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WWL>Topics>>12-23 12:30pm Deke Bellavia talks Saints

12-23 12:30pm Deke Bellavia talks Saints

Dec 23, 2013|

The Big Chief recaps the Saints loss to the Panthers and looks forward to the Saints/Bucs game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Argued three go credit next forty minutes plus we're going to be thinking about the saved with the belt via. To -- 0187. If you got a question comment for -- of -- -- and taxi to liberty seventy. And we've told 3668890878. It's like the sentences. Are we winning the tendencies so hope the vision and then -- -- -- production number two playoff -- but it didn't quite happen deep. Welcome to the show why Hopkins what are your thoughts. You know Garland. I try to become a good thing the way -- you know we've followed players and followed coach is innately. Each gains. Big gains each seat in the different seasons and in this -- in the more harm than not. Are women -- on the on the -- The magnitude of the game but. When -- Franken you do really alt country quote somebody now coming to go back to the -- we could decrease in the -- democratic exit. Put the ball away against Atlanta Atlanta albeit at kind of backed the law we want -- are being. Can we didn't get away -- it -- yet we could get away with it. At all only -- -- a -- at Chicago and Tampa baby your first time but. It's in this scheme the -- -- -- team called the good team but I think one of the big. Up that bag but the big problem that they -- one offensively. They need to put the game away. They haven't they haven't been able to do so and not think that our. And that's what a lot of people of frustrated about credit and what it like as we call them -- the PD you know they didn't amount that the entity like coat -- -- big amount depends some like you create. They can't play the music played all they blocked out to elements. Our -- all the talk about not been able owner wrote it -- You know it's it's because over the course the last what you thought I know ball. And then you know you have to change in it. Department wouldn't let him getting so that's that's what is being involved to a game now but they have to win to get into the -- -- -- moved Mick the quick comment you tell me what's gonna happen. What happened the saints beat the book Sunday in the super. I think I think it I think it will happen on this this -- is that there's so much better at home. And obviously. Are that it is that -- -- of the game the Arizona intensive cocaine in the lead did about the -- that you would already known at least. Close and knowing what. BL I -- between Atlanta. And Carolina so -- basically playing for five feet or exceed. And gained it to -- all all at an airport able. But you know probably between now being adequate follow rules. Well below his feet and all that and look what happened here on out is on this situation where. -- afraid if you could be resting now and you know they'd they'd they'd upgrade. Did gain yesterday collateral was all of -- on third down brought in an open that -- scoring drive. Our beat and -- Carolina thirty Alfred employees. Are already agreed to seven York. Ultimately Estrada -- by replace -- sixty you know what they want to. Were too important to the -- -- they beat me. Bit -- -- Abdullah I think moving forward if we do that the Glory Road. Our deepest beneath you give communities could be extinction and the logic we can be where we play big they can be an everyday that they play. Because the defense has proven to be out now. -- -- -- a while against the patriots couldn't get back to wall August the busiest day because they didn't get -- the -- they didn't. -- -- -- But you know you haven't heard from Alford on -- -- subtle. Well what happened on that perception Biden Domenik Hixon right there in which that. Blown coverage of the god just too fast for. What we will bring god and I think I think -- crime and the right call right did the antibody eat it and it panic and panic and there. You know drop a lot big problem comes in and out and -- can capitalize on the he had he had basically let me go to the tackle a little bit but -- -- and can't do now they are straight you know predicted he shot aimed -- an ankle. And people coal total total plays where you know we had people call in the short table Polamalu. Would build and. All all. But that opportunity when you hear people say how difficult it is the brain can't. And now out. How audible pattern here that could be good ground what do you mean you've gotten only you know I am going to help you -- that it on the due to -- escrow net. They're called they did that make blood. -- thing good about the go hard breaking saints Panthers game yesterday we've got the bill -- on -- Europe elections and responding comets. Big point of our callers wants over the status of Kenny -- Carroll does have -- -- No you're -- you're they have big wallet injured soldier in this ballgame and our company's debt that I would look at the course of what he'd do each week. Basically coach Payton for the first and an increase the first and reported volley. All believe they -- days -- weeks call and credit like frustrated they give back and get it could be without. How they've schedule it like could grow in the Atlantic -- would know more about can't pick a team standpoint they're released at all. Well what was that contraption they were putting on his leg that can kind of compression. English slip over the -- Yeah -- like a precautionary thing called now what you know what they do and and that's that's -- hole and obviously he didn't. -- -- -- looks like you know you don't speculate but our second day they they take a lot of if you in the form and you know and you one would all get out and you know -- He -- -- -- beat it to bet you most knowledgeable like we you know who report the way people we could -- a could be allowed Serbs -- -- book -- he's he's had -- he's at a very good year. And -- -- question from the your colors. While the run up the middle on the last saying shrug of Purcell would have been to begin. Well. You know when you look at it from -- standpoint. You'd you'd -- -- that if you powerball incomplete and clocks and -- that he uses one. Audit had views or vote for. Sold that well. A team in -- -- like the kind of percentages I don't know without a great night at a party wanted to bring this. They felt like me would be principally because Italy. Carolina golf and that that would I think it's so frustrating to the I did that -- and I mean. Like the old Baltimore re very old Green Bay Packers hold payers so you don't prequel or a husband and what thirteen minutes and he opened at that point Carol. They were all on third down so we looked at the gate and look at where we. Well the rhetorical -- incomplete they look at the ball back where the -- then. Timeout -- ball companies went out now. I don't need an official and not convert that third you've you've played -- definitive -- anywhere you are. It's -- you know get your perspective of public -- and we'll play it. But you know and like like you know we're about to Japan are all equal or you're on it. If you occurred now info coming had beginning oh wait sorry it's -- right in and without about basically Evan. You don't compete week to people -- and degrade the president is on the game is in the. Until they broke up the right once totally and where that up for the lost -- vote we did. Could soon get into the play out of back June but everything I'm reading. Since it's still give the number two seed and women -- -- -- They beat the book Sunday in the Balkans beat the Panthers as a bright. That's an absolutely correct call them basically the only team that can keep New Orleans. -- poultry and isn't so it's Arizona and we we have a tiebreak I would there was -- the tiebreak it was. Haven't fiscal and current fiscal number because of that you know lost yet -- government I'd play because. Are they within twelve people in Seattle to twelve or did you come down you know the different fabric of scenarios in the PP group. Like we -- -- Carolina. But that we had to -- unbreakable -- being so that's good from a feeding an import and it became you know and then we would -- you know with him now. Arizona played amateur is going next week at Arizona but we control all of that is all -- again we will hand. We need that -- beat Arizona. Ingredient needed you know all you Bible you'd -- it needed to to grow like these -- -- He can beat Tampa and Carolina. Or to lose and it matters -- week in Antarctica an opponent so that kept Atlanta that the on adult. At home compare La -- and coming in and daughter but basically now. Just related frustration accountable the -- critical to do in August as we get that kind of put to. The focus on camera because -- -- -- back and looking at he had that one match. -- the big bag. New England back you know been. Like that they -- in Vietnam with him right now and everybody even better because the team that looks so uncomfortable at home. The declaration. Yesterday Arizona beat and went to Seattle based insured in now -- -- war and -- -- pretty you know I -- because you know now everybody -- Seattle -- so -- not at all well but my putting well look look at an obvious they -- victory but you know those alternate. Are really compact it into a call from the trauma situation. Good the debate are heard over and over between -- and turn orange said Charles Brown. There can this team win once again into the playoffs win this up and supply and brief window marked six engines -- Yeah six times as big ball and off for basically on -- on this side and I bet bet yeah little though it calls. All of out of have to make but I will tell you dead Charles Brown. The last time that we play Carolina. Greg Hardy got Google look like a Pro Bowl the today it looked all world. Eat at one tackle. And again to gain an -- a good start Charles Brown that we we overall ultimately does. He had been number at that particular ethnic -- to -- early to get. But thought he played well and games but that's that that was. -- -- -- -- -- old debuted at all what are. It's thought. Brown not been paying you you you see what happened yesterday Carolina it's got -- -- act against Drew Brees all the intent. Expect more difficult -- A regular -- different format because he does such a -- ball our job of getting the ball out and get -- they're trying to. You know were acquitted black and little bit and it -- which on this and so it. It I'm not a quarterback -- and now you know -- entire I had distributed could -- a quarterback that you click OK because look at -- -- the way he. In -- stepped up -- for the football. -- one minute left let's go to Arafat are to your -- -- Custody. Disappeared before. The saints go to tech and what Ed K if scored a court staff. The -- which it evolved to Carol. We got we get to Baalbek where it -- benefit from that and gained. Back about let's send it. What percentage on the also -- let's look at it that you. -- -- -- -- In all a fact because. He could you about an aggregate amount scenario all about the but I ended -- not. I mean you know in the unit it happened some -- but that. And great and other scenarios but he did go back to -- to drop all I think that's where. A lot of people of frustrated because it was almost like it was almost like -- pages being -- it to tie them. In late in the game due to take technical the clock if you take a you know you get another bird count here are -- not a part of that. And they and they don't get the ball back you know -- you don't get on the ball back and hit a ball back. I like the opposite situation. It would -- -- We -- went down. School UK you know I mean you can it would -- -- you don't wanna be an opportunity and I'm not in the are now. We we -- a ball back and you saw what happened but a lot of technical report that he had been talked about you know they feel like. It's certainly issue more aggressive in China it -- and part pounded into higher. And I know scenario again it's a bit in the and -- that maybe not definitely. Do accuse you saved me again -- always preachers are raw -- hard. You. Are equals -- open. You balances you've been -- were brawl breaks and so will doing things that as bigoted talk and it doesn't ought to be thank -- -- about.

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