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12-22 5pm Point After Show

Dec 22, 2013|

Deke and Bobby talk to WWL listeners about the last minute loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to the point after the eighty seafood -- a -- guard his opponent black and gold nation today as the count on a pat does get a late that's down. Over the Saints to win seventeen to thirteen and now the black and gold has to basically wait and see what happens. That they can actually be in the playoffs by the end of this evening. Right now Arizona game Seattle at tied at three apiece -- dog give Arizona -- wins in his sights on not in the playoffs as of yet they would steal. The Arizona lose next week all defeat. -- -- balcony as Arizona has that been a very challenging team because the Cleveland -- 49ers. -- -- -- if they win their last two. I've I've gone records say they deserve to get into the play out well I beaten Seattle and Seattle and beat San Francisco them go to the two best teams in the NFC right line -- Not being the thing is on my category that far because you -- you what you wanna inning has anything I don't know I don't know what you had to say a team -- about eight at eight out of hand. They got it Davis. Who BC Sean Payton and Drew Brees. And I -- wolf what occurred. And I still take your approach that you hole opponent. The seventeen points or less you should never lose you should never lose now I'm looking at this you know you're talking about. -- at defense this. Opponents points per game this season -- Seattle given up fourteen point six Carolina fourteen point nine that's basically fifteen. The 49ers sixty point three. Anybody would have told me that the Saints. Would rob Bryant at the Helm leading the defense. Would give up that Wear them a five or behind the cheese -- given up eight he would ninety point three. -- -- Oddity in that every day it in -- said. Instead. Coached me coming back when -- games eleven you'd think maybe twelve or thirteen right because that is outstanding about defense that's why or so -- felt that I look at all these other teams. Nobody's that Thomas will we not not being Seattle but it Carolina part I -- Kansas City nobody is accomplished are accomplished offensively. Well we've done. -- Desean being treated like got to be with the production that I hit it it's all on the off when the odds -- about this today if there would have been opponents at the -- these -- who would you just say it. The biggest vote to win -- the Saints the Dolphins have numbers would have been between twelve and a half of the game. Yes yes don't have to gain to get -- -- I don't have that data don't -- wonderful point yes. That that's why I'm saying when all's said and done -- -- at Carolina and what they were doing defensively you look at weather conditions. And and and the bottom line is how they came. Either -- and -- and you know turn out and that first half. But you hold Carolina. The seventy points or less a couple of shouldn't lose. And in and now it's a mindset thing about it coming it sometimes think because of -- Eventually you've had that you got the win -- post season game road not a regular season game for post season game. And he's gotten a few draws France to look we played bad owner wrote this week. If you're shooting like him but like it against the -- so that you play well to this team's -- road by the defense in the play yes and the defense came to play but if you deepest -- I dedicate QB of the game I don't know what to -- -- exactly you got beat you go to the dating game you may -- to have a defense that -- -- -- -- in my -- and we -- -- -- -- the last five syllables -- want -- team. That have won the home. Playoff game. And -- -- New York Giants and to -- it just by being one playoff game the last coming with -- through both. Maybe Atlanta home they want Atlanta owner wrote -- -- -- who want proud that they won all the real courtrooms so yeah immediately it's been done people have to do it. But this. -- -- -- -- -- Well if the Cubs still gonna take the approach that obviously got to take care of business. In the NB Tampa Bay the it's like mine I have to locate would you look at the NFL. Not think about -- -- -- didn't know what -- you wanna be yes -- -- -- would see you wanna -- you look at the NFC south the would you radical with Chicago -- Tampa Bay and Dallas at. The -- available like nothing better. Then to kick is on the down shall become the superdome -- the same thing. That balance like that the better did that night that knocked Carolina all their -- ours you know and also still. I mean because it's divisional game you know -- likely jail time throughout the records. Who would you look at it this thing. If they beat the bucks. And the Panthers lose to the Falcons. -- still an amateur do you see now those things like that right now Bryant with the considering. You know back in August. If somebody would have told the scenario you thought the found it to be a lot better. Somebody would have told us meant to -- number two seed all the got to do speak candidly at home right and the -- could tackle bag beat Carolina I don't agree with it and. -- so we really locate where we were okay like these before he started and I'll use that -- some -- going into week seventeen. By someway say befall the Saints -- do you have a chance to be enough with DC -- would all take it. But at the final weeks of the season actually blew -- five and go. The classic -- and not take my chance in this capitals team yet I -- take my chance I -- as he actually. That. Alison how meaningful that first game was in the superdome. Right. Kabul that does the Carolina and and -- them. You know and in late in name is Saint Louis. Now the -- Saint Louis put -- we don't have a great city and obviously the castle island Rams uniform if a Atlanta -- -- white ran beautiful once Seattle would -- gave grows the game -- the Blue Line yet you Jones right. The first of Florida's unfolds when I -- and I get more and articles that. And reloading with the FT deep floors guys -- and again -- the Cardinals -- the -- in his own little house on the prairies of the house and apparently he was bloodied on with the Eagles girl. Yes there's some I don't know and it was it is legal man he's shown who rules the greater and deacon Jones hasn't caught right. You know they read hogs the ball cartwright broke up with -- -- -- the that's the and I don't know we opened with a -- There have both spoken of his feet on 960 thank you Colin. The point after All Saints radio WW. I was gone bad. I. Can't say what that the court and -- It's important bit with the whether -- you know obviously you being a little too nice for people kind of shoot code that little bit. You talked about in the last segment is now the waited eclipses the blame here. Could you tell me. Sean Payton is not an -- I think we get -- -- -- into my army right all the top what is being done in late. The offense hasn't -- a whole lot. In the unfortunate thing. We got Ingram Raanan at the it at all you know it even I would decline. In demand options in one of those that been pretty good at. Yeah or not and. -- -- I think I -- -- them I haven't got a bullet a molecular among the few things a little while I was at the table here. I I think about what we have seen -- and just go back in -- what does it did what we follow. Coach -- you know basis and that's the -- he thought. And in the -- brown. It does what as we eat -- I think last week was that what you say that scenario popped while ice on me because -- -- -- -- And I'm not obvious to me I think. That we all with. They often it's a Diane that they -- everything they possibly can and -- you know she'll screen by. But this group is the man well on the Italians who -- people around that right is that children and demands made me these first thought it. Maybe the Bears defense in the league I just think it did well. Development -- -- is it if not yeah you're right. Not what we're used to but it. The whole thing is like let me tell you. What they'd be making moment -- made the organization and when they drafted Charles Brown UN high expectations. Not talent he is supposed to be -- the last three games. Before you played against the Rams and Robert Quinn. Maybe they thought Charles Brown turned a corner yeah but it was too much of a roller coaster. They almost expect because they've lucked out what this all you gotta have some luck. Just plug it the next guy. We educate everybody. That you thought Charles Brown was debated next Jauron bush tried you know and he wasn't well by the -- -- -- out of. We -- very interesting 6 -- in the evening but it comes from the LA -- It is dad's the plate to me that the biggest factor in this loss with -- person who sent letters to be -- and he said he threw into double coverage. Right to the defendant -- that have worked six to zero in the 55 yards total offense at that time. You have to realize what pat. Of team you're in and threw it away in the ground rather than trying to force something. It's not there blog -- you and how analytical and I play I know listen to the next worst decision that wasn't me. Today was his thought on this. You don't -- a rookie in these big gain on the all. On the road. Drew was sacked six times it's not counting at least photo with Bobby in the open is an assessment. That would do it almost did not count to two or three penalties that he hit it yeah the worst performance of the about things offensively it. Brown what he -- to talk -- Had a bad game last week but. He played well both of the season he played great against Carolina and like -- La -- vulnerability now goes but like you say -- I thought he had the last three years right around articles and -- only had one tackle. An inning in the superdome you know -- -- -- -- this week when I was just consider radio that it was a bad decision and so be it Morton Anderson. LA who did it in a -- makes the. Points I think they'll IE -- make some points and that's why you can never panic. And that time zone and they do it but because you know with a good NH it's all worldwide -- -- best basketball yet this image that yes they are not going to Louisiana -- -- -- that he wrote. But. If you don't would you look at Charles Brown then. -- was that delegates said they were expecting him. To me to be more of -- from like. And and that hasn't been the case in. And a very embarrassing performance -- at Saint Louis now he did that twice he did it in the right side and the left side. But at the throw arms -- out there. Obviously he could handle Harding. And when you look at. From the middle aspect. That. When you look at what occurred in the superdome against Carolina. That you know to see Charles Brown handle horny women only had one tackle so we'll -- speculating he's taking -- chance that you look at all that. That it was very disappointing. How are all with a -- inconsistencies. Come on. We said this early Drew Brees -- sacked six times. A lot of quarterbacks that are that are pocket passers. I would of -- acts emanated 99 times. And an -- and our go back -- where -- -- well -- they came out and says he always team came out a lot of passion a lot of energy. I think that was five on he also says that you know -- -- hopes on winning and if we could need to play hard like that. A will give -- a meeting wins you know Bobby here's the thing now is that I can say is that -- place and everything. Now where everything gets up. Now's not the time to like you know beat down all all all the like it was a week ago because this is it if you go to -- went in the post season. These will be the gas that this is the offensive line is this is it so you got to have these guys like yet to live with that handed out -- and through -- have a -- haven't im really upbeat as much better than. I mean they were down we mean I'm being dead down on this week but I think I think all the players go out there that they've Bobby. When they come home when their plane ride it's -- it's a sickness -- could they got beat. But I think they feel different this week because there's a feeling that we left it all out on the field today. I don't like that -- even a week ago they -- yeah. I think you know everybody with the blame somebody so I definitely you look at the Rams I think the effort. You have to look at on the players. Probably candy jar to reach his game ever to think uniform. But -- that no intent to lean more on coaching decisions. In the Carolina game vs the players and also. You know trying to push the right but as the head coach. And what occurred to big challenge. But there was still needed and not be surprised. -- was very encouraged. By the effort. You know and he should be eight cars because alienated and let you know a lot enlightenment and lay it ain't all that donate -- without a doubt it's it's this opponent is frustration because you had EU was set at the way. I mean in game and what the real last four years and it has always same -- was sick at the way a lot. A lot and they weren't -- occasion the date but. Mean you've got a call like you see -- -- ass off today they did it defending well it happens to be effective if you get that kind of production. If you look at things as they defense if you look at bank we have -- And you get that kind of -- -- -- production. Then who should be all the accountable warning anybody. Drew Brees and Sean Payton. -- delighted to have with people that you should never lose. And I'm glad that that that this golden territory final score Carolina seventeen. New Orleans thirteen repeating seafood the world famous for its automatic Christmas and happy new year indoors all of us here. As Saints radio WW. -- -- Although the last. All of -- -- you've. Man I feel like screwed right now I think I'll let you kidding me don't -- -- hate anything that big of excuse. Of the things that day. You have to be as good who together did. There are both very good movie about and I am a good mood I'm still mad right now but do between now and -- think they go off. Hope you -- holidays here -- Yeah definitely you got through throughout the hell out of -- eight we'll have a long holidays haven't. And I hope to win today you know -- -- you -- you -- -- -- of because of life you that if -- -- ripping it up at -- My mouth down knocked down big and then hey visit down the line. I'm California I'll look beyond that -- I'm down right now the weather is going to be it felt dreary outside I'm beating Nadal. I mean I'm not gonna go home we kicked the dog only got. I got my little a multi who vehemently in our own at the -- -- load the you're away for -- that is that a club with a full grown dog with that that's. I'm is down right now because they -- this is it -- every week at the lead at the who's gonna win. -- and try to get a first down come on offense one firms now and then and we know about and the week Altman. Yes yup. Back to the phone to -- he would become at that express what he would think that in Jimmy Graham's it to the media after the seventeenth thirteen loss. Carolina its opponent fifteen seafood different quoting here wanting trio that UW its strategy on line one -- thank you for calling WWL. Yeah -- Tell him. Yes there are married nor. My personal car but I apparently got through that because today I couldn't wait to get through. But not from what I can see. I watched most of the game I couldn't get it -- fortunately enough. Well when it began and so wait you like you could get stole game you work -- had to go to work unfortunately but I caught the moment it's speed and -- well what was going on was not couldn't understand it. This and that's about that the defense played wonderful play good defense plays it well and the offense played to lose the game off some of the play call and not at all but it's -- -- to -- -- -- 3040 point easily. Put some of the call that being a lot longer ago. AG GG take about this to score thirty a party point two things you have to look at the weather conditions. And you have to look at who you going to -- it. So -- say thirty or forty points now. I think we did defense holding them to seventy points though. You should -- the score at least point three. Somewhere. And and that is as far as 3040 points going united being realistic. If you think in these conditions that defense. You have that kind of outing this that we were unbelievable. That we scored 31 in the superdome because they're deep it's nobody has done that against Carolina. Yeah the Alabama and you know more and I do but I'm just saying it was a flip off has the weapons we have a policy itself. And in the end inside the red Norwegians think unit's gone I couldn't understand. One I remember we had thought second in three. And we run and a double reverse in the backyard. Not that out and -- balanced terrible. No we don't look that that that screen playing in the reverse. Carolina but they were stuck in that indicate -- equally. And Thomas Davy -- about a few good story. Now you don't hear that but to have two major with the heat I think with the two of the three major knee surgeries. And they come back when he's or he's that. Mean even -- the -- with the backing college University of Georgia they moved to linebacker that guy has been. Fine believe we talk about work ethic rehab and all that the we wanted to NFL dubious lifestyle. But that don't want -- a look I know reds' own. Defense Carolinas and atop the green NFL at one point there were noble one. But I thought the way it unfolded. Instead of six points -- and had at least and the F ten to zero in that first half. I fed only have six to zero it was kind of like -- Carolina. They were vacated -- on neutral the first quarter with two of those guys we have to do to feel good hits and a break and after that it was. A different game absolutely affected a phone to go Mike out in Arizona on line five Mike thank you Colin. The point -- on Saints. Radio WW. I am doing. All right the Merry Christmas you. I think you'd just -- and these guys. Pacman I mean. We haven't beaten this team had a chance to view of a deal. We didn't we now if we week it's the same -- and -- you're not going out in. Okay -- UK state had three weeks. You could -- two weeks we've got three weeks. Because I mean we choked against the Rams this game should have been meaningless. If you -- beat the Rams -- I would -- what you like opponent. It. Should be in the -- Sure the key interception yeah bring them to come. And yeah. To -- people. Go -- and in the -- probably McNamee and it. Did but it wouldn't you agree. Well if you if you are hurt and in what I was saying. What else telling you it was kind of deja -- if you look at it that there's two weeks in a row. -- throw an interception. And and the next play double the team gets the touchdown. So I mean you being protected Drew Brees not calling -- -- Want everybody doubt dollar player and have you. Man in the same quarterback and I'm going to do much about it as a -- can't do that predicament. Having them. And to do it again. Yeah. It is important to be able to point out that you yeah. -- -- -- -- -- On the table and I don't mind. -- look at them but -- at the end we did try to run the ball like Carolina and you -- try and run it. Because one you know the milk the clock what they don't have enough time to come back in and they stuffed us. I mean I eat you look up on the look right now and just look what we did it in. As far as they're trying to get a first down okay you got. When you look at Ingram plus one Corey Robinson. Zero yards 39 Ingram plus one. I mean -- -- -- given them a chance but you have to look at that the pitcher going against and that's been a lot of fans think we should be more aggressive. As far as passing the ball to get a first down instead of being traditionally conservative. And trying to milk the clock and don't even put it back. In Carolina's hands and then you look at more steady been outstanding punting the ball at any had a 37 yard punt. It's not the lead it would take it junior to have a big return. You know he's amongst the best news averaged like twelve and half yards but probably -- all of a sudden. Well would you look whether I. -- they have like the ball on the 35 yard line because that a 37 yard punt. And now what haven't you to take Ginn junior personally. Plus 37 yards but you look -- field position what occurred their punter did an outstanding job twice. We had the ball like an -- to one yard line you look at the environment. No I'm I'm not making the least uses. But I tell you you'd get a -- you'd definitely be -- the bottom line is that you running our passing. You gotta get a first down. It's there on the field -- put the defense back out there. Considering how outstanding B we'll play at night with an antibiotic comeback -- him with Jimmy Graham said that the media following the Saints 1713 loss. To the Carolina Panthers as the point -- on Saints radio WW. Is this. -- -- Two days ago. Now I. -- -- And welcome back. But the point acting here on Saints radio WWL AM and haven't done I'm near Christmas and happy new year to all of you octave about it myself and everybody here. At that you get in the ring that operated jaguar thing opponent that you get you had to count the Saints don't about the season -- I know it's in. I was -- like either number five a six seed in the post season what happened. Too many mistakes. Questionable coaching offense used to existed. Other teams are just better off all of the -- -- opposite you're saying. All of the above. 46% the second. What offense is too inconsistent he is the case again about the -- -- the Libya tomorrow you could sound off. Who Kristian garic anti -- a bad double coverage. The morning drive you know at the way to avoid even the sound off a lot of folks will be want to talk to call on the drive into -- and thirteen 50 AM three. WL is no doubt we'll recap everything here hate the game Brees. And -- next night Jimmy Graham tomorrow morning sound off in the morning Cristian keep up on. Three WL thirteen PP -- experience to me you know. Think in that Thibodeau wouldn't fault that. You know. When necessarily winning at the first after the first quarter -- -- -- -- him and it was 00. But I considering in. Actually this in the pregame that. Sean Payton. When the Saints or winning at that a first quarter they win over 80% of the time that it was 00 that you -- You know look at that as far as percentages in them being able to win but. You look at this thing when they went eight plays though 45 yards to take. At three to zero lead. Did a real aggressive. Almost bowl like what we go put onside kick. And recovered by Ramon Humber. And and a good job a great cake by -- Thomas Morris then and also Kevin ready they'll climb back out of North Carolina you. Who was the free agent the -- cars that are really stepped up. As far as special teams tackles he did his job kind of clear in no way in blocking. The Carolina frontman. Phil -- could recover. But I thought that was to drive who went seven plays 46 yards. And now with thirty goal on the seven yard line where ball would -- -- made it ten. 20 purses have indicate. A field goal when and if your Jimmy Graham and and how Carolina plays and and you know the rough threes aren't gonna call a penalty every play whether it. The -- it's -- pole then REE illegal contact passed the five yard mark. Pass interference. Wanna -- -- -- one time they called. I interference call that when Lance Moore as far as. There's been doing that grab in the face masks and it was a 32 situation but that they can live on the edge and they gonna be aggressive. But it but I thought Luke he really they're outstanding linebacker -- Jimmy Graham around the waist and getting call it and now. Instead of being up ten to zero only six. To zero. With the defense is just unbelievable. Forcing three and out the name would you look at half time. What occurred in Drew Brees cannot do this. Because we have all the momentum in the world. And as you look at now whereas when midfield. And you know in the third and six. Drew reason is that about Toms being the thing that happened there holly gospel of Thomas Davis the fact that like he was blitz then yeah. At -- -- man like you down and any fact of how -- Drew Brees never saw him. Instead of the face yes like Danny was Russian and any drop back in the coverage. Now that the two minute warning in the upcoming win deception and the very next play. That's so we blitz. And elect becoming an out side in the pocket arrived amid -- D'Angelo is 43 yard touchdown. And now all of a son and we're loosen. Seven to six now we had a chance that I reached at bills fourteen yards and we had -- last foreign -- call -- it was third as well. I don't know if you noticed there Drew Brees this -- It was a complete a long deep route. Keep running it you know he just like stopping at this time his jump. We keep running. We have not done well in the long ball like we have in years past when young Robert Meachem. And obviously Devery Henderson cannot win seventeen to thirteen. It's the point out -- on the Saints radio. At Uga -- Yeah. Well who dat nation Cam Newton and the Panthers are in the drivers seat here in the NFC south crown thanks to eight come from behind victory over the Saints. Shot. It makes -- here comes the pressure blitzes zone shots of the white throws. And that makes it weird sound. And through their fourteen yard touchdown pass to Domenik Hixon which 23 seconds left to play lift the Panthers to a seventeen to thirteen win. Over the Saints includes Carolina's first playoff berth since 2008. The Panthers intercepted Drew Brees twice and sacked him six times. Carolina can wrap up the NFC south and a first round bye in the playoffs with the nit will win next Sunday at Carolina the Saints meanwhile. Can still can clinch a playoff berth today if Arizona loses to Seattle but the Seahawks are currently not helping out the blocking gold. Arizona leads Seattle nine to three with 920 left in the fourth quarter that's a look at the NFL scoreboard I'm Steve Geller. -- -- radio on WWL AM FM and WWL dot com. -- the thank you very am he is the case -- by the event because of it which -- seafood and a French court for the point out that brought to you by Tito's and made -- and. But -- official beer this skates again and because. You know when I guess I was really discouraged. Or I should say in coverage. That if you look would have and -- third quarter. And I thought they'd definitely. Who run around at 32 yard line they call sacks streets when their personal follow that was a terrible call. And now I've actually paid I don't know what the hell we're doing that they -- little from a column what was that. A complete we have a chance to have been about a 5152 yard field goal. You look at the only condition because that win. I don't know what coach being with thinking of a company we keep the ball inbounds. But you look after what occurred there. They went seven plays 44 yards -- kicked a forty yard field goal and now there were obvious that a 76 they're up ten to six. And then you look at that going back and forth and know what was occurring. Now this -- look too promising considering. The conditions. Dealing with the weather inclement weather northmen you know we all proud of -- that in college -- that the opponent the their honor. -- northmen back to back great punts inside the five yard line with we responded. If you looked to basically. You know to start the fourth quarter. And -- what happened. We go eleven plays 97 yards. Brees to Graham on on thirty goal on the five yard line when it's set up a field goal. I don't know if we don't when port were able to get a touchdown but now we're up thirteen -- -- -- or are really felt good about. I'll chances then you think we go eleven plays 97 yards now with thirteen to ten. I'll defense. The when you look at it we forced back to back three and outs. Now argue with that aqueduct 35 yet high throws incomplete. -- what do we do offensively. We had a third and eight situation. Brees who sacked by captain Maryland. And then that -- to think sack that they gained without defense forced another three and out. And then all the someone you look at that the deal with it for seven. Three and out drives on Carolina was number one north in the least amount. Three and out drives. But then -- what do we do offense we need to get 11 down a minute. 57 seconds left there's -- and a third number could do it we couldn't close the deal. But I tell him in the -- you think that -- we. You know the -- of -- field over in the red zone Brees hit Graham and wrote thirteen it's not so we're gonna win. I really did think we -- away from winning its mentality Bears responded. But we just seen the wall or fours that first album often that we could get it done. Houston for Dave on 97 date thank you call -- a point after on Saints radio WW. Quantity on line seventeen he's. They would you've got. An okay thank you for -- By Dave Lewis who must not. Let's go to. Moon. Anthony on -- fact Anthony thank -- because the point after on WW. Yeah and bobbled this is you don't know -- -- -- in the it's certain to. You know and -- shall we needed -- I agree. 000. The court that. And attachment to hear if you don't use it at all they'd army collect calls that -- great. No I did a great -- great today they use the majority column called today all in -- -- you -- wrong and not they would agree that you can sugar -- There's that much is given much is required. Listen I was wanting the highs they'd go to Drew Brees among they'll lead the franchise and a franchise got a hold them accountable and and dating get it done. On a squeeze in one more about the and that's who. To me. Eighteen on -- 380 think if called upon after undisputed you have a guy about -- want to call here. Yep yeah good. Okay here who want to call and talk about Leo please -- into the game with a three. Our right was I thought that was the glory hole if you look at. Him with her. You wouldn't need the Yankees and that's what I'll so you have the -- with and you get on me. Now the players. Who were on the field and execute. And they do -- next Q Malcolm Jenkins has definitely. That's. I'll for sure if the sellout I mean a couple of jump at him and -- so he's running in there and and you let a guy just struck you and a hand jock. You gotta be like Polamalu you've got to fly there -- more disruptive. And Dallas so this -- Malcolm -- it's effort. It was not better to get to Cam Newton. Thanks almost Allison Stephen and mark on -- back in studio on site best engineers Dominic missed him and all the fun folks and he it BBC who Gavin -- wall to Mac and great call back tomorrow. The point after 4 o'clock only to ticking it would keep out exactly get a warning or -- against them -- -- could take it would -- by the Christian in the morning. On double -- 6 AM to 9 AM it's on three you know it's a final score as New Orleans falls to Carolina seventeen to thirteen -- It's been a point after point San Diego moved Ludacris WWL IV Bellamy had always done by the cajun cannon Bobby anything on really late zone goodnight people. Do you go home. I.

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