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WWL>Topics>>12-20 12:10pm Don Dubuc, Duck Dynasty

12-20 12:10pm Don Dubuc, Duck Dynasty

Dec 20, 2013|

Who do you think is right? A& E or Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon it's Don -- to -- -- authority Friday addition of the think tank Garland will be back with you on Monday. This final allow this afternoon we're gonna talk about what much of the nation has been talking about for the last couple days. The future of duck dynasties the issue that's at heart and also the implications vote the First Amendment I think that's really the the much larger issue being discussed here. Family now is is making some comments. Kind of wondering what's gonna happen well you can you can guarantee one of three things is gonna happen. One they may work out the details with Iranian. Stay there with some apologies in May be -- be reinstated on this and we may decide to continue on their without him. That's one possibility. Another possibility would be it could end up on a different network I'm sure right now all the networks have been wringing their phones off the hook. Trying to find out what the details of the -- contract nor can they be broken without lawsuits. Many networks would grab this up in a heartbeat. Although the future -- is the shelf life is is not forever on the east type shows. Certainly this particular show. And the people involved have grabbed all the gusto they can't and I don't think I've ever seen. Someone capitalize on what they know is going to be a relatively short term. Lifespan that. And the merchandising. And -- just the promotion behind it and you know appearances on late night talk shows in actually influencing an election. I'm being asked to run for political office. You know very rarely do you see. This kind of -- rise take off because of the -- someone on reality show. Well anyway that's that's today's situation will pop culture. The family now is saying in a statement that they you know quote does that as we have had a successful working relationship within eight. But as a family we cannot imagine the show going forward without -- patriarch at the Helm. We're in discussions with any need to see what that means for the future of -- dynasty again thank you for you continued support -- family. And they have gotten a lot of support. I'm sure by the time. This was Brandon London this was just the tip of the iceberg but they have already gotten a petition. At the latest I have showed a 1161000. Signatures. Are standing behind Phil Robertson. This to FaceBook pages out there one with one. Point three million. Likes in the other with one point four million. A lot of people out there are supporting Phil Robertson in in what he says at some supporting just his right to say it. Which there's nothing been done legally against him has been no violation of his amendment to First Amendment right to say what he feels. He said it. Some people backing in some people -- backing his right and others are just saying no we shouldn't be allowed to say as well. Anyway they might work it out stay at any maybe they go to -- a third option is it could go away completely. Maybe you just disappear and go away don't think that is very likely. We'd love to hear from me -- here this First Amendment free speech show what an opportunity it is for -- the average person just John Q citizen to call in and state there opinion exercise their right. To free speech on this issue who's who's at fault here. Is any wrong. But it is Phil Robertson wrong museum entitled to his belief but wrong for stating it publicly. What do you think about this 260187866. 8890878. Governor Bobby Jindal weighed in on it now he stopped short of supporting. In agreeing. With wood Robertson said. But he uses come -- said Phil Roberts and his family are great citizens of the state Louisiana the politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints. Except those they disagree -- I don't agree with quite a bit of stuff that read magazine interviews -- C and TV. In fact come to think -- enough finding good bit of that offensive but I also acknowledged that this is a free country. And everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact I remember when TV networks believe in the First Amendment. It is messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh in Phil Robertson did suspend. So what do you think is -- entire analysts say this a shooting suffer consequences zany. Doing the right thing by pulling him off. Maybe it would have been better if any would have said. We regret the comments of Phil Robertson host of -- dynasty airing on our station it's certainly does not reflect our beliefs. But we respect his -- his. Right to say it may be that would have been a better approach a unique who they crime. To appease by putting him on hiatus and kicking him off the show. And then of course we gonna get lawyers involved in this -- as far as the details of the contract and who gets paid and can they leave and can they resigning with another station and will -- unique opinion run -- who knows. Anyway all -- to be discussed and you're in the middle of its -- go to phone lines first let's talk did. He's in Marrero line one AJ thanks for listening thanks for call. -- -- What do you think you did you know what sort of think no one cares or how -- feel about who should realize that. In what -- -- -- in the -- you know it means a bit like. We either can't Latin Billiton. All people that make their money and he received a lot of weight in -- for you what you think that isn't happening that he doesn't have the right. Could say what he's saying it. All these people and the portable board -- -- -- from -- but you know what First Amendment right to me and I know I believe my government. Is it. It's not government and retribution. It doesn't mean that. Just my opinion -- how many employees each of somebody else in all truth that -- can't. Blame. If he should do that he. In the brain and Enrique gold belt that looked like it. Well he can say it but he's gotta suffer the consequence. You think he you know he could you believe he realized that you know what about they do. Is going to be consequent about their -- people talk about TV and you know what mapping and Bob Kimball jumping into it you know what. That being the -- and and subtle -- about at all. No problem and the -- are trying to entrapment to focus of our educational system that. You know as well -- but in the states we want the world struggle. Well maybe it's he feels like its senses and taken place in his statement soon you know one of constituency needs to comment on. But again like you why you first daughter off -- Who cares what I'm happy to handle things. That you hit it into a big deal when he tunnels and holes in channel or channels that. And they all got what Bobby Jindal sit there and Bobby Jindal said that you know what -- -- -- need to be trying to fix. The education system trying to get a hot little down here in the war and you know -- While he definitely has bigger fish -- Let's talk to Amanda on line to pay Amanda thanks for calling. I don't. Think Robert and I -- why. And it creep into. Well aren't secure it well on battery it quite -- right that any pop but he. But I pick it while. At what what -- at one point. Integrate. All. And it can crop -- the -- Well -- well. -- can't again Robert Byrd got a look at our country independent -- -- Okay. -- I don't know I don't. Do you think that this is gonna come around to it to -- mania on the -- -- You think I can't feel. Sure many people. And eBay. -- shot from there are -- any accurate at all. It. And -- -- current. Orbit. Would call what was their response to the. -- -- -- Mean so you do think this is gonna come back to buy -- in the on the -- that it's a bad move on their. And didn't get that. Actuant that they ought to welcome back to -- -- in the back. Do you think that they should have come out and said you know we respect mr. Robertson's opinion. To be that of his own but we we wanna make it clear that this is not the opinion of last station it's not our brand and maybe it would have been handled that way a little bit better. -- Well just like he's got his right they've got there's two. Thanks for the call -- appreciate -- AMD has decided to abandon Phil Robertson from the program -- amnesty they say it's -- to normal only without him. The family has replied in in the in this statement that says that they tenant imagine. Continuing to show forward with Al the patriarch at the home although old the Patriot Act at the Helm was quoted as saying. He didn't think he was going to be their months long he was is going to be looking while longer but the show would go along. So which is it can the show go on without fail -- can not. Will that end up on another network will lay in the come back and issue a reinstatement. Based on some of the reaction that they getting its heat and on both sides and my text message board is burning up -- American it would get to all of them but will pick a few of those but first -- promised George. He'd be up first we came back he's on line one George thanks for listening thanks for calling the thing. It I would have respect what you I would have got great broadcasting ran a state. You know wake up probably a bit by bit. Dynasty thing you know they'll all but the basic thing you know -- you know -- -- -- and well and him and he doesn't realize that they that movies in people and number directory. -- happened to beat up. -- difference sexual preference. And he didn't realize. People fighting our country out there at the different -- they have veto it. Liked it's much now days. -- would be protecting your country India to different preference and it should not be there should not be condemned. That the senate. He's not got united dial it back that he he got no rights to condemn anybody you know stay charged. And -- -- of people in the social intellectual. And against -- in different. Sexual preference you know. Just think point though -- that even though many many people do not agree with what he says. They do agree that he has a right to say that if he chooses an a's gotta suffer the consequences if there are any but you know he's got the right to say what he wants. Yeah well -- does have a right debt for wanting to show. But it hit that he has expanded old bunch of people I had that I cannot doubt be on Saturday on it. How did your ability for -- thanks for the call. Imus go to line to get Ricky temporary you know Ricky doing it. And you know there -- in the police issued -- I was Colleen -- Europa league game against. It's only got -- apart you know. Wanted turned around as a lot of these people. And they and a person's. Brilliant you know -- only -- valued at any entity. It didn't are you Ali is not First Amendment issue its contractual issue -- -- -- The black candidate in our you know. Joseph that's what that's who was saying is he's gotta suffer the consequences if he wants to. Make that statement any as well within their right to do -- the question is though they don't have the right -- are they doing the right thing by doing that. How away any how would have just -- of disavowed must -- from his comments and innocent look. He can say what he wants he still Robertson you peoples know that you've seen you've hurting. It's not unexpected that he would say something like that but we don't condone and we wanna make that clear where we stand but the remove him. -- like almost getting in to to press the public pressure. My account and not properly that they detriment. And that is that there is -- -- Mighty militia people on the show that battle in Tibet issue now. Well don't they have to be as tolerant as everybody is asking everyone else to be shouldn't AMD. Allow him to say what he wants. -- -- -- to -- another but. That was your company if you started taking young -- on the air there. -- can still be working -- That is how high. So what do so would be up to the way it was done. You know if you did it is if you just express your opinion in a tasteful manner and you made an argument in in you tried to back it up I think it would be any repercussions and. Yeah I don't aren't you really don't -- -- police say you know -- -- -- other. And just that it would be you're all in all yeah. This doesn't doesn't improbably. As much if not more argument against what he said. But that the bigger question is. What should happen when he says she today and he had -- range today and ages the -- does separate himself from his opinion to make that clear and -- He's got a lot of other distasteful things that they didn't hold him accountable for. Living. There and uses so pretty and it to pursue their latest news values and you -- don't want their personal or are -- now. It. Could be a business decision and for his disillusioned elements should say that I call Ricky trichet that and boy here's -- his attacks I can't let this from bill. Eight and he can go to hell I wouldn't watch the saints play if it was on -- That's say in some there this story is nowhere near over it's bringing up a lot of -- outside sidebar different things about dealing with First Amendment right of those someone to boycott. Right of someone to use their free speech and the right of the network to control the people -- on a what do you think we got a lot of text and and we'll try to get to those but right now let's go to Hank keys on line one they Hank thanks for -- the thanked. -- you -- -- You're a liberal political freedom of speech on electric and what people and and it right -- view -- police aren't PV even if they need care hospital but -- conservative. People's right apple watching you in a -- attractive product Maine if you believe in or out and support a boycott boycott products. Got a couple local point I mean would record to put on TV age. And vehicle or shopping because it is a popular. Assertive you that much wrong on national news spread that -- -- record in the pocketbook and they'll compass Turkish despite what happened that should follow -- that's what we got to do it as as conservatism. And religious people. Well one thing about it although this is heightened awareness and discussion is not gonna certainly hurt. The ratings I guess to be more people Aaron -- watched it to tune in to see what is this all about. Well I mean I don't legal action show that much but I am conservative and probably because you're right -- you know. Opinion against. -- these days and I mean you know -- like they should put them on TV that's their problem. Yeah I don't saying that he doesn't have the right to say and I think this stop in short there but this they are saying. He doesn't have the right to say it on gas station. But also -- being supported. A lot of liberal -- when -- the same cheese -- and married by. Yeah well that's the whole key to -- at the First Amendment and free speech. You got they'll allow it to be said whether you like it now. Exactly it's it's a two way street I mean. It's never have a right to -- that being in the senate who are certain people American. I think the right I think we probably out -- and so -- current order. They get to like we cannot -- -- a couple of -- its -- We know that we we know that we know as. As a group than what we believe so you know just do what you -- -- The RD in -- and support or a couple of current product. All right thanks for the call -- appreciate your opinion policy a little. Well SK global call for the breakfast go to Bobbie in the Hammond line to anybody thinks the -- -- Ordered all these people born you have something that's what people say that they'd actually watched sure. You ordered is normal here's. You mean the people that are threatening to boycott a inning that they really don't want to show anyway. Not. Only in the field your own you know that air transport. And actually what shortly. I'm sure some do a little probably some don't even watch the show you know and you know. Quote work toward a written up for war you know he went -- the -- You know he won't -- it ain't been able to -- and you don't even your own park ball. No I don't think he was spewing any hate you know asking for any. You know punishment for what they do I think he was just trying to explain how he felt about how he sees things in in what he believes. -- and then Amy decided that you know we don't want someone with those beliefs who'll -- who's willing to voice in the -- on Aaron that so. Who's right who's wrong and written in an apartment. I think game he's gonna lose no matter one. They're going to be the big loser in this thing if they reinstating thing and get some national some push back. In if they keep him off we've already seen millions of people in support of keep the name on it. And not all because they agree with what he said. I would think as many if not more agree with the fact that hey you got a man on -- you wanting to be a character letting saying when he wants to say. -- -- -- -- Don't accept your homeland weren't doing well -- -- not rated except answered as you go. Thanks for the call corporation David -- you one angle that really hasn't been brought up yet though. Is the possibility that may be all of this discussion all of this night. In hysteria could result in people who support feel Robertson rushing out and buying some of those many products that they -- off. As a whole economic side to this story to let's go to Carol amended bill line three thanks -- -- nations now appreciate -- Sure signs. This show is that huge cash -- and unique. She -- -- people in England without city. -- even have a teacher and I'm the same age group that in the same area and went to school at one time with his life. Let me. I think -- freedoms they're just constantly challenged him I think America's got a lot of problems. But a few days ago -- there was an atheist. Who was allowed to just ripped apart an expiry date Christians. And he want even more. Programmes in place team to stop themselves from speaking. Nomar Merry Christmas and we have. We have to say happy holiday. And it becomes. The little things that just get blown -- but I think that the Robertson. Probably are may be holding the card because -- don't -- -- A couple of weeks to get that they -- he would pay -- wanted him to drop. Their glancing at the end. They Alec Klein is with the family meal and blessing. And I said why we have to do without that people would do with -- -- either you know we're just not going to be up there this is part of there there right. We found that the country on religious freedom. People don't believe the Bible people don't believe the Koran people don't believe that -- That respect everyone's personal opinions. But if we -- lap Miley Cyrus. To. The everywhere -- on TV on the detention. Some would have to read this spring demand money from somewhere. And I get to. I don't -- -- can't think dropping it really is a very clean challenge and not that many like. These today. Represents saying only that he's. Having my -- ultimately it's like there are plotting against each other did do something. So why. But it is the provocative step in and Carrie Bradshaw. I mean so rob it's -- -- and -- probably and national. -- and it felt. Quarterback had it not been. Just wanting to duck. And fish and -- that. Instead of playing football because he was tech's quarterbacks. And Jerry was the back. All of this was during my time -- -- here that. But it just seemed. That we are we really don't get back. Well you brought up some good points in I think I saw that and if you were talking about with atheists and certainly. A lot of people don't agree with that they funded -- distasteful but because. This free -- demands allowed to say unions was immediate time. A Miley Cyrus stuff a lot of people turned off by that but it makes money for some of the networks said it's on. I just think that any need just you know drew the line in the sand on this and they were taken shots and well we think there's. Might hurt us financially people threaten a boycott is because of a comment he made in the magazine. So we've got to take some action I think they took a little too drastic of action. They overstepped their bounds I think if they would just. Disassociated themselves with Phil Robertson opinions and said you know -- Phil Robertson that's him we don't agree with a -- and AME we don't condone it. As any media should do. I don't think we've seen all this victim and in the possibility of them jump into another and even going away. Well I think you're right but I think that the people that are calling in -- -- an opinion one way or the other. Still the same -- One of the few changes in my kids really watch. There's there's. That's a lot of questionable entertainment. TV even the late night shows like Jay Leno and the others. -- -- -- That they they really got away -- saying -- Carol I got around but I want to leave you with just one thing just like Leave It to Beaver and brought in those kind of shows who aren't really those people in reality. Don't think that Doug dynasty is really the way we'll -- law if that's the TV it's an attainment in -- -- money. You're what it represents. It may be something that people enjoy and like in really appreciate what really is there -- that. That may be different in what is on the serve. And one of their sons is the minister and they really they are church going people. You know what you believe was apparently you don't believe there religion has the right -- I apparently got -- many. And will no one today. Like flat but right now. Nobody's really being hard I don't believe this is just an opinion. And -- and his personal beliefs but I do agree with what you said. All right now thank you for the call prevented -- America's I wanna remind you the detonation if you believe Sunday's saints have taken on Cam Newton in the Panthers in Carolina NFC south title number two seed in the NFL is on the line first take. Steve court ends Todd Manassas that at 8 AM 10 AM to scale down the kick off the cajun cannon Bobby -- band big chief Deke Bellavia. Tick off his high noon with the best broadcast team you'll hear in football talk and Jim Anderson Nokia guy John. And Kristian -- then right after the game is to point NAFTA cajun cannon -- from dean knees in the French Quarter baby. Count them ten hours wall to wall -- coverage of the biggest game of the season and that it is right here on the flagship station. Of the new -- saints radio network WW well. Well that's gonna wrap it up you know that this is one text that may sum up the whole solution to the -- dynasty. It appears that on the next show that comes out uncle's side comes out of the closet so that's gonna solve everything. Gonna make everybody happy induct Diana Steele stay on me in the for a long long time. That's got to wrap it up for -- Dublin that's so believe is in for Angela hill coming up next. I'll see all the more morning we call the dark and early 5 AM for the outdoor show right here on the big 870 W done.

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