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WWL>Topics>>12-31-13 4:35pm Bobby & Deke: on NFL Playoffs and Saints-Eagles

12-31-13 4:35pm Bobby & Deke: on NFL Playoffs and Saints-Eagles

Dec 31, 2013|

Bobby and Deke talk with NFL.com's Gregg Rosenthal about the upcoming wild-card round of the NFL playoffs including Saints-Eagles.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- week -- and according to the odds makers there are some close ones that are on the books the biggest favorite. As a team that was wanted to finish with a perfect record at home this season Cincinnati is a six and a half point favorites. Over San Diego early game on Sunday other -- that all other games have two and a half point favorites. The road favorite in this week can have in the four games is San Francisco they're two and a half point favorite over Green Bay Philadelphia with a slight favorite over the New Orleans Saints Saturday night. Seventeen here on WWR radio Jamaica it was a league from top to bottom Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com. -- before we get to focus on the -- so overall low accorded oddsmakers do you think these -- of and so will try not to be as close. As the guys in Vegas or predicted them to be. I do we -- more games decided by one scorer within one score in the fourth quarter practically never Ornette. It's -- -- got a lot of good road team to the extent is. How close games a lot of better keen on the road in a better record by the saint. And even that -- game he mentioned -- the big. Spread. I don't know I don't really kept the -- them and -- out it would not surprise at all he'd target clinic in -- fourth quarter. -- Greg it was my opinion Ellis Island the league this on my partner that. I don't know -- ever seen. As far as it was -- spoilers but -- wild card teams that deadly. And I have a great chance great opportunity look at the 49ers then and the Saints. And then look it would -- -- the charges went to Denver and beat them. On a Thursday night. So when you look at does the wild card scenarios I mean. Who's to say they're not gonna come out on top men. And today it would be was all that that was an upset outing of the things beat the Eagles and and you go to Seattle. And NBC out that that would be enough said that if this things don't turn over the ball I mean. That Timmy did their better than the Eagles -- -- -- a neutral field -- and Eagles but you have to wait and see the conditions outside bed. In the what's gonna -- but. That would not be as surprised as things go on the road hostile environment and beat Philadelphia. -- -- coming in any big upped -- on the board this week and it. Philadelphia has come into Portland I would consider that upset Billick could pull it -- I can't figure out that Saints home road split I mean. You're -- in. When you think the Saints are better on initial field in I. I tend to agree I think the Eagles have been sold a little sort with how well they've really played forgotten either and we we beat and that just. Focus on what happened last week and like what the Chargers they were not at the collapsing and everyone bound. The Eagles were not overly impressive last week but I think you look at. At Eagles for the last half either so. Yeah do you communicate they've been better in the Saints in the second half of the season. Now Greg Gagne -- not off topic but you look every year I think our as a coach and changes it's a right in the seven like six point eight every year and there's always rumors -- coaches lose their job and just to show you is it parity in the league then all of a sudden. And Al -- when asked you who you think the big disappointment. -- look at the Falcons in that Texans that was like Super Bowl or bus. In the and you look at the bako with the Redskins they thought the began they began the season. Also was suitable expectations in and what they finished three and thirteen. So who's been a big disappointment to you this year. I think that that that are in dire and that's what I wouldn't it slipped under the radar but nationally they'd they haven't gotten much attention toward them. They're not an interesting is not a lot of drama and you have to give them credit for that there's not a lot of point fingers and negative stories in. People want to blame it on Julio Jones I mean the Patriots battle injuries this year. That's what important is not a team that a lot of injuries the Saints have a lot of injuries before the keeping inspired it and in mainly the plant. That stopped in. There collapses that the fine to me that's the one all of them but I never would've been -- I didn't even at the -- -- at the Falcons. But that's one that I would not at worst they're nine Ernie went into the -- one of the -- easily. And now Greg looking at Drew Brees and Peyton Manning in you know they put a ball these great numbers but it's amazing how. Pain especially. And you always want to win more than once -- -- but. Of the Peyton Manning to truly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree and yet in -- that the -- out people. Dominant out of maintain maintain if not the impressed with 81 of the greatest quarterback in our history. You know the argument I don't get about that from people that. -- -- And it play out record in Spain how much does that do with them in a lot and that. -- -- but -- -- -- back. Is not to battle a really poor game in the buy out. And play good in the -- is gonna happen in aptly club in Baltimore. Last year -- didn't -- in new -- -- career yet the real top game in -- team around that it can happen. Now Greg you look at rob Bryan has done and you probably could tell me is an award like that assistant coach of the year because now he can't get that award. -- -- Considering what he did with the Saints defense. When you look at. And that the only and then look aid goes to rob the sees in the consistency only allowed two or ninety yards -- -- Buccaneers. So they gave up three out of five and a half yards allowed per game. The last season 440. Yards per game that's the 134 let's got to go back. To the Raiders back in 98 with a -- about a run and a 101. Activity in 1970 AFL NFL merger to go by charter row home. I mean ago rob bride to be added that a noticeable commuters could you talked about injuries before he started and that's animal lower come playoff time. Not having the availability. Of Jabari Greer and I can become -- Who I think is the greatest. -- it's a bag in Saints history and Capital One year that I that all pro level edges. Pro Bowl -- he's all pro player. He does not miss tackles and coverage to do so much. That I think this thing to dynamism. Obviously. Wow I mean that. Does that strong word that means a lot on eleven and then I mean I was in the car -- you're even higher and that is very -- you're right oh. And they've got really really tough -- next great quarterback of the -- and is -- To handle I mean it put up. I've hundred yard like -- not and I think and the Saints. I used to you in that sort often but that it's easier in eagle rock and been more consistent. Especially in terms of big plays that -- Portland. So I think you take Rob Ryan out of Nadal and in that even going to be tough that you're not happen at that because there if they did. Duke in the next. Award -- a worse decision the year I think you would be -- Irene rob Bryant in -- -- Egypt and now. And that's saluted at -- it. Greg how -- folks -- you on Twitter. Greg wrote on Twitter at the the roundly -- He and it back. Gregg Rosenthal nfl.com Gregg always a pleasure thank you so much happy new year. Happy I agree -- things.

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