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WWL>Topics>>12-22 4:30pm Point After Show

12-22 4:30pm Point After Show

Dec 22, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the last minute loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to the point after the final score disappoint -- black and go as a Saints both the Carolina Panthers. By a score of seventeen to thirteen is the Saints radio WWL 8:17 AM FM at 1053 and it that you get you well. Dot com in -- -- can the Saints. Inability to close out game management -- -- and it's he would need a first down against the pace because that's well -- -- you -- right now that they don't get immediately back to gain that don't yeah just about the to have a chance to. Close out the game we hit the defense that they hold off the Falcons late. You just went went you know when you keep doing the same things this that they think are what days the B today. Well I live it you live and -- if you are is that if you can handle the press right. Now Billy is a wasted the Oklahoma at the weather is miserable as thank you made you feel nasty feels sticky out like -- does that they. I can't even hardly get it -- so that's not take off I am really who because because of that I'm just telling me I am like take all because. This you get this kind of give it to performance. C'mon that's one thing we've been expected consistency from the offense. Since 2006. But it of that but it -- kind of a roller coast and I think it all starts up front. What the offensive line handle Carolina's -- stout -- as the dances. Movement if we would have thought. That nation that we -- get this kind of production. From -- defense. And the commodity you would expect to win. This the cars are cars that big challenge you to chime in mapped out bring this up -- -- you look at. What the State's defense -- Now the State's defense. If you look what they held the Panthers to. 222. Total yards. That's the seventh time. In fourteen games to think that held an opponent to less than 300 yards. I mean he could want your whole opponent does they they -- through that. Yards seven out of fourteen. You make if there was a man Rob Ryan has I think done their job. As far as the defense. Now I thought they were uninspired against the Rams rock Rocco -- -- now but this game. I thought they would they were inspired. I still don't understand -- before you chime in. Why in the world. This the time to sell out you want to look at -- -- to love you Malcolm Jenkins. Make a play when you're listed at the end they'll let somebody just push you and you barely get a handle Cam Newton. Well airborne. That threw something through somebody be like Polamalu. Well whatever and disrupt the throw by -- you wouldn't. Okay you gotta realize you -- probably -- -- Cubs got -- you can't let a little hand chuck Carlton woods. And you gotta get a hand are a big guy like candy in -- you gotta sell out. Like and read -- Polamalu right that you have to get. To candy acknowledge that being said the target date this. -- best safety is out for the season. Give -- Carroll inherits a soft cast. A soft cast the matter where on your body when they come out and you're putting a soft cast on you that's the trade and -- they -- and on the field that means something's broken. So they don't look right not even them have a dank rainy evening. So law. I think getting McCarron you're talking about a big plus he was playing at a level not only. When you look at like all -- all rookie of the year but maybe even all pro. And I think he'll bounce back from -- but he's not going to be available. But I listen. When you look at what. They were open and I -- third down we were like five of 1828%. -- on when you look at it like five of 1828%. Considering -- officially our our offense to them though they got passed out defense. But the point 8%. That is like the worst of the worst. As far as conversion rate. I mean just have is get 11 down at the end that's why I'm gonna put -- more. On the offense and who's getting paid the big bucks. Who's the highest paid coach in the NFL Sean Payton know who's up there franchise within a franchise as far as the Tom Brady's. Peyton Manning's Aaron -- the world agrees. So what I'm a look at and -- within the visit their job it's all on the offenses -- Before it. Then -- draft. Carolina had thirty and offensive plays 457. Yards and ten points the last round that was unbelievable they -- five -- the fact the only thing is open land. All the third. Downs against the Saints -- it -- it is like I see you mean the people is dating to come up big at the end that all I'm saying is like sure but yeah we knew about it they all at the McCain at the end. The defense didn't sit back there -- they took -- at the date they were being aggressive. Not a big as it got to make a play I go back to Iowa coach Payton said this week when he we talked about -- coach on ground that are solid up. You know -- that it hurt us. You don't need to get -- come on man you'll you'll you'll first round draft yet but they make a tackle to Santo and the times. -- in that some guys contracts up camp -- wanted to get you the only the only big box that you have to have an impact I mean you always are all all we hear is how hard it is a tackle Cam Newton had difficulty is. What -- you think you go bought it at Pomona figured it all fought back. -- like a wish. Odyssey you gotta be you can't productive spot as take -- -- know what the players -- tell you have to not worry about particularly body going to be a missile. Heat seeking missile whatever. And and Malcolm. -- we need Derek you Dallas give him a Cairo -- and right there at that that that that that would not have occurred he would -- made an effort. They get. Can you just the way he plays. And and -- -- -- disruptive it in their lands in their last 243. Down attempts against the Saints gone back to the first game. Carolina's three point one on third down Cabrera -- against the Saints defense with their receivers are good for three win every game you know first -- draft they went three out of their land well. One I don't know last one before three point well while -- that was that game. Well it if I found out Rob Ryan. Eat you know what I am doing. And not known as that happened and I'm just saying. Kind of look back and Sean Payton is like against Carolina that the blitzes basically done their job. The -- it's really think get it done a bit different downs and twice to get a first down in England had points and I know -- -- what they would they put you realize. If you -- one of those games bank is one level. Today's all of them -- You win next week you -- them to see me you know and I'm really well -- follow it. But it's hard not and I'll pay you look forward they gonna continue to come playoff time. And nickel corner light on the 32 inches right now we have one on defense. Going forward. Now Rob Ryan who wanted to do the best he can. But what I haven't Jabari rarity kidded with Carol we got a good at that the that the fifth on the backhand. No not yet to have a look but it is -- all that but I'm saying. Opt to me Rob -- what he did on the road I Carolina. And how acute -- Cam Newton. I mean big -- shame on the offense. -- put it evens back out there on the field considering. -- -- uniting to convert on third down build off it flat out they get it done though and nine and that's you got to put it on. You know Drew Brees because I mean he hit thirty years. The best the most advanced and there's an opportunity come up big time well I would play you Dowling. Coach Peyton. No and that's why it looked in the mirror a lot of times you wanna say maybe is a left tackle. Well are they kicker. Now the kicker rushing grant came up big time. -- this city -- to Miami big time. And Daniel look at it and make you speak about him made it to mean -- but a case somebody in the immediate needs to go up the -- -- I'll bring it up tomorrow night. But in a press conference. And say coach Payton would you think. Your options would have been better. To maybe stick with Charles Brown considering the success he had against RD in the superdome. Vs Armstead. I'm telling you right now -- Charles probably given up in the three sacks but. What's so frustrating to from a fan standpoint is that and I like to take. Listen look listen and observe approach -- like -- as to what the players saying is that go away this with the coaches say. Each season is a business these okay we're all -- be compared it's hard to look at anything else and say well. We you know when it's David too bad you won't want Bobby it is of that -- this upon yes okay so this is 2013. And his team. -- shown throughout this season. They cannot effectively run the football how many people actually thought what is Saints head of football invested two minutes left in the ball game at Carolina called them last time out. You'd be 11 down had many of you fall on what you have seen his season not that the -- will pick up the first down. I would I would think to overwhelm a total -- -- -- -- Raanan and out there and run a lap because the news is the issue is that what the players the coaches say. This is this year and he's -- this team can not. Consistently run the -- We've been 24. To 26 as far as rushing attack. One is doable or number six. And -- we had the greatest offense to 2011 were no mistakes and not this year so. Amid they got to argues that then I'm shocked that his that how well we ran against Carolina Carolina was probably even shot. That we had thirty rushing -- You can look at what's that got to understand basics are we did better against Carolina defense that they rush the football then. Probably at opposite teams they have played this year a big part of my -- yeah they go what what do Pete what do you remember the most. Not that we rushed the ball well throughout the attack game it's what we need to be effectively get a first. Now we want they would do well you'd look at the first game what will we had -- against them -- sixty yards. That you don't have blurred a couple of yeah. I wanna say is like we had about sixty yards and you look coming at that it gained. And that you know the Carolina defensively. The they were second in the NFL. They haven't given up they've basically 85 yards to gain. So that's a great achievement. When you look at it that we were able to get a 126 yards. I because Carolina off guard that we were able to run the ball that well now the Saints will be that the fives -- of the succeed they will play. While Claude leaking and the on the road Bobby borrowing is that the -- Carolina the the in my understanding is Carolina playing at Atlanta. So who knows let's if you ever that you over the Falcons. This is the time you never know we get haven't been home. And made over till it's over that it is professional football and you look at it. Professional athletes. I mean that immediately David -- and -- Atlanta fans out of this week -- it's intelligent player is on -- out of -- -- game -- and I kind of loud listen you always going to be petroleum and being -- again -- hit it you wanna be neutral deal on death is on and I don't feel like I'm gonna go out did you feel right when you back you we have some. But he was -- nothing about this. Okay and we think about when you -- back Ewing and -- -- about 2009 with thirteen and though yes and we lost the last three games. And no one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or even you know 2011. But the if you look at it and right now I'm just if you indication we'll live with the Cardinals was having -- of the Seahawks will. The before left -- three to three zone that it is sand in Arizona -- to win today. Dean dean you look and situation whereas you gotta win that got beat them because if you don't and Arizona a week you're you don't he'll go to the. You on the outside looking in. Did the Cardinals have a fighting chance that the way the structure being -- out the things based comedy team played Seattle is yet -- -- in the game in the third quarter and you know and I'm telling -- because we played at the Cardinals in the superdome that. That we took advantage to them. Yeah but. They are one and a top defenses they once in the seven yep and and and the way they structured you know 95. On today's game against. As Seattle so yeah I mean commodities -- are tough NFL Lisbon it was kind of deja -- in this regard if you look to close out. The second quarter -- quarter -- before half. When you look DeAngelo Williams after the Drew Brees interception. You know tell by having the right play called berth with the thing to do it defensively as far as the blitz on the outside you know taken. Maybe can use it to go back to pass that -- was plus 43 yard touchdown. Dallas kind of like. -- to -- keep plus 31 yard touchdown you know Drew Brees. -- -- -- -- the last few weeks two weeks in a row now and then the defense gave up a touchdown the next play. They I don't know members and someone that you tell a momentum swings -- bottles and feeling good about yourself and in in -- 60. And you think maybe you might get that nine funeral maybe get a touchdown. We're moving the ball. You get a pick. And then all of us that the right play call them and they get an insult and you'll lose that. You are now loses seven to think so. That that's so frustrating in. And -- and I actually a couple of plays value on the road and you look at the officials. I thought. The non call on Jimmy Graham only had. Thirty goal from the seven yard line. I thought that was definitely a make miss call on Luke weekly if you look at -- tell you what. Luke he clicked in my living on the edge at 24 tackles. In the bills gave their loss at Buffalo that being the Carolina Panthers they call that. Against the Patriots and Gradkowski ain't what they didn't call it now. And it is the same thing he's gonna keep doing it and put pressure they get -- call but if you look at. You know what occurred. And that how would you call a penalty so when you -- penalties. And it's amazing. That the officials. And I now look at that that call in and call. On equally. And I'll look at the beginning of the third quarter we're driving down right where driving down and then all of a sudden. Then they'll get -- sac street depth personal file. That was you know that ballots that the considerable on the ball I got plus sign plus nineteen plus thirteen and Paula was on me to can do it some fake. They deal -- combat. Now Carolina beats at the Saints seventeen to thirteen no word on the street is great trial will be. Five in the new -- off and a coach -- in Detroit could be fired by the end of the night this is. The point after Carolina seventeen to all of thirteen on Saints radio that you get.

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