet is -- and you know delegate. Don't really know what makes it -- what makes some bad -- you know like strength not their thing it certainly that. But she had to take into account but you know but I I think you're right I don't think you're right I know your right to choose between -- -- more than ideas. From the -- down what those that sure. Yeah -- -- it just seems like some of them -- gold to his bad period and I have a good period -- -- that's used to Wear Hartley situation is. They get cut but he may show up on another team and and have a long run of some good years and in get back into it but you know I guess the closest thing you can compare it to. Is the loneliness that a cornerback as when he's out there one on one and all eyes are on him and the receiver. But I think it's even worse anatomy in the Prussia is unbelievable -- and. -- you -- -- when you got it coach with a short leash like Sean Payton does for kickers. -- You know so. I'm not. When the Hartley miss that last when he turned and made the comment 21 of the assistant coaches. It was kind of like he was saying he's got ago it's -- -- hit it. -- in -- and did you don't know. You know Howell accurate he -- good practice you don't be deceived and -- You know there's. I didn't think -- which Sean Payton you validate the DO -- he is these guys sit Lamotte talked about checkers it's typically but it. The players admit they eat -- put a lot of thought process it's good that you know it's time to cut the cord with its act. Yeah and I know look you're next. The question was going to be about Charles Brown or not but. You know -- -- after the game the other day when he said -- enough. That that wasn't just -- that particular rams game and inning and the same holds true for Garrett Hartley and you know not just the bid to mrs. that he had. There should be looked at the body of work over along I mean it's you know. I Panama and you know now -- Ingram wouldn't do any better act cannot answer that but. You know it's it's a change and in a that you change for change say it sometimes he -- because they'd see there's. Cokie guys John is our -- he will be in Carolina come Sunday as the -- saints take on Cam Newton in the Panthers in Carolina game very very important. If they couldn't defeat the -- as a win the NFC south title. And the number two seed in the NFL that is what's on the line hokey I hate to make a call on this game you know you get a couple of things work in here number one. Saints are on the road which this year just have not played a up DePaul when they're on the road as they have in the dome but the other thing is that in their favor. No you notices to. The saints match up well against the Panthers -- teams that we don't. Speaking about Seattle and this is really going on ever since has been NFL football certain teams for whatever reasons. Do not match up well against other teams even though personnel may change philosophies might change it's -- it's just a phenomenon that some teams. Don't do well against others and we seem to do well against count on it but we got the always thing working against what do you think. Well that. You know I was -- which you received about your opinion poll I wish -- could be optimistic about it but it. The site had not played a good game on the road this year. First road trip debate delicate step they played good final. Minute then. PP second to whatever it was you know to have that -- downfield and to. Let Garrett Hartley kicked the winning field goal into the game. You know they they -- New England on the ropes up until the final five seconds of that ballgame. But -- it's not that they played well and really since that new labeling game they played very poorly on the road and I don't expect things to be any different this week and why they're respected Jacqueline between the two I can't answer that. It's not like they played sloppy field conditions. You know -- -- -- Seattle was very loud but I mean the crowd noise -- They Edward Jones dome. This past Sunday -- I mean. And that that was that was not prepared to. A lot of the stadiums that we needed we would not been impaired when they played -- check in despite played Portland game. And I don't know really what this where you could point your finger and say you know this is it. But lawyer who for whatever reason even though they do match up well with Carolina Carolinas at the edge over the saints. The and hit whenever they play in Carolina but typically speaking. You know that what you go through in the draft and free agency and things like that did you interviewed -- players -- -- players to. Combat with what you have in your division because you know your art school -- -- you -- me into the do we -- that you did in the playoff and you know also when you know what team very well you're familiar let them know that typically yes you can play -- mean a lot closer in. I'd I don't see where this game would be any different except that -- -- just sit by the bullets right at about terrible lately opera will be here. So you're saying this is going to be a close game one when he -- Yes and I guess you know I wish I could be more optimistic about it. But having seen the prior seven game that they played on the road I can't get myself excited about the saints coming out didn't have -- any. You know sure not -- -- a good game and I'm not saying that they can't wait and you couldn't he couldn't sit back in in hope that. Airliner makes some mistakes. You know they lay an -- bike like the saints did against Saint Louis this past week but it. I don't think that that's gonna happen because those guys there's as much for a number on the limited is for the site. Exactly while hokey will be listened to you call have a good trip and who get together and do some duck on when you get back. -- -- guys John -- -- WL -- color analyst. Talking about the Carolina Panthers in -- lawless thing it's going to be a big big match up -- ball wanting really scares me. I think this game could easily be decided by a field goal and well we got a new kicker will find out.

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