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WWL>Topics>>12-23 1:10pm Angela, the case for Jesus

12-23 1:10pm Angela, the case for Jesus

Dec 23, 2013|

The Christ Question Confirmed! Ever wonder if there’s historical and scientific evidence to support the Christian belief about the birth of Christ? Our guest: Dr. Vernon Palmisano lectures around the world. He presents an amazing fact after fact about the supernatural events surrounding the birth of Christ, the miracles He performed, the prophecies He fulfilled, the sinless life He lived, the countless lives that He changed and the Resurrection.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we have sort of a rough weekend hopefully you had a lot of fun but weather wise game wise not the greatest. I wanna thank Todd Manassas. For working for me both Thursday and Friday as I totally lost my voice not a good thing and radio. But -- he was a real champion and I can't thank him enough listen to him he was great I was worried about my job now. Just terrific. We are literally two days away from Christmas. But we are really just two days away from the birthday of Jesus Christ. It has been a question for over 2000 years. Once the Jewish carpenter named Jesus Christ. God in the flash or not. Doctor Vern Pablo -- -- a local family medicine doctor from wash their has been investigating that question for over fifteen years. He has looked at it from the biblical historical medical and scientific viewpoint. He has traveled the country telling of his research and were lucky enough to have him here today. I -- can't tell you how much I've looked forward to as you have said some amazing things we're never gonna have enough time in one hour. I I ask anybody who has any questions for doctor Tom is on -- not to hesitate to call 260187. -- But we had so much to learn but the bottom line is you are looking at the birth of Christ. The -- the death of Christ the resurrection of Christ. Not just from the biblical form you are looking at from the medical scientific historical. I asked. Did you as an individual questioned whether Christ was the son of god. And then that leads you to this investigation. Right I realized. About fifteen years ago that. More than half the world doesn't believe in the new testament so therefore they don't believe the the story of the birth of Christ other resurrection and so. What would be the evidence outside of of the scriptural record what we believe -- Christians our faith is based upon. The events of the 72 hours surrounding his crucifixion resurrection. And we also based half of Iraq. Annual celebration on the birth of Christ to those two we dance. Our our major to the Christian faith in NASA had a look at what was the evidence outside of the the biblical record for for both of those he grants and and the it's been an amazing journey in the past fifteen years. You did did you ever see the Dead Sea scrolls never some. And live the team. Pictures of him I think we and in talking with some people. Of the comment was that so many people believe definitely that Jesus Christ -- it can and clearly in the Dead Sea scrolls name mentioned being. The rabbi who had no. No church in a sense of who preached outside than and that convinced a lot of people Jesus Christ -- that -- questioning is he the son of god. Ride the question divides the world the seven billion people on the world. The questions but still seven billion and to five billion on lap -- to being right as was he got in the flesh that's the question divides the world it's not any other questions. Which divides us from the mormons and Jews to the rest of the world and non Christian is was that Jewish partner god in the clash. And your answer is yes absolutely. I think the evidence points toward that -- minutia -- What did you discover that surprised. All the evidence outside of of scripture for both the birth of Christ and the and the resurrection is -- -- Wyoming you know on. Simon Greenleaf the president and founder of hard -- lost who said that there's more evidence that price. Was the son of god than there was for Alexander the Great. And the court of law he could bring more evidence for the Christ being god in the flash and then for Alexander the Great amazing statement to me. Who gave him the name Jesus Christ. All I would say descriptions divot his mother and father and and and god almighty and said that he would be named Jesus to calm the crisis that title. Jesus being. A common name at the atomic crisis would be a title. OK so. Tell me your story you started investigating in what did you -- -- while. He knows. At least winning authors outside of scripture outside of the scriptural record mention. The fact that a meeting ended Jewish figure name Christ was crucified. On roaming across even how it. Even pilot reported. Letters from Pallet to Cesar believe that that would be like a letter from our governor to our president now saying in any manner occurred. Letters were going around the early church from -- to Caesar himself saying that a Jewish man named Christ died on Roman cross. And that his followers believe that knew he was raised from the did think about letters from pilot to sees himself. You know it over to any other office -- back up the idea of the crucifixion resurrection of a Jewish historical -- -- -- Christ. Outside the -- We're gonna go back to the birth of current -- so. Take me to the Manger. -- -- -- -- the the the the idea of of of when he gets him one day in history and one day in time what an amazing night first of all the the the history tells us probably the brightest week in a thousand years. The shepherds. Could only watch their flocks by night the Jewish Lawson the shepherds. Can only watch blocked by night it was an exceptionally exceptionally exceptionally bright. In the Egyptian astrologers and Chinese astrology is document that the week of August 27. Two BC. Through September the 25 two BC was one of the brightest weeks in history. First of all we have an amazing night we have a bright it's night and a thousand years we had the Angel of the lord there we have. We have a multitude of heavenly host. The -- the multitudes -- same word. That someone would say. If they looked at the entire Roman warming can't below and they would say they would thousands and thousands and thousands of soldiers and it would say it was too many to count. Afterward the multitude. Apparently. An incredible. Incredible and then we have the the shepherds. I'm going to suit that may be priced at the swallowing clues -- -- and yes now -- so. We've read adverse side tire like this while she wrapped him -- -- close and we think that that is a nice pretty little scene. Of of Mary wrapping crisis on those but now we know that Lucas writing that was trying to tell -- infinitely more. The -- telling close side was assigned at the time of Christ reserve for only two people number one the messiah. And number two the print the son of the king or a prints is reserved for royalty it was not a common practice to wrap it -- -- close Christ's time. Therefore when the angels take to the shepherds this Shelby you're signed it'll say you sign is going to be that is going to be. Brown & Brown eyes in his mother's going to be Marion has fought -- Joe's and it says this Shelby you're signing Joseph shepherds you shall -- -- -- Wrapped in while we closed because he was going to be. Close -- -- -- And that has you've found how did you find that information lol just. The infinite number places in National Geographic History Channel -- thousands of articles -- thousands of books. The ancient Jewish encyclopedia effort his fourth -- copies in the world. Actually have a friend has some of those and information has been sent to me from around the country now -- country. Amazing facts like that swallowing closes I never get over. What else. Why does it know Romania and we read that -- like there's no room in the -- listen there was only one month in history and one year and as to whether there is no room -- in -- There were two we've been sticking together. But the first time in only one time in history that -- know Romanian. First of -- in the month of September of two BC we had Caesar Augustus is oath of allegiance since assisted. It said that Mary and Joseph both had to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register for the census because they claimed it -- was going to be royalty. The oath of allegiance -- suspect Caesar Augustus only one time in history said that both the mother and the audit had to go register for the census otherwise. Mary with a statin actress in the -- would have never been one and him amazed at one time -- his to think about the chances of that. And the -- at tabernacle which this year on the Jewish calendar is September the eighteenth that always occurs in the first full moon in the month of September. While we if we if we date back going back now we come to September of QVC a beast of tabernacle crossed with the -- of the -- estimate -- Romanian. Amazing to me. -- -- When time in history. Doctor -- palm is on a very special guest today an appropriate time. As we look at the birth of Christ he has spent the last fifteen years studying the case for Christ. In other words was -- Jewish carpenter named Jesus Christ really god in the flesh or not and all of his fifteen years of studying an investigation. He says he has the proof absolutely he wants we talked about about the birth we're gonna go further. And we're gonna talk a little bit about. The date. The date of his birth. If you use. He views all the evidence that we know especially the the birth of John the bats scripture says that John the Baptist one point six months before Christ if you use all the information we don't have time today im sure but. You come to John the Baptist is berth in march of the year two BC. The third month if you at six months to that you have the birth of Christ in September. Of the year two BC I believe. After all over research I've done -- he was born in September of the year two BC. The year two BC. Is is not questionable in my mind because three independent historians. To Christians and 19 Christian historian said he was born 28 years. After a date that the entire world knew if I said the date December 7 1941. Everyone in the audience would know that date. Pearl Harbor if I said August 30 thirty BC at the time of Christ August 30. Thirty BC the entire world pagan world Jewish world everyone window that was a suicide of Cleopatra. Three independent historians from the first and second century say that Christ was born 28 years after the suicide of Cleopatra. If she died in thirty BC that means he was born in the year two BC. No question in my mind Nick Price with more on in the year two BC in the month of September and how did we get December 25. December 25. Or really in the Roman emperor into 74 said. That my people becoming depressed as the days grew shorter -- -- -- -- -- him what's the shortest day of the year and including December 21. So we said -- it -- shortest idiocy -- between first and what's the first day that the human I can notice today's growing longer. And they told him decent but -- -- -- so really in the Roman emperor established a pagan holiday Saturn failure. As decent but the 25 and then 336 AD Constantin change that to the Christian morality decent but the point is that we established today. The Catholic Church moved it to January the sixth for the epiphany. And we have the twelve days of Christmas they go from decent between fifth to January 6 when we get the twelve days of Christmas from. But listen the early church never wanted to make the birth of Christ in the sermon they said it was another special date in December and in September. But they said the visit the match I was the some of the points the visit of the match we use all the science we have today. All of them -- computers to best date for the visit of the match I was decent but when he. Amazing I -- let's talk about Mary. While. -- Think about what it was like to be twelve to thirteen years of age pregnant outside of marriage. He knows description says that he held videos of protected -- needed but history says that. There's some evidence to say that she was ostracized by her family and that the one the reasons he takes -- with him to Bethlehem seventy miles away nine months pregnant. Nine months pregnant seventy miles away the Bethlehem is because. She was ostracized in some ways but now if we don't have any mention a mother father Brothers justices around Brooke west a celebration. Of the birth of this -- we don't have that. Because she should have been stoned. He should have been stalled for being pregnant out of wedlock but she she she was of course and and and the dances around her -- for a. Miraculous. Caine Morgan. We are going to now move on to. Again the focus of this news. Your area of study is proof. That god. Was in Jesus. Right. He was a flesh and blood guy but he was the son of god so we've done the birth. What are the what are the other things about it. The miracles he performed you know those miracles would document and outside of scripture by. Quite taken by by people that we're not Christians should hit him in the -- some of the miracles reformers -- were document outside of scripture. Even his enemies didn't deny that he performed the miraculous even as enemies in the nightly question about where his sources came from. But as enemies never denied the fact that he could perform the miraculous healing is miracles -- not in question. But fulfilled prophecies. Listen. He fulfilled over sixty old testament prophecies and -- If you took the state of Texas. And covered it two feet hind quarters. To behind the entire state of Texas and you mark one of those quarters with a -- -- And you blindfolded me. The chances of me finding now one quarter and the state of Texas two feet high is one chance and one times ten to the seventy. One and one times ten to the seventeen. That's the same Isaak Christ would fulfill eight just eight old testament prophecies by accident. Unbelievable just eight people built sixty we'll have a human number. But he but the idea of a man falling into sixty places in history exactly as prophesied 2000 unit before birth and the and believe. Unbelievable up and so sorry people aren't seeing your face because it's precious to watch our guest is doctor Hern comes on I don't. He has such an interest in life. And has spent the last fifteen years. Proving to himself and clearly to others. That Jesus Christ was in fact the son of god we've talked about the birth of Christ. Things that he learned there but I. And listening to one of his tapes and his 22821 you can you can get on his website. The Christ question confirmed. Dot com the Christ question confirmed dot com. Fascinating to listen and hear you talk about the the death of Christ and the resurrection. Lot I had no idea about. About the cross I think not always assumed they were up high they were not. That he was beaten so badly. But still -- We just take from their and you are saying this is where the real Abbott's. That he was the son of god exists. Sure if we can show in history then they. It Jewish carpenter was documented to die on a Roman cross and then seen again by both his enemies and his followers you know -- Pollen sol -- and pol who became solid not a follower of Christ before he saw a crisis on the road to Damascus yet the Apollo wrote. Two thirds of view new testament was who was -- before that persecuted church so his enemies even saw him after the resurrection by. You know the Roman crucifixion and the Roman. Crossed news. Instantly worst and went. Most of your listeners now so. To the point of for instance I had no idea that I didn't know the severity of the beating by the Romans. Jewish blogging Jewish urging if you punished for Jewish institute for Jewish soldiers to flog you you -- that was 39 lashes. Paul said he survived that three times that was not a death penalty but you'll flogged by Roman soldiers. That was a death penalty that was the pieces of metal that was. The the the cat of nine tales that would actually open your your flesh that was a penalty of death there was no question about. Someone who's flogged by Roman soldiers was going to die. So take this where they ain't nail him to the cross he's now hanging. And the three hours of darkness. The twelfth the three. The twelfth three darkness description says it got dark between twelve and three. That darkness is document invite to winning of the office outside of scripture the fact that. On a certain day in a certain year in history that it got -- between twelve and three. Flight in the Roman historian tried to say that was a solar eclipse the solar eclipses only average seven minutes and 26 seconds. Seven minutes and 26 cents. And oh by the way you can't have a solar eclipse during a full. Moon we know that the Jewish passover was always held during the full moon so Christ died of a full moon Friday. It's impossible to -- solar eclipse on the poem on the -- on the wrong side of the year. So it had to be a mere talk with three darkness even though recorded history. By twenty office outside of scripture still it was a miracle of god document in history unbelievable. Heat. Was taken down from the cross when he died in three hours which by itself was unusual according to what you told says -- People lived a lot longer than that that's right yeah by Jewish by Roman law. People stayed on the crosses until they -- eaten by dogs while budgets you lost the right of burial. By Roman rule if you crucified. You lost the right of burial so most people stay on the cross system that we my dogs tomorrow budgets at the -- sticky down you placed in game -- The place outside the city -- which was the burned dump. But they allowed Christ to be taken down right. But he died. Because you feel medically. It was a loss of blood. A lap totally absolutely. The sweating of drops of blood in the garden of guests in many -- -- a high doses. The sweating of drops of blood as a medical phenomenon well well documented in in medicine. It can easily lead to significant loss of blood so he sweated drops of blood in the garden. Then he's flogged by Roman soldiers not Jewish soldiers about Tommy hits calvary in the cross. He is tech is tank is more than half empty. That's why he died so soon and scripture says how it -- why he's -- so listen. -- even recorded history that he died socially and palaces why does this mean and nice -- is because. Of the way he died and then and he -- -- the crown of -- also. It was two things happen a crisis didn't happening any other crucifixion victim average realized that the crown of the Owens and the sweating of drops of blood in the garden against him. Is tank is less than half full by the Tammy it's now so he dies in three hours instead of three days -- Why did they allow him to be taken down -- severity -- -- go ask for the body of Christ from pollen. And because of the relationship between the Romans and a Jewish leaders to do the Romans tried to keep the peace and do. When they asked to do by Jewish leaders especially prominent leaders such as Jews of European demons so it was a favor. And oh by the way -- wife Claudia and told him leave Christ alone. Don't forget that. And history tells us that Claudia became a follower of Christ eventually and now is saying Claudia and the Greek orthodox church amazing to me -- Was Jesus Christ the son of god. If you ask doctor Vern Palmisano who spent the last fifteen years studying the subject he will tell you absolutely yes. He has a website called the Christ question confirm dot com the Christ question confirm dot com. Fascinating subject what we're talking now about the death and the resurrection of Christ and I've written down a note here that. 1968 scientific worlds a description couldn't be trusted there was no proof of the use of nails. -- Yes until 1960 believe it or not there was no scientific group there was no historical proved it was no archaeological proof in the Christian world the pagan world to do it for all the wrong moral nobody had ever. Had anything to say the Romans used nails for crucifixion and let disk and yet the scripture said. That Thomas went to see the nail prints in his hand and because of that. The -- world in the ninth Christian world -- the scriptural records of the crucifixion of Christ cannot be trusted because it's said. He won the -- in males and Rome continues Nelson must be wrong in 1968. -- clearing a field for restaurant group illuminate they unearthed -- tombs and all of the members of the and the and the tunes had males and six and Roman spikes and in heels for the first time in history 1960. We saw at the scriptural record can be trusted again he did really wanna see is males might elect. It's very likely the only use nails for four years in history we AD to -- 29 to 8033. 82 winning 93833. Enemies yet the rightist said the -- as they do with true. There was also something very uninteresting to me that when you look at science -- -- look at history. The sense of smell the played a part in us and they ignored to present at -- Tell us about that wow. Has to happen. Six days before the crucifixion of Christ. The bottle of pure no hard which is so strong. That one drop would use be used in the indicating peer enormously -- so strong which used to -- McCain. In history says that that's similar left from mop on his forehead one drop. That pure and a hard bottle that she broke over his head as an active in the winning. Was about 141000 dollars in today's today's world that should have been used for three generations. That should have been helped to help buried three generations. And yet she dropped -- she anoint stuck his head with a bottle and and this smell of the pure and orders recorded in history around count me he said. He tells the people around. Her to leave her alone because what he has done is good -- she has prepared my body for burial and she really did prepare -- smell lasted all way to calvary. And he's buried with a pure and -- smell. The seven days before. His crucifixion amazing to -- documented in history. -- voter this older and older an unbelievable stuff to me never gets old again but. We're still talking science we're talking medicine your line of work right and all arrows point to. This man. Was -- -- no question in my mind I think. No question in my mind it has anyone ever challenge you on anything off course of course I'm not the authority. They're there man you know who know infinitely more than me this is just what I. And decide to do in my. In my time around the country especially on the crucifixion and the birth of Christ but there -- men who know more than me for sure however I do have to tell our audience that sound. For the incredible movie the passion of the Christ you -- one of the consultants on -- did talk to his people on a couple of issues and it was actually Gary Ginn was very correct that are right so for people who saw that that was as graphic as well absolutely. Oh it was worst in that. It was worse than what patient that's right. The there's a new movie coming out called the son of god and. And they've also called you about I'll talk to them peoples their people through email and through website and a but that no specific questions have been asked him about -- I've heard it's a pain testament can't wait to see. So again. Tell me. Those specific things that said TU. We can't question it anymore. The list is. The list is his virgin birth. The miracles he performed the from the prefer prophesy see full field. He said listen you realize even his enemy says he was similar that's an amazing point. The fact it even his -- said it in power washed his hands and says that I -- file in this may descend business and then his resurrection. Who would be the best seventh so that would be the list I would use the head of -- case for crisis leash for Opel has said the case for crisis that list that's -- So how do you convince doubters. I think if you don't believe the evidence for the resurrection and now thinking anything rule will will convince you think the evidence that that a Jewish carpenter. Died on -- Roman cross. On a Friday and that's people saw him again on Sunday I think. Is the best evidence that he was who recently us I can't convince you of that and you probably won't believe. The. I'm blanking the Judas. Did you. Think that Christ. Wanted to dying. He wanted to die so he could cleanse every month and that an essence Judas. He said Judith -- wearing him. -- Oh I Suu Kyi saying oh -- of course you know he willingly did everything that he did he willingly he he he willingly submitted. So the oath to the world for Farrar says he died because you love for -- it's all of the world and the game is again. And so he willingly submit it to -- -- authorities willingly but did he Judas was. Not his friend to -- the man sort of right right somebody had to do it knows someone history had to play that role do you think that he said -- -- go ahead until tomorrow him. Well at the supper he says go do which in the EU EU what you have to do he knew accused was -- -- obviously since he was guys in the flash sure. He knew he knew what was coming. If people don't believe that his son of god but just a remarkable. Remarkable. Human beings. And teacher. What she's so I say if I -- walk around tomorrow claiming to be Abraham Lincoln. If I woke up tomorrow. And I walked around us in all going to be Abraham Lincoln you have to make three choices they either M Abraham Lincoln or I believe I'm Abraham Lincoln am crazy. -- I believe I'm Abraham linking and I'm lying same with crises claim to be guy in the -- you -- to choose whether he was lord liar a lunatic the argument is called -- Wire lunatic argument. Was seek god in the flesh was seek radio is he a liar and you know make up your mind. The Internet and they could see your face there's only one answer apps absolutely. Apps -- good news. And that's the good news and we're gonna celebrate his birth thing doctor Byrne Tom is on now has made -- a fifteen year journey really to discover. Proof. That Jesus is the son of -- he does have a website we wanna emphasize that he has also has two tapes that are fascinating. The website is the Christ. Question confirm. Dot com. He's also going to be speaking in Baton Rouge on March 29. Acting. -- sharpened and iron sharpens iron at the merit -- senator that's on March 9 but if you go to his website. He has spoken -- how many times -- -- here. Fifty or so fifty yourself they'll have a listing of where he'll be speaking if you would like to to hear more from him just sort of your final thoughts. Well thank you so much is innocent I wanted to be here and I'm just so so so this subject never gets old to me it's like and say if someone wants to believe there's enough evidence. That is true. And so you would go in that courtroom. And I would stand proud absolutely. Actually -- about it note I thank you don't ever comes on when you have a wonderful Christmas thank you so much appreciated thank you some hope that everyone will stay with this in our next hour a little different discussion but one. Very important about employees to stay with its.

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