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WWL>Topics>>12-31-13 12:10pm Don Dubuc with Chef John Folse

12-31-13 12:10pm Don Dubuc with Chef John Folse

Dec 31, 2013|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Chef John Folse about New Year's eating.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's Don -- -- you filling in for Garland Robinette on this on New Year's Eve edition of the think tank glad you decided to join us and a -- and I actually QB back. On memorex -- they be the best of Garland. On Friday -- forget football all day tomorrow and then call it should be back with you live in direct on Monday. We are planning on having chef John -- John sides and we make contact with him we'd love to hook -- up living in -- got some questions about -- issue. Tips from cooking he's the guy that talked to Alberto and Contra nor in women ambassadors for the state Louisiana -- John Fultz has been. -- grew up there in the river parishes. Family you know lot of kids in his family in the learned how to cook in. The original way in the river roadway. And gone into the restaurant business also gotten into the media. Hosting television shows you can -- taste of Louisiana. -- airs on PB gas. He's also does some radio programs and makes does speaking engagements and illegals all across the country promoting. All the wonderful resources and -- is we have here. In south Louisiana it's our cuisine. All right you can talk to 260187. Or 8668890878. We also have a text message board that comes directly into the studio it's kind of a shortcut if you want assembled message -- And dock and pass it along to shift John I'm glad to do that for you if you would though when you text please text responsibly. I'd do not drive and text you can have a designated driver why you got the phone and you're texting is. And of course if you would just got to put your first name on and a lot of you don't like to -- your name because of what you Texas and new unit. You prefer to remain anonymous but otherwise. Now when will die in the gas beat back to you know we know how to whose direct our question twos so. If you would if you think about it that I just -- First name on -- you'd text message that comes as -- we have a -- joining us now shipped unfolds on New Year's Eve ball we got the big bookings -- -- WW. -- John how you. Do not argue or fight to be back which you again I'll bet big a Christmas party. Uh oh it was a fantastic it was phenomenal yeah everybody had planted -- a lot of went home in fact we had two dishes. That word and even just aren't we had so much. I went home with someone and there was there was plenty over the span we had a great time and looking forward to a New Year's did it to him. That was one of the reasons why we got to become Monica on the share some ideas and offer some suggestions and tips for people and also and you always. And that little historical background on. Not just why we have traditions here in south Louisiana food know what conditions but also why we have them. Because a lot of them go back pretty far in two car history. Well absolutely. You know when people around the country. Don't want it to themselves why is that. Food of salt Louisiana Louisiana in general ought to solve -- general. It's so much more flavorful and so much more exciting it wanted to come here they eat this food. Based failed to realize that you know here -- no reason AdAware. You know seven different nations as we talk about all the time came from their own countries they brought with them ever raw ingredients that joy of cooking -- -- life. They're all from the romantic countries you notice the subtle southern part of a lot of the countries like spring Yunnan. Science and Italy and on -- -- unique people who love defiantly a bit of food they love gathering of loved gardening and love fishing and hunting in my -- When you mix all of that together. What you have is what sold -- I have to around the world in ideas. That's -- of leaving here in south Louisiana and and that's what makes -- different and that's why people love to come could be a part of this culture. Yeah I guess it's kind of a -- in this beacon a gumbo. This what you call a -- kind of day one of those dreary year mark and autumn mile border operated. Described it is a dank day it was that you know that it's not for reason but it's cold it's chilly in its -- human and -- that Gumbel just warms you up. Well let let -- this is the ball and now all holes grant -- get out walk up that the bill would at all part. But -- couples quality -- man in the look at and -- on -- yeah -- golf ball. Go bowl and that is the fact that this. Did tell it by just the feeling inspired it is -- weapons -- note note about -- -- and what choices we have the data. That the biggest problem we have what type of -- we gonna cook as the big drop. Well I guess you can break it down to 22 main group she got the seafood gumbo. Well you got the chicken on doing. What you what you could call it are two yuppie you break our odd about wild game. -- through it. Poultry and smoked meats or human vegetables and mean what you think right other couples. With the greens that Tutsis and right now we know we're gonna put a little bit. Smoked meats and all of that and -- lot of camps cook's ability. The -- plan about a couple I have mystical but the Greg Gumbel badly achieves results payments -- a lot of Africans -- -- here. And that also is easy enough market to couples think about that the red -- Rice in -- -- that people that don't read out a black I'd be gobbled it kept region around the -- that people -- -- -- using now. How the world would -- as long as -- -- -- would go through the trend that is added to the black crock pot. Anything going in it that's going to be a liquid at that point is going to be called dumbo but we -- -- we -- the balls and of course that that. The -- that the poultry and wild game up in bed and at this stop. Yeah and you know gum balls also good to those people who showed on pots -- he's just one. Has basically you know unity. Judge you mentioned that the wild game and bad boy that is right up my Alley you have got a wonderful book out called after them hunt. Tells the history of hunting and covers any type of thing that walks crawls -- swims in the by use in the woods in the forests and swamps of Louisiana. You've got to recipes in there afford. But this particularly the New -- is the time because we're now approaching. You know look past the middle of the season we'll kind of inning and ended the seasons in most of Bahamas by now have put some game up into the trees. Well a lot I think market things as -- -- -- -- being about the weekend -- stop bonds that we have a game. And call -- we love to just come out. That that the Joy -- at the jar at the camaraderie. And yet we failed to realize that we should be cooking and eating everything we kill me it's great to. Great to go out in August that game and have that on in teaching kids and everybody else might even -- for all of it is five grandchildren. Out there hunting at all -- abiding supplement from Bob as -- as. Seventy years old and and made the tradition is move on and on and I have my brother took long enough that. Argued teaching them to crooked as well. Because that that -- great joy is that comic view that freezing -- popping up as you say. And why not use this -- a year when it's cold and would and of course we have. We have stated that the New Year's. Comment right right up on a -- bar. Why not open up that that -- -- think that things that -- -- traditionally gone back Obama on the ideas like the -- On -- it polished it gobbled up -- evidence that this property in the dot the world what therapy using it but I haven't used failed topple Google may make a good one. -- India that -- on -- and oyster grumbles the combinations. Of meat gains and seafood and grumbles like that. But just incredible. -- you I encourage people -- To do all monopoly -- that result of the North -- opt out chip planet time. To make a really good -- as you mentioned so generously after the hunt has every recipe you can imagine there very recipes on. On golf balls -- isn't stews and double lives using in game. And why not put on the table on this is what they would do a hundred years -- 200 years ago. And then around sub region -- -- game was the main dish on the tables so let's play celebrate that. Well I'm glad you included so many of those woodcock recipes in the book because yesterday. That was the best would tack on Alabama -- they are really thick this year and as we speak and I'm getting a text in from the some among buddies who went back to the same place in -- rose today. He says 48 -- nineteen points. In a 44 men limits so the birds are really good thing in the we've had a good duck season has been some and usually large deer taken. On the game is very plentiful and and I'm so glad to hear you bring up that point I'm gonna comment take that news is one of resolutions for the new year is when people call me and they want tips and advice about where -- -- How to hunt how to set -- the decoy is what's the best -- shot for what -- began. I'm gonna make that suggestion that when you've taken those kids out there and everybody loves to take kids out and give him. Involved and interested in get him away from the computers in the -- hands -- stuff and give him -- outdoors but teach him how to cook it to clean it in cook it as well as as how to pursue. That's excellent. What what you know all sorts celebratory day is like this when they -- result on the table that. In at all they have you know but I am refused to tell the stories and a ship of recipes and hate the food in just but tell this story than where it killed it and how you cook it. -- ties the younger generation to start cooking net -- again. And today we all those comments stores around the table you mention would -- I've got to remember. Outward -- I would table -- like. Like New Yorkers considering the law -- -- -- in 2000 and what -- was the -- of the table you know and and how many people and now we've been going -- -- -- capital where it caught in the -- look -- John. -- even know what idiot I have been I have of art books. One of the greatest recipes and the world for a spot of course it's we call it apartheid but it's partly it would count. That is absolutely but on the moment and everybody who's ever use that recipe. In about that -- that that would try apartheid. Have written media -- -- -- -- about how unbelievable that this year. And he is a great example of pop somebody can bring that to the table and again opt opt out best play any time between now. And eating on New Year's Day to be able open at freezing create some of those stations and end all -- online to put -- on the book. Papal albeit it it took go to my web site gave -- dot com. Pressed that button in all of recipes look at three a talent for getting used I want to the use huge game and wanted -- cookie games in which make dvds it far. I know you're an entrepreneur -- Johnson we give you another idea remember where this came from you talked about. The old story tellers get around -- table in the campfires telling the story one that Al. With technology. People who instantly send me pictures. But through the way of their phones of the game that they keel in videos and photographs so what we need to do is we show how to cook a winning -- smell a vision inside its -- The smell come through well that is added obstruction -- not a crook just they would move it'd take a break Q we're gonna come back and I got attacks coming as his -- -- here's one what is award. We'll explain that. I got another one ask in shift John for some special tips on black at ease yep that's another tradition here. Not just south Louisiana and all over the country with Darko is just John -- wanna talk and give us a call assembly attacks will be right back. And what are you doing on New Year's Eve you cook and if you are you come in the right place -- John -- is joining us and he's got some tips suggestions. If you've got a traditional maybe in -- usual item menu item. A dish that you prepared to a New Year's Eve and New Year's Day would love to hear from -- 260. 187 or 866889087. Before -- broke who were on discussion of very popular menu item in this system -- that is wild game which is. Difficult to come by you cannot purchases illegally to sell game by game you have to actually. Know someone who was on that goes out and bags in the -- gives it to your is that for you. And one about -- is one that is to know what is a world record is talking about him. That's -- -- -- would khakis is to sniped at moved into the piney woods and want left the marshes of Louisiana for some reason. And is it it gets it's very very camouflaged naturally gets into some of those small peat -- -- areas. You need adult Beagle in him good pointing dog to hold it. -- when they come out of there there like a bat out of hell images line and everything you know worth the hardy hit. The limit is only three per person in there about the sizable Quayle also takes several people to go out there and get enough to. To make a good feast in -- John should folds is book after the on -- got several good woodcock recipes and another. They're very popular in France believed it to the French quarters at -- passes would take. Yet they -- accounts and at that great why in its name back out that they haven't science. It's a traditional Christmas patients Bryant's. And of course it was can read all the weekend as well Bol lot and -- French -- founded here in bulk and then felt the mark up can't believe you. That because it is here and here and we can't. And and they did everything come by as much with it from pop -- did I have -- into the pot isn't even combinations that Mike -- -- After the on page 56 in time and -- I would -- in spite parties on the and it's got out of a combination. They called it -- -- Cut output to. With two bars but at that camouflage yeah not and not -- it was best pound a year at the cane cutting season. When we would -- ought not talk about early if it is. We take a little fourteen and -- even a little rat shot that 22. And we walked goals Keene feels you know and I and the -- had been cut it was drizzling rain. And bought today which could walk up on a bunch of vote woodcock and as it fly up you hear them. Yeah and there was so many of them by them and of course the camouflage achievement could make it difficult. But those cajun cause knew -- -- -- -- we've always have a couple good -- it would can't go to. Well they come a long way that they actually spend -- -- -- bring in and Summers Upton Newfoundland. Nova Scotia and Maine. And they come all -- and he would end up in a gumbo pot just for us they're only here a short time it's a very short season and at one time. We had 40000. Woodcock Connors in the state in sad to say it's reduced down to about 4000. Them from -- dedicated one. -- the pot of the population of woodcock not in the victory when I did the book you can not gotten action how difficult it was. From -- get woodcock of photographs. Ought to do anything for the book I was finally able to do it worked it -- but I have a six guys. But but he -- tell you what it would be easy so I'll I'll -- it to control what kind. Actually the last couple years have been big improvements this has been at this time I went on yesterday John was the best on announcement system early seventies. Was the best time I've ever been on we -- in there for less than two hours. We've flushed over a hundred birds and we killed four man limit they went back today images texted me. In it was similar so the populations of good. It's one of those those critters that you'd never realized that you don't see most people never see you woodcock they fly at night they didn't. They stayed deep in the woods and let you go -- with a dog to flush and you'd never know but some years. Are very poor -- if you if it's real dry and you have a mild wind today don't they don't come down and of the years that they're pretty steady when they come down and of course the the biggest threat to any while game species is loss of habitat. And they do require a certain type of habitat and because as being lost over the years the interest in the numbers have -- on -- Well you know they were far too at the of the sultan and after the cooks and rash thought it would always talk about that. -- being they have their favorite dish because it was that have problems solved it could start in the restaurant that bought tell you what. I need a couple of more on on on on lunch menus in the bike also speech. -- -- Back in the old days down and French market you know when when shooting in and selling game was legal before there was such a you know forming Foreman raising them that chickens and stuff that -- to sell ducks and geese and tonight in woodcock will probably one of the highly prized movement to. Absolutely until at least yet can't came along and shut down the selling a wild game and and I noted that about to -- as would be. With even talk about wallet and features about the fact that there's so. So much good. Good by management a wild game today. That what he has stay up with going to be -- -- that it's going to be a few market. -- licenses given out a few hundred just that kept the market. On have been some true wild games -- that we can't rush opt. And I think we way off from that -- but -- But still -- it be wonderful -- that we can have a few people I've licenses to bring poles and the. -- you do that I would like to see you know people -- bring their game into the restaurant. Bring it to your Russian -- you prepare -- for me you know that sure. I was in England for -- Olympics last year we did the food for the US Olympics and rules or use aliases to hole is -- -- in England all England now open in the seventeen hundreds. And that's exactly what they do you need to ask him boring and the game. Cleaned -- -- him. And it would -- with them on our -- also they'll present that game at the table and it's unbelievable. Don't watch that action you know Agassi and just -- videos. About what it must have been in new artist -- the grant -- -- by can. -- late seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds when you could produce. In these want -- and African American cooks know exactly what to do it every one of these species and -- have a real proper please on the table. Today it's so unfortunate enough while always recommending at others. Really think about let's go ahead need what we. What we kill him I am and that's why the book came out to begin with -- you know about you have to help people out. With multiple recipe you'd rather than -- single recipe is that a lot of I -- because I haven't people get Todd eating things done. The same way all the time. While game is definitely precious it's it's gifted and natural resources and that literally money can't buy. Just they would they were gonna come back in the kitchen to get to those that folks that need help with the Black Eyed Peas. And we got some other questions coming in about a new -- -- -- moved into the state another one want to know more about woodcock we got lots attacks -- -- and you're listening to the special New Year's Eve edition of the think tank on Dubuque along with chef John bolts on WW. Now welcome back into the New Year's Eve edition of the think tag down to -- in the Garland Robinette -- -- kind of day we're talking food with. -- John Folsom let me catch up on some of these text messages -- anyone know of the -- Is also called us tonight no it's actually like a first cousin of this night. Long bills skinny Byrd's kind of the same shape so Michael Moore and open fields in marshes where woodcock who more into the deeper bottom land Hardwoods installs another one says Donna tries squirrel looks really good. But can -- just pop a squirrel in my backyard and eat it or is that not a good cut. -- as well as those girls squirrelly would be good to eat but what you gotta remember his safety. And you laws about discharging firearms in residential errors I don't know where you backyard is. If you live in the country -- duel between the first Saturday in October and February 28 it's perfectly legal to -- daylight hours. But if you aren't in a populated area no you can't just pop it in your back you are. -- John faults again as with this and John as a restaurant -- ship seasoned author -- Dorian. He's also got a line of products about a wage no progress on funds in my crawfish best yet so I don't know what's going on is a shortage of at some. -- -- A lot about -- call distribution. Issues with the dish derby at all available but we work on will be all right on his work in on it. Like bankrupted this could be of some about that leave or develop that to -- I was gonna get to a raw and Leon just the second and wanna get into that earlier texted -- -- to know about. A black guy at the city's plan and on build them just like -- beings but would like maybe a new twist on an -- some kind of a little twist to an old edition traditional dish of Black Eyed Peas on New Year's. Well I think I'd be Europe. Multiple smoked meats is so -- it that the -- does that mean if you if you -- -- salted bacon. To get the oil they -- need inconvenience -- -- -- -- will be using dried beans are always so -- one night. If you are a lot of that that new stores in town. Have different that the French girls and billions that that you don't get Sokol went by. I always like that began. With the eyes so smoky bacon and ranch that that flat and then into that sought to a little bit of a good local smoked sausage. And then a little bit here I am as well that we have a multitude of smoked -- Government rebel that's where the smoke I am pop when that's where that council went into it any of these small flavors. Really created the -- flavor and not -- remember you always want a picture yeah that plays out of the trying to game on in celery bell pepper. And gone -- it was a good idea it means as well. And a -- -- choose to put that little -- political -- so well baking powder and -- Two count level off. The beans as well but I would get all -- -- -- small pizza man. A sought to all locals vegetables and I have. And then you can do wanna do things in the store today you -- chicken stock available. Shellfish stock beta available and -- stock available in the one quart containers. Trying to beat him with a little shellfish stocks. Tribal beat him with a little bit at the upbeat stock -- chickens. And -- Tennessee get new twist on that people honestly want he's been fantastic. What that 40 ridiculously I am the bacon has opted. But they're not gonna realize. That those available spots in the story giving you some of the twist on the final -- of the beans as well I'll recommend. Why isn't act in haven't talked you without getting hungry just that would mean we come back Ryan Slidell wants to know more about bringing -- game restaurant solely on in -- wants to know how to cook -- And I got a recommendation -- city parks squirrels of the best. Don't know about that can't verify that. Will be right back after this time about. Elicited the think tank on derby day ago I would preparing for the big New Year's Eve party and New Year's Day dinner with chef John Smoltz got a question a comment 2601878668890878. Are simply shoot the attacks at 87870. Let's go to Roy in Slidell. -- happy new year a year almost Jeff John fools. Yeah. Well. -- -- I eat mostly -- whether it be the year -- squirrel rabbit all that to probably 7% mob leader that. But it would be not be so much distraught and you as it is legal here -- that that would supplement. Would have to be in the future. Well it's it's not legal if we're selling yet we do people who will boring team now red rock make arrangement and -- alliance. Well the door and crooked farm and give it to home. Are we -- we could sell it is a problem -- game is that you as the it requires. Pre and polls mortem inspection. Like the yet been able to go in check it while it's growing. And then jacket articulate it and argue processing it's. And you can't do that we gain except on game branches so that's what keeps it from coming into the restaurants like -- -- he kept up sale. King himself often will officially stopped by people we know. We'll stop until we got to -- trial that you know will will get a couple balls on whatever and of course we do. -- cook it's on its bottom normal thing in the restaurant that. Will make arrangements to do things like that upon the target's stock permits and as long as there's no money exchange for -- we're not buying it they're outselling it. If -- and it's something that we can do for a particular font yeah. Just charge for servers for cooked it Seligman meager wealth what they can be no money exchange forward well as as big games so it's got to be all like France France and it's going to be done and that science and a lot of count will do it far. A global slump and as long as there's no policy change. -- just I'm not a big fan of store bought -- out followed my game neat I would put it up against -- I think you know. That anybody else were there from their cute and so I was just curious about that. Congratulations. Appreciate Alderman not only understands that he should be eating it but. Dot org -- know how to cook it in multiple recipes that's a great big -- Keep sharing it okay effort by Booker and talk about as well. Apple app but the audits available at all life also so -- -- send skeptics that he ever have a the issue would recipe on these additional information I've talked to my. Said to pop folk out there. -- -- -- You do it is same reliant yeah that's the original free range food while getting it better. Talk about our that they aren't yet let's go to early on he wants to know how to cook shortly and say Leon happy new year you almost just councils. If these two guys. Logic took a lot of things you can -- well Graham -- -- It is irrelevant cooking -- Well again -- -- all good cook children -- -- real complicated takes about six follows the good good good pot that chip and didn't. And that's about right because you know what you're used the economic stall where I am out. Shipments -- -- I'm a lot. Bloggers stores and basically that that the main thing which it would be the you have to remember. It's all about being improperly removing -- respects that that that that appear on the fact you want a rant sums several topic of of course at the fragrance that are bargain deeds that count. Wanna hang around a little bit there's nothing wrong with it is just that it's a product the bargain means that. Have a fragrance that a lot of people don't like -- department launch pot of water. Cooperated bring it up on and cook it for about fifteen minutes drain all of that water out. And then once again. And I do that one factor in them but that all. Put Clearwater in retarded to the pot with. Not in my particular case but -- sample one that uses. A couple of law -- -- baking potatoes. Onions celery bell pepper green onions -- parsley garlic. So a lot of salary goals and it and I use the recipe that calls for a little side of them like apple Apple's -- -- And them not just cook it for about two to three hours until it gets nice and candor of course most creole. Other then that sample recipes using the vinegar. Most -- use on my estimate of falls within just. During the same thing boiling it twice straining toward putting it back camp and then making a classic red creole -- And cooking it until. Takes a couple of hours to cook -- know about about that like it's got all -- December LaMont over medium. Metal -- the 34 hours until it gets I contender crowded into one inch pieces. And I differ reduce that liquid now most people -- these organ -- today which is question him because that's another. If you would give him I mean we getting rid of labor we getting rid of Kitna as we getting rid of hard all the these things that are so important. Are addicted to use up in -- is no different -- used to be dish that was on every creole table of new audit that was. Holiday dish and today it's -- very prior to find it. On the -- effect we put shipments on our revolution and you in new audience that we left it on top body here. And we ran -- only one day a week and we found it to go off the menu we just had not enough people wanting to and indicate what it was delicious could comment on bias. Redgrave insults and have a lot of rhetoric you on the web site to you go to the web site has a lot of recipes for treatment and and in these type of bargain me. It's certainly. We're eager to have a alongside right it's a lot of pundits are long right a lot of talk shipment deserve alongside those -- the potatoes. Are any -- fruit vegetables like count up so -- Tobago or anything like that. But I doubt they'll rise Sabena odd sort of about mobile to -- -- mantra you want to happen eyes grave at around in the bottoms well on that right. And and that they'd be -- political there's not Bob is just a wall and cooked at camp rock could remember. If you think about Intel cents -- you think about trying people in vehicles things. They make it the last hundred years in the body were all I ask it -- everything else and it's that you cannot imagine that is not going to be something that breaks down easily. So it takes so long -- in sort of the tiger. Is probably one of the things that I anywhere there's Apple's bottom AMOCO rev regular Danica. To help. Break that you shoot down in that try to be and chip and so that's why you want to see that the -- lot of Democrats ought to make it as well. -- thank you for the goalie on and if you can't find a good I'm sure you can find a good chip -- recipe -- -- function of John but it's not understand granny from the Beverly Hillbillies she's on the next. I just they would knew we come back Ashley's got to Gumbel -- -- -- -- and away and be signed in books people wanted to -- between. Stock in broth and does game tapes different from governors of the country's another one says. What is chip with this -- so little time so many questions or Iraq back with this you have. They would. I was just John -- celebrating new years means and just kind of closing out -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with potato salad and Nolan said -- by the way if you are using seafood stock please -- your -- because some people are -- it's a great tip. Let's go to Ashley and punted to Ashley happy new year you analyst Jeff Jon files. Pain now I'm doing it just five value. Question about. You may and oil -- through. And it turned out there aren't really tasty and non I mean -- -- bay through in fact dealing eight. It turned immediately turned to me is is that is that how it's supposed to be. What you won't remember. Actually that. Butler is about. 10%. Water inside -- -- -- -- as oil as a 100%. And warden will immediately pick and flowered into updates. So what you want to do is to use that clarified part of the body you'd take the -- put a skilled at a news and you'd go ahead in melted. And you'd kill the skill than my -- useful they yell. Oil off but the topic -- leave that white way as it's called -- HEY. On the bottom of the plan that you talked about that's what's causing you bothered to did -- -- dude did you see you stop being used in -- -- far. You can put all -- twice what I have times -- -- Does that flowers and you don't have a little better results if you don't want to do that but I would always use a clarified but it might recommend this to. Just restored get up but if flavored oil a lot of the companies sell moderate labor at all of -- case just like melted bother. But it's a 100% flat. So that'll solve your problems if you bought a flavor and yet he have. Apart picked. Does it did get exactly if you would all -- you pot but clarified butter flavored oil. Or want to -- -- it to flop. -- very good -- good advice should take care of the problem. Before we wrap up here Roy wants to know about book signings Roy. You know that. June. And I've and it looks. Like they'll get. Well that -- bolts of the a sign also the spot in the stores over the last. Five days before Christmas last week. It's all those stock is fine. If you want them personalized about the different story you go ahead and send me. Wait you located or whatever -- travel all around it indeed something I can tell you off as a draft. All the the books just fine but now after the personalize and anyway you might be off after that -- meet folks that it can be good for everybody which you'll copy book called mead meet outside -- -- at least -- About that that there wouldn't you know. Know exactly what you need and always good talking to you please express that happy new year had been laying him Michelle and your whole staff over there and this message do you John look forward to on next visit. Thanks so -- all due out there was. Support out and everything we do -- all of you happy new year. Variety -- goes -- -- -- side. I'll -- Saturday morning 5 AM for the outdoor show.

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