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WWL>Topics>>12-23 10:10am Garland and T-Bob Hebert, Saints loss

12-23 10:10am Garland and T-Bob Hebert, Saints loss

Dec 23, 2013|

T-Bob Hebert, Co-host of Double Coverage on 3WL, recaps the Saints loss to the Panthers and looks forward to the Saints/Bucs game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's several are we gonna talk about -- and don't get nervous so good. Turning it you don't talk about say without bringing somebody in the -- what they're talking about -- Bob Baer. Is through development thank you Cuba a ground going -- man now you got the timing Google -- these bees since gone on again -- wilderness. Hopefully -- and -- -- but it is canvassers. -- -- your take and yesterday his. Rough rough game. My great game though from a football perspective is just as far as -- sheer enjoyment. You know what football supposed to be what it can be I -- yesterday at all the high stakes. The high drama coming down in the final possessions up out of an extremely fun game to watch. Even if your saints -- you're losing you're disappointed. May I I don't know for some reason this one's really resonated with me defensive battle in the elements. In the rain and -- credit the Panthers they stepped up. When it wind when it mattered most last drive of the game everything on line they stepped up and they made the plays. They had to make in order win that game. Road games so. The road games it's -- it's it's it's an. Variety. Of reasons and I know a lot of people are still wanting to continue. To point to the saints road struggles and yes I -- at the there's no doubt. They're obviously they've completed every team in the road they are home but yesterday. I didn't see that like a -- against the rams were -- losing a team that really you probably should have lost they'd visited there aren't as good as you yesterday. Was a battle between two teams. Fighting there -- -- blame everything on the line for that in FC south title. For the second seed for the playoffs. And I thought it was early on -- watch now. The offense didn't perform well in the defense performed great. Until that final drive in the saints lose I don't think. Yesterday you meet didn't have as much do with the road and away aspect of it but the challenges that come. -- the road you're breaking her team. On you you're in a hostile environments you haven't gone silent counts because crowd noise and that's for read your biggest advantage is that those. I can timeout silent counts much much better. Did they -- normal snap count win win the defense has to play on the road and -- offensive -- Where have to step a few inches that little. Less than ten the the second makes a difference in blocking -- act then you're gonna see that come and play. What's is silent it's -- when you watch these games lots the away team it's a lab environment. As few good things you'll see them do but. It's because the quart bag you can't hear this Afghan you can hear the Corretja. What they're saying you can't do anything complicated like on three of like. So it's just where the sinner I nowadays had to do with the guard gold normally look back at the quarterback. Get the signal when he's ready ego he taps a sinner on the hip and -- keep his eyes -- before that he can make his calls and then he bobs. On an up. And snaps in -- variations you can -- to Bob's to try to dome off sometimes -- he changes his job a bottle. In the oh actually wait trying to get the deepens job and maybe do -- head turner some so there's a few different things you can do blood. It's much more predictable. And the defense can time it up infinitely easier then when did then how you can -- seven home games let's go to John slide out John -- would -- Let you go -- to Bob Bob wanted to ask you. So we have struggled some on the road. How much did that game because it's against it think how much do you think that table -- Cypriot dole -- -- -- play opposite assuming Atlanta doesn't -- Next week anyway how much -- -- it was going on the road and play. Yeah he had to -- -- thick glass half full type of way to look at -- -- You know I think it helps. But I wouldn't say it's it's too too much because if you look at the saints have played good. Gains on the road this season they beat Chicago. In Chicago a team that could very well win. They're division they lost to New England on a last second play in new England and now they've lost to Carolina. On a last second play in Carolina is they've had positive outputs against good teams of the road before to meet. Look in all probability this team having to go to room plans to see what they've done three and five couple bad losses mixed in there. All probability they're not getting it done. But I feel like we've also seen other teams in the past -- kind of crazy runs despite how they were playing going into the playoffs Baltimore last year. Back into the playoffs I mean it looked like they were on the verge of historical defeat. For Gator right and so yeah it's gonna take a lot of luck. Give them out of the right time but you've seen. How well his team could play when they're hitting on all cylinders. And -- feel like you've seen that this team can beat any other team in this leaked on their best day so if you can get lucky. Did. Put together some of those performances in -- back to backs in the area. And the next thing you know maybe your in the big game and you got two week's winner take all. Leggett said not very likely not to and it's going to happen. All of -- and it's could have happened but we had a meeting place this ain't got -- punch their ticket first they gotta get invited. To the dance in the last few weeks they've had opportunities to do that may have he had now and all likelihood. They will I mean everything is in their favor -- last week but I've seen crazier things habits of on the saints player. Promising stand none of his talk about two seeds which seeds what seeds now this still kind of falls by the wayside to me. He got six minutes twice that you've had sixty minutes. Punch your ticket to dance and you failed to do so we got one more try at home where -- -- where you've been dominant. This year to get it done solid for his saints did on Sunday -- the dispute into the playoffs and you've got a chance. Yeah well mom I'm open -- an extra -- we go on the road in the play -- maybe. We get a little bit -- better whether it. Yeah yeah it. Yes no doubt and they think banks of the cult. Is that Robert John and -- Joseph Johns thanks is called man bit. Yeah I mean the weather and and that's kind of thing can take a lot no matter what if you're trying to make it to the road. In the playoffs in the unit delegates he's great teams he probably had to go to Seattle. Eventually you're gonna have to get some breaks you're gonna have to get some luck and he has got to get hot at the right time Robert -- -- -- tee box. Yeah. And yet. -- -- -- -- Not say. Actually chuckle. And what he Bob what do you yeah who wouldn't -- -- Job is all. Well and you just keeping him. People that partially. And as they. Call it. -- -- we do. That. Don't. -- And then. And happily imports into -- -- And -- And the economy yeah. -- and -- do want. To eat. -- go and -- piece. That you. Talk about it. I don't do. That. You. Can't. Help. Don't forget that. -- -- -- -- -- between. What was actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Robert Mueller is is this is all I would say that when you talk about the play calling. In that last. Saying you go look. At the game situation as a whole where you've been up to that point your defense was playing dominant. Before. Before that 65 yard drive -- the end. To win the game -- to pick the candidate gained somewhere to -- about 160 total yards. On the day they were over nine on third downs. They had giving you no reason. To suspect that they would be able to move the ball against the saints' deep it's -- needed tired seeds and only get on the field for 44 please. On defense. So to me I actually kind of agree with coach -- Ryan calls you force -- timeouts. He took time off the clock and you put it in your deep into the hands which had been dominant all -- also you run the ball pretty good. Averaging almost five yards a scary. At that point to meet the more -- supporting calls in this game that they field goal. Seemed ill timed but even more than that ill executed. Almost and then I just. I I continue to go back to making new putting their -- sit in at left tackle we said it screws up. We're gonna you know he's gonna have to deal updated one of the situation in the works out you'll Greg -- -- -- doesn't deal the consequences. And that's already now. -- Edward -- -- upon -- he'd never play in the game in front of that many people. He never played a gamer -- stationed -- high and then add on top -- got to go against the best defense would want a deep premier pass -- ended lead. A multiple pro -- a pro ball. Guy Greg Hardy in the party had to be lake in touch ups. Did not give no rookie in his first ever start to decide the division and hope he I mean he was gonna feast and -- he did. Three sex parties have you question things I'd say. More question that I don't fault the three running plays of the -- you -- do you throw that ball and you miss it and you give the panders more time they end up winning like they did. You get that call these guy were you really you were gonna be even more fired up at the play call -- to that makes since left tackle moved to me not so much. You and wish I could bring blooded deliberate about actors and -- Against some good news and we won the super blow and and Payton and Drew Brees were. Hooked -- They're kind of flips because we're ten in Baja. Yet it's the war. Yet entered down on them because -- in the all buddy buddy dealt with yet he dealt with the dark years today PL a lot who -- Rubin recovered their local o'clock of started BSO. And put in perspective it's Donald you still get he's still the chance for the playoffs and all you need is. A chance but I think like we talked about the disappointment comes from the fact that. Two weeks ago after the win over Carolina it looked like you accomplished all your goal. -- all right let's bring in Harold or Euro with Tebow. Alternate moment there. I -- a bit of -- -- question -- question ago what was so it went all over -- -- promoting winter and also spoke markets we have bought porno. But -- Nancy. When you say okay you're saying wins last time they won four games in a row where. What actually they'll they'll you got to remember they haven't. Able lost to Kuroda -- they did beat Carolina. In the don't see that kind of goes forwards is talking about how quickly. We forget three weeks ago. We were pumping up the giant. Match up this Sunday night battle between airline oranges can decide it all in New Orleans came out and killed him. 3113. Odd -- care a bit odd jobs and all three phases of the game Carolina's vaunted defense was held sack list. I mean you go on and on it seemed like huge win at the time. Now you lost to a row ever has forgotten that nobody really cares about the game. Anymore really doesn't mean anything and I mean rightfully so it's I can't say. I blame you too much would you look at that now looks like the saints or going to lose -- division and they will not. And most actuality your most probability beginning. That TC but you know just referred to keep the back straight they've only lost two or have lost. For one final question. In a patent. Tootsie win this series -- speak pot -- women and in all probability not only one player. Look there -- one -- getting can make very forward this offensive line I mean Drew Brees sacked -- 67 times. Well and win this line with Armstead and I mean this is we we have one example we have very small sample size we have. Beat Carolina game you can look at the second half as compared to burst -- the dolphins' line play much better. Mom not not as many sacks allowed and that they have and they paper and the ball well I mean. They averaged over four guards scary eager had a positive gain and you've got to look at what you've seen LA. Never in arms and what they're Charlie Brown was but. Going back the year they had great games like that speaks of the team as a whole we know. How good these guys -- be is that talent there is potential there yes when they're Clinton also need to look like anybody can come close to but. The fact of the matter is they're gonna have to be going on the road and they just haven't done it. On the road the they have load baggage and in all honesty I mean is it's a -- offensive line though is that the weakness of the team. Probably so if I'm answering from a probability standpoint. -- they know they can't win in the playoffs. Which itself is blind but that's a little too black and white. Say they can't but it probably won't. You -- always a pleasure this new show daily basis and you save money when you come. -- thank you so much drama always nice to be in the pink --

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