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12-22 4pm Point After Show

Dec 22, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the last minute loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the point after here at TD seafood. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course your chance to sound authentic eighties and the point -- has also brought -- -- Tito's hand made -- clock and Budweiser wanting to have a great time but he's -- In choose music -- hit -- a final score New Orleans -- seventeen to thirteen in -- you -- -- a disappointing loss for the black and gold today. He had big especially. When you had a chance to win and he took the lead in you weren't able to finish. I thought we played well enough to win at times obviously especially. You know defensively. If you look the Panthers -- -- converted third down they were open nine and now we were only five of eighteen or 20%. You know they were a number one team -- time of possession. In the whole NFL well we've basically almost had the ball to one. You know with them when all's said and done. -- you can't lose the turnover battle. Drew Brees mistakes so costly. It -- I mean we kind of rallied after the rain storm through Jimmy Graham the touchdown. You know can you didn't really didn't do anything that he did and everything when it counted. As far as our driving his team down get a touchdown. You know to close out the game is definitely hurts. You know. I'm more against the when you get blown out simply because. What you're plain barn and where you're at. You know you can look at the glass half full or whatever it and it's not over till it's over. I mean and now the Saints realistically think I think I'd be shocked at that -- a while Carl Webb -- the theme was gonna have a with the Cardinals. Would look to think so lose to the Panthers. You beat the bucks. And all of us and the Panthers. Would lose. The the -- -- but I don't think that happens. Did not think that this is one time to cheer for Atlanta or you beating number two seed again. I'm like this that I realistically I don't. You know see that happening. I'm very disappointing frustrating game a lowly consistent the way we ran the ball now when all's said and done. We had thirty rushing attempts we averaged four point two -- went out golf best efforts considering. Who you were going against. You know Carolina is about as good as it gets we've really been the only team that's like blown a mile. -- -- that we did in the superdome they've been in those kind of games how the heat finished 7013 Baylor. Most of the season level once scoring defense. When they go right with you know it's it's like the big -- going defense that was always Carolina. The Seahawks in the 49ers. What they were only given up fifteen points a game we got thirteen and we and -- defense. -- -- know the top of writing them a five scoring even given up nineteen points that I thought kind of how the game unfolded. You know at this they have Vegas headed right at Carolina three point favorite. And nine they won -- -- it just shows you how accurate they are within turnover ratio. Toronto Armstead. That it surprised me that that hardy to go to the woodshed in in beat him. For the facts at that occurred. I mean Charles Brown with bad. You know they don't then you'd say well why make a change now. But when you look at what occurred maybe in hindsight. That you think Charles Brown would have been a better job against hardy -- Armstead. Silly because he did a better job and the superdome when you look at Harding and he ended up with three sacks. And and I thought I thought he'd probably get a -- I think you get three he now has. I want to see eleventh of the season than he did a double digit sacks. Also really a lot of you know responsibility. On arms then I thought they health -- at times but you gotta give Carolina a lot of credit loopy swing. I mean he came into the game leading the NFL and tackles. And he hit point four tackles. -- mean if you get ten tackles that's a great game double digits and and so for him to have. 44 tackles and also had interceptions. You could see why Luke he please -- considered the best amongst the best as far as you know playing linebacker. When you look at that the touchdown they got at the beginning DeAngelo Williams. I thought our run defense is outstanding overall. When you look at it this 81 yards on eighteen. Attempts we had actually almost one in Russian vs them. But that one touchdown but D'Angelo Williams. Dallas just not the wrong defense now up against what they were doing. Looked like we try to get half the Cam Newton and glitz and all that and it's. And -- Williams is able to hit it. I thought realistically that we took the lead. That I thought we were gonna wind all you need to do is make 11 down. But that's easier said than done gone against Carolina. But I have to say very disappointing game for Drew Brees. You know considering the two interceptions in what they meant. Now he finished strong with a touchdown to Graham but you look of how we got in that situation. And I thought we dominated the first half even though we were loosened. Seven the fifth. I thought it was a hard fought game but very disappointing and Drew Brees that they haven't been playing like the hundred million dollar man. What you -- called adverse conditions whatever. What we did -- -- Drew Brees. -- played great and this type of settings and and that necessarily was not the case that thought the defense is great overall I feel that last drive. You could see vs lifted they went -- Corey wideout by Malcolm Jenkins. -- just sold out border trying to be more more disruptive with the candy throwing kind of just ran by canyon dusty got bush. But -- who I play conservative we were coming after the Panthers. And just a very. Discouraging loss. Considering. Now if you look at -- -- to break Carolina I've got in my notes. What the number one team. In the NFL. That had the least amount of three and outs. Not you don't like that game today we forced seven. Three and out I mean I'll tell you is outstanding performance except. We had that big stop at the and it didn't come through with you -- anybody to seventy points and NFL you're supposed to win. Considering we got a high powered offense who always had through the years but. 1713 don't control out yesterday. I still think will be a playoff team like us that if you wanna be positive. You beat Kevin made the Falcons beat Carolina Carolina we felt like that the advantage to be Carolina. When you think about how disappointing your season has been so that's that you wanna maybe be a Falcons fan. Continues to look at -- -- number two -- -- I don't against realistically anything's possible. -- I'd be shocked if the Saints aren't at least in the playoff when he had a great opportunity and number two seed. Have a first round bye it was right there before you but he dug itself a whole -- of that around then. That that's and it's not happening. You end up losing a heart -- like you did the Carolina. Final score Carolina seventeen -- thirteen we will continue to point out on the saints' radio network. And welcome back to the point added TV seafood at different caught a couple of rounds on a system as the tribe called oil seed and all the -- viva Rio and -- -- also -- that great the patient in buckle down. And the product is also -- about Tito's hand made bucket and -- have a great but he's more into the designated driver Carolina seventeen. To a thirteen Bobby earlier this week. We spoke with. Willie Roaf and Morton Anderson they gave did take a lot of move this weekend Woody Woody kind of gave his not so it's difficult -- -- -- they didn't really. They didn't think he could do well I thought it was a difficult decision to start a rookie in this situation. In Tehran office there I guess my question you being a formal quarterback. Would you would put brown has done a better job. Without a doubt there is -- I say that I'm not as going back his past performance. Now I think coach they would extremely disappointed in his performance with the Rams. Because he's had NFL experience. And you know he was a starter and he wasn't big gains but I'm just going by. The match up. -- Charles Brown vs party in the superdome. And I'm not saying he he would shut out hardy and -- for as a result wanna think I would back in my notes that they only had one tackle. In the superdome where if you look what he did. Today. He ended up with four tackles. And 93 sacks. Saw the after the yet and he was very confident ankle sprain that time they tried. To help Powell. To run Armstead. But a veteran guy who's like last year policy yet twelve sacks -- now he has eleven. It wasn't just the normal the incident him and Charles Johnson you know how we look at junior -- And they look. But you look at junior -- and then I'll think can the cal you know I have an opinion dog can't jarred. How that's public indeed it's event in the sacks that they get. You know if you're legit. You have a combination of old in double digits and that's what Carolina has. In Charles Johnson and -- now you look at it I thought overall Charles Johnson. When you look at what he did. You know this is actually with them because the only had no one tackle. That one bogus call odd devil effective field position. -- with those who looks like we're getting a scoring territory when they called Zach Strief or personal file. I mean come on that one a personal follow mean couldn't stop himself and you could see in trying to hold of the guy. And then I thought at the beginning. When realistically. Instead of being out six to zero it could have been ten to zero. And know what I mean by that is you grammar bend but don't break and we held Carolina to Seubert on that too few goals and that's kind of what they did to us now in their backyard. Where -- -- dominating the game but we're only up six to zero but when it when I look at. Against Heatley and -- him like he's done this every game or every other game is that. He had Jimmy Graham around the weeks. And -- call at third and goal on the seven yard line. And you know we drove on the field seven plays that went basically 46 yards. And we had to kick a few -- what is -- that should have been a penalty. And then that can make a difference throughout the in his zero's that is -- on -- trying to make excuses. But I'm just looking at a crucial plays. That affected the game. I thought at the beginning of battles of back cause as far as the tackle the -- column McConnell what you came on anyone in the NFL they threw a flag. But you know they drove down the and that you know Malcolm outing as they would come up -- interception off I think with Ted Ginn -- hands. You know the -- we're not -- they're -- now and I'm going up to point this minute but let's post in seconds the station identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Final score Carolina seventeen New Orleans thirteen about it when you go back so we felt about the some similarities. Two drives in the first game at Carolina started three for three on third down the Saints came out hot on third down. But Carolina's defense can't but he didn't break before he had to feel both that was huge. Yeah well -- -- it did not surprise me and if you look at the whole NFL. The fans shouldn't be surprised. When you look at scoring defense. They have the number two scoring defense we have the number five. We they give up fifty points a game we give up nineteen so you look at the score this is what we maybe would have thought what occurred in the superdome. But we we will them. Discuss we've been on good will listen we've averaged 33 points I gain. In the superdome and on the road. We've only averaged nineteen today we had thirteen. So always been almost two touchdown different. Are two touchdowns last week scored on the role that we have at home. Of a kind of an avid flow of his game I thought it would be a 1713. Navy Saints and are hopeful of hopefully being a Saints -- I got to pick the Saints. Wanted to each one having those kind of which will make it but I thought it was kind of flip a coin in. To see who realistically I was gonna win this game in. And I just how Carolina structured. And you can call it conservative ball but when I was impressed with. Overall it is how we're able. To frustrate -- McCain camp do you need to make any plays to his legs. And and really. But he got to count candy came up big on that last drive. But it is outstanding deal with that game at two to 11 down is a game when you look at is that. It just frustrate you because you think how could you lose this game but then also you're minus one. In a turnover ratio and on the road. So you have to put that on Drew -- the shoulders and now heading. Like I said before Drew Brees Kate plate -- at the -- great. And he didn't really play great today was like up and down. And you pain in the big bucks so yet to be held accountable. And and and their four. I still think we'll be a playoff team with him like -- that we don't control our own destiny. As far as. You know where we gonna be in the playoffs where we got to go with that having a bye in -- at the superdome and and -- -- if you second guess I got I don't know in the world. I think maybe field position or the weather. But what was coach may think it on fourth down. When Luke McCown. Also anything -- -- a long field goal I think that have been about a 5251. Yards and around there. While the Lakers -- was talking with a win. Was blowing. That Graham wasn't necessarily make it from that distance right to the weather change throughout the game. But we'll put it may be thinking. That you throw what I and then maybe it's been about getting -- -- like the long punt inside the ten. And but. On the oval -- -- -- get some matchup problems little out of the count threw it out of bounds and he didn't give a chance of the receivers the catches senators. A number of second guessed but. I'm sure the fans are frustrated in. Because while we're sitting so pretty after -- we had beaten Carolina at home but it just shows how quickly things change. Are you 50 yeah the last team you found on all five yet. You know anonymity and it ended -- in all these coaches this all the time. Eat you all with two recruits as you know he is with with you aren't and it's -- your your average. You're listing agent and -- I thought now you get Volquez got off the great start but I thought when this season. And when when the schedule came out arrested today but. It via a great season facility come back we've got the ten wins and instead probably outside. Would be eleven wins and what that's what -- sitting at right now. You know when you look it. We've -- I've known you see how you think -- gonna say yeah yeah exactly but I mean when you look back like I thought realistically because how they've played against us. Now I thought the Falcons to sitting -- around Hollywood split with them right that -- happen. Carolina look how they came on to win of splitting with them instead. And now we still got them abatement. Really if you look at us that this in the pregame you look at Carolina. Is pretty much that they came into the league in 1995 it's been a 5050 deal and a home field has not made a difference. Actually the Saints had beaten collected a team beat Carolina more than they've laws. You know when when they went to you know -- Bank of America Stadium. Final score Carolina winds seventeen to thirteen to the phones would go -- that's political -- put him on line for Tim thank you caught on the saints' radio network. -- -- at -- questioned them all the ball -- not hear your comments but. And Alia Hamas fans root for have been watching her a long long time and that's when her. About one of the things. One of course was you know they -- once there twice shy. We saw there in the New England being onslaught in this game that is we have it right there minute 57 seconds left the game first -- PM. We've got bought me side to do this little. Little. Or one yards you know now let the clock run out second place in the same thing and we punted away and authorities and do it. Not thing is that. And our hands might not be aggressive get that first down maybe three and just keep. Score and if the play out while we get around him. I get another chance to talk about the he can. I happen to -- certainly. You know we gave it away now think the players that he. I think that our coaches let our players. Players played strong -- Now. From -- -- that there. Well yeah all well. You know I guess. I think it was a different scenario you look at the Patriots then. And what occurred against Carolina similar because. I think coach Peyton was words. About a sack fumble. And and we were running the ball well. Now. And the Cologne realistically at Carolina think -- run and and he did you not gonna get much against him that's flights and believe line and I I thought we if we had a hundred yards that be a great effort. When you know what do 126 yards. But you know trying to cat and mouse game making them you know -- Their timeouts now if you look they were -- nine on third down. I'm sure record straight with me upon that defense because how well they were playing. But your right all you need is a 11 down and you -- through all that money you'd think -- is built. You know Dallas have -- -- pass play to Jimmy Graham. And you know to get a first down in and of sitting on the ball running out the clock. But I think it was more a case why we -- may be more aggressive on the ball. I think probably was feeling with the predict with the protection. More than just being conservative -- realistically on the Sean Payton Drew -- him not. -- conservative and I think that was the approach. Considering drew was sacked six times. They got the government sacked six times in my life. Now we weren't as aggressive as. As a Shawn Green and -- with you know how the ball has to come out in all that stuff in. Then I think that's the kind of scared of to -- maybe. Somebody busted freeing you know causing a sack fumble and he's sacked six times. The normal quarterback -- -- match -- CS it's actually. A tour doesn't hold that ball -- and normal quarterback. Who's not in -- we get rid of the ball and reacting. Would have probably got sacked about I think eight or nine times his teams in the sixth man -- foot David. On line -- David -- -- on the radio network. -- hey you know Utley and the line and after that loss but a lot of losses to squarely on one thing. I didn't hear me out -- -- -- you right now. You know worked on where -- -- it's part of Seattle's -- and where if you talk about the ability. Every time stick to your arms and -- -- because -- we are gonna run a screen or ten. Agee that mark marking government there and get them -- -- -- -- -- You know it. On how many times do they have to realize. You know Chauncey has to realize support it it's just it's too predictable. And it to kick me at all that it can't stated. You know you're here -- -- him and the ball and it -- in this particular game they -- He's kicked it to seven yard gain that it's more or during -- storm there and a -- inning -- seven yard here. And then you read about it to me that put your house and being. And then oh what we next -- you know and screenplay with your arms in the air or. Passed the ball. But I'm sure it. Well -- the only thing is the only thing is Ingram had to come out because he was cramping. Now he came back even -- -- you know it's where you think like art -- navy achievement that at this time this season but when the weather. When it changes in his likeness that numbered day and and you putting up that effort it's amazing -- -- you take itself. You know always in August and September. How you hydrate yourself. And over and above considering how much you get a sweat. -- this is kind of like almost the September kind of game and that's why they took in and took himself -- -- -- know what -- did get him back in the that the report that he was cramp and I think Luke weekly. That was even the case though. I think it -- kept riding a hot hand. You know card promising he had in the haven't like six attempts but now along with the screenplay to Pierre Thomas. They'd definitely AA got out coached there because. We ran -- It was like minus -- to the president you know plus yards in. Me Coleman have you ever seen Pierre Thomas had five receptions for seven yards. I mean that that I don't think I've ever seen him get stuff like that and they were stiff and out those green Doug Thomas Davis knew he couldn't make it -- it evolved. And that definitely. -- not work and enjoy it worked at the dome but you make adjustments and Carolina was well aware of that how. You know the Saints utilize their running back -- -- things had to wanted to. Top receiver and running backs in the NFL and I said that in the pregame. That being up Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles so Carolina is well aware of that. And now. You know sometimes at what I'll be important -- -- Coaching calling. Like a reverse to meet jam. In and going lateral omens at that -- as fans almost think that -- not gonna work. Wire even running that so. No I'm I think coach means -- in a bunker. But you he's not in -- so called play calling genius. That late considering you know what we've done offensively. Then you also have to look at that defense when you're facing him. And not a lot of teams have that success against Carolina. Move that would still. As efficient as we've been. And now however ran the ball today at that that I thought. We have been a lot better in the red zone now we weren't when you look at it. 50% one of two. And 013 but they got it down when economy and but that's another thing that you look OK why do we get our house that a few ovals -- guess who had. Who's been in the top three red zone defense the whole year. And and they were number one and it going into the superdome. Now they -- in number three but it's been the Carolina -- -- so that they've been stop on the reds on nobody -- scored on them in the rental. Carolina seventeen to almost thirteen is the point -- -- -- an -- -- on the saints' radio network. -- Cam Newton and the Panthers are in the drivers seat to earn the NFC south crown thanks to a combo hop from behind victory over the Saints. Have a shot. It takes the snap here comes the pressure blitzes zone shots of the white throws. -- -- -- -- -- -- And going through that fourteen yard touchdown pass to Domenik hickson with 23 seconds left to play to lift the Panthers to a seventeen to thirteen win over the Saints. And clinched Carolina's first playoff berth since 2008. The Panthers intercepted Drew Brees twice and sacked him six times. Carolina can wrap up the division and a first round bye in the playoffs with a win next Sunday at Atlanta. The Saints meanwhile can clinch a playoff berth today if Arizona loses to Seattle. Elsewhere around the NFL Peyton Manning has regained his NFL record for touchdown passes with 51 as the Broncos have clinched the AFC west. Six an impression Peyton throws who -- once got Julie Thomas their progress with a touchdown and there is the record. Peyton Manning's 51 touchdown pass of the year and -- you needed Julius Thomas. Manning threw for 400 yards and four touchdowns include including three in the fourth quarter to surpass the fifty touchdown passes Tom Brady threw back in 2007. Manning led the Broncos two week 37 to thirteen win over the Texans extended Houston's franchise record skated through thirteen games. While Kyle Williams had two sacks as the Buffalo Bills said he single season record and put a dent in the Miami Dolphins playoff chances with in nineteen nothing win. The bills -- to the Dolphins to a season low 103 yards of offense and 61 downs. Buffalo also recorded seven sacks for 56 this season. Breaking the previous high of fifty during a fourteen season fourteen game season in 1964. Linebacker Vincent Rey returned an interception 45 yards for a score in Cincinnati's defense set up another for a fast start. Andy Dalton threw four touchdown passes as the Bengals pulled away for 42 to fourteen victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Andrew -- threw for 241 yards and a touchdown Donald Brown ran for 51 yards and a score. As the Colts beat the Chiefs 23 to seven in the potential preview. Of an AFC wild card playoff game the Colts took advantage of four turnovers by the Chiefs to win for their fifth time the last six tries against Kansas City. Geno Smith threw two touchdown passes to David Nelson and ran for another score at the New York Jets topped the Browns 24 to thirteen. With Rex Ryan's job status uncertain. It could have been the coach's last game in front of the home fans and Smith help make it a good one. With a solid performance the rookie quarterback had his first game with at least two touchdown passes since October. And committed no turnovers. Tony Romo led the Cowboys to a dramatic comeback. -- His right look at look at look at look at look at steps up beloved grandmother -- -- the best -- it's the. Remarkable during the Mark -- got three that's really unfortunate. Nick Barkley won't brewing that's -- good putts good up and. The Dallas Cowboys edged the Washington Redskins 24 to 23 to set up a winner take all regular season finale against the Philadelphia Eagles next week for the NFC east title. -- -- rush for a 104 yards and a touchdown. And two other rookies also had big games for Saint Louis and their 23 to thirteen victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Meanwhile Robert Quinn had three of the seven sacks of Mike Glenn in. To give him an NFC high eighteen breaking Kevin Carter's franchise record of seventeen sacks back in 1999. Nate Washington scored on a thirty yard reception in the fourth quarter. And Tennessee got a much needed defensive stop late as the Titans -- -- 83 game losing streak with a twenty to sixteen victory over Jacksonville. The Titans overcame a ten point deficit in the second half and won for just the third time since December. Games that are currently in action all in the second quarter the New York Giants have a ten to three lead over the Detroit Lions. Arizona and Seattle all knotted up at three apiece. Pittsburgh and Green Bay tied at -- and meanwhile San Diego has just taken 810 to seven lead over Oakland and the New England Patriots are routing the Baltimore Ravens seventeen nothing. That's a look at the NFL scoreboard eyeing Steve Geller on the saints' radio network. Hi Steve thank you very much and the New Orleans Saints -- to Carolina at this. Seventeen to thirteen coming up. And just a few moments at our next break we will hear what's important Drew Brees said after the Saints difficult 1713 loss to the Carolina Panthers about becoming. I will get to all the calls have recap everything was Bobby as a -- and email us -- it because she picked up you get your -- come to detect this. At 87870. And -- And also called in -- 260187203866889. The -- -- the final score this afternoon it was Carolina coming from behind to defeat the New Orleans Saints. By a score of nineteen to thirteen after all this -- down the Saints radio network line. Who is your Merry Christmas and happy holidays happy new year it worked on tomorrow night. For the coaches show at 630 here on the saints' radio network and next Sunday at 10 AM. But the but like countdown to kick off outside of the Mercedes-Benz superdome as the Saints close out the regular season at home -- to -- eleventh victory of the season. Against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- -- -- visit the Big Easy stick around for more on the point after. Final score Carolina seventeen at New Orleans thirteen this has been the point at the for Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia visited New Orleans Saints radio network.

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