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WWL>Topics>>12-26 4-5pm Deke, Pull for Dirty Birds...

12-26 4-5pm Deke, Pull for Dirty Birds...

Dec 26, 2013|

The Saints need Atlanta to win on Sunday for a chance at getting the number 2 seed. Will your heart let you pull for the Falcons? The Big Chief takes your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening welcome to sports talk another addition the course like -- All Saints players show that night we got -- pain favor or they all time greats and black ankle history. Deuce McAllister will tell us out at hooters on veterans boulevard here in America out don't it is will be busy -- From six to eight talk about his great career sites -- run in 2006 the NFC championship game also. Would use is doing now these post football career so on the 26 Deuce McAllister will be with the -- hooters. From six to 7 PM on a course like Crown Royal saint players show hope all of you out there at Hickory mayor Christmas -- -- you rate. Happy new year as we can sit for the pick of the bowl season also thirteen of the sixteen games the National Football League. Is we can't have some type of playoff implications. More important to the -- nation in the states or big favorites over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now we know the scenario what New Orleans has been winning Ian. You did not win it's stupid. However the big gave it everybody will be focused -- -- everybody temperature outside the team. Will be Atlanta at home against Carolina. The last Carolina victory over Atlanta in the -- Hill was in 2007. In early September late September. Think it was a two point 720 Balkan. Now the Falcons or six and a half while on the docket hell so Saints -- the question is for you. Where your heart. Can't you pole for Atlanta this week knowing what eight falcons' victory which set up for the Saints at three. Point 5260187. 86688908. Sanity and it meant to victory over Carolina. Would hand the way our hand the ball off for the Saints to beat Tampa and hand the number two -- So. I go back to what we talked about earlier this year -- talk about the rivals you didn't like the most of the team you least like. If you sit and manic in Dallas so when you win Dallas W when Atlantis and -- -- the Buick Dallas but they wanted to. So can't you pool for Atlanta this week here. And wise -- simply because it gives -- number two seed. And some of a scenario in your mind that would allow you to. I guess you'd say approve it you know Saints could give black and gold is that it's all right to pull for -- man in this case you to help me 504. 260187. The or hole 3866889087. Saints at the airport Christie Garrett join this after the bottoming out with with the days. Practice report. Or Ronnie lane who cope with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for six point eight WT eight. While banned from McCoy. -- they would talk about McCarthy -- one of the best lap back with the national football -- for and and interceptions fourth in tackles this season. So we'll find out about the -- who started the season -- they -- 43 in their -- Seven game they can be 53 in Atlanta so eight if they have to beat the Saints on Sunday. QB to QB will have a conversation with Drew Brees at 540. They woken up close and personal visit with all time one of the all time greats for the black and gold -- accounts of the six to seven. Who get today's look all the bowl games it is we can't actually in college football at the unit there with the -- Vegas trying to. Handicap. I'll pregame dot com and they confront a dot com and also get a -- on the New Orleans pelicans with Michael MacNamara editor of purpose street shots dot com. To be phones we go right away that's go to -- thank -- on line one Allan thank you for calling WW. -- our rights and how yeah how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're -- I don't know we need we could do. It play. Out. -- You but it ought to get to number two Z we got to worry about them via right. You've been a lot on of round yet there a question you can answer to all of you look at it. -- Want to -- all want. You know that. All Manuel wrestle mania Thomas -- absolutely. Because our ball back at it today it -- called cocked. Don't think it'll rot out. Not that I'll let you want -- it -- it was a ball. It was that that dat -- got a lot of history out there. I got to now Alex thank you so much the call we appreciate. It. No wrestle mania is not to the first week in April but if you do it and we'll let you know okay. I -- Japanese hoping that creek creek Chris answer no but yes they would they go out today. That's go to Princeton on nine impressive thank you for calling WW. He -- you. Okay. Good low view about sure absolutely. Could pull for the Trout so. -- we take care of business. -- batter that you repeated was -- out there and last time. Yeah that's -- -- -- that it's. Cam Newton has never wanted to -- They came close they came real close as -- they had that they had a lead late they were driving to expand there lead with about -- hill adamant that Atlanta had the ball deep at their own territory they went down a few particularly the local -- Yet they eight you know Atlanta I think what's occurred spoke. You've got to it's not like you planned a -- quarterback and you got wanna you got a very good quarterback maybe some people called me in the quarterback. You come off a performance in which they they play -- mean. I could tell there was a ballclub what does that handful of wins Monday night -- they played extremely well it's. If if you look on the outside it now she won Atlanta win the set up a bigger game for the Saints. If you would say okay Atlanta's gonna play as good as they did against San Francisco and I think I can live with -- -- -- that they can play their way -- And most of that kind of passing entity this week in epic Atlanta has a very good shot. It would be great -- for sure. In what you know it's the -- to play in next week if it means that that him and and not lane giving him by and so we realize we don't want. Now we don't wanna -- Kuroda visual. -- -- -- Okay thank you so much -- but. Are you concerned 260187866889870. Will come back at the Mike in city park Robert Andrews the morning Canada. We know what the scenarios all thirteen of the sixteen. Final games of the regular season all have some type of playoff implications on that -- that up -- -- -- seating. Home -- advantage. Include a Saints in that number. The south Falcons are six and -- on the docket home with a -- -- they play Carolina. Should they beat Carolina -- hand things -- they clearly want to -- the ball to the Saints court. For a victory over temple give New -- a much needed week off -- the healing. And the number two C meeting you win one game in the championship you -- to. If you go to New York. Can't you pool on you that strong of -- who'd. Practical thing it is not that was valued at -- for the cup. Which circumstance would you -- the beautiful -- -- if not this one. Which ones some of a lot of three Toyota pilot -- so that we know that Mitchell. But it could be -- almost Psycho. Monty Hall. And he lets make a deal. He could people behind. Doorknob along all of them but you know it on them with 31 would -- the song. But to be like let it trip to Bermuda. And number three would be like attractive. With Santa threw three T is implement let's make that deal. We know though if the Falcons beat Carolina. The ultimate prize the loss would be Max exodus thing does that help with the NC. Any week off. And the first game you played divisional round hole. In the Mercedes super dome went only three teams the goal and two weeks of a team. Have not lost the game at home field it has been a New Orleans Saints. The New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals all three of them play at home but it is -- it is what it is the Saints are dangerous hole. Can't you. The Falcons -- Who'll foot the top of this week. That might on -- three thank you for calling WWL -- -- You know you know but they did I days numbered days and and -- out of Lubbock because they're you know -- trouble. Good -- the circumstances and awaited thing is that up. In. This stated that. Against Atlanta. It would be -- but right now -- -- the squad. And it came down by it as part of we've been number two seed -- The way. It is a game. Between the chances are all potentially getting into the super. -- -- -- probably. Do that we get if we get the -- We get the it had been. You know being. Potentially. Out one game and it. I mean in. I would refute what have you had bad teams article man on a -- team card. And -- and if that does cover bus them when it. Let's go make you peaked in -- 150 points. They sound like a grain -- the -- equipment would you pool for Carolina and. You know then I'm at bat that's an act -- and it went. Out and money at any. -- Chance to get -- -- Whether it might it Nate did you you laid it out as good as anybody camp Amanda is no doubt about the odds. You go back and look over the course attempt -- people who play at halting any people who have a week off I mean so basically you'd you'd like get the win you advance to a round. You don't even plate it's huge. And and and we that it -- -- to do is you know in. And you know be in that we have -- idea. -- I'm not. At the end of each championship that we didn't give. Up but it didn't have to do three time. That the -- note that. -- -- yet -- that depth that you're exactly right -- no doubt about it aunt that you know it is it's been done before but not often. Not often most recently all the time to I want to Super Bowls. Mean they're run to two titles only hit one. Home game. That was -- the Falcons the last time they won the Super Bowl let's go to a Robert at the capital city of bad route on line for Robert thank you for calling -- be -- I'm going to. The -- Oh yeah who. Were put them. But the public -- helping me put my reasonable -- -- -- not like you know you know we'd weapon you're. If -- -- really don't care you know well. Like the lap around the bag Arnold would. More important. No. People who while -- the -- won -- mediocre team and -- cool. You know it. Felt -- real low it is little effect on Eagles. Meet you know. A lot of. -- got to so you go you going all call put out this week well though but I'll. -- -- I got to Robert thank you so much and we appreciate you'll call -- you. -- for the Falcons this week it is easing anybody so far but a slam -- Is anybody not for the fact I think the caller and called him have shown in their voice it dole it out. They -- not Falcons -- that this thing for him but. It's almost like you. You beat the of the NC. Does that man he can go at them with you that the Bertuzzi. Is so happens -- the airline to the meet him and -- airline as I would situation with the Carolina beat Atlanta him back in the end it did happen. But maybe we we won't be a bit is that equipment situation is it. Offer that Carolina was I think in the cup I'll -- the -- but sent it back back call go that way. All week. -- that they are sixteen games to wrap up the regular season -- National Football League involvement all 32 teams thirteenth to sixteen at some type of playoff implication. Division championship CD home field advantage when a team into the playoffs and not. Do all the Saints. In the playoffs with a victory. If Arizona -- to lose a scientist in the playoffs. It's Atlanta knocks off Carolina. Did beat number two seed. Would be on a lot for the black and gold at -- -- that kick offs on the intimacy he's been superdome. Can't you. Pool for the Atlanta Falcons. The morning -- on line one more thank you calling advocate Hewitt. -- -- -- are like everyone of course I can't you finally found me a reason that I can't. Worry about. So up and what that -- that. Like to do that speak like to invite some of those are the fans or -- -- -- -- temple for the Falcons this week. A bigger question in the way that we can. But that you know -- -- RT. I always do -- -- That is a really do as good Atlanta based show I've asked them. As Jason and get that call you know. But got. Cheat sheet on a suicidal that is if it's up on from there based probably. And let's see how they feel that Smart invitation. In. But true I want it to you of course have to pull for the sock which couple or anything it -- -- -- getting shot. Because we know one thing we -- achieved only -- -- could lose three games to get to the playoffs go all the way so I'm not worried about last week. I wanna -- that you lot noticed not one that you're polished. In this conversation has brought out the last few times that we've had our problems this last week -- note we -- sport and I like that. We're all thinking about next week be. I've got a bought bought thank you very much appreciate. It get today's practice to -- with Saints have a report -- air. -- after appearing on injured for for the first time all season yesterday Saints quarterback Drew Brees back at practice today taking every rep in practice court coach Sean Payton hit a bruise on his right -- he's -- was full today. There's nothing more to -- than that. You wouldn't notice that we -- he was limited yesterday and just. We just felt like we had a day to do that and it -- released today locker room knows so it's fun just. Kind doctor's orders and are swelling in the knee just need to get a balance so that -- -- -- sponsor and a -- -- Fortson who -- things that. Tampa's. And so trying to sort through you know who we feel like the pressure players in the protection. Aspect of it is important. Course play extremely well up front the front wind or very good. Some keys for the Saints offense on Sunday those early downs are going to be important you know stay out -- long yardage situations you aboard and the penalties. And I think. You know especially against this front you know having balance works not one dimensional figure that'll be important and since the last meeting in week two with Tampa rookie quarterback Mike -- He might Clinton replacing Josh Freeman at quarterback we've had them a lot on tape vs teams we've been playing. The last it seems like through four weeks. He certainly is someone that looks very decisive he's got a big arm. -- done a really good job complementing. What they're doing offensively with the shot plays in the running game. That's the one thing that was apparent but. He he's a guy that we like coming out and he's very Smart in that transition. Often times for young player. Seems behalf and in fairly quickly in. You know certainly there their bumps with that. But he he gets the ball out he's got a good live or is Smart and coach beat goes on talk about -- -- course Saints -- -- -- -- -- on injured reserve and how that game plan around that you know lose a player like Kenny is is it's tough. Because he really. You know established himself he's he's not always pretty instinctive player but he's very very physical. Good tackler for us. But the next guy will step up will have a player will make sure that. Not always in the basement sub packages red zone all the things it impacted to some degree. And the Saints are back on the practice field tomorrow right here on airline drive up Christian -- now back to more of sports talk with the they'll be alive from looters in -- Christian this team -- have to focus. -- this week but there's a lot at stake and you know I vote that we lost to Seattle we're pretty much factored in there like well we could still be number two. But you know nobody knows about it would have thought that -- want -- to open up for granted but -- we're not in a conversation with. Hit three team -- that -- Seattle Carolina and San Francisco with that said his team they didn't look like if focused on this week. Yes it is that's some things they talked about -- coach being. Back early on Monday is known all these different scenarios that would happen that. The two seed at the five seed or the sixties or potentially not even in the post season at all. Millen is they can control is is how they play this Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and force that -- They play well -- him into the playoffs and you know you've seen other teams in the past albeit I'm not ready you know put this team in there with the likes of now the Green Bay Packers from 20 lead and in the Steelers from. What 2005 in. Having the New York Giants recently yeah that almost seems like hot down mr. right exactly I mean you know we've seen those teams come from the succeed in. And make the run always visible going on the road do so but. You know on all -- look you know things can happen in the NFL director caller. -- -- they've been it's too it's like this before where they. Now lost three three straight games in the season but that was entirely different. Yeah that make you brought -- OK okay that was a completely -- -- -- -- the podium companies are off thirteen you know you what you lose three straight which is good at number one seeded right difference right. But nonetheless you know. They look all ultimately LS -- Take care of business on on Sunday -- Tim -- may hope for some help from. Atlanta and which I think is possible. You know and then you know and the only decent there too good to see -- I think that changed things drastically the from for the football team we've seen. Now they are home and you know that you talk about totally different ball game immediate totally different outlook. For the football team well. Christian which again got a couple of tomorrow morning certainly talk a little up pelicans basketball continued talking. Saints and Buccaneers -- -- -- video voice of the pelicans will join us in the -- Nichols from the in the world to have two -- right down via Saints and Buccaneers in. Girls on up balls and free for all Friday evening goes and asked any question you want on double over tomorrow won't. Christian Varitek Christie Garrett won on when Christian thank you so much we'll talk to -- our big chief thinks that. Follow right back to via phone to go to school to. Oh let's go to John in that -- -- giant at it on line fourth giant thank you for college debut February. Ridiculous ratio and a different view of all. Okay well -- want the Falcons to lose. -- -- walk that night. Not the number cute he'd want the the field -- cork why because I want them to go on the road and keep that for road victory. And that prepare ourselves. And and go still from if they get back refute the and make -- we call. And they hope that whatever team they beat it down there and I have to go up the Seattle's into the Shell shocked. It went well or it -- -- number five seed or whatever -- or. There on the road they go beat somebody they go on the road again they audio anecdote Seattle. With the biggest opposite the world and they handle business what you bank. Well I think your premises is is spot on from -- standpoint it. If you have to call the row you're more likely to win on the road if you have already want owner -- basically right now. In the same season but within its dead dead dead dead student immediate reasonable weather man. -- -- Both -- woeful Carolina -- -- the percentage do you fight vicinity you know you're looking to succeed you look at it the team a 506. It's been eroded his previously since -- -- to this fall back into double wanna know what he sees is not close. I'm guitar ever -- thing and I think one on the road -- and let you know I can't you went on the road. At -- whether you don't want a bit when he wrote -- Yeah and a regular season and and a regular season they have been they've been bit by the top of the list its regular season but championships -- wanted in the policies. I understand walker. I got to Janet thank you very honest and it's a good different angle on that on balance you'll take it was well back to the phone to go and we will go to mcdannold. Game on line to let dale thank you calling -- -- yeah yeah. But I believe -- happy holidays really aren't this. I'd just like -- caller IR I. I've gotten a little it's ordered out of which you know that game of organized along when. Look at that we definitely also already. Rahal with that pain and even now. Wolf all of them because your arch enemy out -- one in. I'll got to help enough and so yeah RB IQ how important that is one day. So you speak to any chance put a falcon thoughts on. Operators on him -- -- Crosby and everything help out people but it belt whose. -- got -- that did not think I think the majority of people are in the same boat boat if you're a man thank you so much the call it. We could do you have a good holiday season now battery it put Charles on line by channel that you called Debbie did you. The -- They kind of set the table I was eight years old my parents at Tulane stadium. When John Gilliam ran the first kick -- back up believe it was against the Rams so I've been. The State's Campbell. And I cannot stay in 49 that you say that. They do not pull for the Falcons against the 49ers because that would have made the 49ers. Attendance -- instead of eleven -- Sort of organized. Way to get beat by Carolina. We would guys and we win of course we still have to win we would still be in the playoffs and we would be that god he says this exceed. So yes indeed foul pole for the Falcons against. Carolina no no if ands or buts about it if it benefits us. I'm I'm -- I'll pull form might add any and every game if it benefits the Saints. I've got to tell you you're pretty close that it is a big game on Sunday. Way oh yeah oh yeah outlook I was really. That's pretty I'm proud on how well they played the 49ers still have yet they did they played extremely well before this started that game it OK I want Atlanta that beat the 49ers and I can't do it. And get anybody hurt. Or they did lose it defensive blog guard tackle Peterson Peterson. He had an update on him what happened who did it look it up about the injury report -- right after the break but yet because he chased down cap clinic. He kicked a gap and it good that -- my early in the first quarter -- -- a pretty impressive. Yeah yeah we we got the Falcons beat Carolina. No doubt about it because well look at else that would look. We lost to him at that place that we could but we would -- -- it over and over now. You know they're always we could easily won that game but we we've we that we got -- now. We're actually down Charles opponent for the Falcons -- man thank you so much. For the call to those you interested in keep it up with the Falcons injury report that became may have its count on Sunday the only two -- practice they were right back. Jack Quinn as the -- Atlanta back -- Sean Weatherspoon both of those if it practice yesterday or today. Falcons -- six and a half on the dog at home against Carolina can't you pool for Atlanta this -- team we know what's on the line this is sports talk you're listening to WW.

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