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WWL>Topics>>12-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

12-23 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 23, 2013|

Dave talks about the Saints playcalling and 24-hour Christmas shopping

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One neat. -- listed -- ten minutes. After 5 AM at the early edition of WWL forresters on this the 23 that's the point. The 23 of December 2013. It's definitely Monday morning for people like you and myself. Four others though I'm sure it's more like I don't know the second Sunday of a very long week full of Sunday. And not up there in The Who dat nation. They don't want another Sunday. -- they don't want yesterday to continue into Tuesday. I have to practice the comments of about to make my thing I have never call they play. In any form of organized football in my life. Call plays and pick -- games played lots of those in my life but I've never been a coach of a professional college even high school team. I've never had to call plays in football. But I do you know this. You play to win the big game. I don't understand. Why. With a three point. Wit -- men have left them. He'd give the ball intentionally give the ball to the other. They never intended to give the ball back to the other team you're gonna -- if you're that deep in your own territory in its third law. I mean for the -- yet but it's only fourth along because you ran three plays up the middle and no promise of getting any significant yeah that's better than throwing it having to go incomplete in the game where they've been playing pretty go to the secondary and saving their time out. I have no problem with the three running plays about last drive that. It's better to rush to lost never who have rushed at all. I definitely wanted to clock in May the -- I'm ready to win brigade. They were trying to lose gore they -- I play they were playing to win again when applying to score there and applying to secure the lead. And then. The clock is that partly what the defense has no safety help over the top and that's what you play the prevent defense when you cannot give up a touchdown to save your. Your life went OK if they get a field goal -- -- and overtime like at that. To have. Nobody deep to have one guy out there on an island. Why himself. That's a much more legitimate complaint. About how the defense played then the three -- -- -- offensive calls or the defense I understand the office. I think they might have got a little blitz happy at the end there. I mean they are able to get some pressure on Cam Newton in the second half but at that point there again I think a little blitz happy they had the sidelines covered pretty well for most of the drive it was deep over the middle to got a down the field. They didn't have to go too far to -- tying field goal. Here's the situation. The saints are not in the play out. No they're not miraculously. Arizona. Beat Seattle. In the Seattle. That means that. Because we think it rally over the saint blues there's no way the cardinals are beating the Seahawks in Seattle no one's done that years. That the -- or at least be the wild card right now the saints are in danger of not even being the wild card. That's right they have to win. Our -- -- this late date if they win their hand. If they lose. They still need adult life into it -- yet they need Arizona to lose next week's. They control their own destiny for the oil and I don't I can get it. What's more galling is that they don't control their own destiny for the division and in order to win the division. The Who dat nation must now route for Atlanta. Sunday. The Who dat nation. Most now root for the Atlanta Falcons. San Francisco is at Arizona. San Francisco is still playing for its. Arizona does -- to get as well. So bottom line as the saints are not in the playoffs and -- danger of not getting into the and it played the Buccaneers in the super. And. A win all but guarantees now I've considers them aware of goofy things happen besides just wait and it is not it's not that is it. -- If they -- I'm gonna -- denied. Which on ways that the thing don't even gave him. There is no way for the -- the -- they would win there. I may -- to double check that but no it should have been -- your any scenarios where they win next week and miss the playoffs that should. Double check the sports continues -- It was the first and a -- it -- throw -- Eight yards past. First. And then. A reasonable. Third. Throw once and -- throughout the game on the I've been no -- and order at all. Fire yesterday. And it just not given the ball nine who was hurt -- even before -- And get as never called plant -- -- I. I would never be able to obviously call plays and then about -- -- -- -- -- good has been historical. I'll probably have no license whatsoever question. But I just don't get. And I am right. Thank suspected fit -- meant more for it yet you am them and economic and we'll check out your forecast Christmas we. At two days to Christmas Christmas -- tomorrow while the weather format. The five point eight thank you for joining us here -- early edition of WWL first news let's get your forecast says we're just two days away from Christmas. Maybe a sprinkle or a patch of drizzle this morning that'll quickly Nevada pier and next in the Kohl today Temps in the fifty's it's gonna feel more like the forty's all day and tonight lows around thirty on the North Shore and 37 -- -- the lake. Before warming back up to 53 on Christmas Eve with mostly sunny skies and looking ahead to Christmas Day. It's gonna be mainly sunny but chilly high of 54. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell that's a little more like it for Christmas right start the day today cloudy and fifty degrees at the airport in Canada north waited fourteen making a -- like -- forties why now cloudy and 51 degrees. Symantec's -- -- and it has a good reason you don't call placed in the public the right call it just didn't work in this instance. Today. Court better thanks content what do you think. -- animal. -- -- you which you. Have to be. Of straight Colorado and know what. Sean Payton had met the whole year. And it seems like Sean Payton. Controlled where you are trying to means Jason Garrett. -- Alone. And I know. I worried now O coordinator -- like your religious and Allen is. -- And I'm not necessarily saying it was brought up the thing I don't get it. That's on thing that our understanding -- this -- get color. It would Monday morning's court. Not quite as Merry Christmas is a good at nation has -- at the hope is we can't -- a playoff berth just yet. Coming up that he tells all about what happened yesterday and more will talk about. And we can maybe open that take that -- often open up that playoff berth under the tree but for now tells all about month. -- morning sports it seems as if Cam Newton was the grinch who stole Christmas from the saints as the Panthers ripped away victory. When Cam Newton connect with Dominic hickson for a touchdown with 34 seconds left to play. In Carolina top New Orleans seventeen to thirteen. The Panthers who -- good. Come back and they have defeated the saints and that drive the saints of the NFC south championship and a first round -- Carolina can now wrap up the NFC south title with a win over the falcons on Sunday. The saints host Tampa Bay in the final game of the regular season Sunday and are still looking to earn a spot in the post season. Offensive -- Jahri Evans was asked if this black and gold team can win on the road come playoff time after finishing this year with a 35 record away from the superdome. You know we still own game at home in this season you know -- about winning game and we do you know a couple of things happen you still get to number two C good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the saints do win Sunday and the Panthers lose New Orleans will win the division and the -- Peyton Manning threw for four touchdowns and the Denver Broncos clinched the AFC west title by beating Houston at 37 to thirteen. Six million pressure Peyton throws who were once got Julie Thomas their progress with a touchdown and there's the record. Peyton Manning's 51 touchdown pass of the year and up you needed Julius Thomas. Manning has now thrown 51 touchdown passes this season breaking Tom Brady's old record. He can break Drew Brees this single season record for passing yards by throwing for more than 265. Yards when they play at Oakland on Sunday. On Sunday Night Football but Eagles were flying high as they routed Jay Cutler and the bears Cutler throws. Okay. Philadelphia won 54 to eleven over Chicago the Eagles and cowboys were both victorious and set up a winner take all. For the NFC east title at Dallas on Sunday night. And the Outback Bowl between LSU and Iowa is ten days away here's the big chief with a preview LSU coach the last miles talks about quarterback Anthony Jennings and how big the Outback Bowl game is Boris Johnson called. I don't look at it that way I'm not trying to well when a job. For the spring before the spring -- I'm I'm just trying to prepare this team for this very single victory. And single game. Kick off Tuesday at noon New Year's Day here on WWL. Deke Bellavia WW real sports today -- -- the second -- show from the silver slipper casino followed by the saints coaches show with Sean -- in. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports life. Five minutes after Friday and the early edition -- WL prisoners aren't let's make this very simple for people are one has to happen. In order for the saints to a get into the playoffs let's start that. What has happened just for the saints did the in the post all they have to do is beat Tampa Bay Sunday in the superdome and they are in no matter what you win. And there -- war right. Arizona loses at San Francisco. War. San Francisco loses to Atlanta tonight and Arizona next week on its attempt but it hasn't played this week all right here -- the three things. One of these -- three things must happen for the saints to get into the playoffs they must win. San Francisco must lose to a red -- Or Arizona must lose. On -- and correct and there hosting the 49 yet. And I believe it's at San Francisco. Yet at San Francisco. They won at -- Yet no would be amazed if they can pull that nobody is at Seattle that -- the last game ever played in candlestick yes. Now. -- -- tall task. Bryant. But the bad the good news as it's ever -- loses tonight. And one of them is gonna lose next -- is -- -- -- Arizona exactly. Okay. So now that's -- San Francisco ad airs on them. I'm saying tonight though you haven't really -- -- for the falcons tonight and we got to root for the falcons next week. Yet because if the saints beat. The bucks yes and that falcons beat the Panthers. Next week the state still with -- dimension. And the number two seed what a cruel cruel world that is how -- all right who conclusive ain't no Al writes that it's tough to say I know. But if the falcons went to Toronto. That's great for the things that night and except that. You wonder if they note that really want to help they're division rival out their hated rival -- than it was on purpose you think -- I can't imagine that client. I I could actually see the falcons doing that Tuesday Barrett the pitches -- Pataki. Less than two environments to more sports here on WW forecast. Think clearing ice today and windy conditions look for temperatures around 55 this afternoon. But it's going to feel more like the forties and tonight. Both -- dropping to thirty north of the -- what they light freeze and 37 on the south sort. Christmas Eve looks sunny but cool highs around 53 big Christmas -- night. We're dropping 27 on the North Shore and 35. Alpha late. And for Christmas Day mostly sunny skies. But call highs around 54. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm brawl just Clark -- tell. I your checks and your calls come enough. These -- from a play calling for the science. Okay game -- on the last weekend before Christmas. Customers at the stores like this woman in Wausau Wisconsin governor Phil as crazy as the Black Friday but it doesn't feel busy and it's sort of civil rights following the hacking of credit and debit card accounts for transactions that target. Chase Bank yesterday told two million customers they can only take 100 bucks in cash each day. Total purchases would be limited to 300 dollars a day. -- Al Kelly was shopping in the New York City area I'm frustrated right now I can't -- continue my stopping and this is the last weekend rough weekend weather didn't help those who wanted to get out and shop I'm -- crystal. The weekend outbreak of severe weather across the south claimed the lives in Mississippi and Kentucky. Widespread damage has been left behind. From Louisiana east to the Carolinas heavy rain produced flooding in Arkansas Alabama Georgia and Kentucky also fire department busy with power lines down. We just go from one house prior to the next to the car 300000 Oklahoma customers lost power CBS news update and Dave -- WWL first news at 532 I'm Chris Miller. It's fifty degrees cloudy in the world is your official weather station WLA American men dot com those clouds should be moving out of -- during the day. A windy day with wind chills in the forties and things get. Much colder when the sun goes down. Tonight mainly clear and those will be dropping quickly thirty on the -- shortly light freeze and 37. South literally. Channel four meteorologist Laura -- -- It looked like the saints defense is getting it done in Carolina this is Newton as the rain begins to -- taking -- shotgun snap. Then he's going to be hit again -- junior -- left with a spin move comes in the draft him. For a five -- Lost the saints. Third second today don't WL saves radio's Jim Henderson but the saints couldn't keep bringing that pressure in the final drive for Carolina giving up a touchdown and losing to the Panthers on the road the -- no longer in control of their own destiny for the NFC south title but Nguyen this Sunday vs Tampa Bay. Means at least a wild card slot. By the way the NFL has moved kick off Sunday to 325. PM a deadline today -- premier -- homeowner accused of shooting an unarmed teenager today's the last day for the DA to ring. Charges in that case of WL TV's Jacqueline Kelly with more against Maryland the case against Maryland for. Lender has been out on bond since July when police arrested him for shooting fourteen year old Marshall color. In the head. Landry shot pulled -- added -- street home in the mayor any. Thinking client is -- anchored in his yard in the middle of the night -- claimed self defense and sparked a key debate here the community about. Homeowners right. To protect their family and their property. Without charges filed today Landry would get his bond refunded the charges could still be filed before 2019. The Affordable Care Act also known as obamacare enrollment effort faces a big test today. The last day for many of the nation's uninsured to sign up for coverage it would begin January 1. In the troubled health care dot gov website and of the traffic CBS is Susan mcginnis in Washington says the Obama administration assures everyone that it is. According to the White House the website is ready they say it is up and running and ready to handle this last minute surge so as Americans are rushing to finish their Christmas shopping -- not a lot of them are expected to rush to sign up. For health insurance by tonight's deadline. According to the administration the website is ready but again I mean it was it was down again just on Friday -- an account -- some more problems. Incidence of influenza on the increase in the area but it's not too late take precautions they doctors doctor brought -- of the Orleans parish medical society is saying anyone over the age of six ought to get a flu shot gating. Influenza immunization every year's flights put money into Europe mean by he gets some protection and each New Year's Eve and I would encourage everybody to get the influenza immunization. And he says even if you do a double getting the flu the immunization could lessen its severity. New insight into what makes a Rudolph's nose bright red -- CBS's Larry Miller. The red -- -- -- ears noses are indeed read and that's because they have a high concentration of blood vessels and their nose and lips that help keep those areas warm and sense of when foraging for food and snow sensitive so they know what they're reading say researchers at Sweden's Lund university. They use thermal imaging cameras that showed -- being directed from the rest of the Rangers core body into the nose area. He's been lighting up their -- so the song could've been Rudolph looked bright -- reindeer just as easily. They -- -- I say I -- -- Larry Miller CBS news London. Coming up -- WWL sports of Panthers score in the final minutes atop the saints and hi I'm Steve Geller. And in the WL forecasts I'm meteorologist Clark tells the rain is. Out and the cold air and clean and just -- time for the Christmas. Holiday. We'll give more details on that coming up pretty soon north -- at fourteen miles per hour 93% humidity fifty degrees and cloudy skies at the airport and 51 of the North -- 53 uptown. 53 degrees in the east. And out WWL traffic. And none of that to worry about actually fear a fairly -- roadways just wet driving conditions other than that you're pretty good no advisories or restrictions on the -- way. Your trip in from Slidell doing fine the twins man looks clear after the highrise and into the CBD. Easy shot of the question an act of betrayal from the process. The east bank -- -- long bridge and it model plot partners Italy all -- that was good clearance to -- -- the draft what brought divisive does. Sent us his famously uniforms but the team with the white truck does so much more. Services like floor cleaning first aid supplies fire safety document treading. Visit sin -- dot com for your business game changer. The debit BO traffic's underwriter Robertson heavy traffic to -- 260 -- I'm Chris Miller now more WWL first news here's Dave Cohen on WWL layer -- them and dot com 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the 23 of December 2013. All right -- yeah it's it's Christmas Eve eve. The -- -- all ready ladies and gentlemen our how many people have worked -- numb and I have a feeling most people aren't you going to those words Christmas. EV used to mean a lot more to me when I was student you know and had a two week -- Christmas holiday and will always be off for Christmas CDs the worst day for Christmas is Wednesday. And a Christmas is a wonderful thing no matter what happened on Wednesday is is very difficult for a lot of people get your kid. That matter -- for grown I don't Wednesday candidates it's hard to. Yeah -- that the you can maybe get -- would make it long weekend or maybe forty weaken the workers here Tuesday. And Wednesday. Lot of people all week who am but a lot of people can't. It is. About a way at the box office before -- -- ninth topped the hot. The desolation of small despite its horrible name game number one again. To get 31 point five million dollars using some dog or some now holders laden get after it. Right I think every anyway trailer cults and -- I was homeless dog like. The slow. Slog with its billing or Boston it was an artist's blog idea. Anyway -- -- ankle anchorman sequel -- Sackett. 26 point eight million audit of those out already that -- Wednesday. -- it's an area. American hostile comes in after that and Disney's Mary Poppins Dell's giving mr. banks. After that that was done anyway Dave like totally on this. He's an American would be number one moment in American hustle that's what he. And that's a good movie ever great things about it by. -- between anchorman in the hobby I was I was leaning towards anchorman or even surprising -- mr. Condit still at number one all right. I -- Calculated I have done the math I have looked at every -- second sign and here's the really funny thing about the saints playoff clinching senator. Almost guaranteed to make the playoffs only because. If Arizona loses to San Francisco's. If San Francisco loses tonight it loses to Arizona were so. We really want Arizona handled them who wants -- -- to lose tonight which means we gotta root for. I hated hated. All of that makes two weekends and all we got an -- that because of San Francisco loses tonight the only way the saints don't get it next week. Is -- San Francisco and Arizona top. In the final game is a because -- one of them loses. Then the saints are in presuming that separatist who loses tonight. For us ever Cisco loses tonight it would only take it extremely unlikely in the NFL high. Between Arizona and services for the saints not to get in and if they lose to. The one of the reasons is also confusing is that there was -- earlier in the season. Green Bay's going into the last week with a tie and playing the bears pretty NFC north may happen but they happen pretty rare world the last time there were too tired to try. Here is that an NFL win and your. That's the that's that's the body care business in your playing at home. Against a team it's pretty rank in. If the saints don't beat Tampa Sunday. Then at a wild card assuming that Arizona or Sampras Disco blues San Angelos is two hours lose one. And they're going on the road to maybe Philadelphia. Maybe Chicago may be Green Bay. Maybe doubt doubt should be the best of them but yeah I want them to work it's about those talking with Steve -- earlier so we need now -- Dallas to win the east. So let's -- -- again wildcard that they go to now well probably when I believe. The point is let's just wins Sunday in the superdome but it just going through Christmas not knowing gave the saints get it at all. And be knowing if they're gonna be that six seed of the Tutsis. That's tough and we it would have been nice to unwrap the playoff berth yesterday. Begun with that the number two seed locked up we get all of a very merry mood at Christmas and not worry about it. But now we got to work -- documents appointment -- business. He was not. All things considered now with home. Compared to the Beagle I've directed the Eyewitness News or get that -- they added more bang. And this meteorologist pretty in Iran bucked at all. Great news for those that like the cold temperatures and like Christmas to feel kind of cold. That's exactly what organ at all know it's deadly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas no doubt about it I. I I can't complain for a lot of years eighty degrees in its crest at that's Matt. So for those that like the cold and that's not everybody but if you like the cold for the holidays that's what we're gonna get for Christmas the Christmas. In my opinion or whatever that's worth the weather's going to be perfect for the next couple of days -- fifth hole and ninth. Right that war but not in the afternoon that it -- can actually go outside and play. And he you know will be in the fifties for highs but it's definitely going to be jacket weather sweatshirt weather that kind of thing it won't be at the -- the gap they won't be like put the shorts and a T -- on -- -- your Christmas -- that kind of weather. Writes that you may -- may get a little we know wind burn on your face right that new bite -- Yeah it's it's warm enough that you can do I now. I am with you like hi I just for me just feel like Christmas morning should be chili at a hot cocoa that bundle and you know -- -- even. The set -- you know. Fireplace fire you know kind of -- -- and I think it's it's gonna be really nice the next couple of -- aren't -- -- -- have been out there yet the cold front has Iran is moving ahead and fat. The last of the showers or maybe now I know you're like Winnipeg and opera. But -- the showers are moving out a lot of light drizzle early this morning. But gradually clearing skies today you know -- it's fifty in New Orleans and 43 and -- -- I even think we briefly -- some forties. Before we get a little sunshine as factory wealthy -- about 55 today. I'll cancel make it up to 55 today. Tomorrow for Christmas -- tomorrow we're gonna see some sunshine fifty the -- for -- high so that means Christmas EP you know services that sort of thing in the forty's that definitely -- needed for Christmas night right and then Christmas Day Christmas Day waking up to some 28 on the -- source -- don't really -- at 35 south of the lake. And it -- Christmas Day 54. All right today go folks twenties and thirties in the morning fifties. In the afternoon nap and life is Christmas to. And on topic. I'm not had to say you know it's I would. Under the weather last week. And that really I mean I had from last minute things that you -- and I couldn't do anything last week so I'm gonna be out and about today trying to rustle up the last night. Here's the good news for someone like you yes you keep me crazy weird schedule. And many stores are now -- staying open 24. Hours a day I -- Christmas Day tell me is liking. Heading into the store like with tomorrow morning before I come into our typical at midnight. Tomorrow night -- several of the stores are staying open it's okay we got people there restocking the shelves anyway we may as well hire you pay a couple of cashiers to stay there and ended -- a lot of people don't come man. Shalit were all right people don't like these crazy hours if you heard the reports we're getting is that if you wanna avoid those bizarre leave wild crowds during the day. You go at night and -- more regular show. I would do it I'm telling you I you know it like that we have we -- -- anyway -- to avoid the crowd I would go -- our rights and eating habits. Midnight tonight it's all about you Laura yeah. Get those last minute -- president's top. Yes that's several stores are doing it you'll have to check the hours it's not everybody not ready for. But several that yes several started Friday night and they've stayed up 24 hours right up the -- Christmas. Merry Christmas to go into political if we be here tomorrow for Christmas if. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day see we talked Alexandra and -- all right thank you won't marry a heavy very merry Christmas Day would you -- in yours thank you Laura -- Now I'm right from the witness these forecasts island resume -- debate. Over should the saints have a called three running plays the last time I got the ball when all they needed was 11 down to secure the win and beat. Should they have blitzed. Cam Newton on the final drive like they did and laughed. The defensive backs out their goal is that what you would have done if you were calling the plays -- -- called play. In the pros and college and high school. Technicals that come as a pick up game you know as quarterback just -- a -- that we use that -- fine. So I don't know I'm not what I call plays it -- to me to make a whole lot of sense for whatever that's work. Steve Geller sports next. Some attacks -- 8787 -- I knew we were in trouble in my lucky saints later died at the end of the third quarter. Why the saints lost. If you listen to the show with any regularity now that I think it's totally. Dome. The theory people have about law and what they Wear and what they do and what they eat in -- -- just that dogs and on the other goofy reasons they think the -- -- lose. -- -- with a right stocks that's why John Payton called three running plays at the end of the game. And the saints had to give the ball back to the Panthers and they played. Crappy defense in the autumn when the game is because that was the wrong Sox now look at this as lighter died. Now -- I really did enjoy I think it's attacks in the morning at least so far the end of that game was exactly how they game ended when we played the patriots. If they'd gotten a first down they would've won both games. You think the saints would have learned there last. It was exactly how it -- against the patriots give them the ball back with an opportunity to win at the end of the game rather than trying to secure the victory. You play to win -- brigades. But again I don't government. -- I am not. Can it ever ever say that I have any idea I'd call plays and out on. When he does for a living and historically. Damned good dad. But this -- half of the season. Team get color in the hunt came morning's forth on this Christmas week addition of the early. WW golf courses -- Hi Steve yet and not so happy early holidays good morning everyone. Cam Newton the Panthers are in the driver's seat now during the NFC south crown thanks to a -- come back. Over the saints. Out of the shotgun takes the -- here comes the question what's inside shots at a white throws. It's it's. Did it. They believe. He -- that fourteen yard touchdown pass to Domenik Hixon with 23 seconds left to play to lift the Panthers to a seventeen to thirteen win over New Orleans. And the Panthers clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 2008. Carolina can wrap up the NFC south and a first round bye in the playoffs with a win on Sunday at Atlanta. The saints are now just fighting for a spot in the post season and are focused on taking care of business at home Sunday against Tampa Bay. Offensive -- Jahri Evans -- they'll put things together in the regular season finale. Your take advantage of the opportunities they present so that we haven't done that the last couple weeks but the same time I know. What -- -- -- ten -- team and reactions I think you're number eleven. Peyton Manning broke a another passing record while engineering the Broncos 37 to thirteen rout of Houston. Six million pressure Peyton throws mobile -- got Julie Thomas there. That's what the touchdowns and there's the record. These first touchdown pass of the year end up you needed Julius Thomas. Manning threw four touchdown to give him 51 on the season breaking Tom Brady single season mark. Now he's some praise to break the Drew Brees is the single season record of passing yards. As he's just 265. Yards shy and set the clothes at the regular season. Against their rate it. Things got a little shady in Philadelphia when the Eagles host the bears on Monday Night Football -- those -- -- on second down and goal. The campus to voice. LeSean "Shady" McCoy in the Eagles pummeled the -- 54 to eleven. Philly and Dallas will now meet in a winner take all for the NFC east on Sunday night. And now here's the big chief with a look at the upcoming Outback Bowl on New Year's Day. Although he won't be playing LSU's bowl game against Iowa LSU coach the last mile says quarterback is that men murder is still a huge part of the tigers' bowl preparation. I am wanna make sure -- comfortable. In and around the game you know acts you know we'd like to have him. On site -- and then being helpful because she's basically he could coach this this offense at this point. Member of a suffered a season ending injury in the tigers' victory over all consult a day after Thanksgiving Deke Bellavia WWL sports today have -- it's the second game show from the silver slipper casino the followed by the saints coaches show with Sean paging. I'd Steve Geller in that your early morning look at sport I quickly to review. The saints will still get in the playoffs if they win. Sunday in the superdome against Tampa Bay no doubt about it win and they're in are you confident they can do that. They're undefeated at home this season thank goodness they're not on the road and. Every -- on this one Tampa's Matt very. War. In the unlikely event the Saint Louis right San Francisco loses tonight and loses. At Arizona next week. There there that answer right or if there is known loses. The San Francisco next week -- right so either need one Arizona loss to San Francisco losses or one when it. I like the win that's investment and like and if Carolina loses. Zoo Atlanta the next. Next week. All of a sudden all's we're giving the sense of vulnerability seat right. And the saints have to win. Right saints win Carolina loses saints number Tuesday. Says -- a win. -- to win. I you know the superdome will be in full force the -- -- -- also the 32503. Point five that's like it was going to be played all right guys thank you Steve -- in fifteen.

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